Woman Fights Cancer With Humor

Darla Thompson has an incurable form of cancer. However, she is not letting it get her down. In fact, she is fighting her cancer with humor. She is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and helps patients navigate through the healthcare system. She also volunteers for hospice.

Darla has a talent for connecting for people who have cancer. She is able to connect with people because she has a lot of experience with it herself. She was diagnosed with cancer back in 1986. She was told that she would not live past the age of 40 because of the toxic effects of the treatment.

However, Darla has defied the odds. She has two children and six grandchildren. Cancer is still a battle for her. She had to get her spleen removed, which leaves her vulnerable to infections.

Lesa Foster is an executive director for the American Cancer Society Oklahoma. She is impressed with Darla’s zest for life and the fact that she has never let her cancer define her. Darla is known for telling funny stories.

Marie Alexander is the regional director of several health departments in six counties. She stated that she tells stories with humor, and you cannot help but laugh. Paula Warlick is the grassroots manager of the Cancer Action Network for the American Cancer Society. She stated that when Darla tells her jokes, there is not a dry eye in the room.

Darla stated that she never wanted to be a cancer advocate before she was diagnosed with the disease herself. However, she now feels like it is her duty to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

“Deadpool”/”Guardians of the Galaxy” Crossover?

On Twitter, the creators of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy have joked about wanting to do a crossover film between the two properties.

James Gunn, director of the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the upcoming third, wrote in a tweet “Yesterday I finally saw @deadpoolmovie 2, which I loved, and also the brilliant #Revenge. Two completely different, fantastic films―cinema’s alive!” He tagged various people involved in these films, including Deadpool star/produced/co-writer Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds responded. “Thank you James! Crossover?”

“Yes, please,” Gunn responded.

Of course, fans shouldn’t hold their breaths that this movie will be announced anytime soon; though both of these properties originate in Marvel Comics, Deadpool is owned by Fox Studios, not Marvel Studios. The chances of the two companies working together to make it is pretty slim.

On the other hand, Disney is in the process of buying most of Fox’s properties, including the X-Men franchise of which Deadpool is a part; the deal is expected to be wrapped about within a year, so perhaps the Merc With a Mouth will join the MCU. Then again, Disney would more likely decide to keep the X-Men films confined to their own separate continuity, or reboot the films with someone other than Reynolds under the mask.

If they take the former option, maybe Gunn could direct a Deadpool film? He has had success with various superhero properties, including also 2010’s Super and the cult classic The Specials. Then again, he is probably so busy between the Guardians and helping with the fourth Avengers movie that he is unlikely to have much free time to start a new project.

Graduate’s Cake Censored Over Seemingly Obscene Phrase

Graduation season is in full swing, which means (among many other things) that bakeries around the country will be getting plenty of extra work. While you can get most bakers to write whatever message you want to a grad on the cake, some might refuse or alter the wording for different reasons, especially if obscene. This instance, though, seemed like more of a miscommunication – at least, that’s what we hope.


The Toronto Sun reports on one South Carolina grad’s botched cake. Bought from a local Publix grocery by Cara Koscinski, the mother of graduate Jacob Koscinski, the cake was meant to have the Latin phrase “summa cum laude” written across it, but the bakery didn’t seem to like that.


Having placed the order online, Koscinski saw that the field for messages marked part of the phrase as a bad word, replacing “cum” with three dashes after seemingly associating it with a slang term for ejaculation. Using the special instructions field, she explained the term to the store (“summa cum laude” literally translates to “with the highest distinction” in English) and sent the order, believing the problem to be solved and a proper graduation cake waiting for her.


It was not. When a relative came to pick up the cake, they were unaware of the issue at hand. Seemingly ignoring or maybe just disbelieving the explanation, the bakery had gone ahead with writing “Summa—Laude” on top of the icing.


After taking her complaints to the store, Koscinski received an apology plus a full $70 refund, plus a gift card for her troubles.




Fruit Byproduct Can Now be Used for Hair Dye

Good news for any hair dying enthusiasts, as scientists have found a new technique to use a byproduct of making fruit syrup in the manufacturing of a new type of dye, Sky News reports.

This discovery comes courtesy of researchers at the University of Leeds who experimented with the leftover blackcurrant skins used in the production of Ribena fruit juice syrup. Specifically, it was Richard Blackburn, a color chemist at the school, who set out to find some sort of alternative to the highly chemical and potentially irritating dyes on the market currently.

What he found was that these skins contained an especially high concentration of anthocyanins, a pigment which provides color to other types of berries. These anthocyanins remain in the skins after they are used for making syrups or other products, meaning they can easily and efficiently be recycled for use in things like all-natural hair dyes.

Currently, this pigment is used in parts of the world as a natural food coloring, though Professor Blackburn had other ideas. According to him, anthocyanins have always been shown to bind well to proteins. Given that hair is made primarily of protein, he got the idea to try dying hair with it.

Through the use of different forms of technology, the pigments in blackcurrant skins can be extracted for use as dyes, allowing hair to be dyed in blue, purple, violet, red, and pink colors. Not only that, other colors can be made by mixing the pigments with other natural pigments from other sources, essentially making a completely natural and non-toxic version of almost any hair color one could imagine, lasting for around 12 washes according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

While not yet hitting shelves, it is expected that the first line of these blackcurrant-derived hair dyes will be available for purchase sometime this summer.

Michael Burwell Vows To Save WTW Money

On August 21, 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced that Michael Burwell would be taking over as Chief Financial Officer. Burwell took over on October 2 when Roger Millay retired after holding the position for just over a year and a half.


Michael Burwell received his BBA in Business from Michigan State University in 1986. Burwell also holds a CPA certification to his credit. Prior to his position at Willis Towers Watson, Burwell spent 31 years at Price Waterhouse Coopers LLC where he spent 11 of those years in assurance. Mr. Burwell spent more than a decade working with many audit clients.


Willis Towers Watson is a consulting firm to help clients to become better in the business world, running their businesses more efficiently. Michael Burwell lets the employees help brainstorm ideas for the company. Michael Burwell values the input of the workers there who can put a unique perspective on the ideas. In order to be productive, one needs to learn how to do more with less. Burwell uses the tools he has available to do his work without having to spend company money on a new tool.


It is important to network with other people in the same field of work. He says interpersonal relationships must be in the moment, not future or the past. Willis Tower Watson is introducing a new service called AMX. AMX is a new investment management service. Clients with more than $120 in investments are eligible for AMX. Those wealthy and people with little to spend, can make an investment.


Michael Burwell begins his day at 5 a.m. and makes his bed before he goes to work. Burwell works to cut company costs and is proud he cut cost on one project by $500 million. It was hard, Burwell had to lay off some workers. Burwell has a lot of hope for the future in the hands of Generation Z. See Related Link to learn more.


More on https://www.firstwatch.net/who-we-are/firstwatch-team/michael-burwell/


Graeme Holm – article recap

Graeme Holm: Helping Australians Manage their Finances

Graeme Holm is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia. His career in the financial services sector has been running for 17 years. He was an excellent businessman because he was able to complete several accreditations for companies that are under the field of finance, real estate, and financial planning. Graeme Holm spent around ten years working in the banking industry, and because of the repetitive nature of the job, he started getting bummed and decided to quit after feeling a lot of frustration. He noted that concentrating on a single product and service offering would bore him out, and since he is looking for an exciting business model, he opted to build his own company.



The inspiration that he used was the news that Australians are getting poor financial deals from financial institutions recently. Graeme Holm wanted to change that setting in Australia, and he thought about solutions that would help the majority of the people. He came along the idea of establishing a company that would enable Australians to manage their finances properly. He, later on, founded the Infinity Group Australia, assuring the public that his company will be open to those who are having problems with their finances and he will be ready to help them get out of their debt. Today, the Infinity Group Australia is one of the most reputable companies in the country, and they have taken out hundreds of individuals from the debt trap and gave them new lives.



Graeme Holm revealed in a recent interview how they are helping the families in Australia to get out of debt. The first thing that his company does is to do extensive research about a family’s monthly income and expenses. They would also need to note their needs for the whole month, and tabulate it to see how much a family needs per week. His company would then relay the information to the family they are helping out and making sure that the family would be setting aside money for the most necessities like groceries and fuel.



After the information was handed over to their clients, Infinity Group Australia would start its job. They would allocate a personal banker to their client and help them manage their finances. The priority is paying off the debt as soon as possible, and one of the most impressive records done by Infinity Group Australia is to help a young family pay off a $96,000 deficit in one year. The personal banker is also the one who tells the family about the things that they should prioritize, and most of the time, the approach is effective.



Infinity Group Australia is also providing their clients with a monthly performance report to help them decide whether they should cut their expenses or if they would need any adjustments in their weekly or monthly budget. Those who are serious with getting the job done and making sacrifices and it gives them better result after a few months. Infinity Group Australia is proud to say that the company has assisted all of their clients, and no one was left having huge amounts of debt. Learn more: http://meetgraemeholm.com.au/


Marvel Characters’ Names Are Becoming Popular Baby Names

Here is yet more proof that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking over the world: People are naming their babies after various characters from the movies.

The US Social Security Administration recently released data listing the most popular 1000 baby names of 2017, and their list included names inspired by different characters from the movies:

1) Parker
Of the 5,833 babies named after Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, 4346 were boys, and 1487 were girls. That represents another trend, by the way: more than a few girl babies were named after male characters.

2) Wade
Wade Wilson is the wisecracking antihero Deadpool, and 899 baby boys now share his first name.

3) Natasha
While Natasha is a fairly common Russian name, it’s also the Black Widow’s first name, and 355 baby girls were named after her.

4) Pepper
Pepper Potts, also known as “Mrs. Iron Man,” inspired the parents of 128 babies. Of those youngsters, 121 were girls, and seven were boys.

5) Loki
The God of Mischief is one of Marvel’s most popular villains and the namesake of 91 little boys and 5 little girls.

6) Valkyrie
Thor’s fearless comrade-in-arms shared her name with 63 baby girls.

7) Marvel
In what is likely a first, some parents decided to name their kids after the company itself, rather than a specific character. Marvel became the name of 29 baby boys and 21 baby girls.

8) Banner
The Hulk inspired the parents of 39 little boys to name their sons after him.

9) Rocket
The smart-mouthed sapient raccoon from the “Guardians of the Galaxies” movies has 28 baby boys and 9 baby girls named after him.

10) Quill
Rocket’s friend, Peter Quill, shared his name with 15 boys and 5 girls.

11) Hawkeye
The parents of six baby boys named their sons after the Avengers’ resident archer.

This is hardly the first time that people have named children after favorite fictional characters. When Harry Potter became popular, people named their kids after the characters – including ones with offbeat names like Luna or Draco.

“Silver and Black” Still Working on Its Script, Director Says

The director of the prospective Sony film Silver and Black says that they are still working on the script.

“The update is just really pounding out the script,” Gina Prince-Bythewood wrote on her Twitter account. “It all starts with the script. You gotta have a great script so we want to make sure that’s right before we jump in.”

Officially the film is set for a February 2019 release, but it would need to at least be in production by this point to make that date; as such, the movie’s schedule remains in flux for now.

So far Prince-Bythewood has a string of small but successful films under her belt, while this Sony film, a spin-off of the Spider-Man franchise, could be her first major film. So far a lot of writers have already been brought on for the project, including Thor: Ragnarok’s Chris Yost, Lisa Joy of Westworld, Geneva Robertson-Dworet of Tomb Raider and Lindsey Beer of Godzilla vs. Kong.

Silver and Black is set to star the mercenary Silver Sable and the thief known as Black Cat, two anti-heroines who are sometimes foes, sometimes allies of Spider-Man in the comics. In this story they will team up in a buddy movie, though not much else is known about the movie’s plot right now.

It is part of Sony’s new strategy to make spin-off films for various Spider-Man characters; two others, Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (starring lesser-known Spider-Man Miles Morales) are due out later this year. Whether or not they succeed will likely determine if this movie is made, as well as the other proposed spin-offs, which include characters like Nightwatch and Morbius the Living Vampire.

Political By Nature-Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech also known as Francisco Javier Domenech is 40 years of age, born in 1978, 29th April. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico capital the largest city, however, he grew in his childhood and adolescent years in Ocala, Florida. He went to blessed trinity catholic school then later joined Forest Hill High School. He went to University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus in 1999 and graduated from there with a bachelor of arts degree in political science, he afterward joined University of Puerto Rico school of law in 2003 where he received his Juris Doctor degree. Francisco Domenech being a leader started way back while he was still at the campus. He was in the student’s council president for one the year 1999-2000, academic senator before the campus’s academic senate and the president of UPRs college of social sciences. Learn more about Francisco at visualcv.com

Francisco Domenech started practicing law when he was 27years of age. In the case of United States of America vs. Igartua De La Rosa, he argued in the interest of Puerto Rico Senate before the court of appeals of united states of America for the first circuit.

Francisco Domenech is involved in politics, he supported in admitting Puerto Rico as the United State of America 51st state. He also became the chief president of Puerto Rico young democrats in 2003. He was a leader of a team of young professionals of Puerto Rican that campaigned for the Edwards/Kerry ticket for several weeks during the term he served as the president. In 2003-2004 he volunteered during the gubernatorial campaign of former governor Pedro Rossellos. Francisco Domenech has broken the record of serving as a national officer for a total of 7 years consecutively. He served as a chief vice president for 2 years and as a democratic national committeeman for 5 years.

Francisco Domenech was also involved in leading a voter registration in Florida in 2004 and 2010. He was later appointed to be a co-chair of Senator Hillary Clinton’s hillblazers campaigns. He also worked for Sen. Hillary Clinton as a deputy state coordinator on June 1, 2008. He led a team in campaigning that was successful that elected the first, young woman to represent Puerto Rico in the USA in 2016.Read:http://reporterexpert.com/francisco-domenech-journey-politics-puerto-rico/


Fan-Made “Shazam” Poster Includes Cyborg

A fan of the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Shazam has made an amusing poster for the film that includes fellow young hero Cyborg.

MessyPandas had already distinguished himself in another way to fellow fans of this movie: on his DeviantArt page, he made a “Big Gulp Shazam Transparent” PNG file that allowed you to insert the first official picture of the film’s star (played by Zachary Levi) into any video. The movie’s own director, David F. Sandberg, utilized it for a humorous video based on a clip from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In the poster, he shows Levi’s character (who may wind up called “Shazam” or “Captain Marvel) sitting on a rooftop, holding a video game controller. Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher in the DCEU, though here only shown from behind) is sitting next to him, and using his robotic attachments to project their game, Street Fighter 2, on a billboard across the street from them.

Shazam focuses on Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel), a teenager who who can change into a superpowered adult (Levi) with the magic word “Shazam!” Sandberg, Levi and others have made it clear that the movie intends to milk this concept for humor; the official picture, which shows the superhero casually slurping on a soda, captures that level of silly immaturity, as does this fake poster.

Cyborg is also a teenager, albeit a few years older than Billy; in the New 52 comic continuity, the two were friends specifically because of their relatively close ages, being the two youngest members of the Justice League. Whether or not that will happen in the DCEU remains to be seen; in any event, there has been no official word about Cyborg showing up in Shazam.