Fortress Investment Groups moves to invest in ipass

In a deal brokered by Riley Financial, Inc, The Fortress Investment Group, diversified is portfolio even further by injecting up to 20 million dollars into ipass operations. The loan advanced to ipass would be guaranteed by the considerable asset base held by the organization ranging from its smartconnect technology to its line of patent portfolios.

Courtesy NYSE: Fortress Investment Group (Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone)
Courtesy NYSE: Fortress Investment Group (Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone)

Today ipass prides itself on being the largest Wi-Fi Provider in the world, providing hotspots all over the globe for businesses and individuals in an easy to set up process. The deal as lauded by Gary Griffiths, iPass CEO and President. He was confident that the investment of which 10 million was available upfront would enable them to expand even further as well as concentrate on bringing more products into the fold.

The deal would continue to show the commitment of the Fortress Investment Group to diversify its portfolio as well as its commitment to being a leading private asset management group. Fortress was founded in 1998 by three partners and has over the years grown to be one of the best performing alternative asset management groups.

They were able to grow an initial four hundred million dollars into four billion dollars within the first few years before later becoming the first private owned equity group to list on the NYSE.These have been some of the well know results yet so much has been achieved by this group that is hardly ever mentioned. It is of importance to note that within their first five years they were giving a 39 percent return on investment to their private equity investors. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group.

This was at the time one of the highest yields by a private equity group.The Fortress Investment Group was able to raise 2.9 billion in 2017 which was going to go into various investment opportunities as identified by the various divisions within the group. With 0ver 340 million hotspots globally Fortress and ipass hope that the investment made will pay off even sooner than anticipated given the continued growth of internet consumption globally. The Fortress Investment Group in the meantime continues to look for emerging opportunities to invest in as it hopes to keep its winning streak going.

Dr. Mark McKenna on following passion

When people talk of following passion, it is normally said like it is an easy thing. However, how many of us even know where our passion lies. It may take years before one realizes where the true passion is. In this period one will have tried different things to finally find out what really makes one happy and aggressive in life. It is not a mist that you have one passion in life. You can have different passions just like Dr. Mark McKenna. He has three years that he is passionate about. There is medicine, entrepreneurship and real estate. He has gone ahead and made them into one project which he calls OVME. This move makes him execute all of them together.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has built this idea into a company which he calls OVME. The company is about connecting people to medical care providers through technology. This is an important decision which has enabled hundreds of people to connect with professional healthcare providers. The Inspiration to join the medicine industry came from his father who was also a medical practitioner. When he joined the industry, he found out that he could do more than just practice medicine. He could bring technology closer to the industry. Dr. Mark Mckenna holds a degree in Medicine from Tulane University. Currently, he lives in Atlanta, where he practices. He has however maintained a close connection with his origin, New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Dr. Mark Mckenna has been supporting real estate investments. He has a company known as Venture Investments which offers real estate services in the area. Before h got fully involved in medicine, he took the time to build this real estate company. The company grew rapidly acquiring other small companies on the way until it became a top real estate company in the region that had attracted the best employees in the real estate industry. Dr. Mark McKenna however suffered losses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out almost every project he had done in the area. This hurricane coupled with other challenges in the sector such as mortgage crises made him abandon the real estate business. It is such factors that made him go back to medicine and try and make a life there since it was easier to succeed there than in the real estate industry.

Adam Milstein Says That Diaspora Leaders Must Rise to Help Israel and the Jews Community

Jews community is working hard to overcome challenges affecting them. Many leaders are investing heavily in supporting Jews from all parts of the world. Many organizations have been formed to assist in educating as well as empowering Jews in the US, Israel, and other countries. Adam Milstein is one of the leaders in the diaspora who has been in the frontline to help to support and assist many organizations that empower the Jewish community. Adam and Gila Family Foundation was founded by Milstein with the aim of supporting many organizations with the interest of Israel and Jews at heart.


Adam Milstein is a great leader who writes many articles published in the Times of Israel blog. His determination to see Israel-American community working together and getting stronger is unmatched. He believes that with great leaders, emerging challenges affecting Jews can be addressed. Many decades ago, great leaders like Ben-Gurion, Mickey Marcus, and many others helped in making Israel a better nation. Time has gone, and there are new challenges like sanctions, boycotts, and antisemitism affecting the Jews both in the US and Israel. These challenges need to be dealt with by new leaders.


Adam Milstein has mentored most of the young leaders in the Israel-American Council and many other platforms. As a leader and philanthropist, Milstein interacts with most of these young men and women and thinks they should be empowered. By empowering these leaders, Milstein believes that they will help the American-Jewish community in dealing with the challenges that affect them.

Adam Milstein is a highly learned man. He is a graduate from Technion and holds an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is also an investor and a managing partner in a leading real estate company; Hager Pacific Properties. He has done a lot of work in empowering Jewish both in the United States and Israel. He believes that if leaders from the diaspora can join hand and support the Jewish community as well as upcoming leaders, the Jewish community will become stronger and face their challenges comfortably.

OG Juan Racks Up Big Birthday Bill

Juan “OG” Perez is the CEO of rapper Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports. he was born and raised in Harlem, New York, and has Dominican ancestry. He first met Jay-Z when the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records introduced them. Perez and the rapper bonded over their love for New York, music, and sports. they quickly became friends soon after and Jay-Z has mentioned “OG” in many of his songs, emphasizing the importance of their friendship. Perez and Jay-Z soon went into business together and OG is now the CEO of Roc Nation Sports, a sports management team founded by Jay-Z and Perez.

Perez is very serious about his business and has an unrivaled commitment and dedication to each and every athlete he signs to his company. He is know for paying special attention to the needs of every athlete he signs, and prides himself in treating his athletes like individuals and not “just another athlete”. Roc nation Sports offers its clients deal with advertisers and brands that would usually reserved for people in the entertainment industry and would otherwise be difficult for an athlete to obtain. This helps Roc nation Sports further the athlete’s career outside the field as well as in it.

OG can have some fun too, as was proved by him and Jay-Z racking up a $91000 tab at the bar they went to celebrate Perez’s birthday. Jay-Z was seen giving out bottles to all the people invited. Among the party goers were OG’s wife Desiree and other Roc Nation Sports chair-people. Jay-Z and Perez’s friendship has grown stronger throughout the years and the two have proved to be cohesive and thoughtful business partners.

Jay-Z’s eye for business ventures and Perez’s dedication to his company make them a successful business team. Desiree Perez, OG’s wife now acts as Roc Nation Sports’ chief operations officer. Together, they make sure that Roc Nation Sports sticks to its brand image and core values by maintaining a minimum number of signed athletes in order to be able to provide them with the best opportunities. Not spreading themselves to thin has been one of the contributing aspects of the company’s success.

Herbalife Transforms More than Just The Body

Herbalife began in 1980 by Mark Hughes, who wanted to change the way people approached nutrition and weight loss after watching his mother suffer an early death after years of an eating disorder and unhealthy dietary choices.


The first Herbalife product was the Formula 1, a soy-based meal-replacement protein shake Hughes developed to help people manage their weight. Today Herbalife carries an array of weight loss and nutritional supplements like protein bars, aloes, teas, vitamins and sports drinks. Many of the products are allergen free, kosher, halal or vegetarian, which encompasses the needs of Herbalife’s customers from America and around the globe. Hughes’s original shake is still today the number one selling Herbalife product.


Now a worldwide company, with distributors in 32 countries, Herbalife has improved the lives of not only those who use the products to improve their overall health, but also improved the financial health of the persons who have chosen to represent Herbalife and sell their products as Independent Distributors.


One such Distributor is Morgan Martin, who found success in using Herbalife products herself and became a coach so she could help others. After losing her brother to a pulmonary embolism, Morgan designed wellness programs for herself and parents using all the tools Herbalife had to offer. Striving to improve the health of her loved ones was a great motivator, bringing them even closer in their time of grief. When her mother’s 25-pound weight-loss story was shared on Facebook, Morgan’s Herbalife business got off the ground. Though becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t planned, Morgan didn’t let adversity get in her way. Running a business that makes a difference, transforming lives, minds and spirit through good nutrition has given her life purpose.


Offering 90-day programs broken down into 30-day segments, Morgan has improved the well-being of those in her community. A Nutrition Club offers fitness and nutrition programs, as well as live web classes. Being able to financially succeed has enabled the family to start the Marcus Martin Foundation. Taking a portion of revenue from group workouts has allowed the Foundation to offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors, fund football camps for boys and girls in the community and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Honoring her brother Marcus is a way to keep his memory alive, touching the lives of so many in the community. Morgan’s family and Herbalife have transformed grief and turned it into goodness.

Graeme Holm Experience in the Finance Industry

There is nothing as necessary in this world as waking up to tackle the most difficult part of your career daily. That idea of eating the frog daily makes one a very determined person and handling the problematic part in the morning means that everything will have been done by evening. The famous Graeme Holm is one of those few guys who has managed to have come from a very humble beginning. He is from the south coast of NSW and has been living in an estate owned by the housing commission. This is because of the situations they were brought up in. He worked with a lot of commitment towards ensuring that his future becomes admirable. He has been on the frontline pursuing more endeavors in the career.

Graeme Holm is a very talented footballer who has focused all his energy on the sport. He started by playing Illawarra premier league. That is where he used to live. He represented his team Australia at a national level ina tournament between them and Brazil. bY then was only under 15 years of age. He went for a match representing the national school’s teams and was very focused on winning. He used to play football with a lot of passion and even moved to greater opportunities in his career in a mission to advance his career. He has been known for his hard training skills while still in high school, and his love for the sport was in another level.

Graeme Holm later developed an injury, and this one made him quit sports. He could not afford to practice regularly neither could he manage to represent his team well. He was just passionate about his career progress and worked with lots of passions in a manner to suggest that he was calling it a day in football. He joined the finance industry and was able to demonstrate great capabilities in his departments. He got a job at a bank and got appointed as its manager at only twenty-one years of age. That was a huge achievement, and he passionately defended his career with a lot of motivation.

Graeme quickly adapted to the life in the industry and was able to rise through the ranks of management of about four banks. His primary focus was mortgages and also home loans which its like he wanted to help many people get proper housing. In fact, he was all passionate about making a difference in their careers and was such motivation by the drive to move on well in life. He loved dealing with mortgage and loans clients.

Graeme Holm has been able to devote his 17 years of his banking industry in the investment and residential home loans. He has a key focus on advising his clients on how they can manage the loans in 6-10 years. He will always focus on budgeting and has been able to get listening customers. Hs great passion for a family budget on a weekly basis has made so many people respect him.

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Talkspace: A New and Innovative Messaging Application

Oren Frank and Roni Frank created Talkspace back in 2012. Their primary objective back then was to provide a platform for people to share their experiences with professional therapists who are on the other side of the line. Talkspace has been a global phenomenon, and it managed to gain more than 350,000 users since it was first launched. Oren Frank developed the application because he wanted to speak with a therapist back then due to issues surrounding his marriage. After he realized that the application has great potential, he started to invest in it and invited people to try it out. Talkspace has also been promoted by experts from different universities, citing the application’s unique way of speaking to people who need therapy and counseling.

The messaging app is a big help for those who wanted to speak with their therapists frequently. Talkspace provides no limit to the number of messages that can be sent and received by the users, and it had a significant impact on those who need therapy because of the convenience that the program gives. The rising number of downloads made by Talkspace is also a proof that more people are becoming aware of the application and wanted to use it to their advantage. Time and money are just some of the elements saved when downloading the application because the users would no longer need to visit their therapists and spend money on gasoline. They could do it right inside their home, speaking with their assigned therapists anytime they wanted.


Aside from sending text messages, users can also communicate with their therapists through the use of images, videos, and sounds. According to experts, this would help the users to express themselves freely. Talkspace is slowly transforming the sector of mobile messaging, integrating medical services with a convenient platform. According to Oren Frank, he has plans of developing the application further so that more people will be able to use it. His primary goal as of the present is to promote the application to more people so that it could reach other countries and become a worldwide phenomenon.

Ted Bauman Brings Expertise to Banyan Hill Publishing

Reading financial advice opinion pieces crafted by experts afford some distinct benefits. Life is all about experiences. Financial experts with significant expertise in money matters bring that experience to their commentary. That is one reason why Banyan Hill Publishing hires skilled experts to write and edits its newsletters. Their professional expertise brings forth exciting perspectives readers find helpful. Writers and editors who spent years managing large portfolios for financial firms know a great about the topics they write. Ted Bauman represents such expertise. His business background leads him to infuse expert perspectives into the newsletters he edits.

Not everyone knows what an expert like Ted Bauman knows. Again, experience plays a huge role in shaping someone’s perspectives. Experts understand the goals of a multitude of different investors. The writing presented in newsletters overseen by Ted Bauman and others covers a wide range of topics. Banyan Hill Publishing’s editorial team consistently attempts to reach a diverse audience. Read more articles by Ted Bauman at Banyan Hill.

Wouldn’t the traditional financial media deliver this same approach? Often, the answer is, shockingly, “No.” The traditional media tends to deliver a tired, repetitive mantra. Financial advice television often features panels of guests “arguing” with one another to create an entertaining spectacle. Maybe that approach comes off as enjoyable, but proceedings aren’t always informative.

Boring and bland investment advice exists in abundance on TV and in print. This advice may keep a sustained audience coming back thanks to viewing and reading habits, but the material isn’t always providing anyone with original perspectives. Banyan Hill Publishing and its editorial talent avoid employing this tired approach. The company’s readers want more. Banyan Hill Publishing does its best to deliver on those expectations. The significant number of website readers and newsletter subscribers reveals the company certainly is doing something right. Readers wouldn’t be coming back to peruse dull and boring financial articles that cover than “same old, same old” topics.

The topics found in the articles published through Banyan Hill Publishing won’t disappoint anyone seeking variety. The strange world of cryptocurrency sits alongside articles on traditional real estate and bond investments. Technology continues to intrigue investors. Just as there is no shortage of technology investments, there won’t be any shortage of articles covering technology in a Banyan Hill Publishing’s vast array of pieces.


What type of content can readers expect? In an article for Banyan Hill Publishing’s website, Ted Bauman has noted three possible outcomes after a market crash. One result, a “crash and bounce,” reflects the scenario most prefer. Bauman points out a healthy market may experience a rise soon after a drop. With advanced degrees from Georgia State University and the University of Cape Town, Bauman possesses the educational background to understand the market. Bauman’s experience running nonprofits also expands his business insights. Learn more about Ted on

Michael Burwell: Safe Investments

After serving for more than thirty years in several firms, Michael Burwell has earned the title ”financial guru”. His business expertise has led to his current success as a financial advisor in one of the top advisories and consulting firms, Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the provision of a wide range of services for both small organizations as well as large ones.


Michael dedicated eleven years working on various business advisory services, which equipped him with the necessary tools to lead him to straight to the top of the business. He was named partner and given responsibility for transactions in the companies Detroit firm. Being excellent in what he loved doing, Michael Burwell turned the Detroit Hub into a booming success. This led to his immediate promotion as leader of the central American transaction division.


Being a believer in teamwork, Michael worked closely with his staff at the national level, where he acquired great ideas from them, which helped him make informed decisions with a unique perspective. According to Michael, the most innovative ideas within the organization were from members of his team. Burwell’s ability was always do “more with less'” has helped him maintain productivity by maximizing the use of available resources such as technology, which essentially makes our lives easier.


Michael Burwell’s contribution to Willis Towers Watson has turned it to one of the tops ranked broking and advisory firms with clients around the world. The company is focused on turning risk into guaranteed success. The company has grown to a staggering capacity of forty thousand workers in countries around the world.


Michael Burwell has been able to positively impact the company’s ways of conducting business. He devises was of improving how they design and present solutions to clients in the efforts of curbing risk while developing methods of increasing benefits. According to Michael, companies should first focus on cultivating internal talent, which will help in the long-term objective of expanding the power of capital so that the institution is protected as well as the individuals. Michael has made negotiations with Google, which created a merge with a company to improve how people experience what they do.



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Political Lawyer Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a man interested in politics and has held several political campaigns. He is a former superdelegate of the national democratic committee in 2008 and 2012. He joined the committee after becoming the national committeeman for the young Americas. He has been a spokesman in several committees supporting a famous politician in the United States such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. He served in the national finance council during the 2016 Hillary Clinton national campaigns and now served in her finance committee. Read this Article at

He is based in Puerto Rico a territory in the United States where there is a massive economic mess. He is a supporter of the Republican Party, and he oversaw the appointment of Jennifer Gonzalez as the chair of republican in Puerto Rico. Francisco Domenech is the managing director of politank, a government affairs law, which its mandate is formulating political strategies in the view of representing private interests in government forums. He has rendered his services under the management of the firm for three consecutive years. His primary areas of concentration are telecommunication and television, employment and labor laws, contract law and government and its regulatory affairs.

This firm is dedicated to enlightening its clients on the various laws in transactions and legal proceedings to ensure that they are not prosecuted illegally or fall to be victims of fraud. This firms mainly enlightens its clients on telecommunication dispute and billing agreements, commercial transactions and the state and the federal government. Francisco Domenech assists his clients on matters related to collective bargaining, commercial contract negotiation and litigation, employment contracts and interconnection agreements. While Puerto Rico carried some awards for the 40 under 40 class, awards given to individuals who work hard and lie in the bracket of young and professional entrepreneurs. These awards are given to young professionals who work hard in Puerto Rico despite many youths living the country to go and work outside where they believe they are greener pastures. This team of young entrepreneurs represents a business class who thrive through the tax incentives available in the companies located on the island and refocus their exports to make a good fortune. Under the nomination, the political lawyer who managers partners at a lobbying firm politank were among the top candidates voted for.