Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues to Support SENS and Other Advancement

One of the most common trends in predictions related to technology and the advancement of modern society is a theory called The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a theory that predicts that the use of internet-based products will continue to increase dramatically in future years, which will allow people to share even more data than ever before. The theory predicts that common household products will be enhanced and have internet connectivity and data sharing abilities.

One of the largest proponents and believers of the Internet of Things is Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, investors, and futurist that currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Jason Hope has stated that he believes that more and more of your daily products will be improved and have the ability to share data with other people. These products could then become more efficient and useful than ever before. For those that do not believe in the theory, Jason Hope points to the fact that many products that we use today already come with connectivity. Some of these products include watches, home appliances, televisions, and security systems.

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While Jason Hope has been accurate about these predictions in the past, it remains to be seen which products will be improved going forward. Jason Hope expects to use his personal wealth to continue to invest in companies, concepts, and grants for students that are looking to improve daily products to make them more useful for consumers through the use of data sharing. See jasonhope.com.

Beyond his investments in tech companies, Jason Hope has also been an advocate for companies in the medical field that are looking to improve the future of medicine. Jason Hope has been particularly supportive of the SENS Foundation, which researches biotechnologies in an effort to help reduce the impact and occurrences of age-related diseases. In recent years, Hope has donated over $500,000 directly to the foundation, which has gone to directly help fight these diseases and develop new cures.

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Rent With Workville for Higher Quality Coworking


Traditional office set-ups and business practices are rapidly going out of style. Many small businesses and new start-ups may find that the large upfront price of a normal office space is not cost effective on their end. That is why businesses like Workville are enjoying so much success right now. They innovate office space to provide a flexible environment that can suit the needs of a modern and rapidly evolving marketplace.

Workville is more than just a provider of office spaces in NYC. They consider themselves a professional community of sorts. Workville provides a selection of premium workspaces available to rent at very flexible rates. Depending on your needs you can rent a simple desk and quite professional space to do some extra paperwork or a fully loaded set-up with computer and internet service. Space is available in single units or large groups and there are even fully furnished conference rooms for rent within the facility.

Is the nature of you work chaotic, making it difficult to set up hard and fast times? Do travel for work regularly and want to save money? Dealing with a sudden influx of new staff with nowhere to put them? Renters have a lot of flexibility in terms of when and how long they want to reserve a workspace. Payments can go month to month, daily, or even by the hour if that’s what you need.

And rest assured that, while the idea of a rental office space may conjure images of cramped cubicles and windowless rooms, that is not the case with Workville. All their professional environments are of the highest quality. They are located nicely in urban and business hubs to provide easy transportation and access. Meanwhile the interior is stylishly designed and fully furnished. There are plenty of windows and open patios to let in fresh air and sunlight. That way you, your coworkers, or your employees don’t feel like they are being sealed in a tomb five days a week.

If you choose to rent with Workville you get the benefit of knowing that you are working with true professional innovators, much like yourself.

The Cowboys Reign Against The Patriots As a Top Bet This Year

According to November 16, 2016, news article in covers.com, the New England Patriots continues to be the primary pick for winning the Super Bowl in spite of their Week 10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. However, the Patriots’ major hurdle is to win against the Dallas Cowboys who maintains the best record of winning the Lombardi Trophy. The Patriots, on the other hand, has the second best football odds for winning the Bowl.

Football betting or gambling is a huge industry worth billions of pounds per year.

Licensed bookies around the world, particularly in Europe, offer a broad array of betting options. People can bet on a large number of results like the last goal scorer, halftime score, number of goals, penalty, hat trick, etc., The betting on football has grown popular with the advent of satellite televisions, access to the internet and smartphones. If you are interested then you can place bets on NFL odds at covers.com

By analysing the first nine games played by both the teams, we know that both the Patriots and the Cowboys are exceptionally good teams. When the question arises which one will be winning then, we need the help of oddsmakers. When we study the plotted line of the game per week, then some interesting information can be dug.

NFL oddsmakers did not favour the Patriots during the first four weeks of the game because of the absence of the team’s star Quarterback Tom Brady. Surprisingly after the return of Tom Brady, the Patriots began to fair well in the upcoming games except for the games against the Seattle. However, with this the Super Bowl odds of the Patriots winning the bowl increased.

If we turn to the Cowboys, then we do not notice any significant pattern. The graph tells the only tiny portion of the whole story. It is also important to look at the overall performance of the two teams. The Cowboys seems to have been religiously doing better by winning more while the Patriots have been a little bit inconsistent and more haphazard in their wins. The most crucial aspect is however Against the Odds (ATS) success.

In football betting, when the super bowl odd of one team winning the game is very strong then everybody will choose that team to win. This can be non-profitable for the sports books companies. Thus, the concept of spread bet came. The sports book offers a minimum margin of victory for the most favorite team. If the favorite wins with more than the minimum margin then the people who bet on the team win and it is said to have covered the spread. ATS means the record of the team in relation to the spread.

Seeing the ATS Success, the Cowboys seems to be more consistent. Dallas has performed better than New England in every week.

Thus, for this year, it seems that Dallas is in good shape and has been consistent and beating the spread more than the Patriots. Being a Patriot fan, it is hard to face the fact that the Cowboys are going to be a better bet.

A Losing Game? Kenneth Goodgame Faces Difficult Road Ahead

Kenneth Goodgame is a strong influence as an Operations Manager. His skills are specialized in providing OEM excellence with the contribution of innovative marketing, streamlined financial vision, merchandising and intelligent business plans.

He aims to provide clients with corporate strategies, employee teamwork, quality assurance and key performance indications in a bid to improve the overall performance and output of a company.

Kenneth Goodgame incorporates his experience to ensure growth through leadership, cost analysis, productivity enhancement, quality progression and smart business negotiations.

Kenneth is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. He began his career in Huntersville, NC as a product merchant for Newell Rubbermaid in 1995.His roles included managing indoor garden purchases for the Southern region, and leading store walks and recruitment of store managers and associates.

In 2002, Kenneth earned a promotion as the company’s Senior Vice President in charge of marketing and sales for the Irwin PTA & Shur-Line products. In 2004 he headed Bernzomatic as the president. He was also the president of Rubbermaid cleaning between 2002 and 2004.

In 2008, Goodgame headed Techtronic Industries as the president. By 2010, the company had an additional 30 stores countrywide with an average sale of $1 million each. The net sales of the company also increased to $1.6 million. In 2010, Kenneth led Ace Hardware Corporation as the general merchandising manager and created a 45 percent growth with $50 million in annual sales. The store openings also increased by 300 percent with $150 million in revenues. In 2013, Kenneth left the firm to join Truevalue Hardware Corporation as the senior vice president and chief merchandising officer.

Kenneth raised the annual savings of the company from 2 percent to 10 percent by eliminating and replacing 40 percent of buyers with a low-performance rate. He also launched the advertising investment program that returned $8 million in 2014 and $13.4 million in 2015. In 2015, Truevalue appeared on the television hence increasing the customer recordings by 4 percent in retail and 9 percent in average ticketing values. Kenneth continues to raise the income of the company by managing the staffing requirements and launching various innovative programs throughout all the firm’s stores nationwide.

Brian Bonar: Using His Impresseive Expertise to Help Others

Brian Bonar of San Diego is the Chairman of the Board for Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been Chairman since December of 1999. Before that, he was the director of Dalrada Financial Corporation in August 1995. From August 1992 to April 1994, Bonar was the directors of technology sales for the company, and he was the company’s vice president of sales and marketing for the company from April 1994 to September 1994.

He was the company’s executive vice president in September 1994, and he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and the Company’s President in July 1997. He also became the Chief Executive Officer for the company in April 1998.

His Previous Experiences

The following consists of his impressive accolades:

From 1991 to 1992

  • From 1991 to 1992- Brian Bonar worked for San Jose-based company, Bezier Systems, as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. This company specialized in the marketing and manufacturing of laser printers.

From 1990 to 1991

  • From 1990 to 1991- Bonar worked at Adaptec Inc. as a Worldwide Sales Manager. This was a laser controlled developer based in San Jose.

From 1988 to 1990

  • From 1988 to 1990- Bonar worked for the Rastek Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This was a printer controller developer company based in Huntsville, Alabama.

From 1984 to 1988

  • From 1984 to 1988- At QMS Inc., which is a colored and monochrome printing solutions’ manufacturer and developer based in Alabama, he was employed as an executive director of Engineering.

Before these positions, he worked for approximately 17 years for IBM, U.K. Ltd.

Bonar’s Passion

In addition to Bonar’s impressive accolades, he uses his expertise and resources to help others reach their financial goals. As an expert investor, he spends his career in helping others get ahead. He has helped thousands of people over the past few years in developing a sound investment and retirement plan which would help them go to the next level.

And even though he lives in San Diego, he possesses the ability to communicate with people globally. He feels that this is one of the best things occurring in his life these days because he has a true passion in helping others in investing and personal finance. He is definitely the person to go to, according to many of his clients.


Equities First Holdings Presents Its Borrowers With the Innovative Stock Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is an American company that provides security-lending services for both individual and business investors. This company gives out loans depending on the evaluation of client future performance risk (regarding bonds and stocks). The company was developed in 2002 with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Current Borrowing Situation

Many lending institutions and banks tighten their lending criteria in the economic state of the current world. This directs many businesses and individuals to opt for the alternative lending options. Most of these banks have shut out many potential borrowers through tight loan qualifications and also the high-interest rates. The Equities First has introduced this alternative lending practice based on stocks. The ‘Equities lending’ is already gaining popularity as an alternative lending practice for borrowers who desire quick capital but may not meet the criteria for the conventional credit-based loans. Most borrowers now prefer these alternative stock-based loans that typically have higher loan-to-value ratio and offer fixed interest rates. They provide certainty throughout the span of the transaction. The idea is of collateralizing loans with stocks seems like a viable and an innovative borrowing alternative for individuals seeking quick working capital.

Benefits of the Stock Loans

The company CEO says that stock-based loans provide a borrower the cushion against investment risks during the downside market occasions while market fluctuations are inevitable during typical loan durations. Stock-based loans also provide the borrower with a non-recourse feature that permits the borrower to default from the stock-loan when the value of the stocks depreciates. The borrower is also able to keep the original loan profits without having a further obligation to the business in the case of a stocks-loan defaulting. Stock-based loans also offer the borrower fixed interest rates of three to four percent and loan-to-value proportions of about fifty to seventy percent. Equities First Holdings, LLC has built its business on transparency and integrity code with special regards to leading regulatory and legal, trading institutions advocacy. The mission of the company is to present minimum risk and greatest benefit so that its customers achieve their professional and personal financial ambitions.

The Interesting History of Kabbalistic Wisdom

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was one of the first individuals to embrace the Kabbalistic way of life. In 1922, Ashlag dedicated his effort to make this knowledge known and readily available for those who wished to study it. He also wrote articles and books about Kabbalah Centre, and it is with these tools that he imparted this religious knowledge to his apprentice Rav Yehuda Tzi Brandwein, who then passed it on the mantle to Rav Berg.

Beliefs associated with Kabbalah

Kabbalah tries to explore the hidden knowledge of God that is unseen by most people. Kabbalah wisdom is postulated to have been passed from the genealogy of Adam to Moses. In the past, only married Jewish men above the age of 40 practiced Kabbalah. However, knowledge of Kabbalah was never meant to be limited to a particular group of people. It was the conservative nature of the Jewish community that made Kabbalah appears secretive, hindering its spread. In the 18th century, after the discovery of the printing press, many books were published, enabling the proliferation of the sacred knowledge.

The past and the present

Kabbalah is wisdom based on the book of Zohar written by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and Rav Abba and was authored in the 2nd century. A big part of the book was written in Aramaic, and it contains hidden knowledge about creation. Around the 20th century, people practicing Kabbalistic ways engaged in rituals, worship, and study of Torah, believing that these practices linked them to God. Additionally, they practiced meditations, pilgrimages to spiritual places, and midnight study sessions.

Before the 20th century, Kabbalah was intertwined with Jewish rituals and practices. In the years 1500 to 1800, Jewish communities living in Europe and the Middle East had a clear understanding of Kabbalah. In 1900, the knowledge became widespread in Jerusalem. Rav and his wife, Karen, were responsible for introducing Kabbalah in the United States. They set up several centers in the US and recruited many teachers. When Rav Berg passed on in 2004, his wife took over and she still runs activities of various Kabbalah centers across the U.S. Since Kabbalah Centre attained a global recognition, many books have been published to encourage its followers.

How Brian Bonar Crossed Over To the Financial World

Brian Bonar, a well-recognized individual in the financial industry, has proven that one is not necessitated to graduate with a degree in the similar field so as to make a name in the business world.

Before He Became A Financial Executive

Brian Bonar is highly acquainted with creating various things from scratch because of the fact that he went to James Watt Technical College to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering, and later on to Stafford University to get Masters for Mechanical Engineering.

This background of his allowed him to land various jobs in many IT companies in the United States. He a procurement manager in IBM for more than 20 years, a Director of Engineering in QMS come 1985, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Rastek Corporation in 1989, and a Sales Manager in Adaptec by 1993.

Through these positions, he was able to oversee the work of hundreds of professionals, as well as gain all the additional intelligence required for him to establish a manufacturing company which specialized in creating SCSI-based printers, the Bezier Systems.

As the new business venture did not turn out to be prosperous, Brian Bonar moved back to the world of information technology and worked for a few more companies prior to finding his spot at the helm of two large institutions such as the Dalrada Financial Services and the Trucept, Incorporated.

Bonar’s Field of Expertise

According to Bloomberg, For the reason that Brian Bonar continued to lead the Sales and Marketing department of diverse corporations, he had a strong sense of how a profitable business structure should look like. With the formal education related to engineering that he received and his decades of managerial experience from a lot of industries, Brian Bonar had developed special skills in mergers and acquisitions.

About Dalrada Financial Services

Dalrada Financial Services is one of the two companies in which Brian Bonar currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Its role in the industry is to provide insurance and financial solutions to a wide array of enterprises that wish to offer dental and medical plans, advanced manner of receiving salary, and other compensations to their employees. Employing Dalrada entails that they will not need to converse with different insurance agencies in order to get the policies they require.

More Data Regarding Trucept, Incorporated

Trucept, Incorporated has dissimilar goals in comparison to Dalrada, as it delivers risk management, human resources, and various business solutions that may be essential for every small to mid-sized company. In simpler terms, they make short- and long-term professionals available to ease the workload of the original employees of the business and help them deal with payrolls and taxes so that the entrepreneurs can concentrate on more matters.

The Midas Legacy: They Can Do It All

It is always great to find a company that can do it all for the customers and provides benefits of all kinds. They are a jack of all trades, so to speak. There is nothing they can’t handle. Whatever is thrown on their plate, they are ready, willing, and able to handle it. That is why so many people trust The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. They would not trust their legacy and their future with just anyone, after all. This is their life and this is their legacy. It means a great deal to them.

The thing is that The Midas Legacy understands this and they respect it. They respect every client and they take the time to get to know them and they are not afraid to ask questions. Once they get clients to open up and say what is on their mind and what they are truly feeling and thinking, they have a better grasp of what is going to work best for them. After all, The Midas Legacy is working for the customer and that is something they never forget. That is always at the forefront for them when they are conducting business.

Success is different for everyone and there is not one formula that works for everyone. Some people find success in the little things in life such as relaxing and taking it easy. They feel as though they have worked long and hard enough and they deserve to kick back, take it easy, and enjoy all that life has to offer. They might want to spend more time with their family or have more time for the things that matter to them. Again, this is not a one-size fits all type of success story.

A lot of people get lost in life and confused. They aren’t sure what they want or who they are anymore. That is where The Midas Legacy comes in, as they help people find themselves again and get on the right page. This way, they have a plan and once they have that plan, The Midas Legacy gives them all of the tools they need to succeed and get back on track. It is a carefully put together plan and it is not something that is overlooked by them. They look at everything that a person needs to have the best life possible.

How a small startup outsmarted Chapstick and other industry veterans to emerge a favorite

Everyone has seen them, the delightful, colorful, flavorful and delicious smelling pots of lip balm. This idea, which was thought of by EOS lip balm, has completely transformed the world of lip gloss. However, the process that it took to arrive at the massive success that the company has enjoyed was not easy.

The first step in the process according to Mehra was rethinking the entire lip care industry. For close to a century, the lip gloss market had been represented by the tubes of chapstick. In fact, the only improvement that was made on the traditional tube of chapstick was the addition of two flavors. To make matters even worse, everyone that was entering the market was simply remaking another tube of gloss and pricing it a little lower. EOS, decided to scrap the tube altogether and designed the pots of lip balm.

The round shape came with its own set of challenges, even though they were appealing, not many people wanted to use their fingers to apply the balm. This led the team to creating a size of pot that was the right proportion to be applied on the lips. They added the click sound the pots make when being shut to appeal more to the customers.

The other problem that presented itself was introducing the new invention to the market. This was not easy. Mehra and Teller faced some difficulty getting the product in stores, but they convinced a buyer at Walgreens to put the products on the shelves and later got Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm), ULTA and Target on board. The popularity had Walmart stocking within no time.

Then there was the question of selling the product to millenials. The company decided to have celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato sell their brand on social media. Taylor swift was made the bran ambassador for East Asia. Soon the entire community of millenials was on board, and a trendsetter had been born.

That is the simple process through which evolution of soft made a product that has beaten all other market veterans and become a market favorite. Check out what Fast Company has to say about EOS lip balm.