A Girl Uses Medical Marijuana is denied a Job

A student who has recently graduated is denied a job to a textile company due to the fact that she uses medical marijuana. She uses medical marijuana to treat her frequent migraine headaches. The student has sued the textile company under the precedence that her being denied the position is discrimination.

She believes it is not fair, because Rhode Island has legalized medical marijuana in 2006. The student is seeking an internship in order for her to get her masters’ degree. The student is showed the company her medical marijuana card, and Jared Haftel says informed them that she would not bring the drug to work or use it during work. The textile company still denied her the position stating that they were unable to employ a medical marijuana patient. In result she was unable to get a summer internship, and possibly might not be able to graduate on time. Her lawyer states that the companies actions violates the law that protects medical marijuana patients from being denied employment.

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