Michael Zomber on Hermann’s Antique Arms and Armor Auction

Michael Zomber is very excited about the upcoming auction of rare arms and armor at Hermann Auction House in Munich, Germany. At this auction over 6,000 items will come up for bid, according to Military Trader. The auction that starts on April 18 will last for ten days.

Michael says that it is important that people understand what they will be bidding on before they arrive at these auctions. He has spent over 40 years studying the complexities of collecting antique firearms with a special emphasis on Japanese weapons. He says that one of the reasons that he likes this particular auction so much is the wide array of items that will be available. He says that many have been lovingly cared for while others are waiting for a person with knowledge to restore them to their former luster.

One item that will be up for bid is a wheellock puffer that was probably made about 1850 in Augsburg, Germany. Particularly exciting about this piece is the amount of ornate work showcasing flower tendrils with acanthus leaf borders and braided decor. Wheelock puffers were the first self-igniting firearms and this is a prime example of this unusual pistol.

The auction also features bows and crossbows of rare quality. Many of them are from the personal collection of Karl Zeilinger who passed away in 2014. Among the offerings will be a Scythian bow. This bow, along with part of a quiver, were popular in Asia during the first century and is one of the oldest examples of a composite bow.

The auction will also feature arms and armor including a German chase helmet dating from about 1600. The comb on top of this helmet is exceptionally tall and the helmet features a two-piece construction allowing the warrior to pivot the pieces to see his enemy better.

Michael Zomber says that most arms and armor from around the world hold their value extremely well. The type of weapon or armor, its condition and its tie to a historical person or event can make a huge difference in prices.


George Soros’ Current Economic Market Predictions to Consider

The current economic market may still be a little bit sketchy to some people, but that can only be expected in a world that had a great recession a little over half of a decade ago. People shouldn’t be overconfident when investing on bloomberg.com, after all, and it only makes sense to understand as much as possible when it comes to protecting your investments and assets. That being said, the predictions of George Soros as of recently are despite the cautiousness, it may in fact get a lot worse before it gets better in the near future.

George Soros’ success comes from understanding stock markets as well as general economic climates. His understanding of markets of the history of his trading career is what has propelled him forward so much historically and is exactly what has made him a household name. When it comes to wealth generation or protecting assets, he truly is the individual with a plan because of his ability to see the market and how it looks moving forward.

The current potential with China and the Chinese economy is a major reason why George Soros is concerned with the future on twitter.com, but at the same time it is only one of the major indicators. There is truly a significant amount of volatility over the entire market and the VIX Volatility indicator (otherwise known in laymen terms as the Fear Index) is still at a high level. In other words, not only are the markets volatile but people know that they are as well and they are reacting in such a way that could be generating trouble on the horizon.

According to George Soros, we could be on the eve of a recession or at least a period of depressed economic times. If that is potentially the case then it means not only could people be in trouble in the near future from a financial point of view, but it also means that individuals should start making plans immediately to try and protect themselves for what could be coming. When it comes to any sort of indication by George Soros, he could be wrong. Predictions don’t always come true, after all. That being said, if he is wrong and you have taken precaution, then you are still alright. If you don’t prepare, however, and another financial crisis hits, you could be in a significant amount of trouble.

Plan for a potential recession and economic downturn. It doesn’t mean that one is going to happen, or that you should truly expect one to be imminent. That being said, it isn’t that you should run around acting like the sky is falling, but rather you need to prepare to be secure in the event that George Soros’ predictions are correct. Act now while you still have time on your side. 

Why Entrepreneurs Should be Encouraged

Often times, entrepreneurs are greatly admired. However, when someone decides to be an entrepreneur, others may try to shut him down and stop him from achieving that success. This is quite a disservice to do to someone and themselves. For one thing, entrepreneurs are those that create jobs. If no one was going to be an entrepreneur, there would be less jobs. Fortunately, there are people that are willing to encourage entrepreneurs. Keith Mann is one of them. In fact, he has put forward a scholarship with his wife Keely in order to award the person that shows the most promise when it comes to business related activities.

This generous scholarship is put in place to help people pursue their goals in their business. This also helps one of the kids to make it through a four-year college. There is participation required to earn this scholarship as with other scholarships. Anyone applying for the scholarship ha to write an essay that is as long as 1,000 words which explains how earning a college degree will be helpful for them to achieve their goals in the profession of their choice. The best essay will be given the scholarship so that he or she can pursue her goals in education.

Keith Mann is someone who believes in education and a philanthropist. He also runs a company called dynamic search partners. He believes in giving people an opportunity to make a better life for themselves and improve lives for others. He has spent more than 10 years in the executive search industry and has launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. He has partnered with Uncommon Schools in order to put together this scholarship so that the qualified applicant can reach his goals. His philanthropist activities are centered towards the students of low income.

Talk Fusion Provides Leading Video Communication Service

When entrepreneur Bob Reina wanted to try something new, he refused to take no for an answer. What Reina did afterward changed internet communication forever.

Reina attempted to embed a video into an email in 2007. When he ran into trouble, he consulted America Online and was told that the task was impossible. The technology to do so did not exist at the time. Frustrated, Reina connected with others in the information technology field to develop a new video communication technology.

Reina launched Talk Fusion, a company that has expanded into more than 140 different countries globally. The company provides a multitude of services including video emails, live conference meetings, video chat, and video newsletters.

Relevancy Group conducted a study and the findings highlight the importance of video communication. According to the study, the use of a video in email marketing campaigns helped to increase revenue as much as 40 percent. The use of video also increased the open rate of emails by an estimated 20 percent and the click-through rate also experienced an increase.

Talk Fusion provides quality, user friendly services. The firm provides users a choice of more than 1,000 templates for their communication needs. The innovative firm boasts big-name clients such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Applebee’s. The company believes that 90 percent of all internet traffic will be video-based by the year 2017 and refuses to let any client be intimidated by technology. If a client feels comfortable enough, they can even create a custom template to use for their project.

Handy Continues to Grow From Humble Roots

Handy may only be three years old, but it is a powerhouse that cannot be stopped as it is cleaning up all over the market space. The cleaning service and home services platform links professionals with the consumers that need them. Started by Oisin Hanrahan, the company has been picking up steam and funding at a steady pace since its creation and is poised to remain a success for years to come.

This week Handy announced that they have secured another round of more than $50 million which leaves their evaluation somewhere around $500 million. That’s pretty good for a company that simply helps link clients and professionals, and yet it is now hard to imagine the space that would be left without its existence.

The Uber of cleaning, Hanrahan created the app when he realized there was a huge need for it. He stated that he realized that there is no easy way to find home service aid, so he created a place to do it and the idea has quickly caught on.

Hanrahan created Handy with his Harvard roommate although the two dropped out of graduate school once they secured $50,000 in seed money to concentrate on their app. They viewed NYC as one of the best places to start their company since it would have plenty of room to grow and the rest is history. Hanrahan explained that NYC is clearly the largest market in the west and it has a tech scene that easily helps grow business. The combination of these two makes it a great spot for on demand services that operate similarly to Handy.

Of course, the success of Handy has led to copycats and competitors, but Hanrahan says the company doesn’t worry about this. Instead, they focus on how they can continue to improve their company so that they can maintain their lead.

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Argentina’s Bonds and Denting the Debt

Highland Capital Management LP is looking to buy into the hopeful return of Argentina to the international bond market next month. With a projected $12 billion in value being raised, James Dondero, president and co-founder of Highland Capital, says that the company has an eye on a fair share of its holdings.

In 2001, Argentina defaulted in the global markets, resulting in a ban from trade. Since then, there has been movements in the Argentinian government to reverse the policies and regain a foothold in the markets. Once US District Judge Thomas Griesa lifted the ban, its debt became free to be paid through international bonds. Over the last 6 months, Highland Capital had held the largest share at a whopping $4 billion in notes, due in 2033. James seems to be leading Highland in the right direction with a plan to keep the stake it currently holds in Argentina while buying into the new issuance and trading. Jim seemed to further appreciate the outlook on the upcoming trading cycles.

Dondero has set Highland at the perfect precipice for the upcoming bonds. Taking annual returns on the bonds currently held, Highland has been gaining a steady but lucrative interest. At almost 20% since 2014, the losses have been greatly offset by the value of the bonds.

Dondero has shown his ingenuity in recognizing the inevitability of settlement, leading Highland to its current position in the hopeful developments. His eye for the fragile state of the country’s foreign reserves and diminishing domestic resources led to the conclusion that something had to give. With an eye on potentially buying into an Argentina fund, the outlook for the country seems brighter. Jim had expressed interest in investment opportunities in the country beyond sovereign debt, with Bank of America Corp. analysts agreeing that more companies, like Highland, are poised to invest in the country more once its defaulted debt has been given progress.

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Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/argentina-luring-highland-shows-distressed-bond-buyers-to-stay

Koch Brothers have a Family Office

The Koch Brothers have begun to privately formulate a family office to help to manage their wealth that is anticipated to be approximately $100 billion combined. The Koch family derives their wealth primarily from Koch Industries, which has a full line of diversified interests in various industries but has a primary focus on the oil and gas industry. Koch Industries is currently the second largest privately owned company in the United States behind the agricultural giant Cargill. David and Charles Koch are both heavily involved in the company and are two of the most prominent of the Koch brothers and those who are most in the spotlight of the media, generally due to their involvement in funding various conservative candidates for political office.

The family office is being called 1888 Management LLC. While there is no specific information regarding the amount of Charles Koch‘s wealth will be held in 1888 Management LLC, it is expected to begin with about $2 billion in funds being dedicated to this family foundation. While 1888 Management LLC was first started as part of Koch Industries it has been involved with operating outside of the company structure and will be handling external investments.

Much of the Koch brothers’ wealth appears to be tied up inside of their business, though there are still significant amounts of money that are held outside of the business. An article indicated that only about $100 million is currently held in publicly traded stocks though there is no indication of what other investments the Koch brothers hold.

The individual managing the 1888 Management LLC family office is Trent May, who previously worked at the Wyoming Retirement System who was able to invest money from the various state pension funds towards various hedge funds and other private investments which have proven to be a prudent choice. Trent May also previously ran his own hedge fund named Deer Creek Capital Partners and is known as an astute investor.

While Charles Koch has nothing to worry about in regards to their fortune, the creation of this back office and the hiring of Trent May will go a long ways towards solidifying their wealth.

House Honors Ricardo Guimarães BMG

Ricardo Guimarães BMG was honored by the house in a ceremonial event which was hosted by Daniel Nepomuceno who had requested for the award to be delivered in an event which was initiated by Léo Bourgeois de Castro, the president of the house. There’s a good story in crunchbase for him.
During the meeting, president Léo Bourgeois de Castro appreciated the marvelous job which was being done by, Ricardo Guimarães BMG who was the Atletico Mineiro President from 2001 to 2006. The MP who was really impressed by the open house put also remembered that the same Ricardo Guimarães BMG was awarded with the Legislative Merit of the Grand Collar in 2004.
Ricardo Guimarães marvelous work was also highlighted by Mr. Fred Costa who had at one time achieved to become among the most renowned business individuals who led to brand loyalty and ethics in addition to supporting a variety of sports such as tennis, volleyball and other national sports.
You can’t fail to mention that back in 2010, Ricardo Guimarães had created Ricardo Soccer BR1 which is an investment fund used in football athletes. In what is considered as the first in the CVM regulated nation, a total of r $ 20 million was invested in purchasing the athletes economical rights who are operating in eight different clubs.
Alberto Pinto Coelho revealed that the crowned homage was deservedly the saga of an important family who was always committed to the development of sports. The house chairman then announced the statute terms before handing it to be honored together with Daniel Nepomuceno who gave Ricardo Guimarães a plate together with Fred Costa.
Ricardo Guimarães revealed that he was really honored to ensure the tradition which was started by his grandfather is maintained during the thank you speech.
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About Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães BMG was born in Belo Horizonte. He is son to Flávio Guimarães Pentagna grandfather of Antonio Mourao Guimaraes. He was awarded with the City Council Merit Honor diploma on the 18th of April 2011. Ricardo Guimarães BMG started working in the family business back in 1980. He was working as an office assistant. In 1988, Ricardo Guimarães BMG graduated from the UNA with Bachelor in Business Administration.
Ricardo Guimarães is currently a mining entrepreneur and the president of the Banco BMG. He has been in the family business since 1988. Guimarães connection in the financial sector started with the current president’s grandfather who founded the Land Credit Bank back in 1930.

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Brazil’s Ministry Of Health Was Not Prepared For The Zika Virus Epidemic According To Medical Advisor Sergio Cortes

When the term Zika was used before the 2015 outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil, most people didn’t know there was a Forest in Uganda named Zika. That’s where this strange virus that snuck up on Brazil got its name. African researchers discovered the virus in monkey’s that live in the Zika Forest, so the easiest way to remember where the virus came from was to name the virus after the forest.

Dr. Sergio Cortes, the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, knew the Zika story when he read an article written by French researchers about a 2013 Zika virus epidemic in French Polynesia. That was the year Cortes worked on controlling a dengue outbreak in Xerém, Duque de Caxias after a flood leveled the town and the area around Xerém, according to an article posted online by Extra.Globo.com.

Most of the doctors that lived in the North and Northeastern region of Brazil were familiar with the symptoms of dengue and chikungunya, but very few doctors actually knew about the Zika virus. Dr. Cortes was the Director of the State Ministry of Health for seven years, so when the doctors in his municipality couldn’t identify the virus they called Dr. Cortes.

According to CrunchBase.com Dr. Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon, but he is also a Harvard-educated administrator that has extensive knowledge in Neglected Tropical Diseases. There wasn’t a field test for the Zika virus when the first Zika virus were reported. The doctors that reported Zika used textbooks and Dr. Cortes to help determine a diagnosis. According to a post of the official Dr. Cortes website, the Federal Ministry of Health was completely unprepared for a Zika virus epidemic. Mosquito eradication programs weren’t working, and there was not enough funding to take necessary precautions before the virus spread.

The number of Zika virus cases confirms Dr. Cortes suspicions. More than 1.5 reported cases of the virus have been reported by the 27 Brazilian states. There could be another 2.5 million cases before the outbreak is over, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet. The success of the August Olympics is in jeopardy, and the 745 confirmed cases of microcephaly puts all pregnant women on notice. Researchers now know the Zika virus can cause underdeveloped skulls and brains in fetuses if the virus enters the bloodstream during the first trimester of the pregnancy.
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USMR Pearl Harbor Recap

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US Money Reserve gives back with iconic and commemorative bronze statue

One of the largest gold and silver distributors in the world U.S. Money Reserve is donating a significant percentage of their sales of their commemorative 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor gold and silver coins to the U.S. Navy Memorial Fund for Lone Sailor Statue.

Yahoo Finance recently released an article explaining this generous contribution and collaboration and the details and purpose of the Lone Sailor Statue. As explained, the statue represents the virtues of honor, respect and devotion to duty. The statue is a symbol of great appreciation for the men and women of the Sea Services, who place their lives in danger in order to protect the citizens of America.

The statue itself is a seven-foot bronze statue created by artist and sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, who is the official sculptor for the U.S. Navy memorial. The sailor is seven feet tall and weighs an astonishing 1000 pounds. Additionally the sailor’s sea bag and cleat weigh another 700 pounds. Perhaps the most interesting and fantastic feature is that the base of the statue will incorporate steal from the famous USS Arizona.

The Delaware corporation U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. is offering $5 for each commemorative 75th anniversary coin sold towards the funding for this unique project. The campaign and sales will terminate on or about February 28, 2021, and then the statue will be installed in Honolulu, HI.

Iconic masterpieces like these serve the community by inspiring young sea service men and women, and honoring the sacrifices of their families in the past, present, and the future.