Does a Snyder Cut of “Justice League” Exist After All?

One of Ben Affleck’s stunt doubles from Justice League says that a Zack Snyder cut of the film does exist.

Richard Cetrone, who subbed for the Batman actor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, directed his comments on Twitter to the fan account DC Films Universe (@DCFUniverse).

After thanking them for their support of the director, Cetrone said “Tell them I know for a fact that a Zack Snyder cut does exist and with the help of people like you and your group we can hopefully persuade WB to release it. Thanks again.”

DC Films Universe reblogged this message with the tag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, which has become popular among fans.

Set in the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League form a vague trilogy. Snyder directed each, but was forced to leave the latter project after the death of his daughter; afterwards, planned reshoots were done by his colleague, Joss Whedon. These proved to be quite extensive and seem to have rewritten a significant amount of the film’s plot (though these may have been planned with Snyder’s involvement); furthermore, the two directors’ styles are quite different, making for a confused movie.

Many fans believe that a Snyder cut would be more coherent and enjoyable than the theatrical version, which underperformed. However, since Snyder was planning many reshoots himself, it is unclear if a version with his vision is even possible. Cetrone now says that it is, but does not offer any concrete evidence.

Snyder himself has not commented on this movement and seems to have cut his losses with Justice League, though it remains possible that we will learn more from him in the future.

A Village of Miniature Homes May Have Been a City of Dwarves

The average human height is about 69.4 inches, or 5.78 feet, for males and the average female height is approximately 63.8 inches, or 5.31 feet tall. Now, what if people were to find out that humans used to be much smaller in stature? Those facts are unknown and are hard to prove without a massive case study. The entire human race may not have been extremely petite but there is a remote area in Iran called Makhunik.

The entire village looks as if it had been made for children with almost half of the clay homes stand only about five feet tall. Essentially, it would be an ideal place for children to play make-believe. The area is still inhabited by approximately 700 residents that live in slightly taller, but still modest, homes. Locals say that it has been long rumored that the village of Makhunik was largely comprised of dwarfs. That information has not been confirmed but it is known that recent generations of the area were much shorter than average with heights around a meter, or three feet. Additionally, there was a very small mummy discovered in the area with a length of only 25cm that has further fueled gossip that dwarfs resided in Makhunik. Residents now are of normal heights and enjoy reliving stories from the past. One thing is certain, it would be hard to find another village as unique in appearance and with such interesting homes. The history may have gotten fuzzy over time but it is present everywhere you look in Makhunik.

New Advertisement has an Unusual Twist

As time goes by, advertisements have to become bolder and more creative in order to catch the eye of potential consumers. Advertisers have learned that they need to take risks in order to make big sales. This means brighter colors, bigger statements, big-named actors in advertisements, and more. Sometimes, however, this isn’t enough. Advertisements need to have something that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd otherwise they get lost in the shuffle. One Ikea advertisement in a Swedish magazine has done just that. Many are left wondering, however, if it’s hysterical or if it’s gone too far.

According to Huffington Post, Ikea posted an advertisement where pregnant women can pee on the ad and get a discount on a crib. When this advertisement first hit print, it was thought that it was just some big joke. It’s however, legit. Women can literally pee on their magazine and reveal a discount for a crib. It’s sort of like a reverse scratch-off. The idea is creative enough but it’s still kind of gross. What is a woman supposed to do after they’re done peeing on the magazine? They’re out the money from buying one because they can’t exactly keep it.

On the flip side, the advertisement also serves as a pregnancy test. Not sure if there are women out there who want to find out that way, but it is an option. Perhaps the grossest part of all of this is how do you redeem your coupon? Do you bring the urine-soaked ad into stores physically or is there some sort of code you can say? It might be a little gross if thousands of pregnant women suddenly flooded Ikea, with their advertisements in hand. Babies need cribs though and they can get pricey, so this idea might play out pretty well.

The Sussex Healthcare and Support Home in the UK

     Sussex Healthcare is an Audiology company that collaborates with NHS in the provision of care, support and offering audiology services. Sussex Healthcare has offices in Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. Its location in those places plays a great role in ensuring that a large number of people have access to their services without traveling far.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology helps patients who experience hearing loss as they grow older. Their services include fitting hearing aids to the patient’s whose hearing needs adjustments. Those clients who reach them through NHS receive hearing aid aftercare when they get the hearing aids fitted.

There are consultant-led ENT by Sussex Healthcare Audiology in some areas in the UK. They are focused on providing their patients with quality clinical care without being biased. Every client is valued no matter his or her background.

Over the years in the health industry, Sussex Healthcare has maintained high professional and ethical standards. Their clients receive very satisfactory services from the professional employees who attend an annual training program to improve their skills in audiology. This growth has empowered the team by ensuring they offer quality services.

Sussex Healthcare conducts its activities under a framework that enables them to make improvements time in time. They audit infection control, the safety of patients and staff who work with them, they create awareness and ensure that every person associated with them adheres to the policies and procedures of the company at any given time. The company also engages in risk management projects, which ensure there is consistent performance.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology worked under Care Quality Commission. This is the institution it is registered with since it begun its performance. Every activity that is carried out in Sussex Healthcare has to be according to the CQC demands, which ensure quality.

The company has been accredited by the United Kingdom, Accreditation Services (UKAS). UKAS has obtained a license from The Royal College of Physicians. This is a great achievement that makes Sussex Healthcare outstand other audiology institutions, which are not advantaged to receive this requirement by IQIPS Standards.

For many years, Sussex Healthcare Audiology has collaborated with National Good Practice Guide while offering services to their patients. In this way, the audiologists are able to deliver professional healthcare without spending an extra coin. After three years, patients who have been treated are re-assessed to check on their progress hence know what they should improve on for an even better outcome. This has attracted many clients to Sussex Healthcare.

According to the patients who have received their hearing aids from Sussex Healthcare, the gadgets are working perfectly. The staff has also been commended because of their friendly relation while attending to the patients.

You may also read “Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents” for more.

Cassio Audi’s Young Attraction to Music

Cassio Audi began his musical career at a young age. He was a performing artist under genres such as rock and pop during the 1980’s and the 1990’s. Audi comes from a Brazilian origin, where he became a legend throughout Brazil. It was not done alone though. Audi developed a band with the coming together of four of his closest friends, Yves, Machado Andre, Pit, and Felipe.

As the band developed over time, the band quickly became much more known around the origins of the artists. The members gained more traction than anybody had thought they would and began developing many hit tracks.

From the band, Audi soon moved on to pursue his own career as a solo artist. He moved on to bigger and better things than he ever thought possible. From performing in Europe to both American continents, the albums were flowing through him like a warm knife through a stick of butter.

One of the main albums that really helped to jump start to the epic career of Cassio Audi was his hit album, Theater of Fate. He had released this album in 1989, which touched many people. After the great success of this album, Audi had finally dropped out of this scene as a music artist. There were a few reasons for this, but the main reason was financial reasons.

While Cassio Audi does not develop music anymore, his music is still played to this day and he is known as a legend among the Brazilian rock industry. He was not only one of the best drummers, but his vocals added so much to who he really was.

The Notorious D-O-G

Cats and dogs are generally equated to oil and water, two things that just don’t mix. Thankfully for dogs in Missouri, that is nothing more than a myth. A very special cat named D-O-G (pronounce deeohjee) is working hard helping train dogs in his area.

Meet D-O-G, the special black and white cat who works hard each and every date. He has a special job that helps not just his fellow furry friends, dogs, but also people. D-O-G trains dogs at SupportDogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri for lots of special jobs like assisting people who have lost their hearing or those who have a loss of mobility. Dogs are great for aiding people who need a little extra help, and it’s also highly important that these dogs can not only do their job well but also be comfortable around other animals. They must learn to stay calm no matter how many distractions surround them. D-O-G is the perfect candidate to test their patience and help them learn to remain calm in just these situations. If you want to see this special feline in action, check out the video located at the Huffington Post.

D-O-G makes it clear that he is the boss and he is ruling the training center. He got his start as a kitten in a barn, but has started on a journey for stardom. Not only does he rule his classes, but he is becoming quite the internet sensation. The director for SupportDogs, Inc, Nadien Wenig, found D-O-G while staying at a bed and breakfast. She instantly fell for the little cutie and ended up bringing him back to her center where he quickly made friends with the canines. He had no fear of them, even though he was so much smaller. His life isn’t all work though. D-O-G has a pretty comfortable life at the center that even includes a multi level condo and plenty of loving attention from the centers staff. While the center is devoted to training dogs, it is pretty clear that the entire staff has a soft spot for felines as well.

This special cat is unique and bringing something quite special to the world. He is a pioneer in training dogs, and teaching them to be kind and patient. His loving and friendly nature is something that not just dogs, but people should learn from and mimic in their lives. He is one of a kind for sure, and has plenty to teach everyone that sees him.

Lost Wallets Prompt Social Experiment

Honesty, dignity, kindness. Three words every person should live by, but do they? Atlantic Canadian Bank decided to test the honesty of people in their area with a little experiment. The set up was simple. Take 12 wallets, fill them with cash, debit cards, and contact phone number to call if the wallet is found. They placed the 12 wallets around the four provinces and waited to see what would happen.
Within hours their phone began ringing. The good Samaritans were in for a pleasant surprise. For their honesty the bank offered to let them keep money. Taking human kindness one step further, some of the finders opted to donate the money to charity. Atlantic Credit Unions matched all donations to the chosen charities.
How many of the wallets were turned in? Surprisingly 9 out of the 12. Atlantic Credits Unions shared their results. Were they pleased? Check out what the marketing director had to say:
What prompted people to turn the wallets in? Empathy. Many stated they knew first hand the hassle of replacing identification cards and that if the wallet was theirs they hoped someone would turn it in. The experiment took place just before Christmas, the perfect time of year to prove simple kindness does exist.
The four missing wallets could still be out there, only time will tell if they could still be turned in. Overall the experiment was a success. Jennifer Murray, the marketing director for Atlantic Canadian, stated “It’s fantastic and speaks to who we are as Atlantic Canadians.”

Talkspace for Therapy in the Home

Mental health disorders can affect more than the way that you feel. They can have an impact on the way that you sleep, eat and how you’re able to function in terms of your career and relationships. If you forgo seeking help for these problems, you’re only doing yourself a disservice and will find that your mental health issues get worse over time. This is why it is so important that you make the decision to choose an app that you can utilize at home without needing to go to a local office just to be able to talk to someone.

Talkspace is designed for people who know that they need therapy but who cannot make routine trips to their therapist’s office. If you have no health insurance, you will also find Talkspace to be a wonderfully affordable option for when you need help but don’t want to go broke just trying to get it. Therapy sessions often cost hundreds of dollars, but with Talkspace, you’re only spending a few dollars a day to have around-the-clock access to licensed therapists from all over the country.

Another wonderful aspect of Talkspace is that you have professionals who truly know what you’re dealing with in the moment. When dealing with a local professional, you’re stuck seeing someone who may or may not know what you’re having to handle every day. With Talkspace, there are so many therapists within the network that it is almost impossible to not be able to find someone who will be the perfect match for you. These experts have worked with hundreds of thousands of people just like you, so they can provide superior care that you will simply not be able to get if you stick with choosing a local therapist in your nearby area for help.

Diet Coke is Getting a New and Fun Makeover

If there is one thing to be said about millennials, it’s that they love to try things that are new. Anytime there is a new restaurant, product, app, or movie released, millennials are some of the first people to line up to try it. It’s because we’re an adventurous bunch that enjoys trying things first so that we can gloat and offers advice to others. This is great news for advertising companies. All they have to do is tweak their products slightly and they’ll continue to see a growth in sales. One of the companies is doing this.

Diet Coke is getting a makeover! Maybe it’s part of a “new year, new me” campaign or perhaps it’s just to get over an advertising slump. It’s actually a little bit of both. According to Buzzfeed, Diet Coke sales have been falling as many are turning towards healthier beverages like sparkling water. There are four new flavors which include ginger lime, twisted mango, zesty blood orange, and feisty cherry. Not only are there new flavors but there are also new cans. Diet Coke got a facelift! Their cans are sleekish and more stylish. The new products will hit store shelves at the end of February in the United States.

It’s kind of silly that millennials will try something new just because it looks different. It works, however! As a millennial myself, I’m actually quite interested in the new flavors. This rebrand, however, has another agenda. Most sparkling water cans and healthier beverages come in the sleeker cans. Diet Coke might be trying to convince their customer base that their product is healthy. These new cans are two years in the making and therefore by all intents and purposes, they should help to boost sales. Diet Coke did their research, listened to input from customers, and spent countless hours dreaming up the new cans.

Diet Coke is Getting a Makeover Millenials Will Love

The iconic drink Diet Coke is getting even better in 2018. The company recently revealed they will be introducing four new flavors, along with an updated look to their cans.

With younger people seeking out healthier alternatives to sugary beverages, Coca Cola has been on a mission to create something that will appeal to them. They hope their new flavors will entice people of all ages and cultures to pick up a can and give it a try.

According to People, the new flavors will be Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango. Along with the new flavors, the packaging is also getting a makeover. The new cans will be taller and slimmer, although they will still hold the traditional 12-oz. portion.

The colors of the cans are designed to really pop off the store shelves. The base color of the can will still be the well-known silver metallic shade, while the change will include a bright band of color down the center of the package. Ginger Lime has a green stripe, Feisty Cherry has a purple stripe, Zesty Blood Orange has an orange stripe, and Twisted Mango has a yellow stripe. The regular diet coke will have the traditional red stripe down the center.

The plain Diet Coke recipe will not change, due in part to the backlash the company experienced over recently changing the Coke Zero recipe. Although the company’s goal is to appeal to a wider audience, they don’t want to disappoint the loyal customers they already have.

The new items will hit store shelves in mid-January. Coca Cola plans to launch new commercials aimed at promoting the products later this month. The ads will also appear during the Winter Olympics. Free samples will also be offered to generate excitement about the new products.