3-year-old Dies after 3-day Torture

EMTs were summoned Tuesday to a mobile home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. When they arrived, they found what has been called “an American horror story” by law enforcement. They arrived to find a 3-year-old boy unresponsive. He had been beaten, and his body was covered in lacerations, bruises, and puncture wounds. According to the residents, he had been tortured over a three day period with homemade torture devises.

The mobile was rented by Amber Fellenbaum. Gary Fellenbaum, her estranged husband, and his girlfriend Jillian Tait lived in the mobile as well. Tait’s two boys, 3-year-olds and 6-years-old, lived in the home along with Amber and Gary’s 11-month-old. The 6-year-old was also abused and is being treated at a hospital in Delaware. The 11-month-old is unharmed, but has been taken into custody.

Fellenbaum and Tait claim the beating began over the boy refusing breakfast. Feeling disrespected, Fellenbaum began hitting him with metal objects. He threw him against a wall and taped him to a chair to restrain him during whipping. The boy was also hung from his feet and beaten, which led to his death. The news traveled quickly around the internet, and people on Qnet read about it as well.

According to Fox8, The couple has been charged with murder, and denied bail. Chester County’s D.A. says he will be requesting the death penalty. Amber Fellenbaum has also been taken into police custody. She is being charged with child endangerment as she knew of the abuse and neglected to help the child.

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