Aloha Construction Continues To Prove Why They Have Earned Their Outstanding Reputation:

Since 1996, the Better Business Bureau has been presenting its International Torch Award for Ethics to organizations that demonstrate a consistent commitment to being socially responsible and operating with a high degree of ethics towards their employees, customers and community. To become eligible, a business must operate within North America. They also must offer services and goods in the wholesale and retail markets.

Company’s that win the award meet certain criteria that include items such as their leaders showing that ethics are a top priority. This includes ethical practices in how they deal with their employees and customers. Commitment to community is one of the trademark qualities that an organization must demonstrate in order to become eligible for a Torch Award. The award is widely considered one of the greatest honors that a business can have bestowed on it.

Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 and serves the areas of southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The firm is family owned and operates within the sphere of general contractors. Aloha has developed a steadfast reputation for putting its customers first. The company’s employees are also treated in a grateful and respectful manner by company leadership. Employees at Aloha Construction often take up positions that are meant to be for the entirety of their working life.

This commitment to providing for the employment sustainability of its employees has gained the company much praise. Executives at Aloha Construction were thrilled when it was announced that the company would be a 2017 recipient of the Torch Award. BBB CEO Steve Bernas expressed his admiration for companies like Aloha Construction that put ethical business practices at the top of the list in regard to running their operations.

Aloha winning the Torch Award was largely due to the firm’s commitment to charitable activities outside of the company’s normal operations. The company’s commitment to philanthropic pursuits focused toward helping children was a huge factor working in Aloha Construction’s favor in receiving the award from the judges. Aloha Construction was a major player behind a toy drive that was launched for children who come from backgrounds of economic hardship.

Guillermo Del Toro and Fox Searchlight Create New Genre Label

In the wake of The Shape of Water winning the top prize at the Academy Awards, director Guillermo Del Toro and Fox Searchlight have come together for a developmental deal for a new label under the studio’s banner. The currently unnamed label will cater to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies that will be financed, distributed, and marketed under Fox Searchlight. Del Toro, who won Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Director earlier this year, will be directly involved in both producing and creating films under the new banner.

The label’s first effort will be Antlers, an adaptation of “The Quiet Boy” about a teacher protecting a student from supernatural horrors. Del Toro will be involved as a producer and Scott Cooper of Crazy Heart and Black Mass has been hired as the director on the project. It is Del Toro’s hope that the label will be a breeding ground for imaginative and high quality genre films.

Del Toro believes this collaboration with Fox Searchlight will “nurture and produce new voices in smart, inventive genre films.” Genre films have been a staple for Guillermo Del Toro’s filmography since 1993’s horror film Chronos. Del Toro is known by the world at large for wildly imaginative and atmospheric films ranging from the dark fantasy epic Pan’s Labyrinth to the paranormal superhero comedy-drama Hellboy to the high octane sci-fi action flick Pacific Rim.

Fox Searchlight has been a nest for critically acclaimed film projects. Searchlight projects that have won big at the Oscars include Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman and recently Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Fox Searchlight is a division of 20th Century Fox currently on sale to Disney.

“Roseanne” Still Leads in Second Week

It looks like Roseanne is gonna last longer than the greatest wall in China or that rabbit with a drum, because the second week of its revival did almost as well as the first.

The series, focusing on the lower-middle-class Conner family, originally ran from 1988 until 1997, with its revival premiering on Tuesday, March 27. The two episodes received an 18.3 rating, the highest of any sitcom in three years; its new episode, which aired on April 3, got a 15.2, constituting a 15 percent drop in viewers and a 20 percent drop in rating.

That may seem like a lot, but such dips are to be expected after people tune in for the big premiere, and ABC still had a 50 percent win over their competition in viewers. In contrast, other revivals of older programs have not done nearly as well after their first week: Will & Grace lost 30 percent, X-Files 40 percent and Twin Peaks 50 percent.

The new show depicts Roseanne and her husband, Dan (John Goodman) as older now, and dealing with their grandkids as well as their now-adult children. Most of the old actors have returned, with the notable exception of the deceased Glenn Quinn; his character, Mark Healy, is thus dead in the show also.

The first episode garnered controversy for its political content, as it focused on Trump-supporting Roseanne in a feud with her Clinton-supporting sister, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf); the two had apparently not spoken in about a year, but reconcile. Some reviewers have criticized the show for “normalizing” Trump supporters, while others have argued that the show’s success may well come from the fact that it treats people like the Conners, who self-depreciatingly refer to themselves as “white trash,” as sympathetic protagonists.

Carlos Ferrer Makes a “Gargoyles” Fan Film

Carlos Ferrer has made a short fan film, designed like a trailer for a (sadly fictional) film adaptation of Gargoyles.

Made by Disney, the animated series aired from 1994 to 1997. It revolved around a clan of gargoyles, creatures who turn to stone during the day but come to life at night; having been put into a magical sleep for 1,000 years, they woke up in modern New York City, which they defend from threats both normal and supernatural.

It was an unusual dark and serious cartoon, especially for a Disney property, and has a cult following to this day. It combined fantasy with science fiction and often drew on old legends and even Shakespeare plays, with characters like Macbeth and the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream in recurring roles.

The fan film, which has rather astounding scenes of both Scottish landscape and modern city, begins like the opening of the show, with a voice-over describing the premise. This includes mention of humanity’s fear of the gargoyles—a recurring theme in the show, echoing ideas of racism and xenophobia.

As it moves to modern New York, we see the gargoyles “wake up” from their stony nap, with most focus on Goliath (voiced in the original show by Keith David), the leader of the clan. He flies off an stops an unseen criminal on a motorcycle, and is confronted by the police; from her red jacket, one of them seems to be Elisa Maza (Salli Richardson), a detective who becomes the gargoyles’ friend and confidante (and Goliath’s love interest).

The worst thing about this video? It is not, in fact, a trailer for a real movie. Fans of the series will just have to keep hoping that we get a (good) adaptation one day.

The Expansion Of End Citizens United

Citizens United is a Supreme Court case written by the deceased Associate Justice Anton Scalia. The case involved campaign financing, in particular, the use of “dark money” donations made anonymously by wealthy donors through PACs (Political Action Committees).

The group Citizens United was a PAC which advocated unlimited, unidentified donations, i.e., dark money. Citizens United argued that the First Amendment protected unlimited campaign donations from unidentified donors. The Federal Election Commission argued that it should be allowed to regulate campaign contributions so that donations could be limited in amount and identified. The FEC is charged with monitoring federal elections, in particular, campaign financing.

In a 5-4 decision along what was seen as political lines, Scalia’s reasoning that dark money, donated anonymously by corporations, was protected was adopted because, supposedly, money was deemed to be “speech” and corporations were deemed to be “people.” The logic of this argument is bizarre.

The decision has been roundly criticized, and the organization End Citizens United has been at the forefront of the opposition to the undemocratic election process which Citizens United has fostered.

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It is fair to say that there is a battle going on which will determine if the United States of America will have a government run by the wealthy few or by the people in general. Will campaigns for federal office be funded by many small donations, or will campaigns be funded by massive donations from the wealthy few? There is no question that the government envisioned by the Founding Fathers was one of the people, by the people, and for the people. Similarly, there can hardly be any doubt that the ship of state has veered into an oligarchic mode. Government by, of, and for the people is weakened by unlimited campaign donations from a few wealthy people and corporations.

There is a clear, abiding, and overwhelming sense in the U.S.A today that the wealthy few have been using their vast wealth to buy elections. End Citizens United has taken up arms to divert the ship of state back onto a democratic course. Democracy has to be taken back at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, the 2016 Presidential race was not decided at the ballot box. It was decided in the Electoral College. The Electoral College was an undemocratic adjunct to the democratic form of government. James Madison was afraid that the many would dictate to the few. Unfortunately, the Electoral College is a vestige of the days when the nobility held the reins of power. Perhaps End Citizens United would see fit to eliminate the Electoral College from the electoral process as well as to curb the seizure of a democratic form of government which the decision in Citizens United represents.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

The Rock Professes His Undying Love for Frances McDormand

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to share his surprising celebrity crush. It turns out that the former wrestler has a thing for Academy Award favorite Frances McDormand, and the admiration started when the renowned actress went to pick up her Golden Globe. In what Johnson described as an “out of the blue” moment, McDormand went to shake the hand of his 16-year-old daughter, Simone, right before stepping onstage to claim her award. Understandably, Simone was thrilled as a result. This interaction, Johnson reported, sparked a great admiration within him.

When Johnson admitted his crush to DeGeneres, the talk show host agreed that he had excellent taste. Johnson, who was dressed in a stylish blue jacket, also informed Ellen that he planned on marrying McDormand, even though both he and the actress are already married. Joking that his wife, Lauren Hashian, would be fine with the situation, the wrestler seemed utterly charmed by McDormand’s moves. Not only did the award-winning actress greet his daughter before accepting her award, but she also acknowledged the girl afterwards.

After Johnson repeated that he planned on marrying McDormand, DeGeneres opined that perhaps this was all just a bit “weird”. As the most recently named Golden Globes Ambassador, it would appear that Simone Johnson has a big future ahead of her indeed. With a powerhouse producer mother and a movie star dad, it seems as if the sky is the limit. Now, with an acknowledgment from a huge movie star, everything truly is coming up roses for this movie star’s beautiful daughter.

Win a Pink Deadpool Outfit When You F*ck Cancer

Do you hate cancer? Do you like heroes with cancer? Then this is the opportunity for you, as you could win a pink Deadpool costume by donating $10 to fight breast cancer!

The campaign was announced by Ryan Reynolds, wearing the off-color suit and sitting in a disheveled room with numerous other pink items. He addresses his fans in his characteristic style of calm insanity.

“Oh, hello there. You may be wondering why the pink suit? So that the world can see that I have a big ol’ heart-on. That’s heart with a ‘t,'” he adds.

Speaking on behalf of the artfully named “F-ck Cancer” campaign (see more here), he says that he will be giving out not only the pink suit that he is wearing, as well as other movie memorabilia.

“Will you add it to your weekly wardrobe rotation? Does it become a colorful addition to your S&M dungeon? Or will you simply nail it to a post to scare away birds, children and the elderly?” The choice is yours, Deadpool says.

He also adds that in this campaign, anyone can be a hero, without superpowers, capes or “lame CG costumes”—a reference to Reynolds’ role in Green Lantern, which was criticized for using computer graphics on the outfits.

In the comics, Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) is disfigured from his cancer, but due to his healing power, cannot actually die from it. Having gone crazy, he is foul-mouthed, violent and murders people for money, so it’s nice to know that he (or at least the people who make his movies) can take a break and still do some good, too.

Deadpool 2 will be out in theaters on May 18, but donate $10 and you can enter for that costume today!

Bob Reina: It’s Your Turn

Bob Reina has always been about doing big things in life. He does not want to just be mediocre or another face in the crowd. He wants to be someone that stands out, makes a difference, and influences people in a positive way. That is how he loves to live his life. He has gone on record in saying that he gets paid by the amount of dreams that he can make come true by people that use Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is a motivational speaker, and he knows how to reach people and get them inspired in life. Inspiration is a great tool to have at your disposal.

When someone is inspired, they can truly accomplish anything they want to accomplish in life. There is not a single thing out there that is too big or too hard for them. They have their head on straight, and it is just a matter of going out there and doing it. It is really simple, but sometimes people make it out to be bigger than it actually is because it is built up in their head. When they relax, follow the process of Talk Fusion, and listen to Bob Reina, they will see what can be achieved.

Bob Reina is not the kind of leader that is a demanding person. He wants everyone to feel comfortable and like they are doing something they want to do as opposed to something they feel forced into doing by someone else. It is a big reason why Talk Fusion offers 30-day free trials for new customers. It is to let them know they don’t have anything to worry about with Talk Fusion. If they don’t like it or it’s not a fit for them, they can walk away from it.

However, people don’t walk away from Talk Fusion. They stick with it and they see the tremendous results they have when they use it and follow through with all of the perks that come with it such as their great video applications. They see a life that is the one they have wanted since they were little. Learn more:

Dr. Mark McKenna Pioneers New Botox Phone App

Dr. Mark McKenna is pioneering a new venture that will do for Botox, what Uber does for transportation. His new venture is called OVME, and it is essentially an app for cosmetic surgery. Through OVME, users will connect with freelance cosmetic practitioners that will perform low risk operations on demand, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of Tulane Medical School. The son of a doctor McKenna observed his own father’s struggles as changes in reimbursement and billing began to affect his practice. Coming to the conclusion that working as a doctor might not be frugal enough, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to go into real estate. He achieved much success selling real estate in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina shut him down. Now he is immersing himself in the world of cosmetic treatments. Since his graduation from Tulane in 1999 Dr. Mark McKenna has founded, built, and sold numerous businesses. Now the doctor turned businessman prepares for his biggest venture yet.

Cashing in on the phenomena of the retail medical industry, McKenna plans on taking the $4 million he’s raised on Equity 38 and turn it into a business worth $25 million in five years. OVME’s first two clinics will be built in Atlanta and Nashville. McKenna plans on creating a nationwide network of providers. The providers will be able to log into the app, much like an Uber driver, and set their availability. The app will then link the provider to clients in and around their area. As no other major group is operating this way OVME will be extremely unique. Primarily it will focus on Botox as it is currently brand-popular. As it continues and more clinics are established the list of procedures will expand.

The OVME app will not only benefit those searching for quick cosmetic operations, but it will also create extra revenue for practitioners. In a world where everything is available at your fingertips, the idea of app-requesting medical service is an extreme innovation. One that may very well spell the future of the industry.