Brazil Scores One Of The Fastest Goals In Olympic History

Rising Brazilian soccer star Neymar could have possibly made Olympic soccer history when he scored a goal in just over 14 seconds. That is right. You are not reading this incorrectly. Neymar scored a goal for the Brazilian Olympic team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio after just 14 seconds and not 14 minutes as you may have thought at first.

Brazil would go on to thrash surprising semifinalists Honduras 6-0 in front of a largely pro Brazilian home crowd. Nothing but a victory was expected for the Brazilian Olympic Soccer team today. Brazil’s Olympic soccer team actually struggled in the beginning of the Olympic soccer tournament. They were held to draws by much lower ranked teams such as South Africa and Iraq before getting a victory in their final game of the group against Denmark. The Brazilians would defeat Denmark 4-0 in the last game. It was a win they needed to secure a place in the quarterfinals.

Brazil defeated Columbia 2-0 in the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinals where they later thrashed a uprising Honduras team that defeated favorites South Korea. Brazil now awaits the Germany Nigeria winner. As of right now Germany is leading 1-0 with only a few minutes left of time to play in the game.

As for how Neymar scored what is being touted as the fastest goal in Olympic soccer history it went like this. The forward pressed the Honduran defense as soon as the match got underway. A series of passes by the Hondurans got deflected by Neymar and then he was left all by himself facing the goal. Another deflection of the soccer ball, this time on the goalie and and Neymar’s kneecap put the ball into the back of the net for Brazil and made it 1-0.

Shea Butter Has Long Been Benefiting Peoples Skin


Shea Butter has been a hot topic of discussion for quite a few years now, especially with all the health and all-natural crazes going around. Shea Butter is known to have certain properties contained within it that are anti-aging. It also moisturizes the skin to keep it soft and supple, which greatly benefits those who have frequent dry skin. Not only does it hold in the natural oils and moisture, but it can reduce inflammation as well. There are many different claims as to what the total benefits of Shea Butter are, but what’s certain is that there are many when it is used on the skin. Each brand also makes a difference in the benefits it offers.


One of the top brands out there is Eugenia Shea, which is a 100% all natural brand of Shea butter that provides loads of nourishment to the skin. With this product, people can expect to see results quickly compared to competitive products that use other ingredients in their formulas. Eugenia Shea got it start all the way over in Ghana, when Akuete needed to take care of her mother who had fallen ill. This ended up being extremely helping for her and it ended up bringing about the discovery of this Shea butter. With the wide range of uses Shea butter may contain, Eugenia has taken to the beneficial aspects it has on the skin.


Word spread far and wide after the discovery of Shea butter and the many positive effects it have for healing. Eugenia has been able to form partnerships that have allowed her to spread the awareness of her product and successfully distribute it to all of those who need it. Being one of the most natural and beneficial brands, Eugenia Shea is distributed to cosmetic retailers all around the world.

Simone Biles Nearly Swoons Over Zac Efron

Simone Biles is probably the most heard name throughout the world right now, as she is undoubtedly the best gymnast of all time. With four gold medals under her belt, the decorated olympian has been named the greatest and most awarded United States gymnast. When she is not using her four-foot-eight-inch body to dominate the floor, beam, and the uneven bars, she is kissing a cardboard cut out of her favorite celebrity, Zac Efron.

Simone undoubtedly has an awesome personality that has had millions fall in love with her; her profound skills are just an added bonus. Her silly characteristics are enjoyable to witness and her admittance to loving Zac and proudly displaying her cut out makes her relatable to probably every woman on the planet. Watching Biles regularly gleam with joy over her crush is heartwarming, but when Zac returned the gestures, people just could not handle it.

On Twitter, Zac stood in front of a screen where Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, and Madison Kocian proudly displayed their medals, formed a heart with his fingers, and took a picture. He captioned the picture, “Of course I’m watching the Final Five. Dominate the floor!” If that did not make Simone’s heart flutter, the fact that he traveled to Rio to meet the team certainly did!

When Zac stepped through the doors, Simone looked as if she could faint. An immediate embrace was shared between the two; multiple Snapchats followed. As if her day could not get any better, Zac pecked her on the cheek and made plans to eat pizza and cupcakes with the decorated gymnast when the Olympics ends. Without a doubt, Simone’s smile could not get any bigger and those watching the magic unfold found this silly moment to be one of the greatest times of the 2016 Olympics.

What makes this time so amazing is not that the two were actually able to meet, but that Simone is a celebrity herself who is totally infatuated and starstruck by another superstar. It goes to show that even powerful, awarded gymnasts have silly personalities and warm hearts under all of their muscles and stunts.

How Do These Fun News Items Grab You?

According to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary “fun” is defined as anything that provides mirth, amusement or enjoyment. Typing “” into your favorite search engine could result in some rather amusing hits including one for Windsor, deli serves Trump sandwich featuring two slices of bread filled with baloney surrounded by a wall of Mexican chips and Russian dressing. This lunch treat was created by Windsor Sandwich Shop owner, Lawrence Lavender who happens to hold both Canadian and U.S. Citizenship.

In case you missed this one on national news over the past few days, an item about actress Eve Plumb who started her career as Jan on “The Brady Bunch” might just tickle your funny bone. It seems at age 11, she purchased a Malibu beach house for $55,000 in 1969 which 47 years later has sold for the measly sum of $3.9 million.

Almost every American has heard of a utensil knows as a s-pork which is a plastic utensil designed to function as both a spoon and a fork, but here’s the fun news crux of the situation. It appears that Chinese cuisine giant Panda Express is about to introduce a new eating utensil dubbed “the chork.” Featuring the tines of a fork intact and its handle split in two, ala chopsticks fashion.Think how much lucrative amusement you could be facing if you had just thought of that idea before Brown Innovations Group did.

The following item is guaranteed to bring a sense of enjoyment to your heart and soul. It seems a few days ago, an Applebee’s counter person filled a 37¢ flavored water order with a smile, later to learn he had received a tip totaling $500.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics Is Honored for Its Research on Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall is a medical scientist with a doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University and bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Ha has served various biotechnology companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, National Institute of Health and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

Currently, Dr. Siegall serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics and a board member of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. During his free time, he publishes various articles on oncology.

Dr. Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics, Inc. in 1998. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that produces antibody-based medical products that are used in the management of cancer. Seattle Genetics was founded with the primary aim of carrying out research and innovation on cancer drug development.

In the CHI’s Antibody- Drug Conjugate conference, Dr. Siegall was selected to give insights on his company. Dr. Siegall confirmed that the company’s first drug in the market, ADCETRIS had been successfully used to manage lymphoma in many patients. Besides ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics was working on three other drugs namely ALCANZA, ECHELON-1, and ECHELON-2.

Under his leadership Seattle Genetics has made vast improvements in a less than two decades. Amongst them include the growth of the company’s revenue to more than $300 million. Dr. Clay negotiated for a funding of more than $675 from public and private organizations. Furthermore, he has negotiated for research collaborations with other leading pharmaceutical companies such as Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie and other leading firms.

Due to his efforts, Dr. Clay Siegall is honored as the Alumnus of the year for Computer, Math and natural sciences by the University of Maryland and an entrepreneur of the year by Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young.

Dr. Siegall was inspired to start his first company to provide medical solutions that address the unmet need for Cancer Research. Most of the biopharmaceutical industries had not carried out adequate research on cancer.

Seattle Genetics is ranked amongst the fastest growing biotechnology companies in the world. Some of its products have shown a great promise in the treatment of breast cancer, lymphoma, and some other types of blood cancer.

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Deep Fried Twinkies Are Now Up For Sale

Hostess has a new product that’s been released. According to GrubStreet, Deep fried twinkie boxes are taking over the Walmart frozen food shelves across the country. They’re supposed to taste similar to the deep fried twinkies that people know and love from local fairs and festivals.

Hostess wants people to experience that treat year round and at their convenience. That’s why they made these super easy and super accessible treats. The deep friend twinkies just have to be baked in the oven and they’re ready to go. There are also different options. Consumers can choose between the normal golden variety or a chocolate flavor. Around 4,000 Walmart stores will have these available for retail.

Perhaps the best part is the Twitter reaction that stemmed from the announcement of this release. People took to Twitter with their approval, their disapproval, and their jokes. Although some tweeted their support. The vast majority turned this into a joke. Many tweeted that this is the downfall of civilization as we know it. Others used Twitter to state how unhealthy these snacks are and that it would be exactly what would lead to diabetes.

Overall, Hostess has one thing going for them. These treats are getting people talking and therefore people will be trying them. Today is the release day of the product so time will only tell if their popularity skyrockets. They already have a following at local state fairs so it very well may be that these are the same people that come out to buy them from the grocery food aisle. It’ll be fun to see if Hostess will release new flavors if these ones are suuccesful. I’m hoping for strawberry.

The Tragic Passing of CCMP’s Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray quietly passed away last year after a long and successful career at CCMP. Despite his high stature, he was a humble man who did not want to trouble others with his problems. That is why he resigned one month before his passing. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will be sorely missed because of the time he spent trying to improve the welfare of his fellow man and his ingenious as a financial investor. Stephen was the CEO of CCMP, but more than that he was a good man.

Those who knew Stephen at work might describe him as a shrewd investor who had a boundless talent. His mind could quickly grasp difficult problems in a fraction of the time that it took others. He was talented and experienced. That is why when Stephe Murray CCMP Capital became an independent corporation in 2006 it was decided that Stephen was the right person to take the reins.

Although he had large responsibilities at work, Stephen was also a father and he never failed to be there for his family when needed. He had 4 children with his partner in life, Tami. He was deeply proud of his children and their success in school. He was also affectionately loved as a husband.

Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

Some people may remember Stephen Murray more for his philanthropy than they do for his success as a business magnate. He was utterly devoted to helping other people when he had the time. He was a regular attendee at the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield Country where he would provide food to those who struggled to feed themselves. He also cared about the arts. He donated funds to his alma mater Boston College and to Columbia Business School where he earned a Masters Degree. Stephen is even listed as a benefactor of the Stamford Museum.

While he in charge of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital the company was very prosperous. They hit their performance goals year after year and were an impressive private equity investment firm. Stephen was an icon at the firm and he in many ways defined its identity. It became on of the most respected private equity companies in the world due to his leadership. While he was in charge CCMP Capital managed to generate assets worth $12 billion. He also recruited many of the most talented young investors from around the world who were attracted by the chance to work under Stephen because of his reputation as a brilliant financial mind.

New Video Game Gives Autistic Kids Representation

Living with autism can be challenging and isolating for children and their parents. A new independent video game, Max, an Autistic Journey, set to release this week on Steam, aims to alleviate that by providing a great in-game experience that represents the journey autistic children frequently face.

The game is a turn-based RPG focused on Max, a 10-year-old boy with autism. The story follows him as he struggles with symptoms and gets a diagnosis. Creator Stephane Cantin developed the game to give others an in-game idea of how it can feel to live with autism, a disorder experienced by his son, and he worked closely with his son throughout the creative process. The monsters faced by the player in the game represent the genuine emotions and frustrations experienced by autistic people and gives insight into situations that can be challenging for them. The game manages to present the new ideas and viewpoint without losing its focus on fun and adventure.

The top-down view and graphics give the game a great retro feel. It includes several minigames and puzzles the player must solve. The turn-based combat system includes fun weapons and powerful abilities. The challenges faced by Max give players insight into the challenges faced by many people with Autism, and classic gamers will enjoy the core leveling and customization mechanics.

Autism has gained more awareness recently, and Cantin’s new game will continue that trend. The innovative game goes beyond that, though, and looks to provide a unique gaming experience that players with autism can identify with and those without can learn and grow from. The game supports standard mouse, keyboard, or controller and will be available for purchase on Steam this week.

Irish O’Donovan Brothers Win Silver for Rowing and Offer Hilarious Interview

Brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan were proud to win a rowing silver for Ireland this year in Rio. RTE, Ireland’s national broadcast network checked in with them by satellite to see how they felt to have won this amazing award for their country. The boys won the silver in lightweight double sculls. This was the first Olympic rowing medal that Ireland has ever had.

And now, Ireland has a few celebrities on their hands as well. The footage of this RTE interview has gone viral around the world, and they are darling favorites in their home country as well.

In the interview, the boys are seen standing in front of the amazing backdrop of the Rio games. The interviewer from RTE asks them the typical post-win questions, and the O’Donovan brothers answer with some of the most hilarious responses imaginable. They go on about being hungry and not having eaten anything but a few rolls of bread and Nutella after their win. They also talk about how they have no idea what is going on back in their home country. The RTE interviewer assures them that the Irish are going crazy for rowing and for them, and the boys voice disappointment that they don’t get to be home heading to the pub as part of the celebration.

Part of the adorable appeal of these two is their great Irish accents. For an American or a Canadian, it’s even a bit difficult to discern exactly what they were saying. Paul stands with his hand on his hip and describes everything from peeing into a cup to standing on the podium. Gary proudly wears the Irish flag.

Top Facts Pertaining Panama and the Contributions of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa in the Country

Panama serves as the country linking both the continents of South and Central America. The location is also widely known for hosting some of the most picturesque beaches globally on Crunchbase. Apart from its beautiful tropical climate, Panama has gained popularity due to some interesting qualities as follows.

Home to a variety of Bird Species

Panama is characterized by a unique biodiversity, which hosts over 970 bird species. The luxurious landscapes in Panama hosts two coasts, which provide myriad of habitats for numerous unusual as well as beautiful bird species for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. As such, it exceeds various countries such as Canada and United States in terms of the number of bird species.

El Valle de Anton

The El Valle de Anton village, which is situated in the crater of a massive volcano, serves as one of the top tourist destinations. The volcano where the village was built has been dormant since its last eruption nearly 300,000 years ago. The unique elevation of about 600 meters makes the village to have a colder climate that the other low lands in Panama.

A Jungle within a City

Panama City serves as the only capital city that hosts a jungle, the Metropolitan Nature Park Panama. As such, the forest attracts both foreign and domestic tourists, as it gives them a chance to sample and experience the lively cosmopolitan culture of the Panamanian city as well natural landscape in a single day.

World’s Most Expensive Railway Network

The Panamanian railroad features in the history books as one of the most expensive rail networks ever built. Having utilized approximately $8 million, the rail network stretches parallel to the Panama Canal.

Republic of Gran Colombia

In the 16th century, Panama was conquered or ruled by the Spanish. It broke away from ITS Spanish in 1821 to join a union consisting of Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia. The four territories were known as the Republic of Gran Colombia. Panama remained as part of Colombia even after breaking from the Republic in 1830. Its separation from Colombia was facilitated by the United States.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan native who is widely known as a professional executive. Currently, he holds three distinct positions as a President, Director and Treasurer in five entities in Panama. Further, Figueroa has greatly served as a Panama business community member by aiding in various activities such as improving economic conditions, mentoring young leaders and business growth.