A Florida Mother And Blogger Tries Out Neurocore’s Services

Neurocore is a company based in Livonia, Michigan. It operates Brain Performance Centers which uses data-driven assessments to help people who have mental issues such as being unable to concentrate or having difficulties managing stress. They were established in 2004. Their treatment consists of monitoring people’s brain patterns while they watch a movie. Every time their attention wanders the movie is stopped until they are able to focus again upon which time the movie restarts. By doing this over multiple sessions people learn how to concentrate and keep their brain patterns within normal parameters. This company has offices in both Michigan and Florida. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

One person who tried out Neurocore’s services was Michelle Olson-Rogers. Michelle is a prominent blogger as well as a communications expert. The location she chose to visit is in Boca Raton, Florida. She styles herself as a “Mompreneur” who balances running a company with doing things as a mother. She wanted to see if Neurocore could help her concentrate even better so that she could drive the revenues and profits of her business higher.

In addition to helping people concentrate better, Neurocore can also help people, age five and up, who have ADHD, sleep disorders, migraines, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and other mental conditions. Athletes also use their services in order to play their sports better mentally. Michele Olson-Rogers multitasks a lot and she wanted a brain map done in order to prove to her husband that she had the brain for it. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Upon arriving at Neurcore, she was surprised to find out how modern the interior was as well as how airy it felt. She said that it felt more like a trendy coffee shop than a stuffy doctors office. The licensed medical professionals who work for Neurocore want patients to feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving treatment.

Michelle first completed her Initial Assessment. She filled out some short questionnaires and then had her breathing and heart monitored. After this her brain mapping session was completed. This involves being hooked up to EEG sensors on your skull using a brain cap – sort of like a close-fitting hat. After this a comprehensive report was compiled which clinicians than analyze. Michelle says her results showed a normal brain that was very good at multitasking. What she really likes about Neurocore’s services is that no medications are involved which she thinks is especially important when it comes to children.

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