Dog Sent to Pound for Being Too Nice.

A four year old brown dog was found wandering the streets as a stray. The dog was taken to a shelter operated by the Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia. The staff named the dog Helena, and they set about the task of getting the dog ready for adoption.

Helena was very underweight, but the staff noticed right away that she was about the friendliest dog that anyone would ever want to meet. She always wanted to be near members of the staff, and she wanted to be petted constantly. One staff member said that if you stopped petting her, she would try to get you to start petting her again right away.

The staff at the animal shelter were pleased when a man came in and adopted Helena in October of 2017. However, their excitement turned to dismay when the man returned Helena to the animal shelter because he said the she was too nice. That was a first for workers at the animal shelter.

Apparently, the man who originally adopted Helena thought that her bulldog-like appearance would make her a good guardian or protection dog. Appearances can be deceiving. Helena didn’t have an aggressive bone in her body, so the man returned her.

The staff at the animal shelter are now hoping that Helena will find a home where someone will appreciate her fine qualities. There are several people wanting to adopt her. Until the best person or family is found for Helena, the staff at LifeLine Animal Project will make sure that she receives a lot of attention.

The Motivation Behind Becoming a Pediatric Surgeon

Becoming a pediatric surgeon was no small feat for Dr. Saad. Early in life, he had a very uncertain future, but his father could only be certain of one thing. That one thing was for him to get an education that would give him the opportunity to be respected in this lifetime. His father had shared with him that at one time in his life he was displaced without a home country or even a passport. It was essential that for anyone to give him the time of day, he would need to prove that he was well qualified to work. To do so would mean that he needed to get a good education and prove himself. While Saad was working with his brother in construction one hot summer in Kuwait, he realized that the heat would make him sick. The only place to get air condition in Kuwait during this time was an operating room. It was then that Saad decided that he would become a pediatric surgeon.

There were many lessons that he would learn during his education, but most importantly, he would learn that waiting to do something he could do today was not a wise decision. Daily habits are all about doing something productive, and making it happen while you have the opportunity. Dr. Saad mentioned this in a recent interview, and maintains that this is the very reason he was able to enjoy such massive success. He learned that becoming efficient with his time was the best and only way to accomplish great things. He had learned from his father that a strong work ethic was the only way to become successful, and with that he chose to commit to working hard every day until the work was done. If there was something else that he could do to better himself he did it.

When Saad first came to the United States, he had already determined that he was going to become a U.S. Board Certified Pediatric surgeon. At this time, this was a rare accomplishment, even for a U.S. medical student. In his mind, it was the only option for him. It was clear that he would achieve the success he desired, when he became the only U.S. Board Certified Pediatric surgeon to speak fluent English and Arabic. He had truly become the clear choice for this prestigious position in life, and within his field. Due to his status, he also became the pediatric surgeon for the children of the Royal Saudi family. This was the highest honor for him and his family.

Dr. Saad is now retired after 47 years of practice, and continues to share his life lessons of success with his grown children. Learn more:

“A Wrinkle in Time” Reviews: An Epic But Flawed Movie

The review embargo has ended for A Wrinkle in Time, the new film adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 children’s novel. The overall consensus seems to be that it provides an amazing, visually impressive scope of different settings and worlds, but is unable to bring the emotional complexity at the heart of the story.

A Wrinkle in Time would be a very hard story to adapt, and indeed, some of the reviews complain that the movie largely consists of sci-fi exposition, much like the book does. Whether or not it still manages to work seems to depend on the viewer. The general opinion seems to be that Storm Reid, who plays protagonist Meg, has legitimate talent and manages to make her role interesting, but that this is covering for an arc that often takes a backseat to the plot, which can be both crazy but also slow and confusing.

This seems to be the main thrust of a lot of the reviews: the characters remain fairly static, and some, such as the highly advertised “witches” (played by Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Oprah Winfrey) ultimately only exist to provide exposition.

Nevertheless, many of the reviews emphasize the story’s hopeful message, as well as Reid/Meg herself as a new hero for young children. There is some indication, however, that the movie may have changed the book’s moral at least somewhat. The novel is unabashedly Christian, as a sort of liberal, science fantasy version of The Chronicles of Narnia; according to IndieWire’s David Ehrlich, this version skews more humanist. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on your particular ideology.

It remains to be seen if viewer reactions will be as mixed, but for now here is what the critics have to say.

The Smallest Town In America Has Only One Resident

Could you guess how many people are in America’s smallest town? If you guessed one, then you are correct!

An 84 year old woman by the name of Elsie Eiler is the only resident of Monowi, Nebraska. Ever since her husband died in 2004, she has been the only person living in the neighborhood.

Back in the 1930s, Minowi was a bustling town where 150 people lived. There were several businesses in the area, including restaurants, a prison and grocery stores. As the years wore on, opportunities to make a living dried up as automation took jobs away from people and farming conditions became poorer. People who chose to stay behind died as they grew older.

As the only person living in town, Eiler wears many hats. She is the mayor, librarian, clerk, tavern owner and secretary. Since she is the only person in town, nobody runs against her as mayor. She operates a tavern that her and her husband bought in 1971. Regulars from other neighborhoods frequently visit this tavern to hang out and chit chat. She also runs and works for the town library. The library is a 320 square foot shed where 5,000 books are kept.

Every year, Eiler creates a municipal road plan in order to maintain funding from the state of Nebraska. She also puts in paper work to make sure that the town remains incorporated. She pays $500 in taxes to ensure that the water still runs and the three lamp posts in the neighborhood remain lit.

Eiler is very much settled in her life, and she does not plan on leaving Monowi anytime soon. When asked about what will happen when she passes away someday, she says that she does not want to think about that, and that whatever happens, happens.

Robot Does A Shift Of Burger Flipping

There is now a robot that can do at least some of the work that used to be done by service industry human beings. A robot affectionately called Flippy has just completed its first shift flipping hamburgers. The result? It was able to flip three-hundred hamburgers in an hour.

The robot was working with the regular human staff at CaliBurger in California says the Mirror Online. Thus far, Flippy has only been tested in this one location, but there are plans to expands it use to other areas such as the United Kingdom in the not so distant future. If that is to come to pass, then there could literally be thousands upon thousands of customers served by the hand of a robot soon.

These are the kind of things that we always used to talk about as being part of some science-fiction future. However, technology does change quickly and brings us new ideas and possibilities much faster than we would ever have imagined. Right now it is a robot that can flip hamburgers, but it could be something much more impressive in the future.

Most could not have imagined even ten years ago that we would be looking at robots that could do as many tasks as we have set them up to do at this point. However, that is the point that we have reached as a species. We have decided to outsource a lot of the work that we used to handle ourselves to our robot friends. Lets all just hope that we don’t put ourselves out of business in the process. Making life easier is one thing, but getting rid of jobs that people really do need is something else. We need to try to stick to the later if possible.

Fun Things To Do On A Snow Day

Spring will be here soon. However, there are some parts of the country that are still having snow. Being cooped up in the house because of a snow day can be boring. The good news is that there are things that you can do in order to make it fun.

You can get started on your spring cleaning. You can also do your taxes. The deadline to have your taxes completed is April 17. Waiting to the last minute can make tax time more stressful.

A snow day is also a great time to binge watch and catch up with your favorite Netflix shows. You can book your vacation during this time. Thinking about your upcoming vacation can take your mind off of the doom and gloom of being in the house. You can also make peanut butter eggs.

This is a great time to work on arts and crafts. You can cut snowflakes in your paper. You can also make snow angels.

You can spend your snow day working out. There are many great videos on YouTube that you can work out to. You will be ready for the spring after you have spent time working out.

You can also get outside and play in the snow. If you have children, then you can bundle up and take them outside. There are a variety of things that you can do in the snow. You can build a snowman. You can also go sledding. Additionally, you can check on and visit with neighbors.

“Shazam” Costume a Commentary on DCEU?

Several photos have been leaked from the sets of Shazam, the DC Extended Universe movie that is set to come out in April of next year. In particular, we have now seen images of the protagonist’s superhero costume from both the front and the back, which has, in turn, led to much discussion among fans and critics about its merit or lack thereof.

What many have focused on is the costume’s decidedly “old school” design—that is, the fact that it looks like spandex, rather than the sort of “armored” look that has been used through the DCEU. This style came into fashion with the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and is designed to look more functional. The Shazam outfit, as seen worn by star Zachary Levi, looks more like something Christopher Reeve would have worn in one of the old Superman films.

Of course, that may be the point. From the beginning, Shazam has been billed as a lighter, more humorous film than the other entries in the DCEU, which have been criticized as being overly dark (except for Wonder Woman, which notably has also been the franchise’s only unqualified success). A decidedly “sillier” costume could help to emphasize that point, giving Shazam/Captain Marvel (real name Billy Batson, a teenage boy who transforms into a superpowered adult) a purposefully less “realistic” look.

We already have some hints that Shazam will go for some meta humor; one of the leaked photo shows a toy store filled with superhero plushies, which interestingly do not match the characters’ appearances in the DCEU. For now, we are left wondering just how different this movie will be, and how well the costume will help reflect that difference.

Mark Strong and Zachary Levi Clash in New “Shazam” Leak

Yet another video has been leaked from the set of the DC Extended Universe’s upcoming film Shazam, this one showing star Zachary Levi and villain Mark Strong doing battle.

Shazam is about a teenage boy named Billy Batson who has the power to transform into a superpowered adult whenever he says the magical word “Shazam!” Levi, best known as Flynn Rider from Tangled and Fandral from the Thor movies, plays his superhero persona, while his “normal” form is being played by Asher Angel of Disney Channel’s Andi Mack.

In the clip, which is only 19 seconds long, we see Levi’s Shazam/Captain Marvel laying on top of a cop car while Strong, playing the supervillain Doctor Sivana, walks menacingly toward him. Some cops approach, only to be thrown back with a wave of Strong/Sivana’s hand. (Obviously they’re throwing themselves back, but we’ll probably get some sort of special effects in the actual film.) Levi, meanwhile, rolls off the car and gets back up, ready to fight.

In the background we can see a bus, which seems to tie this scene into another that was released the day before this one. In that clip, Levi’s superhero seemed to be stopping an out-of-control bus and then helping its passengers off, before doing a little victory dance to celebrate his successful heroism. Presumably in the final cut will show the bus’ danger having been caused by Doctor Sivana.

We have yet to get any official images from the Shazam set, which only began production last month, but the numerous leaks are giving a good idea of what’s in store for the World’s Mightiest Mortal. The final production, however, will not be in theaters until April 5, 2019.

Black Panther Makes Movie History

With a burgeoning box office now approaching a whopping billion bucks, it would seem that Marvel has a real hit on their hands with their Black Panther film. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the wunderkind who also helmed the hits Creed and Fruitvale Station, this remarkable film blazes a new path in movie history. With incredible cinematography and a storyline that appeals to all kinds of moviegoers, this movie also features a bombastic soundtrack by rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Not only have the Black Panther returns surpassed that of Deadpool, but the amazing action film has also topped Spider-Man. Starring Chadwick Boseman as the heir to the Wakanda throne, the movie also features a dazzling array of recognizable supporting actors. Angela Bassett stuns in the role of the Black Panther’s mother, while Lupita Nyong’o lights up the screen as his luminous love interest. Although Andy Serkis usually stars in motion-capture films, his face can actually be seen in this movie. Playing the maniacally evil Ulysses Klaue, Serkis shines during car chase scenes and other exciting action segments of the film.

Michael B. Jordan’s thrilling portrayal of Erik Killmonger has been lauded by many Black Panther fans as well, with his incredibly strong acting scenes and impressive physique. After all, Killmonger is renowned for his skills as a warrior—and Jordan clearly put in some time at the gym to create a realistic portrayal! Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jordan has teamed up with Coogler. His brilliant turn in Creed was extremely well-received as well. With an all-star cast and an amazing script, it’s no surprise that fans of this film are already clamoring for the next installment of Wakandan brilliance.

Michael Burwell, Using Experience To Tackle The Financial World

In August 2017, Willis Tower Watson announced that Michael Burwell would become the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The position was previously held by Roger Millay, who officially retired October 2, 2017. Headquartered in London, England, Willis Tower Watson has been in business since 1828. The established firm is a global leader in client centered advisory services and brokerage solutions. Burwell who’s also a Certified Public Account brings 31 years of professional experience to the firm. He has worked in diverse areas of financial advisory services including audit, pre-acquisition transactions and due diligence valuations. The bulk of that experience was gained at his former employer, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP, where he held several top executive positions including: Vice Chairman, Head of Transaction Services and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. When asked about his newly selected position, Burwell spoke of his excitement saying, “ I am honored to have this opportunity to join Willis Towers Watson.”


Michael Burwell attended Michigan State University, graduating with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. Burwell’s degree helped determine the path of his career trajectory, propelling him into financial services administration. Burwell is a man at the pinnacle of his career, and he revealed the subtle nuances of the business world in a February 2018 interview with Ideamensch. Ideamensch provides readers with an up close and personal look at the person behind the position. One of the most interesting reveals about Michael Burwell was that he begins each day with a dedicated regimen. That regimen is to ride his indoor exercise bike as he mentally plans the flow of his workday. Using something as simple as a morning routine balances out his day and keeps him on task.


Another one of Burwell’s habits that helps him with new idea generation and cost-effective solutions is to always strive to “do more with less.” Burwell mentioned an example of this when he decided to scrap a financial transaction. A transaction that Willis Tower Watson had already put millions of dollars into. Find More Information Here.


Michael Burwell made the decision based on his gut instinct that it wasn’t the right time to go forward with new technology. Needless to say, he wasn’t the most popular guy for pulling the plug. But, he stood by his decision to not put additional millions into this particular marketplace. Burwell retained valuable insight from this, he remained committed to the original goal.


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