Highland Capital Keeps a Cool Head about 2016 Investing

The US the secondary market presents unique investing opportunities this quarter as leveraged loans have some in a stock picking mentality of risk mitigation rather high returns. A case of conservatice investing for early 2016? This is opposite the usual case in which higher returns are souht to compensate for perceived lack of liquidity. This could be one reason behind the slight decrease in many major asset management companies, Highland capital among them. Highland saw a decrease in value with the last quarter, although it has been a good year for the company which has invested in top earners such as Amazon. What will Highland’s investment strategy for the new year of 2016 be? It is difficult to say.

Current market dynamics show investors and management companies such as Highland keen to take advantage of a potential buying opportunity, although low stock prices don’t always mean a higher return later. Investors want to be careful above all before 2016, but some analysts believe that volatility is good for the market. Chief investment officer Mark Okada has gone on record stating that it can widen the possibilities of investment for opportunities that may not seem beneficial at a specific moment. Highland’s investors, while passing on certain projects that seem to possess low liquidity, have gone on record stating that it is always possible to re-examine past assets that the company were not interested in at the time. As of 2015, we saw Highland Capital reduce its positions in Ishares and American Airlines.

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management has overseen successful investment opportunities since the company’s inception, and will likely continue to examine the market through the lens of an experienced credits and asset manager. Jim’s total assets under management total to $20 billion. He has a sound past record of making profitable decisions for companies such as American Express, where Dondero had previously worked as a credit investor. It is likely that even in these times, Dondero will continue to grow Highland’s assets despite a volatile market.

Dondero serves on several boards, including MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation. He is also Chairman of the Board at NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. Jim is also graduated from University of Virginia, specilizing in accounting and finance. In addition to his experience and academic qualifications he is also a Certified Management Accountant, earning the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. You can see them ringing the NYSE Closing Bell below.

U.S. Money Reserve Is Coming To The Aid Of Austin Families In Need

The U.S. Money Reserve has started up a campaign to raise funds for the Austin, Texas, Police Department’s annual Blue Santa giveaway. The program started in 1972 with about 20 families. Over 40 years later, the service is helping well over 5000 families. The charitable work is not possible without the help from the community. They give away a full Christmas dinner and presents to every kid under 14, and it takes a lot to make it happen for 5000 families. This is why the U.S. Money Reserve has started up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $10,000. The firm is requesting its friends, clients, business associates and family to aid in funding the charitable act.

The giveaway for the families in need happens on December 19th, and there is still a long way to go. This is for Austin families greatly in need of a little help and holiday cheer. It is a worthy cause to donate to, and it would make a lot of kids very happy.

U.S. Money Reserve is a broker and seller of precious metals minted only in the United States. It has always been the firm’s objective to provide their clients with the highest caliber silver, gold and platinum coins. The advisers at U.S. Money Reserve are skilled gold investors, and they take advising their clients as seriously as they would their own families. It is a trustworthy firm, and it also works with local communities for worthy causes as well, like the Austin Police Blue Santa program. There is a wealth of information available about U.S. Money Reserve. The firm is very active on social media. They have everything from a Facebook account to a Youtube channel. Their website is their main hub of information.


ITAU BMG PAYROLL BANK is the latest bank in Brazil. It’s now official, Banco BMG and Banco ITAU have partnered to create a new bank modeled on the strengths of the two banks. The partnership was announced recently by the Vice President Banco BMG.It is a 30/70 partnership with BMG contributing 30%. It will be valued at $ 1 billion and will be leveraged up to 11 times. It is expected to continue the tradition of BMG seeking to expand its footprint by merging or buying out competitors. It recently bought out Banco Schain and Banco GE.
Its partnership with Itau is unique because Itau is the 5th largest bank and recently posted a 36% profit. Its shares are also up by 28%. It was rumored it would buy out BMG, but the bank too has its impressive credentials. It has grown from a nondescript bank to be one of the largest in Biro Horizonte.It has 5 million customers and controls the consigned credit market. Its partnership with Itau is only natural given it has achieved a lot in a span of 10 years. It has grown fivefold in the last 11 years and till the Brazilian economic crisis looked unstoppable. The new partnership will fill a significant gap in the private sector’s demand for credit. The current crisis in Brazil has seen banks lend money only to creditworthy corporations. It has left local citizens terribly exposed.Itau BMG payroll will fill that gap.
According to Em.com.br, the partnership will see BMG get $ 3.5 billion in the next five years from the deal. It is because they will contribute 5 million customers and are the brains behind the idea.Itau will have 3 million and the database will be harmonized. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.
Marcio is a former street Urchin from Santo Antonio, who has grown to be the vice president of Banco BMG.He is also an economic analyst who has appeared in several publications, He is a finance and accounting graduate where he was the best in his class. Marcio Is well known for his work ethics and a sense of purpose. He works with another prominent banker MR Ricardo Guimares.Together they have grown the bank in the last ten years, and it looks unstoppable. We wish the new bank all the best as it seeks this new path.

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Charles Koch spreads his message in his new book

Charles Koch took time away from his duties of running the country’s second largest privately held company to promote his book “Good Profit”. The book details his philosophy on market-based management. Koch’s motives behind his book will be questioned by his critics but he believes the risk is worth a worthwhile one. Koch’s motive is simply to make society better by helping other businesses succeed. Charles Koch says that by sharing his message he is helping others and that kind of commitment he wishes for everyone.

Koch is no stranger to commitment, The Americans for Prosperity Foundation was founded in 2004 by Charles Koch and his brother David Koch. The mission of the foundation is to educating men and women about the principles of freedom and how to use those principles in their everyday lives. Those supports include a Bridge to Wellbeing, who hosts classes and lectures on personal budgeting, time management, hosts job fairs, and GED training. Cooking on a Dime, teaches the secrets of cooking on a low income and serves free dinners to the poor.

Charles Koch believes people want to earn their own success and the foundation gives them the resources to do that. His mission is not to just tell them about the economy and economic freedom but to show Americans that they can economically thrive and how to do just that. Koch feels that government welfare and regulations hold American citizens back and it is time to stop crushing American people with policies that make it impossible for the poor to work or start a business.

Currently Charles Koch is the co-owner of Koch Industries, a business that he and his brother inherited from their father then expanded. The company is involved in manufacturing, refining, pulp, paper, oil, ranching, finance, and many other ventures. The company brings in an annual revenue of $115 billion. One of the most famous subsidiaries of Koch Industries is Georgia-Pacific, the paper and pulp company that owns Brawny, Angel Soft, Dixie and Vanity Fair paper napkins.

Charles Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and graduated with a BS in general engineering, M.S in Mechanical engineering, and M.S in chemical engineering. Koch is worth $41.3 billion and considers himself a libertarian. For the last decade Koch has been advocating for reforms of the American prison system. In 2011 TIME magazine named Charles Koch a captain of industry.

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Avi Weisfogel Has Passion for Helping Others with Their Sleeping Disorders

Sleep apnea refers to a temporary cessation of breathing while someone sleeps. Many people experience sleep apnea and need to know where to turn for help with this problem. Avi Weisfogel is the leading expert in this field. As the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, he brings his experience and expertise to assist people experiencing sleep apnea and helps them gain a better sleep. Dental Sleep Masters is a company that aims to support and assist dentists to help patients who struggle with sleep disorders and who are looking for treatment with oral applications. Dr. Weisfogel knows that every patient’s story is different. He learns about the patient and by reviewing their story and their symptoms, he is recommends the best course of treatment.

Dr. Weisfogel is a master when it comes to helping others have a better night sleep. Along with his Dental Sleep Masters organization, he also is a co-owner and managing partner with Healthy Heart Sleep since 2010. His education stems from his biology degree from Rutgers to his D.D.S. from the NYU College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel has used his career to help patients treat sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea. For six years in a row, he was recognized by the Consumer Research Council as the Best Dentist. Prior to Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel owned his own successful dental practices. He wanted to help more patients understand and treat their sleeping disorders. His passion to his work can be seen throughout all of the patients that he has helped through the years.
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Dog Food That Every Dog Can Agree On

When choosing the right food for a dog, everyone should look for dog food that has a great texture, great taste and a lot of nutrients. So, here are some choices from Beneful that match those great qualities: Savory Rice & Lamb by Beneful (Wet Dog Food)- The team at Petco  Beneful made this meal with chunks of juicy & tasty real lamb meat. That is why every dog will be begging for more every time they are fed this delicious meal. This meal comes in a resealable 10 ounce tub, and they also come packed with nutrients that every dog needs, such as 78% moisture, 11% crude protein, 1.5% crude fiber and 2% crude fat. The calorie content of this wet food is 933 kcal/kg and 264 kcal/tub. It is recommended that adult dogs get one 10 ounce tub for every 10 to 12 pounds for weight in their body each day. This amount can be split in between two or more meals throughout the day. Puppies should eat up to two times the amount of food per pound that the adult dogs get each day. Roasted Turkey Medley by Beneful (Wet Dog Food)- Made using real corn, turkey, wild rice, barley and peas, this amazing food is available in 10 ounce tubs at a very good price. With a great texture and taste that anyone will notice right away, this blend is sure to be a favorite for every dog. The calorie content for this is 943 kcal/kg and 267 kcal/tub, it also has 10% crude protein, 78% moisture, 1.5% crude fiber and 2% crude fat. For dogs who are at the stage of adulthood, the recommended feeding is one 10 ounce tub for every 10 to 12 pounds of weight in their body and for puppies, the recommended amount of food is two times that of the adult dog’s recommended amount of food. These amounts, both adult and puppy, can be spread throughout the day in two or more meals. IncrediBites by Beneful (Dry Dog Food) with real beef– Accented with peas and carrots, this amazingly delicious food will make every dog a Beneful dog. These tender, yet crunchy dog minibites are made with real beef, peas and carrots. The calorie content of the IncrediBites is 3493 kcal/kg and 353 kcal/cup. These real beef IncrediBites are also made with 12% crude fat, 27% crude protein, 14% moisture, 4% crude fiber, 150 IU/kg vitamin E, 12,500 IU/kg vitamin A, 0.2 mg/kg selenium and 1.1% calcium. Peanut Butter Flavored Healthy Smile Dental Twists by Beneful (Dog Treats)- Flavored with natural and artificial peanut butter, this delicious treat is able to support the healthy growth of teeth and strong bones, it can also help with freshening breath. Accented with real parsley, these treats have 1.5% crude fat, 6% crude protein, 1.5% crude fiber, 16% moisture and 0.25% calcium. Adult dogs should only be fed 1 piece over the span of 2 days if they are between 10 to 24 pounds. For adult dogs between 25 and 45 pounds, feed them 1 piece a day and for dogs that are over 45 pounds, feed them 2 pieces a day.

Highland Capital is Recognized for it’s Performance

Highlands short/long health subsidiary has been awarded the 40 act award thanks to its stellar performance. The annual awards honor the best performing Hedge fund based on a combination of many factors. These factors include quantitative and qualitative considerations like investor relations, team experience and customer relations. Michael Gregory heads the health firm. He leads a team of 11 health experts who have a combined experience of 130 years. He is also the head of the global alternative trade unknit. He was praised by the president and founder James Dondero at the award ceremony. He recognized his efforts in leading the subsidiary at a time when most hedge funds are risk averse.

Highlands’s capital management is an SEC certified firm with a big market experience. It was founded in 1993 and has over the years grown to be a financial conglomerate. It has over $ 21 billion of assets in management with over 1000 employees all over the world. It is noted as the pioneer of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and other structured financial products. It is a specialist in high-yield high-risk bond trades and securities market.IT also has considerable experience in the credit market. It in 2008 faced near collapse but has since recovered to profitability. It required the professional help of Jim Dondero to get there. He has taken a high-risk high-yield approach that has seen it achieve its current reputation.

James Dondero founded Highlands with his business partner Mika Okada in 1993.It has since grown to become one of the giants of the financial industry in the ultra-competitive world. He is responsible for the strategic management wing of the company. He is a certified credit professional with over 30 years’ experience in the market, and he holds the tag of a CMA. He is also a chartered financial analyst and a CPA. The impressive academic credentials don’t end here as he was the best in his accounting and finance class of 84 at the University of Virginia.

Jim Dondero is an active philanthropist with interests in veteran’s affairs and public affairs. He has since a young age helped the poor and was a boy scout. He lives in Dallas with his family and three kids. He is a popular country music fan. With Jim at the helm, the company is set to continue its growth trajectory.

This article is a recap: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-longshort-healthcare-fund-wins-2015-hfm-us-hedge-fund-performance-award-300176870.html

The Best London Vacation Rental We’ve Ever Had

My husband and I are avid travelers. In fact,there was a time before the kids that we were rarely in our home country. We’e stayed in London as close to the city as we could get. We’ve been on tour groups and made reservations the good old fashioned way. Until, that is a friend of ours, another couple sent us the World Escape London website after they had a sensational booking with them. It was sent via e mail from the apartment with a video. We were so jealous and happy at the same time that we could live vicariously through them; for a time at least, because we book a month later. It actually took us that long to decide. Once you get on the site you are mesmerized by the choices in apartments, hotels and other great accommodations.It’s a tough choice but we actually did a hotel. We saw hotels that as much as we traveled had not heard of. We saw the awesome photos and descriptions as well as the reviews and we felt adventurous. The booking experience was really easy and secure. We had all our questions answered without feeling like we had to speak to anyone. This was a first for us. Not that we couldn’t have but that says a lot for the company website because we are normally pretty particular about our itinerary. Once we arrived we were greeted by the nicest people. They really must choose who they represent carefully because the property was run more than up to standard. One thing we always had an issue with in the States or other places we’ve traveled was getting exactly what we chose on the website. We just got used to it. But, staying with World Escape London was a perfect experience; we didn’t have that issue at all and we can safely say that we are up for doing it all again and choosing a different style of accommodation.

A Chit-Chat with Businessman Charles Koch

Charles Koch is probably the last person you would name as a liberal. But the world is full of surprises, and he recently gave him the mouthful title of a classical liberal. He says he is seeking common ground with the Obama administration. He defines liberal as the belief that you want a better society for everyone to maximize peace, civility, and tolerance. It is a belief system that eliminates government control on opportunity and innovation. For a man whose industry is known to eschew conservatism and libertarianism, he claims the current crop of Democrats only preach liberal values when it suits them. They then start controlling people lives once in power.

Charles Koch is a highly accomplished man.He has 3 MIT degrees. He has also grown his father’s business from having an annual turnover of $ 23 million to today having over 110 billion in turnover. He is the current CEO of Koch Industries and is named as the 9th richest man in the world. The company is a diversified trading conglomerate headquartered in Wichita Kansas. He was recently speaking Yahoo finance reporter Andy Sever in Palm Desert on the sidelines of EY strategic growth forum.

Koch has always been active in politics. He just let his funding of lobby groups and political campaigns do the talking. His new openness in speaking politics has caught everyone by surprise. He has even released a new book on business. He is a shrewd and intelligent business man with well-chosen and placed words. He says it’s because his words have ways of being misconstrued and exaggerated. He gives an example of his brother saying he liked Walker and it being reported he had contributed millions. He also gives the example of Fiorina where they invited her to a seminar and the news outlets concluded they had endorsed her.

He says America is currently experiencing problems it shouldn’t be because people are disillusioned with the status quo. Successive regimes of both democrats and republicans have promoted elitism and divided the country into a two-tier state. It is the reason candidates like Donald Triumph and Bernie Sanders are getting so much attention.

He says he would wish to see the government cut on spending, get rid of the two-tiered society and get rid of corporate welfare. He also wishes the government adopts measures that make Americans feel safe.

This article is a recap of: finance.yahoo.com/news/charles-koch-is-really-a-liberal-compromiser-201545347.html

Yeonmi Park’s Harrowing Story Told In New Book

The communist regime of North Korea is one of the most secretive and dangerous in the world, which makes any memoir based on real life within this well known dictatorship an interesting read. Despite being in her early twenties the North Korean refugee, Yeonmi Park, has created a critically acclaimed memoir that details her own escape from the isolated country and how her life afterwards has changed beyond all belief.

“In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” is now available and tells the harrowing story of the fall of Yeonmi Park’s family from a position of relative power in North Korea to destitution. The problems of starvation and victimization at the hands of the North Korean regime prompted Park, her mother, and sister to seek the assistance of people smugglers in their bid to escape the harshness of the North Korean government.

Yeonmi Park’s book is seeking to shed light on the issues the people of North Korea face on a daily basis and can be seen as an overall critique of the criminal industry of people smuggling. The problems of seeking the assistance of criminal gangs is detailed in Park’s book in real life stories that reflect the issues facing refugees fleeing their regimes in their respective countries.

After finally finding her way to South Korea on dailymail.co.uk and the safety of the democratic country Yeonmi Park has divided her time in completing her studies and looking to publicize the problems facing refugees. In podcasts and speeches given in South Korea and around the world, Yeonmi Park has sought to explain to those who do not live under a dictatorship the harsh realities of life under North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

In 2014, Yeonmi Park on youtube was forced into the glare of global fame when she gave a speech to the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. This speech was uploaded to the Internet and has been viewed more than two million times as Park detailed her life and the problems facing refugees in all areas of the world.