Four Years Later, Molly Returns Home

Many animal owners have experienced the anguish of losing a pet, whether the case involves theft of the animal or a pet that is lost. Many pet owners keep out hope of finding their pet again, but sadly, it is all-to-often those reunions are never enjoyed. One couple, however, has a happy ending after tragedy after their dog, Molly, who was missing for four years, finally made her way back home.



Although the North Carolina man has asked his four-legged friend where she’s been all these years, so far, Molly, isn’t saying a word. It isn’t expected that Molly will provide an answer any time soon, and questioning has now stopped. Molly’s owners are fine if they never know the answer to this question (although it would be nice to know!) Molly’s owner is simply thrilled that she made her way back home, even if it is a bit late for a few too many dinners.



Molly returned to the home of Joel and Carolyn McDonald looking just as ravishing as the day that she disappeared. Wherever she’d been for those years were obviously good to her. That is what anyone with a missing pet can truly hope for until their pet is found.



The love Molly has shown her master since arriving back at her home is immeasurable. When Molly’s owner opened his door early one morning Molly sat there as pretty as you please; as if nothing had ever happened. Molly is simply worried about getting as many fun moments (complete with treats) in with her family as possible.



Molly’s owner thought it was too good to be true, even with the dog sitting on his doorstep. Before her disappearance, Molly’s owner installed a Microchip into the dog, which helped confirm her identity after a visit to the veterinarian center where he worked.

How Igor Cornelsen Became A Top Investment Adviser

Igor Cornelsen was a longtime banker in Brazil. He held a number of executive-level positions at some of the country’s largest banks. He has also been a financial adviser that invests in Brazilian companies as well as corporations around the world. He semi-retired in 2011, moved to Southern Florida, and opened a financial advisory firm called Bainbridge Investments, Inc. He works part-time at his company while also enjoying his retirement playing golf and pursuing his hobbies.

As a longtime investor, Cornelsen has long said that Brazil is often overlooked by international investors despite having the fifth-largest economy in the world. He made a large part of his fortune investing in Brazilian companies and carefully following the country’s economic outlook. He continues to spend a large amount of time in Brazil, following its stock market, and investing in strong Brazilian firms.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys sharing his vast amount of knowledge about investing with others, through both Bainbridge Investments and on a personal blog he operates. He has some big tips for beginners to investing one of which is to start as early as you can. By starting early compound interest will have time to do its magic which means that money starts earning even more money and as this happens over the decades it makes it much more likely to hit your retirement goal than if you try to start investing later in life. He has also said that an extremely urgent key to investing in diversifying your portfolio which will not only protect you if a company goes under but will also lead to greater returns. He suggests that people, especially those who are just starting out, get a financial advisor so that they don’t make investing mistakes which can be hard to recover from. Once someone gains more experience and knowledge as an investor they can start managing their portfolios.




Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye Line Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you’ve been a fan of the whimsical and colorful makeup brand Lime Crime, you know that it’s only natural that founder and CEO Doe Deere would release a series of hair dye products for those who love all things bright and bold. Deere herself has been rocking pastel-colored hair for years and is delighted to have finally created the perfect formula for her loyal customers.


The Unicorn Hair line is a series of semi-permanent dyes that come in rich pastel shades. While the pastel hair look has been in style for a while now, Deere has brilliantly developed a series of colors that are refreshingly unique and haven’t been seen before. Instead of playing it safe with the standard lavenders and candy pinks that have been so trendy for the last few years, Deere has created shades like Gargoyle, a moody muted indigo, and Neon Peach, a bright pastel orange. Like all of the dreamy Lime Crime products, the Unicorn Hair dyes are expected to dictate color trends for the next year.


The colors aren’t the only thing that make the Unicorn Hair line unique from all of the other pastel hair dye products on the market. To start, like all Lime Crime products, these dyes are completely vegan and cruelty-free. In fact, the dyes have a vegetable glycerin base, ensuring that they will provide tons of moisture to hair as an added bonus.


Each semi-permanent dye can be purchased in the form of a tint or a full coverage dye. Tints are ideal for those with light-colored hair who want a more subtle effect. Full coverage is for those who are ready for a serious change in the hair color department. Both types of dye will wash out within a few weeks.


The Unicorn Hair line is sure to be yet another hit from the wild imagination of Doe Deere. The whimsical CEO is no stranger to success. Her first big product, the Unicorn Lipsticks line, became one of the most highly coveted items among beauty bloggers upon its launch. Since then, Deere has been formulating highly unique products in unconventional shades that have set the trends for the makeup industry as a whole. follow them on the instagram for more details.



Man Rescues Cub

Corey Hancock of Salem, Oregon, was hiking and taking waterfall photos in the Elkhorn, Oregon area when it started to rain. He headed back to her car and came to a small black bear near the side of the trail. Corey watched the lifeless cub from a distance, to see if it would move or if its mother would come to rescue it. But after no movement for several minutes, Corey picked the bear up and took it to his car. He gave the bear rescue puffs all while driving to reach an area with cell phone service. He then turned to Facebook for advice, by sharing a picture of him holding the struggling cub, asking for suggestions on where to take it. Vets at Turtle Animal Center in Salem agreed to take the cub and worked to give him, who Corey nicknamed Elkhorn, fluids as he was severely dehydrated. After his body temperature was back to a normal range and he showed several signs of important, the cub was transferred to a wildlife veterinarian with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to undergo a full health exam. There it was determined that the young cub is over three months old and weighs four pounds. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a statement saying that their recommendation, in any future situations like the one Corey came upon, would be to call their department or a wildlife rehabilitator before moving the animal from the wild. In many instances, they believe the mother of the young animal will come back, so unless someone physically sees the mother die, they say to leave the animal where it is. They also used the statement to remind people that regardless of wanting to help, it is against state law (in Oregon, as well as many other states) to transport any animal from the wild without a permit.

Despite this statement, Corey Hancock was not cited for the offense of transporting the cub. He still believes he made the right choice in helping cub Elkhorn and would not change any of his actions in rescuing the suffering cub.



Runnung Phenom Brianna Lyston May Be Bolt’s Successor

Usain Bolt’s successor may have already surfaced – and she also hails from Jamaica. Briana Lyston handily trounced the competition during the Class 4 (under-13) 200-meter sprint and set a new record with a posted time of 23.72 seconds during the final at the Boys and Girls Championship held on Saturday in Kingston, Jamaica. Her time was almost a whole second less than that of the second-place finisher.


What’s even more impressive is that Lyston is 12 years old. She first attracted attention two years ago –at the tender age of 10 – with her performances at both the Caribbean Union Teachers Championship in Trinidad and Tobago and the TA/Sagicor National Athletic Championships. She broke the record in both the 200 meter and 300 meter races in the Under-11 category Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, her posted time of 42.41 seconds for the 300-meter race was a whole second faster than that of the winning boy her age.


Lyston also ran in the 100-meter race at the Boys and Girls Championship. Again, she left her opponents in the dust; she finished the race in 11.86 seconds, 0.20 seconds faster than the runner-up.


How does Lyston stack up against adult racers? Florence Griffith-Joyner set a world record that still stands at the 1988 Olympics of 21.34 seconds in the 200-meter race. No other woman has even come close to breaking that record. At the 2009 Berlin World Championships, Usain Bolt handily won the 200-meter race and set the world record with a time of 19.19 seconds.


On the other hand, Lyston is actually a more developed runner than Bolt had been at 12. While he displayed phenomenal talent at the same age, he enjoyed all sports and consequently did not start concentrating on running until he was 14. In 2001, Bolt competed in the Boys and Girls Championship and earned a silver medal in the 200 meter-race.


Will Lyston compete in the 2020 Olympics? Barring injury, there’s a good chance she will represent Jamaica at the Olympic Games.

Greg Finch; The Revolutionary Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgery is a subsidiary of the broad operation category in the field of medicine. It concerns itself with the correction of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. While treating the anomalies, orthopedists may use the procedure they deem most appropriate, whether surgical or non-surgical. The deformities may be a consequence of various factors, but the most common predisposing factors include sports injuries, congenital disorders, trauma, and degenerative conditions.


The most common orthopedic procedures include;




This involves a surgical incision of the backbone to remove the lamina, a component of the vertebrae. The back muscles are shoved aside, and only the lamina is touched, with nearby parts remaining intact. Patients are expected to recover within few days after the incision. The procedure is used to mitigate the effects of spinal stenosis or correcting deformities such as kyphosis. The prosperity of the process depends on the adeptness of the surgeon, suitability of the operation and the driving factor of the surgery.


Hip replacement


This involves the implanting of an artificial hip, known as a prosthetic if the natural one has a defect. The procedure can either be partial or full. It is performed to alleviate pain ensuing from arthritis or hip fractures. Also, it may be done to improve locomotion. It is the last resort after physical therapies and medications have proven futile.


Spinal fusion


This comprises of the piecing together of vertebrae. Grafting is the primary method used in this procedure, where the grafts are held in position by metallic screws and plates before they can support themselves. It is used to correct defects ensuing from spinal fractures, spondylosis, and degenerative conditions.


About Greg Finch


Greg Finch us a household name in orthopedic surgery, particularly spinal procedures. He is an enthusiast of minimally invasive spine surgery. Furthermore, Greg Finch’s excellence has been acknowledged by the Spine Society of Australia.

Greg Finch attained his surgery degree from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.





A Beauiful Creation for a Beautiful Program

Prom season is a time where high school teenagers go out and purchase beautiful gowns or tuxedos and get all done up, all for the sake of creating a night full of memories they hope to remember for the rest of their lives. For Gretchen Ivers, who is a junior at Thompson High School in Thompson, North Dakota, getting ready for prom has been a little different.

Gretchen decided to forgo the normal endeavors that come with shopping for prom and instead used her ensemble for the big event to promote awareness for a cause that is very important to both her and her family. Her cousin’s infant son was born premature and as a result has been in and out of the hospital since his birth a year and a half ago. The baby, Braxton, has not had it easy, but his family has been fortunate enough to use the Ronald McDonald house in Rochester, Minnesota more than once to be close to him during his hospital stays. Gretchen took it upon herself to come up with a plan in hopes of making others aware of all that the Ronald McDonald houses are about. She took pop tabs from aluminum pop cans and worked to make herself a dress. Not just any dress though; she made her very own prom dress. Gretchen says it took 9,121 pop tabs for the dress itself and another four hundred for her for accessories. She spent more than thirty hours completing the dress and the accompanying accessories. At first, the dress was scratchy and rather uncomfortable, so he added a fabric liner underneath it and says it is actually pretty comfortable to wear now. Her plan is to wear the dress to prom and then donate the pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald house. She hopes her creation helps to spread awareness and show the kind of impact that something as simple as donating any pop tabs can help to do for people in need. Every single donated pop tab can help to make a difference for many families who rely on these places to stay during difficult family trials.



Lime Crime Releases New Product For All Its Unicorns

Fellow Unicorns it is finally that time! The Lime Crime web store finally has released their line of Unicorn Hair Dyes for all of us unicorns to try. As with every new product release from Lime Crime, I jumped on the opportunity to try their new product out first and I can thankfully say the new dyes are easily my new favorite product from Doe Deere’s collection. Lime Crime’s eye shadow palette still comes in a close second place though.


My First New Color Using The New Unicorn Hair Dyes


As you we all have come to expect of our favorite indie makeup line, the hair dyes follow the same standards as all of the other amazing products available from the web store. That means these dyes are 100% animal cruelty-free, naturally sourced, and of course perfect for all of us unicorns.


Coloring my hair has always been a love/hate kind relationship as I love the way my hair looks when it’s dyed vibrant and strange colors but the damage that the dyes I usually use wreak on my hair makes me almost decide to go all natural with my normally red hair. Almost.


Though unlike the other dyes I’ve used in the past, the Unicorn Hair dyes condition hair as it treats it so after my first wash my hair not only looks beautiful but feels amazing too.


Using The New Anime Unicorn Hair Dye


Second to my love for all things bright and fashionable is my love for anime, truth be told the reason I started dying my hair was my first cosplay. So it was without a seconds hesitation that I ordered the Anime Unicorn Hair Dye from Lime’s Crime web store. After going through my coloring ritual of putting on old 80’s new wave and making a cup of tea, I went about turning my hair into a bright blue anime vision. True to its name the anime dye actually had me looking like the newest member of sailor moon.


If you would like to try out Lime Crime’s newest product, and you totally should, visit their web store.


Take an Ice Cream Break: Best Places to Get Ice Cream in New York

If you’ll be in NYC this spring, you’re likely going to visit a few top-notch restaurants and enjoy meals that you’ll remember for months to come. While there, you may want to get a scoop or two of ice cream, and these eateries have some of the best creamy desserts in the area.


Ice and Vice


This E. Broadway ice cream shop has flavors that are outrageous and memorable. Whether you want a cone with several scoops of ice cream or a sundae, you can choose from flavors like Ants on a Farm, which features celery, raisin and chocolate chips. If you love the taste of coffee, you can try the 9AM flavor, which features Vietnamese cinnamon, chicory, doughnut truffle and French roast coffee. Even if you’re not particularly adventurous, you can opt for Basic B, a vanilla flavor that is infused with black lava sea salt.


Ample Hills Creamery


Ample Hills takes a playful stance on ice cream, which makes it a great location for the young and the young at heart. If you’re a fan of old school snacks or enjoy savory elements with your ice cream, you may want to try ice cream mixed with Peppermint Patties or Fig Newtons. There’s even an ice cream with saltine crackers covered in chocolate. All the ice cream at Ample Hills is made from grass-fed dairy that is free of hormones organic sugar.




There are several Davey’s locations in NYC, and the ice cream shop is all about traditional flavors that are even better than you remember. For instance, the raspberry sorbet is infused with Riesling, and the coffee ice cream is made from a strong variety of joe. There’s even a delicious version of new and improve cookie dough ice cream. There are also other dessert offerings at Davey’s including brownies and a milkshake that tastes like peanut butter pie.


For more details on the best places to get ice cream in New York City, check out the Grub Street website.


Amazing Kabbalah Teachings on Gods Understanding and Connection

The Kabbalah Center is a renowned American non-profit organization. This organization has its main offices located in Los Angelos, California. Furthermore, it has other offices in different areas of Asia, North America, South America and Europe. The Kabbalah Center offers Kabbalistic teachings that focus on Zohar and majorly aim at improving the lives of the students. Most of the teachings are conducted through online means, study groups as well as city and regional based centers. This has made it possible for students to access the teachings as they please. Originally, this organization was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. However, in 1965, Rav Philip Berg officially established Kabbalah Center in the United States as the prominent National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Upon the death of Philip Berg, his children and wife took over as the head directors of the successful organization.

How The Teachings Enrich People’s Lives

Kabbalah teachings touch on distinct aspects in the world. Additionally, the center strongly believes that all religions are subparts of the universal wisdom. Following this reason, Kabbalah Center believes that religion such as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam resemble their sect. This organization does not view itself as a mere supplement or superior to the existing religions. It believes that human’s five senses only indicate a percentage of the whole reality of the world, and the remaining 99% is not easily revealed by the senses. Additionally, Kabbalah believes that human beings should be much concerned with the relationship they have with the presence and essence of God. The Kabbalah believes that God is omniscient, meaning he is beyond the understanding of human beings. Furthermore, the organization believes that Judaism has had an impact in incorporating different knowledge about astrology into their teachings. Most Jewish scholars and experts studied astrology during the middle age. The teachings of Kabbalah believe that cosmic forces influence most of the things that occur and recur in the world and what Kabbalah Centre knows.


Yehuda Berg, who is a former teacher of Kabbalah International Center once wrote an interesting book majorly focusing on the teachings about sex. He also went ahead to write that God’s essence comes from sex that occurs in Saturday morning and after midday. Currently, Kabbalah can be studied by anyone regardless of ethnicity, gender and religion. The information and knowledge of Kabbalah can assist people glean great insights thus enabling them understand clearly their life path and purpose and Kabbalah of Website.