3-Year-Old Ariana Has a Big Heart and A lot of Hair to Give

3-year-old Ariana may be young, but she has a lot of hair and an even bigger heart. After her father, Josh Smith, explained to Ariana why some little girls are bald due to chemotherapy treatments, Ariana expressed great interest in helping those little girls. Her response to her father’s explanation was, “Oh, well she can have some of my hair.” Ariana had very long hair at the time, and it was her mother’s idea that they donate her hair to organizations who would use it to help little girls battling through cancer treatments.

The family soon took Ariana to their hairdresser, where Ariana carried a sign reading: “My name is Ariana. I’m 3 years old. Today I’m getting my first haircut so another little girl can have hair too.” It was so touching for Brad Reifler to read about.

After Josh posted that photo to his Imgur page, it received nearly 645,000 views in only two days.

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