Getting The Right Wine through Traveling Vineyard Consultants

The business of direct sales is something that a lot of people are thrilled about. This has become something that people can do on their own and it gives them a very flexible schedule. That is why the Traveling Vineyard has become one of the most successful business models for people that need to build their own schedule.

The Traveling Vineyard is in the business of selling wine to consumers. The great thing about becoming a sales consultant is that there are a lot of opportunities for consultants to engage in hosting wine tasting parties and helping consumers with wine pairings. This is one of the most popular concepts that leads to a lot of sales. There are a ton of people that may not really be wine drinkers, but they may have wines available for events that they are hosting. In these cases they are going to want to find out about wine pairings of the right foods for a certain occasion. This is where the Traveling Vineyard wine consultants become very valuable. They are great for helping consumers sort out the white and red wines.

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Anyone that is looking for an opportunity to work in sales consulting should look no farther than the Traveling Vineyard. There is no on-hand inventory, and there are no hidden fees. The start-up fee is less than $200 so this actually makes it one of the more reasonable direct sales businesses that consultants can endeavor into.

A lot of people have made a decision to invest in the Traveling Vineyard because this is a golden opportunity to maximize income. Some people do this as a side job, but many others work full-time. It is definitely a source of income for people that have the time to develop their knowledge in the wine industry.

Netflix Sets Eyes on Comedic Future

Netflix has enjoyed wide-reaching success with its original programming, including dramas, family sitcoms, and both supernatural and horror options gaining millions of viewers nationwide. Now the stream-on-demand baron may be looking to branch further into unscripted comedy, similar to the popular “Stephen Colbert” show or “Saturday Night Live.” This will be even tougher for television networks to manage given some of their own recent losses in this area.

The primary on-demand video streaming services have all discovered they must produce their own original content to remain competitive. In fact, Netflix’s original content has continued to boost its viewership. Its three most popular original series – “Orange is the New Black,” “Stranger Things,” and “Fuller House” – garnered no less than 20 million viewers each. While some argue that its original programming is no better, only cheaper, others content that the ability to break away from cable and advertising companies has allowed Netflix to give talented writers a free hand in producing quality content.

An analyst from Instinet, Anthony DiClemente, met with multiple programming executives recently, and reported that on-demand programmers like Netflix are “ramping investments in unscripted genres.” Ultimately, this could be problematic for networks like Comedy Central, who rely heavily on viewership for this type of content. Their audiences are vulnerable to poaching with the recent losses of both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and the network is already struggling to keep its numbers up. Netflix’s push into this area has the potential to seriously disrupt some of the bigger comedy barons, with great results for viewers.

Women Can Rock a Suit Too

It’s become quite commonplace for celebrities to look only their best on the red carpet. For a long time, it was extraordinarily common for men to wear suits, and women to wear dresses. There’s no issue with that, it’s just society was. But in modern times, the blending of traditional gender roles has begun to blend together. In other words, the conventional idea of things such as hobbies, jobs, and fashion for each gender is starting to blur together. While some parties believe that this shouldn’t be happening, many minds that are more open to change are loving the way that it’s starting to change. One very freeing element of all of this is that female celebrities have started to step away from always wearing dresses, and several of them are even taking to red carpet events in things such as suits!

Places such as Buzzfeed have begun to highlight this amazing trend. Recently, in fact, the website completed an article compilation composing of the times in recent history where these fabulous females took to the carpet looking more dapper than Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Of course, there were examples of this before recent years, the trend has definitely taken hold, and it’s likely to continue in the near future at least.

Some names on their list are no surprise. After all, Ellen Degeneres has basically taken the well-pressed suit and turned it into a staple in her wardrobe. But others may yet surprise you. Rihanna once claimed the stage in an all-white suit that turned heads. Amber Heard has easily shown that women can look better than men in the style, while even the newest of stars, like Maisie Williams have take the carpet donning the dapper style. In short order, it seems that female are forcing men to step up to the challenge of future styles, who know what the carpet will show next.

Gotcha! This New McDonald’s Burger Is A Chocolate Delight

If you love the famous nut spread known as Nutella (Italian favorite), then this little item will be music to your taste buds. McDonald’s is hoping their fast food idea of a dessert burger will spread like wild fire. So far, the culinary experiment is under way at McDonald’s in Italy.

No. It’s not a hamburger oozing with the delicious, smooth chocolate paste of hazelnuts in place of mayo. Instead, the dessert burger looks exactly like a real hamburger but appears to be of a pound cake quality packed with yummy Nutella inside. In other words, there is no meat.

You can see what it looks like here on Some people want to start a petition to bring the sweet burger to McDonald’s fans around the globe.

The Sweety Nutella burger is smaller than a real burger, but folks are enjoying it in cities like Milan. It makes sense to test the food trend in Italy, because Nutella was created by a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, following WWII.

In the United States, fans of the hazelnut cocoa spread enjoy it on toast, bagels, waffles, crackers and more. The spread has a cult-like following here, and many people just eat Nutella out of the jar, with or without a spoon.

Nutella is not the healthiest food out there. One mom sued the maker Ferrero, claiming that Nutella was full of sugar and palm oil. The woman received $3 million in a class-action lawsuit settlement.

David Lettermen Flies All the Way To India For Beard Trim And Head Massage

We thought by beard trim, that meant a closely shaven style, but to the former “Late Show” host David Letterman, it was a merely a blunt snip.

The hilarious star still has a sizable full beard resembling the great writer Ernest Hemingway and holistic doctor Andrew Weil.

Lettermen was in India to film “Years of Living Dangerously” for the National Geographic Channel. The funny man made a detour and walked straight into a Delhi barber shop called the Plaza Saloon. He was seeking a little trim and chatted up the customers there, entertaining them with his quick wit. The young barber basically ignored any silly questions or comedic acts Letterman pulled and diligently kept snipping away.

Letterman was pleased with the trim and even agreed to the complimentary head massage. The star told the barber shop crowd that he had never had a head massage, unless he wants to count the time a stranger on the bus had performed it on him. He quipped, asking the barber if he were licensed to give a head massage.

Letterman has been enjoying retirement away from his former hosting duties of the iconic “Late Show.” He said good-bye in a farewell from CBS show in May of 2015. For about seven months now, Letterman has let it all hang loose, growing a long snowy, salt and pepper beard. To some fans, the celebrity was barely recognizable in his Santa-esque whiskers.

Letterman was laying low, until photographers snapped him in all his bearded wonder, jogging in the Caribbean island of St Barts. The 68-year-old also sported a clean-shaven head last May.

These days, the hair is back growing on top of his head, and beard appears that much more groomed and conservative, thanks to the talented India barber. It looks like the Indiana native loves facial hair and intends on keeping it that way for a while.

People on Twitter appear to also like the change for the former “Late Show” host and chimed in:

“It’s nice to see David Letterman just being himself and owning his age. He looks happy. #HowitShouldbe”

Defining Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani is an Arab billionaire. He is the Owner and Founder of DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC. He serves as the Chairman of DAMAC Invest Co. LLC, and the CEO & Executive Chairman at Damac Real Estate Development Ltd. Hussain invests in luxury real estate developments. He has invested in various countries. Hussain was ranked position 527 by Forbes Magazine on the World’s Billionaires in 2016.


DAMAC Properties has been able to grow and has registered massive profits under Hussain leadership. The real estate enterprise is involved in the development of commercial, leisure, and residential properties in Dubai and the Middle East. The company also invests in projects in real estate. DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002. Its headquarters is in Dubai. The firm has been able to rapidly expand to North Africa, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. DAMAC Properties is involved in all aspects of real estate from the acquisition of land, the appointment of designers and architects, sales and construction, and after sales service.


Hussain is a philanthropist. He is involved in some charitable organizations such as a campaign that involved helping needy children. Hussain and his company gave a cheque worth 2 million so as to offer clothes to needy children around the world. The donation will provide warmth and clothing to over 50,000 needy children. Hussain says that the children are the future of the society and that they should be offered the best environment to provide them the best start in life.


Hussain and Donald Trump are business partners and good friends. His family and Donald’s family are close friends. They are both in the real estate industry. Hassan hopes to improve his business relationship with Donald Trump’s real estate firm known as The Trump Organization. The two families spent the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain attributes his success to hard work, commitment, and discipline. He has gained a reputation all over the world as a successful real estate developer. Hussain is termed as one of the richest people in Dubai and is estimated to be worth 3.2 billion. He plans to continue making more developments in real estate.




Even Washington Post Wondering If Your Dog’s Halloween Costume Might Be Sexist

Oh, brother. Haven’t we had enough of this ludicrousness?

Even comedian Jerry Seinfeld aptly put it when he complained about the world becoming so politically correct now.

“I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC,’ ” Seinfeld told ESPN radio a year ago. He added that younger people “just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ They don’t know what … they’re talking about.”

Maybe Jerry Seinfeld is right on the money, especially after the Washington Post’s recent and ridiculous thoughts about dog Halloween costumes. That’s right; now we’re focusing on our four-legged companions and how we can correctly adorn them.

“Is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?” was the headline to an article penned by Abha Bhattarai of the iconic newspaper, analyzing gender-specific costumes. Remember the day when it was okay to choose a boy’s costume for a male dog and a girl’s costume for a female dog? Sixteen percent of Americans plan to dress their pets in Halloween costumes this year, and we doubt most of them will be thinking gender neutrality before they select either a pink tutu or cowboy costume.

Apparently, times have changed, even for canines. If we’re now focusing on a dog’s costume, then maybe something is wrong with the rest of us.

Ms. Bhattarai observed that PetSmart dog costumes are still clearly labeling theirs as male and female. Scott Lawrie, however, has a big problem with that, because it sends the “wrong message” to human beings. Lawrie, who hosts a podcast, claims that “The career options for women — and dogs — need to go beyond pink loofahs and pink cowgirls.”

Sheesh. Aren’t we taking this a bit too far, when we bring Bella and Bailey into the mix?

The National Retail Federation says that the most popular costumes for pets are pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees. As far as we know, those are all gender-neutral, even though most pet owners aren’t trying to dress their pets in the PC way when they choose a Halloween costume.

Tech Savvy Brit Wastes 11 Hours Attempting To Make Cup Of Tea With Wi-Fi Kettle

This little news bit still has us shaking our head, again and again. Thanks to the world of Twitter, we could follow a British man’s ongoing frustration on social media, as he spent a day trying to set up his new appliance so that it would boil on command. Well, it is tea, and the English really like to indulge, as well all know.

Mark Rittman works as a data specialist, so that means he’s at least tech savvy, great with details and dealing with tons of information. The Hove, England resident, however, had met his match with his new Wi-Fi enabled kettle.

The only thing he desired that morning was his first hot cup of tea and spent the next 11 hours, waiting for the darn hi-tech pot to boil the water. He attempted and attempted, and the hours were going by and still, the connection was lost. It was all very simple and boiled down (sorry) to this- the base station was unable to communicate with the kettle itself.

Mr. Rittman went on Twitter to report his frustrations and many attempts to repair the problem:

…”3 hrs later and still no tea. Mandatory recalibration caused wifi base-station reset, now port-scanning network to find where kettle is now.”

His tweets were attracting lots of attention on the globally popular social media site, and folks were following his every move to get the Wi-Fi kettle to steam up and boil. Poor Mr. Rittman; his kettle came with zero software that would have made life simpler with integration and other devices in his home. So, he was attempting to construct the integration functionality himself.

Finally, Mr. Rittman figured out that the kettle liked being around “live” persons and thus, began responding to voice control. That means, the kettle was up and running online.

One sarcastic, funny Twitter guy with the label @onekade, challenged Mr. Rittman with this gem:

“….Why don’t you just get normal f****** kettle.”

Meantime, Mr. Rittman is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and plans to do requested interviews on the saga of his Wi-Fi kettle.

New Video Game Gives Autistic Kids Representation

Living with autism can be challenging and isolating for children and their parents. A new independent video game, Max, an Autistic Journey, set to release this week on Steam, aims to alleviate that by providing a great in-game experience that represents the journey autistic children frequently face.

The game is a turn-based RPG focused on Max, a 10-year-old boy with autism. The story follows him as he struggles with symptoms and gets a diagnosis. Creator Stephane Cantin developed the game to give others an in-game idea of how it can feel to live with autism, a disorder experienced by his son, and he worked closely with his son throughout the creative process. The monsters faced by the player in the game represent the genuine emotions and frustrations experienced by autistic people and gives insight into situations that can be challenging for them. The game manages to present the new ideas and viewpoint without losing its focus on fun and adventure.

The top-down view and graphics give the game a great retro feel. It includes several minigames and puzzles the player must solve. The turn-based combat system includes fun weapons and powerful abilities. The challenges faced by Max give players insight into the challenges faced by many people with Autism, and classic gamers will enjoy the core leveling and customization mechanics.

Autism has gained more awareness recently, and Cantin’s new game will continue that trend. The innovative game goes beyond that, though, and looks to provide a unique gaming experience that players with autism can identify with and those without can learn and grow from. The game supports standard mouse, keyboard, or controller and will be available for purchase on Steam this week.

Arthur Becker: An Innovative Talent Facilitator

When the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, Arthur Becker sat down with The Real Deal, he shared his business aims and style. The interview covered everything from entrepreneurial success to leisure time and productive daily routines. With over a decade of experience in financial business matters, Mr. Becker has valuable insight to share and explore.

Arthur Becker started his business management career as CEO of NaviSite where he provided international technology and account management for eight years. He spent seven years advising the Vera Wang( fashion company and remains in close contact with the organization. He brings this experience, bridging differing styles and fields to his new project, as well.

His current role, at Madison Partners, LLC, was developed as Mr. Becker saw the potential for innovation that existed in bio technology. He sees the many possibilities available in the new technology that haven’t been explored yet, largely due to lack of investors or lack of creativity. The corporation aims to invest in the industry to encourage further innovation and enable development to improve quality of life.

Mr. Becker sees his role as a facilitator of outstanding talent. He draws experts in the field with notable talent and provides the investment and collaborative environment for their expertise to thrive. He largely credits his success to the chemistry amongst management and the development of talent at all levels of the organization. Though his expertise is evident in the direction the group is taking and overall strategy, Mr. Becker clearly believes in the work of the talent he recruits and gives them the freedom and resources to bring innovative tools and technology to life.

Mr. Becker gives some advice to new entrepreneurs: he encourages them to remain persistent and flexible. The key to success for him, is “persuading talented people to your vision…and then getting out of the way.”