Rick Smith Efforts at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that enhances communication between inmates and their loved ones. Rick Smith has served in this company with much dedication to ensuring right services are rendered to people with loved ones in prison. He has been CEO of the company since 2008, and the position could not suit him any better. With his fascinating experience and many exceptional qualities, he has met all the required attributes for overseeing the firm. Smith’s leadership qualities are of integrity and rich wisdom. His background holds admirable experiences which automatically polishes his reputation.He has established the company in aid of inmates, and the company serves more than a million inmates in North America and almost 3,000 companies linked to the law.

Rick’s Rise to Success

Most of what Rick is today is as a result of education. Smith’s education is remarkable. He studied his bachelor’s degree in engineering at New York University and proceeded with his masters in engineering at the same institution. He acquired an MBA from the University of Rochester.Rick Smith has been incredibly active most of his life and won’t stop at anything. During his early life, between the year 1972 and 1998, he committed himself to Global Crossing North America with his position being the controller and Chief information controller. His effort put his name under important titles for various companies. As if his resume could not get any better, he worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and during this time, the profit graph of the company shot up.His stay at all these companies he worked at was legendary. In 2007, he left the Eschelon Telecom Inc. to join Securus Tech. He was named chairman, and he leads the company to great victories against other competing companies globally. Their investments have been noted to be on the rise.

Great Future for Securus Technologies

Securus’ Chairman and CEO states that the company is a stable and reliable investment. It comes in handy to correctional facilities in law enforcement and solving crimes. This could provide leads on pending and unsolved cases, save a large multitude targeted on certain attacks, among other ugly situations that could be plotted by people attached to locked up criminals. Richard Smith praises Securus Tech with the reference of customers who are appreciating their services through emails and letters. It is incredible how big the crowd receiving help from Securus is and airing their comments hence creating a market for those unaware of it! The company has ensured the inmates, and their loved ones are provided with protection. Smith sees to it that the service provided is satisfactory to the majority. Securus has been serving its purpose for decades and believes in safety for all to render their services to people in good conditions.

You Don’t Want to Worry About Being Hacked!

You Don’t Want to Worry About Being Hacked!

Why is cybersecurity so important?

“I was hacked” is a phrase that you never want to have to say when it comes to your online presence. That is why it is important to understand the best ways to help protect yourself from the cyber threats that exists. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a company it can affect everyone and the threats are growing daily!


Types of Cyber Attacks are there?

To break it down in to some basic groups:

  • Ransomware: Takes and locks your digital files and demands a “ransom” to return them to you. Even then if paid the files are not returned on occasion.
  • Trojan: This is a software often disguised as a legitimate software to gain access to your computer
  • Spyware: Software that has been placed on the computer allowing a third party to secretly collect data from their machine
  • Keylogger: Used to record all keystrokes and often used to steal passwords and login information.
  • Backdoor: Program installed to allow all security procedures be bypassed on a machine.
  • and much more!


Severity of the attacks are growing

The threat is getting worse every day and you must learn to help protect yourself before you are the next victim yelling “I was hacked!”


Rubica is the Answer

“I was hacked!” doesn’t have to be part of your vocabulary when you work with Rubica. They have a top notch team who work on a real-time analysis of threats to any systems. Their reputation speaks volumes about their reputation too. The company has been around for over 10 years to prove that. All you have to do is sign up, download one application and that is it. You don’t even have to understand anything about cyber threats. Rubica does that for you!

To better understand what cyber security is visit https://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsoft-reveals-two-big-ways-stop-ransomware-attacks-195534139.html



Susan McGalla Was Bred to Win

Companies that have gender sensitive cultures are 15% more likely to outperform those that have no such policies. At the same time, those companies that are ethnically adverse are 35% more likely to outperform those companies that are not ethnically diverse. The above two types companies outperform the rest because of their openness to new ideas. Moreover, the diversity in the firms allows various perspectives to be employed, making them more accommodating to the workers. Despite the above findings, only a small percentage of all C-level positions in S&P companies are held by women.

Regardless of the hardships experienced by women to reach high-level positions within their organizations, some few women like Susan McGalla have helped lead the way. McGalla says that she was raised in a way that made it comfortable for her to work with both men and women. Susan grew up among two brothers and a football coach dad. The trio did not give Susan any break because she was a girl. Instead, she was taught to fight for her rights and to be tough. Susan was to work for what she wanted, and that is a lesson that she has carried in life. Even when she finds it hard to attain a position, she works hard and proves that she has what it takes to take the position. Consequently, she has won many high-level positions not held by many women. Case in point, in the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up through the ranks. When she began her career in the firm, all the executives were men. However, her effort made her outperform all the executives until she became president by the time she left the company. Later, Susan founded the P3 Executive Consulting and is the current vice president of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. The achievement was marked as great, as the steel industry is mainly dominated by men. Susan was also actively involved in the ‘wear what we wear’ Campaign that encouraged fans to buy Steeler gear.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman and executive consultant. She is currently the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Lime Crime Stands Out Among Beauty Competitors

The beauty industry is one of the top businesses in the world. There are dozens of companies who aim to provide quality cosmetics for their customers to buy. With so many cosmetics on the market, companies are looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors.


One company who is standing out in the beauty industry is Lime Crime. Founded in 2008 by creator Doe Deere, the company quickly set itself up as one of the most unique cosmetics brands on the market. Doe Deere’s main reason for creating the company was to provide colorful, quality beauty products to fit their customer’s personalities.


As a beauty company, it offers products such as lipstick, eyeshadow, press on nails, and hair dyes just to name a few. Of course these are items you’ll find in any beauty company, but their products are different due to their style and colors.


Lime Crime lipsticks come in a variety of styles including Diamond Crushers, Velvetines, Mattes, Metallics, and Unicorn Lipsticks. They also come in an assortment of colors such as Bomber, Fluke, Hoodie, Mirage, and True Love; which are shades of reds and pinks. But if you want to be creative you can go for a shade of blue with Denim, add a touch of green lips with Alien lipstick, or brighten up your face with a Zenon metallic.


Aside from their colorful lipsticks, they also offers hair dyes for anyone wanting to spruce up their hairdos. For a pop of pink to your treads, a jar of Bunny Unicorn Hair will do. But if you want a darker style, then a touch of Dirty Mermaid, Blue Smoke, or Leeloo will work wonders.


Not only do they provide a range of quality products, but they’re also a firm believer in cruelty free cosmetics. They don’t test their products on any animals, and to show their dedication, all their products are vegan made, which means no animal ingredients are used in the cosmetics.


With their dedication towards cruelty free makeup along with high-quality, colorful cosmetics; it’s no wonder that Lime Crime is quickly becoming one of the top sellers in the beauty industry.

Keeping Up with The Devoses

Betsy Devos and her husband have always focused on the development of education, art, justice and leadership, and in 1989 created the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Devoss is a member of the non-profit art competition of Michigan State, John F. Kennedy, and ArtPrize Center, established by her son. Devos was president of the former “Philanthropy Roundtable”, a group of benefactors who specialize in non-profit organization skills and the advancement of training for equity and taking initiative of private donors.

DeVos is a product of Michigan’s charter schools. She graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids with a degree in economics and political science. philanthropy” magazine indicated that Devos had taken an interest in the politics existing within Calvin College campus grounds. Today, she is one of the leading advocates of the charter school education model believing that many charter schools are college destination oriented. In fact, the major proponent of innovation in the public school is this model’s ability to grant more freedom and opportunity for experimentation which has proved to be effective. This is a potential source for the renewal of the education system. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com

Betsy’s husband, Dick Devos is the biggest sponsor of conservative political movements and social movements. Their Two daughters and two sons are also very involved in The Dick & Betsy Family Foundation. Betsy and Dick have four adult children, all together. Rick, one of Betsey’s sons, is an urban development consultant with the Windquest Group. By herself, Betsy has raised over $ 150,000 for Bush’s campaigns in 2004 and held a Republican philanthropy event at his home in October 2008, which was attended to by President George W. Bush himself. The Devos family have effectively taken part in the policies of the republican approach for a long time, particularly as benefactors for the requirements of different competitors and gatherings.

Since 1989, Betsy Devos has given more than $ 17 million to Republicans. In 2010, Betsy and Dick gave $ 22.5 million to build up a venture that ended up being named the Devonian Institute of Art Management. In 2015, the establishment’s magnanimous commitments added up to $ 11.6 million; Dick and Betsy gave $ 139 million toward these gatherings. The magazine “Forbes” put the couple on the 24th place in the rundown of ‘Best American Donors of 2015’. For reasons like these, one can say that DeVos is a natural born leader with a heart of gold. And she has given of it generously. Not only does she donate funds to causes but she is big on eduacation. She plays a leading role in much of the decision making of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), a research organization built by Jeb Bush, who reported his longing to “assemble an framework for the American educations system that will enable each kid to understand what they are truly capable of. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Igor Cornelsen: Article About This Person

Igor Cornelsen: One of Brazil’s Best Investment Gurus

Igor Conrnelsen is a Brazilian investment expert. Currently, he works for the Bahamas based Brainbridge Inc., which focuses on inventing new and exciting ways to buy stocks that will be profitable in the future. He joined the company in the year 2011 and has been working as the stock markets consultant.


Cornelsen is respected for his expansive knowledge on the topic of stock markets. To him, he doesn’t understand why people underestimate this industry whereas it is the fifth largest in the world. As can be seen from the life of Igor Cornelsen, it is perhaps one of the most profitable industries. However, it is also one of the most complex.


He has learnt how to be successful in this industry and continuously seeking to improve his knowledge. His prior experience has also helped in molding him to be one of the best there is in the industry. Besides, he worked for some of the world’s leading banks before he joined Brainbridge. Today, he derives joy from educating others on how to be better in the industry. If you are new in the industry and are having trouble getting started up, here are some tips you could take from this finance and investment guru.



If you want to be successful in the investment industry, you must be willing to diversify. No matter how attractive stocks for a certain company look, do not be tempted to invest all your money there. Besides, if the stock starts losing, you stand a chance to lose everything.


Stop Investing if You Are Only Losing

If you invest and are only making loses, then you should stop investing in that specific stock. Besides, the only reason you are investing is to make profits. Therefore, if you are only making loses, you need to stop immediately and consider investing in another stock.


Learn the Regulations

You need to learn the rules and regulations of Brazil before you can begin investing. This way, you avoid penalties and the frustration associated with being on the wrong side of the law.


Mike Baur is Helping Create Technology Companies of the Future

Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of Swiss Startup Factory. He is also the founder of Think Reloaded, a venture capital company with a focus on entrepreneurial families and their businesses. Mike Baur also co-founded Swiss Startup Association where he serves as a Director. The non-profit advocates for policy reform to create a more startup-friendly environment in Switzerland.


In addition, he is also a Director at Swiss Startup Invest, a leading venture capital company. Mike Baur has been fascinated by the subject of business and finance since he was young. He quickly developed a keen eye and became passionate about making it his career. His professional career started with banking as an apprentice at UBS. He rose through the ranks to executive positions. He established Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.


The company is a startup accelerator based in Zurich. It has a focus on technology companies. Mike Baur enables Swiss startups to grow into profitable companies. He provides capital financing, business incubation services and mentoring to the new entrepreneurs. Mike Baur maintains an open door policy. He encourages his associates to exchange experiences in business consulting and finance. He prides himself on being a practitioner and encourages new investors to follow his lead.


According to Mike Baur, it is better to do it now and do it quickly. Do not postpone investment decisions. You may miss out on crucial timing information and get into unfavorable deals. He believes now is the right time to invest in technology. He is committed to mentoring entrepreneurs in the technology space. Mike frequently gives talks on the subject in universities and seminars. He was also a keynote speaker in the next generation category at the World Web Forum.


Mike Baur oversees fundraising at Swiss Startup Factory. The main component of the accelerator program is a three-month business incubation service. Startups enjoy access to capital financing, working spaces, business services and mentoring. They also get access to services such as accounting, financial advisory, and payroll management.


Entrepreneurs can focus on the business of creating disruptive companies that succeed in the global market. They also get access to an extensive real world network of entrepreneur and investors.


Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester and the University of Berne. He has previously worked for Sallfort Privatbank, Innovation Lab Fribourg, Clariden Leu and UBS Wealth Management among others. During his free time, Mike Baur enjoys playing sports such as hockey and tennis.



Cultivating Dentistry Experiences at MB2 Dental through Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dynamic practitioner and the founder of MB2 Dental with a vision to promote best practices both as a sole practitioner and as a corporate dentistry in the industry. To fulfill this course, he spent adequate time in both practices and later established his own firm with enough knowledge of what it takes to provide vital support while upholding professional integrity. Villanueva realized that dental practitioners required to have specialized help without involving personal interests and this understanding led him to found the great MB2 Dental. Since the firm was established, it has been supporting numerous practitioners in 70 different locations in six states. The firm has about 533 employees, and the leadership team looks forward to a continued trend of supremacy and success.

Dr. Chris Villanueva established MB2 Dental with a vision to bring a new experience in dentistry industry whereby practitioners concentrate on quality services rather than just profit margins. The firm then focusses on autonomy, personal growth, support as well having fun in practice. MB2 Dental insists on practices that are focused on benefiting the patients who support them in their field of work. This move promotes high-end standards leading to happier practitioners, happier patients and eventually facilitates a healthy business growth. During an interview with IdeaMensch, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva said that the idea of having a sole practitioner started to develop right after he graduated from school.

Visit: https://www.sharecare.com/doctor/dr-chris-s-villanueva/office-locations

Dr. Villanueva says that his typical day is characterized by staying productive and by keeping every person in the firm productive whereby their creativity is welcomed at all times. He brings ideas to life by surrounding himself with smart people both at work and in his personal life. He told IdeaMensch that some of the things that excite him in life are the role played by technology and especially in his industry of interest. He also said that an open environment in the office lightens the moods at work and this helps people to work at ease and hence be more productive. Villanueva recommends that every person should take the time to reflect on themselves so as to appreciate their day to day life at work after a short period vacation. The best strategy that he points out to have helped him succeed in his business is getting the right people in the right place.

Some of the features that make MB2 Dental a unique practice include having a progressive trend in technology, its entrenchment with a youthful culture and provision of an environment that enhances dentists’ career; protect their practice control as they overcome challenges together. Read more on crunchbase.com to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.