96-Year-Old Woman Determined to Earn High School Diploma

They say you learn something new every day and at 96 years old, Guadalupe Palacios of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico is proving that your education will never stop. Palacios is determined to earn her high school diploma before she turns 100 years old. She entered a public high school because there were no adult education programs near her.

“Dona Lupita,” as the other students call her, wears the same uniform as everyone else: a white polo shirt and black skirt. The students at High School Number 2 in Tuxtla Gutierrez have welcomed Dona Lupita with open arms and even applause. Who would’ve thought that all you had to do to be popular in high school would be having 80 more years of life experience than the youngest student?

Palacios takes chemistry, math and dance, which shows that not even being 96 years old can get you out of gym class.

The enthusiastic student said she grew up in poverty and helped out on her family’s farm growing corn and beans rather than going to school. When she grew up, she sold chickens at the market. Then she got married twice and raised six children along the way.

Palacios picked up math throughout the course of her life, but she never learned how to read or write. She entered a literacy program when she was 92, and she’s excited now that she can, “write letters to her boyfriends”.

Palacios is quite the ambitious optimist. She said she wants to be a kindergarten teacher in the future.

Source: https://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/96-year-old-woman-is-fulfilling-her-dream-of-going-to-school-in-mexico-1839788

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