49% of Americans Think Religion Should Play Bigger Role in Politics

In a bizarre twist, the number Americans who feel that religion should shape political policy has risen by a magnitude of 6% since 2010, reports the New York Times. The number is now up to 49%, defying a trend that sees less and less Americans practicing religion than ever before.

What to make of this all? Not really sure, but the widespread notion amongst conservatives that our President is anti-religion might have something to do with it. Only 30% of those polled found President Obama to be friendly toward religious groups.

Also interesting is the fact that gay marriage support has dropped from majority support just 6 months ago, as 49% of Americans support the right for gays to wed as compared to 54% over the winter.

So much for that Progressive march toward a secular landscape that so many have predicted for years. It looks like we might just need to wait a bit longer before the day comes.

See the Pew Research Center poll in its entirety.

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