Can Southern Democrats Make A Resurgence?

Southern Democrats are fully preparing themselves to try to make a political comeback that they desperately need. This is going to require those Democrats to make some dramatic changes to the way in which they present themselves many believe. After all, they were pretty well wiped away by the Republicans in the midterm elections held earlier this month.

The Huffington Post reports that many are calling on the party to get back to its roots and put more emphasis on the idea that government can be helpful. These individuals suggest that the party is having trouble because they are behaving too much like the Republicans, and that if given the choice, voters will simply choose a real Republican candidate over a Democrat who seems to be acting like a Republican. This may be true in a lot of cases, and it may be a factor that is leading to more and more Republicans winning elections.

To be a Democrat in the South is always difficult if you ask Brian Torchin, but many are seeing demographic changes which may be playing in favor of the Democrats. It could be that the South looks very different political in the not so distant future. If the demographics continue to turn in the favor of the Democratic Party, then it may be difficult for the Republicans to pull ahead of them at all. That is still yet to be seen and may be a while from now, but it will certainly be interesting.

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