Fabletics Goes to the Next Level


It pays to be well-known. People may not have known actress Kate Hudson for her clothing, but this is slowly changing. Hudson took a different route and shouldered more responsibility as someone that would actually open up stores. This was a much different route from the typical celebrity. Racked.com gives some of the details to the powerhouse Mic.com says that Kate Hudson is bringing the brand to a city near you. She is working hard and promoting this brand vigorously. With 100 stores on the way in the next five years it is obvious that she trying to establish a retail chain.

Most entertainers have been content with simply establishing a brand based on their names. The entertainers then sell to the department stores. The profit gets split this way. Hudson takes on more risk, but she also takes home more of the profit when the business does well. It is risky, but there is a certain level of joy that comes with this risk. It is obvious that she likes what she is doing. She believes in her plan. Otherwise, she would not be so passionate about what she is doing. Hudson models a large majority of the fitness gear herself, and she is making the most of her celebrity status by linking herself directly to the brand. She is not the only one that got the company started, but she appears to be the one that is helping this organization move forward because this is the face of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson is the actress that has put her time, energy, faith and money into the fitness gear that she has help build. This is the type of clothing line that a lot of women love. Women are seeing Hudson model these clothes on the website, and they are falling in love with the brand.

Opening up 100 stores is a real testament of the strength of the brand. The research has already been done, and a million online sales means something. This is evidence that people are ordering products. It is proof that people are satisfied with the products that they are ordering. It is good to have a large following online, but the opening of physical stores tells a much greater store. It shows that Fabletics is a brand that is strong enough to contend with so many other brands out there. It shows that this could be a company that could become a powerhouse like Old Navy for American Eagle. The brand is still in the process of getting recognition, but the fan base is there. Hudson just has to take the risk to reach these fans. These stores will grab the attention those that don’t shop online.


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Shine With Lime Crime

When you think about cosmetics, you might think about the simple colors that bring out the natural beauty of the skin. While these colors are beautiful in their own right, Lime Crime features products that bring about a unique look for the nails and skin. Some of the colors include green, bright blue and vibrant pink. These are items that offer a way to add color without being too dramatic.

Aside from the bright colors outlined on the Lime Crime Facebook, there are a few that are elegant and simple at the same time. Liquid lipstick comes in various shades, such as Buffy Velvetine and Polly Velvetine. These are shades of light pink that work well with almost any skin tone. The lipsticks come in a small container with an applicator that gently brushes on the gloss over the lips. There are lipstick shades that are darker, such as Asphalt or Wicked Velvetine. These are ideal for those who want a darker color that stands out against a lighter outfit or for those who want to make a fashion statement about the unique colors that are worn.

Another fun product on Amazon that Lime Crime offers is glitter. The glitter comes in small containers that are easy to open without the product spilling out. Colors include purple, green, pink and blue. The glitter can be applied to the edge of the eyes, the cheeks and other areas of the skin where you might want a sparkle. Shades of glitter can be combined with the various lip and eye shadow colors that are offered by Lime Crime. If you want more than one color, consider visiting the website and taking one of the palettes that feature multiple colors. Some are lighter while others are the brighter shades that Lime Crime is known for producing. The company brings a beauty for those who want to showcase their individual features so that they stand apart from others.  Check out the Lime Crime twitter for further updates.

Avi Weisfogel Embarks On Philanthropy

Avi Weisfogel has created a page with the name Go-Fund-Me page to support the operations of the charity operation smile organization that he greatly finds inspiration from. The organization runs all over the Philippines and other parts to help children with deformities like cleft lips and cleft palates get their smile back through surgery. It was initiated by Dr. William Magee in 1982 when he performed an operation to his wife Kathleen who is a nurse by profession. They in collaboration with other medical professionals were overwhelmed by the high population of children who desperately need the operation, and they could no longer handle it by themselves, so they came up with the Operation Smile Organizations.

Their work involved getting people to donate medical equipment and supplies and volunteer nurses and doctor to handle the numerous cases of children with deformities. Since 1982, the program is helping children in over 60 countries with professionals from over 80 countries worldwide. The noble cause is a move that made Avi Weisfogel wants to raise more money for Operation Smile through his go fund page to increase the chances of more children benefiting from the donations and getting their smiles back.

Avi started the Healthy Heart sleep some years back to help him, and other doctors understand how to assist those with sleep apnea. He started owner unlimited sleep patients and was lecturing all dentists on sleep apnea and related problems of the disease. He also initiated a master’s program so that he teach more dentists how to use oral devices which help in combating sleep problems as according to his study dental problems are somehow related to causing sleep problems and Avi has been into this noble cause for more than 5 years. The system cost him very much but in the end, Avi was able to create a system that handles 200-300 oral patients in a month. He targets to reach more physicians and dentists to improve the health care in the sleep medicine discipline all over the world.

Born and raised in New Jersey Avi studied a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University and then obtained his dentist degree from New York University in the College of Dentistry. Avi is a renowned dentist, and he started his career with a dental office known as Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. He has won numerous awards for being the best dentist in the United States. His philanthropy is now going up with his one Go-Fund-Me page to help children with face deformities. He has a philanthropic aspect in him since the initiation of the sleep apnea program.

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On-Demand Cleaning Services on the Rise, “Handy” Dominating Market

With the amount of on-demand services being offered online and on mobile applications rising, many companies are seeing an increase in their earnings. It makes sense that companies would choose to broaden their customer base as well as make their services easier and faster to order – it seems as if these two business moves go hand in hand these days. Companies that choose not to invest in an increased online presence are easily left behind in today’s tech-centered society.

One market that has seen a substantial growth by offering an on-demand service is home cleaning, particularly that of New York City-based company , Handy. Since it was founded in 2012, Handy has offered customers a fast and easy way to book home cleaning and handyman services. After hiring experienced cleaners and handymen, the company sends them out to homes with the help of their app. Anyone who works for Handy has a background check and is insured, easing customer’s concerns of having someone they don’t know enter their home. If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received, the company will refund your money. Handy also offers appointments as early as the next day, which is great for anyone needing a last-minute service.

Recently Handy has experienced even greater earnings, $50 million to be exact, after one of it’s biggest rivals “Homejoy” shut down and they received funding from Fidelity, TPG Growth, General Catalyst, Highland Capital, and Revolution Growth. Homejoy, a startup that also offered home cleaning services to be booked quickly online, had to walk away from the market after losing money and failing to keep their customers satisfied. Handy plans to use their new earnings to expand to other cities, hoping to have double their number of serviced areas in the next year.

In order to stay at the top, Handy must continue to offer inexpensive home services with quality and dependability. On-demand services are rising with customers wanting a reliable but quick fix to their problems, and other companies are learning from the mistakes of their predecessors. For more information about Handy, you can read Fortune.com‘s article about their success and visit Handy’s Facebook page.

Highland Capital Management Surprises In The New Stock Market Portfolio

Highland Capital Management has recently filed its return and depicted its stock market portfolio from the top 10 of its holdings in the year 2015. As at 3.02.2016, the fund had recorded a decrease of $1.49 billion for the year which was different from the last quarter when the fund had a value of $4.91 billion. But the hedge fund still tops in the list of top earning hedge funds. It has also been making interesting moves like funding new purchases like Intracellular and Amazon COM Inc. The Highland Capital represents 22.73% assets in the LPS equity exposure.

Highland Capital Management seems to be performing so well from the proper handling of the fund by James Dondero, the founder. James Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management and located it in Texas. He is now the president of the hedge fund, and he operates with 105 full and part-time employees, and he handles between 26-100 employees with the hedge fund. Back then James Dondero was working as a credit investor with the American Express in 198os where he managed a billion dollars for American Express. He then co-founded hedge fund in 199s and worked in credit investments for customers in Dallas Texas. Jim has since then worked as the hedge fund manager dealing with private equities and has developed the countries to making billions of profit in the stock market. He is currently the company president.

Jim has over 30 years’ experience in the credit and the stock market. His hedge fund has been focusing on high yielding and distressing investments that most investors about. He has also developed the fund to serving customers with Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). Jim is also the chairperson of Cornerstone Health Care, Nexbank, and CCS Medical and is a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He has also been active as a philanthropist to support public policy and education through voluntary contributions from his hedge fund. He graduated from the University of Virginia with honor in Commerce majoring in accounting and finance.

Back in 1984, Jim worked with Morgan Guaranty Training program as a career analyst. The success of his hedge fund directly relates to his ability to handle complicated investments which show his risk-taking character. Highland capital management has billions of assets and is always a company to watch in case one is investing in the same market. Dondero can be an inspiration to much start-up investors who are not aware of potholes in the investment arena.

Charles Koch Discusses the 2016 Election

Charles Koch and his brother, David Koch have been strong supported of the free market as they are both influential in the business world as well as in politics. Charles Koch is the proud owner of Koch Industries which is an oil refining business that specializes in providing materials needed for everyday useful items. In recent news, Charles Koch sat down with a reporter to discuss his political views for the the 2016 presidential election. What Charles Koch had to say was shocking.

Charles Koch, when interviewed surprisingly stated that he agrees with what Bernie Sanders is campaigning for. Though the two are polar opposites in political views, Charles Koch does agree with Mr. Sanders that the United States is run by the privileged few and that needs to be reformed. Charles Koch stated that though they may disagree on many subjects, Charles Koch can at least agree that the United States’ political, economic, as well as the justice system all need reform.

What the two do not agree on is how to promote reform. On one side, Bernie Sanders wants to create more government interventions and model it after the Northern European model. On the other hand, Charles Koch is against handing opportunities to individuals, and also believes that an increase in government regulation will actually harm the economy rather than stimulate it.

Charles Koch is a self declared classical liberal who is a supporter of the free market with limited interventions. Charles Koch’s influence in politics can be most noted in the 2012 campaign when Mr. Koch funded Mitt Romney’s campaign. Though Mitt Romney lost, Charles Koch has raised over $900 million to fund the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Mr. Koch states that the only thing standing in his way over his influence in the free market is that of Donald Trump’s campaign. Due to the fact that Donald Trump is both popular as well as self-funded, Charles Koch is looking for new strategies to solve the problem.

Charles Koch disagree with Donald Trump on many topics including ideas on taxing, foreign policy, as well as trading. Like Bernie Sanders, Charles Koch is a strong supporter of opening up trade with other countries. This idea promotes wealth, prosperity, as well as globalization. Charles Koch believes that Donald Trump is the wrong to be the leader of the United States because he will treat the country as he treats his business.

Check out the original Washington Post article here.

Talk Fusion Make Business Communication Easier

In the business world communication is key. It doesn’t matter how good your ideas or products are. If you are not able to communicate this in an effective manner, it is of no use. I cannot express how much Talk Fusion helps me with my weekly and monthly communication with employees outside of my office.

I use the Talk Fusion video communication all the time to set up video conferencing with my employees. This is how we discuss strategy and organize our projects. When the IT director brought this to may attention I was a little hesitant about using it. As with most companies, the transition to any new technology products is difficult. I liked what Talk Fusion was offering the most because the products were so much easier to use. Everyone that has been working with this platform has been impressed.

There are community blogs for Talk Fusion that have advice from others that are already using this software. There are a lot of people that are using the slide presentations, and the blogs present instructions on using these features.

I like to schedule all of my meetings in advance to make sure that everyone is able to attend the virtual meeting. This is easy for me to do. All that I have to do is go the “My Meetings” tab and check out the calendar. From this point I can set up the meeting with a description and invite others that plan to attend.

Sometimes I do group invites to my meetings. There are a plethora of different companies that are allowing people in the business world to maximize their time, and Talk Fusion is one of them. This is a company that has an impressive amount of software. It makes sense for businesses to utilize Talk Fusion because it eliminates lots of the annoyances that can come with other video conferencing programs. I cannot remember the last time I saw a company with programs that were so easy to use. It been a lot easier for me to communicate to employees without wasting a lot of time.

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Operation Smile and Avi Weisfogel

With all the publicity Avi Weisfogel has received in the past none of it was as important as this. The New Jersey born and raised dentist is fully involved with Operation Smile. Operation Smile was formed in the Seven City area of Virginia in the 90’s to spread awareness and raise funds for operations for children with cleft lip syndrome. Millions of children around the world suffer from this horrific deformity and few can afford to pay for the operation. Avi Weisfogel knows all about problems with the mouth and children. He started his own dentist practice from the ground up in New Jersey.

Avi is a known philanthropist and has shown his passion for the conservation and creation of smiles for children for years. He is Now running a GoFundMe page for this exact cause. He is known for Healthy Heart Sleep which combined doctors and dentist together the help people who have sleeping problems because of other health issues and offered alternative methods of helping those patients. He has been lecturing to doctors and dentists for years about sleep apnea and the causes and ways to prevent the disorder. He has always shown a passion for helping people with the problems that no one else wants to lend a hand for.

Avi has won the title of best dentist a few times in his career. Avi holds a bachelor degree in psychology from Rutgers and a D.D.S from New York University of Dentistry. Avi’s long career has been filled with joy and passion for helping others and his GoFundMe page is just and extension of his heart.

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Keith Mann’s New Scholarship Program For Brooklyn Youth

The new Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a new campaign started by Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners. The program is designed for kids who are enrolled in charter schools in Brooklyn. There are many young people in charter schools in Brooklyn who are in need of money for college, and Keith Mann wants to provide money for kids who are truly deserving. This article explains the scholarship program, Keith’s desire to change education in New York and how charter schools are changing Brooklyn.

#1: Keith Has Worked With Charter Schools In The Past

Keith Mann is a committed New Yorker who has given his input on charter schools as a businessman. He has been brought in to talk to students in the past, and he has the funds available to start his own scholarship. The lucky students who wins the scholarship every year will have $5000 to put towards their education.

#2: The Scholarship Is For All Charter Students

Charter students in Brooklyn have been pulled out of failing schools to attend class in these new charter schools, but these students do not necessarily have the financial resources to spend on college. A child who was prepared for college should be afforded the opportunity go to college, and Keith believes that his $5000 scholarship will go a long way for a kid who needs a jump start.

#3: The Students Benefit The Most

Students in charter schools in Brooklyn are finding that they need competition in order to succeed. Keith Mann is creating a friendly competition among the students to see who wins the scholarship. Every student who wants the scholarship is trying to do more to improve themselves, and Keith believes that every kid benefits even if they do not win the award.

Keith Mann’s Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a simple way to help children in Brooklyn who are in need of funds for college. A child who gets a scholarship to college will be more motivated to make college work, and these same students will grow as they attempt to create resumes that are worthy of the scholarship prize.

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Handy Keeps My Home Spotless

Anytime that I see a business that has a 100% money back guarantee I get excited. I am always interested in seeing if a company like this has workers in place to hold up this end of the bargain. I must say that I was impressed with the fact that Handy Cleaning Services had this money back guarantee. That is why I booked this company. It is the type of organization that provides a level of cleaning that is unlike any other cleaning companies that I have seen before.

In the past I had always booked cleaning services from local companies. This was okay, but I have a job that requires me to move around a lot. I have lived in several states in the last several years, and I am always too busy to clean when I initially move. Fortunately, all the states that I have moved too in the last several years have been major cities where Handy was available. I love this organization because it provides the 100% money back guarantee. I do believe that this makes the workers work so much harder. A company that doesn’t have this in place may not have employees that work as hard to satisfy the customers.

In recent years I have become convinced that this type of company will make a major impact on the home cleaning industry. I believe that this will become the type of company that will branch out to other cities around the United States. Handy also has contracted workers in Canada and the United Kingdom. I think that this is cool because it shows that this company has some quality employees that are all in synch with the Home Cleaning Services mission.

I use this service all the time and I have never been disappointed. It has been easy for me to find time for other things because I never have to worry about cleaning the home. This company has provided me with the ability to spend more time with my children. I really enjoy what Handy does.

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