A Cookbook Written by Preschoolers : A Surprise in Every Dish

New recipes are hard to come up with, but this bunch of preschooler’s ideas takes the cake when it comes to unique ingredients. Their views of what tastes good will make you smile, and you might remember the days of play cooking with plastic pots and pans.


Jordan Adams shared these funny pages on his Twitter account. They came from his nephew’s classroom cookbook. The preschoolers made up all the recipes. It may make you wonder where all your creativity went.


A favorite dish called Ethan’s Eggs is presumably by Ethan, who is Adams’ nephew. The recipe, made with pancakes and Skittles, takes only two seconds to cook, but preparation can take one hour.


Who doesn’t love macaroni? Ariana’s macaroni dish calls for a mixture of fruit, dolls, and a backpack. She goes on to explain the cooking directions, and how the oven needs to be hot like a candle, a birthday candle to be precise. The instructions begin to ramble about a swimming pool and her sister. At some point, it is deliciously done.


Don’t miss Joe’s taco recipe. It turns into a cheese roll-up after he decides a taco recipe is too hard. Cheese roll-up is easy, and all you need is cheese and a tortilla shell. That indeed does sound easier than tacos. Joe does not care for beans either. He is not a fan of bean burritos. You will learn all of this from the taco recipe, and If you are in the mood for a leisurely breakfast dish, try Sebastian’s’ pancake recipe. The only ingredient is salt.


Jordan Adam hopes you laugh and enjoy these recipes that remind us how much fun it is to be a preschooler.

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