Brian Bonar’s as Remarkable Finance Professional

Brian Bonar is an individual led by his deep passion for creation, developing and delivering cutting-edge design technologies. His input is felt profoundly in the executive financial market as well as in the engineering and construction business.

Brian Bonar is the chairperson and chief executive officer at Trucept Inc. Earlier, Bonar was the Chief Financial officer and treasurer of the company. He has excellent leadership skills which he has used to steer several companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, Tradeshow Products Inc., and Bezier Systems among many others.

Mr. Bonar attended James Watt Technical College for his bachelor’s degree then later joined the Stafford University for his master’s degree. The knowledge he got from these schools propped him for success in his career as both an executive finance manager and a technical designer.

He is determined to achieve his goals and also help his clients realize theirs as well. His vast expertise in the building and design development, procurement, land use advisor and contract administration have yielded sophisticated structures that serve as an example to many across the globe.

Brian is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies. At the organization, he is responsible for strategizing in innovations of color imaging to produce superior products in the market. His target audience ranges from small to medium sized corporations where he provides the needed administrative services as well as office system solutions.

In 2010 through to 2011 Brian received great appreciation from the Networking Community for being one of the honored executives of the year in the company.

Having bagged thirty years of experience in the financial sector, he poises himself at a strategic position as a business magnet for his affiliate companies such as Dalrada. He has a right eye for his employees since he knows that he needs to work with them to achieve the goals of the different businesses he manages.

His current occupation as a CEO at Trucept, a company for enterprises, has enabled him to provide high-end design solutions and plans. They are also involved in directing the human resource sections of several multinationals geared towards big time employee benefits.

It takes a tremendous level of expertise to be able to work out office problems. Brian Bonar has proved to have the needed expertise as he has succeeded at Trucept and other companies as well.

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The New Frontier

Rules of being successful in Panama

There are many opportunities in Panama. For those seeking for an opportunity to be successful in Panama and maybe start their own business, there are rules that they should follow. This article summarizes the rules that youngsters in Panama should follow to be successful.

The first rule requires you to be the first in the game. This requires you to establish a business model around a goal that never existed before. Things to consider in this case includes your passion mostly followed by your skills as well as your field of experience for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. This rule requires you to be uncompromising and revolutionary. Don’t just follow what people think as many will tell you that your idea won’t work. Before embarking on your endeavor, however, you have to do your research extensively in Panama.

The second rule requires anyone willing to be successful in Panama or any other place to master the art of mobility. This means that you should choose the easiest and the lowest to maintain business on Crunchbase. While in Panama, consider yourself a big fish in a small pond. Do not only focus on coming up with good ideas. Ensure that you implement the ideas.

The third rule requires you to network and find the perfect match. In this case, search for people who can be trusted and an individual who have strong work ethics as well as one you share the same visions about the business. Ensure you don’t participate in banter or don’t create enemies in Panama. The fourth rule requires you to legitimize your business. You can have a lawyer in Panama who will create for you a custom corporation where you can name yourself as the founder. Also, award yourself some shares. This will boost our confidence.

Like any other place, the fifth rule requires you to avoid shortcuts. Read as much as you can about your new venture and follow the law. The sixth rule requires you to minimize costs. For instance, you can decide it split electricity, the internet or even rental costs with another company.

Planning to fail is the seventh rule. This rule requires you to anticipate any shortcomings that may arise during the venture. For instance, you can anticipate any competitor you will meet on the way or any lawsuit that may be thrown in front of you. Finally, the eighth rule for been successful in Panama requires you to be a student of the game. This means that you should find a mentor in your chosen industry. This will greatly accelerate your learning curve.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a popular business figure in Panama. Over the years, he has helped business to grow in Panama by mentoring young people who wish to enter into the business niche in Panama. He has also helped improve the economic conditions in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is originally from Venezuela and holds three executive positions at the moment. He is a director as well as the treasurer and president of five firms in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was appointed in 2011 and is currently the longest-serving member.


I Lost 40 llbs In 40 days On NutriMost

I actually did the 40 pounds in 40 day program with NutriMost twice because it helped me lose 80 pounds quickly. There are a lot of people like me who are going to be able to lose weight like this a lot faster just because it makes more sense to do it this way, and there is no waiting. That means that you can just do the program like I did a few times in a row, and you would lose a lot of weight really fast.

I like the fact that NutriMost is all based on food, and it helps me because I have no idea how food works. I had no idea what I was doing when I started, but NutriMost teaches you a lot so that you can cook and eat the right way. I have been so happy with this plan because it is helping me make sure that I am eating the right things. I do not have to wonder if my food is right, and I am on a plan that works better because it helps me eat lean every day. I love the way that it works, and I like the way that the food tastes.

I know that everyone gets all hyped about food that is good for you and tastes good, but this actually works. I am so happy with this because it is stuff I can actually cook and make taste good. I have a chance to lose as much weight as I want, and I can kind of stay on the same plan for as long as I want. It helps because I stay lean, and this is a lifestyle that I can get used. I just change my exercise, and I am always in great shape with NutriMost.


Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

Laidlaw & Company Made Retirement Easy For Us

Laidlaw & Company has made retirement easy for me by setting up my retirement accounts and making sure that I would be able to invest my retirement money instead of just sitting on it. It can be very hard to get real results from retirement money on your own, and it makes much more sense to work with a company that can do all this for you. That is why I called Laidlaw & Company, and James Ahern and Matthew Eitner knew just what to do.


There are a lot of people who want to retire but have no idea how to do it. They can come to Laidlaw & Company like I did, and they will be able to have an easy time figuring out how to get started. There are nice brokers at Laidlaw & Company like the one I have who tells me exactly what to do with my retirement funds. I am still collecting on those funds, and I use them every month as my income. It has been a lot of fun for me to do it this way, and I know that I am getting more money out of it than I would if I were doing this alone.


I would tell anyone to come to Laidlaw & Company for help from James Ahern to make sure they could get better results from their retirement. It is a nice place to come for help with a range of retirement options, and it shows people how to live well in retirement. I know that Laidlaw & Company is now all retirement all the time, but they have been a great company to work with on my accounts. I feel much better knowing that my money is in good hands when I need to pull it out every month through Laidlaw & Company.

Stephen Murray Founding CEO Of CCMP Capital Has Passed On

CCMP Capital is a company that’s the result of over three decades of work. It has been impacted and molded by companies like the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Chemical Bank, the Chase Manhattan Group, J.P. Morgan & Co. and many other companies.

Private equity investor Stephen Murray who died recently became the brilliant financial services professional he was through the influence of the same companies. Armed with an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College and an MBA from Columbia Business School, he would go on to guide CCMP Capital to great success.

Stephen Murray was also a loving husband and father. His wife Tami and their 4 children were the apple of his eye. His passing has left a void in their lives that can never be filled. Murray’s impact has been felt in many other places.

He was a philanthropist that gave of his time and resources to organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Lower Fairfield County food bank and many others. He also sat on the board of numerous companies in a variety of industries. Boston University and Columbia Business School also benefitted from his expertise and generosity.

But it was CCMP Capital that was the greatest beneficiary of Stephen Murray’s work. When the company was spun out from JPMorgan Chase it was decided that Murray should lead the newly formed firm. He had the ideal combination of training, experience and vision to help the company to grow.

During the 9 years or so he was CEO and president of CCMP Capital the company amassed billions of dollars in assets, made investors untold amounts of money and helped the company to become one of the world’s largest and most respected buyout and growth equity firms.

From CCMP Capital’s founding in mid 2006 until Murray’s unfortunate passing in March of 2015, he and the company had been almost inextricably linked. For many he was the face of and the driving behind the company.

Under his leadership CCMP Capital spun out some of its original divisions, recruited a number of brilliant employees and opened offices in Honk Kong, London, Japan and New York. His body of work shows Stephen Murray’s brilliance and his dedication to the company.

Stephen Murray’s peers describe him as an excellent private equity investor and ingenious deal maker. They point to his vision, talent, experience and attention to detail as some of the reasons for his success.

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Awesome Restaurants You Should Visit And The Beauty Of Tarallucci E Vino

Everyone wants to enjoy an awesome experience when they travel to different destinations and this begins with the kind of hotel you choose to stay in. The internet has offered a perfect avenue for shopping around and now you can choose your preferred destination just from the comfort of your home. However, some of the reviews posted about certain hotels may not offer factual information that one can rely on to make a decision.

You need to get details from trusted sources before booking your space to avoid embarrassment. The NYC region offers some of the most decorated hotels that have been in the business for decades yet maintained the great service they were made to offer. Below are few you need to explore to enjoy a unique experience.

Gramercy Tavern
In more than two decades, the Gramercy Tavern has continued to offer quality services. The space is always packed with humanity mainly because they have kept the vintage style alive with local American cuisine and seasonal delicacies. The hotel is manned by Chef Michael Anthony, a Blue Hill fame professional who has a proven record in culinary arts. The dining area is woodsy decorated and comforting. They also have private rooms that are a classic spot for those looking to host private events.

The Charlie Bird
Located in 5 King Street, the Charlie Bird offers a mix of delicacies that range from Italo-American dishes to the homemade spaghetti. It is a perfect spot for chicken lovers as they offer a perfectly roasted serving and the music is an addition to the fun as it is what sets Charlie Bird apart from the rest. You will enjoy old-school boombox prints that make the walls and a boom of Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Dre from the heavy speakers. This makes a meal ideal for a group and there is provision for private dining for as many as 10 people.

Tarallucci e Vino
The Tarallucci e Vino, which is situated in the Union Square region of NYC, is a great choice for events. This is an event company that allows special dining facilities that customers can have customized to suit their preferences. With the help of Chef Riccardo Bilotta, you will easily prepare a menu that is made with a blend of traditional cuisine from the Italian culture as well as modern culinary art.

Tarallucci e Vino also offers an intimate room, popularly referred to as the Mezzanine, which is decorated well to allow a gathering of more than 30 guests for private events. You can also hold a cocktail party of up to 80 people in this space and the sophistication applied allows everyone to feel at home.

Those seeking to have space for some wedding are assured perfect planning and execution that will help them manage their event better. There are six venues perfect for a wedding and each is decorated well to fit different themes. You also get advise on the customization of the space and the items you should consider when choosing a venue depending on your type of wedding.

Healthy Living Being Sued by Nutrimost

The proprietor of the fastest growing weight loss system in the country is suing their rival over a video that they say was pirated off of their website. That company is Nutrimost and they are suing Healthy Living for damages they say were caused when the video was stolen. Nutrimost’s Ultimate Weight Loss Plan is one of the most popular weight loss plans in the country right now because of how effective it is and the means in which it is used.

The Ultimate Weight Loss plan had helped some people get some very impressive weight loss results. There is a group of people that have lost over 40 lbs in just their first month on the plan. There is even a couple that reportedly lost over 140 lbs in just their first 3 months on the program. These results have attracted a lot of new people to the weight loss plan.

The method in which it works has also attracted a lot of new clients to the plan. People like it because it doesn’t ask them to take any medication. The program uses all natural means of treating weight issues. It also has the goal of treating the entire health of the individual that is using it.

Those that have watched both videos on the two company’s sites can’t help but notice how similar that they are. The only change to the Healthy Living site is that they renamed the diet from “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan”. They ignored all attempts outside of the court by Nutrimost to get them to take down the video.

Nutrimost is now suing Healthy Living for $300,000. This should cover all of the damages to their reputation that Nutrimost says they suffered as a result of the stolen video. Neither side has commented publicly on the matter.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

Clay Siegall Joins Mirna Therapeutics While His Company Excels

Clay Siegall is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, and he is also now on the board at Mirna Therapeutics. The two drug companies are making major headway for people who need treatment for cancer, and he is one of the most creative people in the business when it comes to drug therapy. Mirna Therapeutics has sent out a release that shows that they welcome Clay Siegall to the company, and they are also very excited because they can help his business at the same time.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics because he wanted to have a place to work on his special new drugs, and he has now created a company that sells almost $100 million a year in drugs, and he is helping other companies with their own product lines. That is the power of someone who knows what they are doing, and he wants to be sure that people are able to benefit from his company and from Mirna Therapeutics at the same time.

His presence on their board is going to help the company make more money, and he will help them make decisions about how they will approach the future. Seattle Genetics has already made a lot of gains in their own right, and they are trying to have their trials go well so that no one will be without the cancer drugs that they need.

It is easy to see why Clay Siegall is so good at his job, and it is even easier to see why he would be on the boards of other companies. The symbiotic relationship between different drug companies helps all of them give better care to their patients, and it shows them a better future in the industry. Clay Siegall now has more reach because of his work at Seattle Genetics and now on the board of Mirna Therapeutics.

Thor Halvorssen’s Mission

Thor Halvorssen’s interest in human rights began at a young age. His first mission was organizing opposition to South Africa’s apartheid government. Halvorssen, half Norwegian and Venezuelan, comes by his interest in human rights naturally. His father spent time as a political prisoner in Venezuela, and his mother was shot while participating in a political protest.

It was his mother’s experience that led Thor Halvorssen to found the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. This New York based organization is dedicated to freeing political prisoners and promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Since its inception, The Human Rights Foundation has worked to secure the release of prisoners, submitted amicus, or friend of the court, briefs in international human rights cases, provided evidence in Truth Commissions, and published two books on individual rights and responsibilities of the state.

With 12 employees, the Human Rights Foundation is not a particularly large organization. These employees, however, are remarkable in their willingness to get dirty in their fight for human rights. Their chairman was beaten by Russian police during a protest over the Pussy Riot verdict, and Halvorssen’s himself was beaten by Vietnamese authorities while his cameraman smuggled film from a Buddhist monastery in 2010. This Business Journals article mentions that Thor Halvorssen stated that the Human Rights Foundation has no political leanings to the left or right, but its goal is to tear down tyranny on every front.

Halvorssen is also the founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is an annual gathering of people interested in and fighting for human rights that attract people from around the world. He is also the patron of On Our Feet, a children’s peace movement based in Prague.

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Moving Into Luxuriously Furnished Apartments In New York

Moving into luxuriously furnished apartments in New York is one of the most important things that some people can do for themselves because they do not want to have to move in. They want to walk into a place that looks perfect, and the only way to get that is to work with a company like TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential keeps a very large portfolio that is perfect for people who want to get better appointments, and they can even make requests of the owner.

The owners of these buildings will purchase anything that makes the apartment look great, and they will even bring in great designers. NYC real estate investors point out that TOWN Residential might take a special request from the buyer, and they can get that fulfilled by the seller before the apartment moves on the market. That means that someone who spends millions on an apartment will get exactly what they want, and then they walk into the apartment knowing that it already looks perfect.

People who are moving to the city with less money to spend can still make the same kinds of requests of buyers because they might be able to get that one thing they want in the apartment before it sells. TOWN Residential will make sure that the apartment is priced right, and they will push through the sale once the apartment is perfect.

Everyone who loves to live in complete comfort and luxury needs to make sure that they are going to have a chance to make changes to the way that they are shopping for real estate. They can ask for something that they would not have been able to ask for before because now people expect it. That is going to help them make sure that they will be able to live well in an apartment that was already set up for them by TOWN Residential and the seller.