Autism Rocks Foundation

Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks has added two new trustees to the Charity’s board according to PR Newswire. Will and Pete Best have joined and are expected to facilitate the achievement of Autism Rocks mission. Autism Rocks is a charity organization that is situated in London. The main objective of the organization is to raise awareness and funds that will aid in autism research. Sanjay Shah has known the two brothers for a long time so it is expected that with their skills they will bring success to the organization this year.
Will and Best will have the responsibility of managing musical events, the organization’s activities and funds. They are also expected to be part and parcel of the decision making panel in the organization.
After his youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism (2011), philanthropist Sanjay Shah decided to form the Autism Rocks foundation in 2014. Autism is a complex developmental disability. This is as a result of neurological disorder which affects the development of a person’s communication and a person’s social interaction skills. It normally presents itself when one is between 2-3 years old. Sanjay Shah felt the need to create awareness about this condition and enable more research to be done on it. Mr. Shah loves music so the organization has been able to create awareness globally through the music festivals that they have held, partnering with celebrated artists like Drake and Lenny Kravitz.
Shah Sanjay is also the CEO of Solo Capital Markets Limited. It is a financial services company with its headquarters in London. In March 2015 Solo Capital had a cash flow of £30.26 million, assets of up to £67.45 million and a net worth of £15.45 million. Solo Capital specializes in professional sports investment, consultations and proprietary trading. Global Citizen Magazine engaged Mr. Shah in an interview and asked how his career path started. He had studied medicine before he came to realize that it was not his thing. Starting as an accountant and working in many investment banks ushered him into the financial and investment industry. He is the director of Autism Research Trust, a position he has held since the beginning of 2013. Shah Sanjay believes that the best way he could help those affected by autism is to raise awareness, persuade people to donate for research to be done on the condition. With famous personalities like known artists supporting him, we can conclude that he is succeeding.

Beneful: It’s Really Beneficial

Have you been looking for a dog food that will not only provide your beloved four legged family member with great tasting bites, but also help with dieting, healthy growth, and also dental needs? Look no further because Beneful has all of that plus more! I have a senior beagle and a Newfoundland pup, and you better believe that I only want what is best for them. Beneful has been a household name for as long as I can remember, and my furry little family couldn’t be any happier!

The Beneful dry food collection varies from the original flavors, dietary assistance, and puppy growth formula. With the original line, you get three of your pet’s favorite flavors; Chicken, Beef, and Salmon. Each of these contains 100% real ingredients that include the meat, as well as unbelievably healthy vegetables. My older boy, George, has always had a preference to the Chicken and Beef flavors, but when I introduced him to Salmon, he was as energetic and excited as he was as a puppy.

The Healthy Weight line really does offer that dietary help your adult dog may need. Not only does it contain all natural flavors, but it seems to be one that all dogs howl over! I know my Hunter absolutely loved the flavor! We tried everything with him, and he would hardly ever touch his food. After a month of his resilience to all other diet dog foods, his wonderful vet recommended Purinastore’s Beneful Healthy Weight, and he just gobbled it up!

The puppy chow maintains a healthy growth for all sizes and breeds, offering the perfect balance of nutrition and flavor for your little ones. It includes DHA which helps your pup’s brain development, and is loaded with a calcium rich formula to help him grow big and strong!

The last product that all of my dogs wag their tails for is the Healthy Smile dental twists. Bad breath is common in dogs because we all know they can and will eat everything they can get their teeth on. Enriched with calcium, they are perfect for building back the strength in your dog’s teeth. The parsley infusion, as they say, “Brings smiles all around.”

Did you know? Wal-Mart sells Beneful!



You Need the Help of Other People to Meet Your Financial Goals

A post on the VTA Publications blog makes an interesting analogy, and uses it to address a common human failing. And it points out how that failing can block you from meeting your financial and career goals in life.

It starts off with the analogy between rugby and a person going after their financial goals. As a company dedicated to financial goals, VTA Publications would definitely be an authority on the subject.  You are the red rugby team. You face the blue team who are determined to keep you from reaching your goals.

The people you want to be on your team are actually neutral. They’re on your side of the field, but they’re wandering around without any red shirts.

Do you think you can charge through the neutral players, and charge through the blue team to score? Not likely, is it? The blue team opposing you has a full team of 15 players opposing you.

For the red team, there’s only you. To have any hope of advancing the ball through the blue team, you must recruit the neutral players. You must convince them to put on red shirts and actively play on your side, helping you score you financial goals.

However, their latest article post points out, what do most people do most of the time when other people don’t immediately behave as you wish them to?

You criticize them. They are the people you usually run into during each work day. They’re co-workers, customers, gate keepers, clients, sales people and many more. They’re people who get in your way.

They’re not even wearing a red shirt, so they don’t seem to be on your side.

The trouble is, people don’t like criticism. They don’t like the people who criticize them.

Therefore, when you criticize people, you are not convincing them to help you achieve your financial goals. Criticize them enough, and you’ll recruit them to the blue team. They’ll hate you and actively try to block you from your desires.

The trouble is, people don’t want to admit you’re right and they’re wrong. Even if they are. You can’t win an argument by arguing.

The solution is to stop criticizing other people. Instead, be interested in them. Look at things from their point of view. Find out what they want, and work out how you can help each other achieve your goals.

VTA Publications is a company specializing in publishing distance learning courses, especially related to retirement and trading stocks and options. They also hold seminars. They held one last summer on the SV-60, and now sell the seminar recordings on DVD. They are in King’s Lynn, the United Kingdom. They are a private limited company incorporated over three years ago. Geraldine Roberts serves as its director.  Check out their official listing on the UK Government’s official website.

As a businessperson myself, it’s important to have examples of individuals who have consistently shown integrity as they progress in their careers. With all of the trouble and turmoil in the world around us, it’s not very frequent that we see someone truly let their character and values guide their decisions in business. Fortunately, there are people like Helane Morrison that serve as great examples of integrity and character.

Helane Morrison began her journey in compliance as a law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Her skills and leadership quickly brought her to work as a clerk for the United Sates Supreme Court. With a history of service to her ideals, she then worked briefly for a private law firm before joining the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996. In the SEC she was responsible for managing enforcement and examination programs.

Throughout her career in government, Helane Morrison worked to expose corruption and change the financial world for the better. One of her main focuses was helping protect corporations and individuals from fraud. She represented her clients in various communities, including business, finance, and legal communities.

One of the reasons why Helane Morrison is a particularly good example of integrity for me is that she went after corruption no matter where it was happing. Morrison went after several top executives from many high-profile companies including Google, HBO, and Hewllet Packard for financial fraud. It’s important to me that people fight corruption even with huge, seemingly untouchable companies.

Another reason why Helane Morrison is a great example for aspiring business professionals is that she maintains an excellent work-life balance. In addition to all of her work as a compliance officer, she also maintains a passion for the natural world around her. She’s been an active board member for the Regional Parks Foundation and helps protect animal rights and the environment.

It can be tough to find people in the business world today with integrity and values. After the economic crash in 2007, public trust of Wall Street was at an all-time low. With individuals like Helane Morrison fighting corruption, the financial sector is becoming increasingly more secure. It’s nice to have someone ethical fight for justice when so many individuals succumb to corruption and unfair business practices. Having a leader and role model like Helane is important to me as I progress in the business world.