Slyce Is Making Big Changes In Business

Slyce has been able to help provide businesses with the chance to utilize the power behind visual search. This form of technology is making it easier on clients and customers to find their favorite items online with a single snap of the item. There are countless new things popping up into the world of advertising, and this is definitely one of the newest things to come about that can help people with marketing.

With this new type of technology, Slyce has been providing people with the chance to give consumers opportunities to snap or scan anything that they see and receive an exact match of a result instantly online. Their new Slyce Universal Scanner is seamless and handles QR codes, coupons, barcodes, and other real work images.

The newest thing to be added is the Snap To Coupon option that allows for people to instantly snap a photo of any printed coupon via a catalog, receipt, or a newspaper. This will allow for the person to find everything they need to know about the coupon, whether it expires soon along with where to use the coupon.

Slyce is truly growing and making it easier for people to shop online, and businesses can get into this action by having their products into this atmosphere allowing people t find their products in an instant on the web. This simple technology is changing the way people are shopping online and finding things that they love. All they need is a photo of any item to get an exact match of that product.

This amazing information was just released on Yahoo Finance, and they have showcased in the release that they are continuing to develop new options for users to make it even easier on them when they shop through their phones.

All of their latest changes and updates in their technology is going to be showcased at Shop.Org, and they are going to help give everybody the chance to see everything successfully. The best part a hot this overall technology is that some of the largest global retailers are actually using this type of technology and integrating it with their brand. Companies like Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s JCPenny’sv and Home Depot are already using this technology.

Real Estate on the Rise in Brazil

The real estate game is not just one that anyone can invest in, it’s also a major money maker for anyone that understands the basics. It doesn’t have to be the biggest gains in the history of real estate to still make a significant difference, and in this climate there is even more value to be found and created in the Brazilian marketplace. Not only has Brazil started to see some of the biggest jumps with respect to the housing market, but it also has more years on the horizon according to the industry experts.

When you think about all of the property companies in general that can truly make a difference, you need to pay attention to the ones that have made a difference in the past and that have made a name for themselves first. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is one of the top companies on LinkedIn and around in the property development and real estate investing sector. Not only has Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos gained a significant reputation when it comes to developing quality properties that anyone can truly be proud of, but their vision is unreal. Some of the top developments in the recent years that have been the most highly acclaimed developments around are just another day at the office for Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos.

Another thing you need to think about when you are attempting to evaluate what companies are going to be at the top of the list in the future is what they have been able to do in the past. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos truly brings the reputation, service, and overall results that anyone would look for in the property and development sector. Regardless of the function, location, or aesthetical design, you can truly see the ability that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has to continue reinventing the idea of property development.

When you think about real estate in Brazil you are only after one major thing. In the future there is going to be more and more opportunity for developing in general, but with the great supply you cannot waste a single development opportunity. The quality, convenience, and architecture needs to be present in each and every design. For some professional organizations like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, there are only more and more reasons that point to success being on the way. If you are truly looking for a top notch company that will continue to make the headlines for the right reasons in the future, look to see what Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos will do as outlined on Twitter.

A Focus on Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth was born on July, 1963 in West Germany. He currently works in hotel and mountain resort. He serves as president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a firm that owns Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. His grandfather, Conrad Wirth, was a former director of the US National Park Service.

Andy has been in this industry for over a quarter century. His career started in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort. While here, he served in various leadership and marketing positions. Wirth was in 2007 appointed as an executive vice president in addition to a chief marketing officer at Intrawest Resorts Holdings. This firm had acquired Steamboat at that same year. In 2010, Wirth left Steamboat and began serving as the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley.

Wirth has been honored with various awards for his contributions in community services as well as his professional awards. Some of these awards include; Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, which was presented by the Board of Trustees of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority; Steamboat Springs Business Leader; he has made it in the top 25 minds in the Travel Sales, Marketing and Hospitality list. He got recognition as the Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA.

Wirth suffered a cruel tragedy during a skydiving accident in 2013 in Lodi, CA. during the accident, his right arm was severely injured and was almost torn off but it was saved and was surgically reattached. The accident, recovery and association with Pearl Jam rock band was covered by the Steamboat Today (an official media providing information to Steamboat Springs Colorado and Routt County). Wirth acted as the commencement speaker during the 2014 Fall Graduation for Warner College of Natural Resource.

Reno-Sparks Visitors and Convention Authority appointed Wirth to the position of chair of a nine-member board. His extensive experience in the international resort management and his contribution in development of increased flight for resorts in Colorado, Canada and Utah made him to be favored for his appointment.

Andy is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Science from the Colorado State University. He is also an alumnus of the Scottish Edinburgh University. He served as wilderness ranger in San Pedro Parks and as a ranger for Rocky Mountain National Park. Wirth also served as a member of Hot Shot Crew in Northern New Mexico. As a member of Founders Circle, Wirth has also contributed significantly and supported community service organizations as well as environmental issues.

Handy Is The Future Of Home Cleaning Service

Whenever I first heard of the cleaning service called Handy, I was rather hesitant to believe it could change the way I worked. I must say that any doubts I had as to making the switch over from my regular job were quickly erased. If you are not familiar with Handy, let me tell you a bit of what they do and what my experience was like. Similar to how Uber provides car service to customers that order them via phone or internet, Handy sends people to clean your home or even repair items around your property in the same sort of manner.

The first obvious question I had off the bat was concerning their screening process. Surely, people would be guarded as to the people that they randomly allow to come into their home to clean it. I completely understand that initial concern, but in reality, customers are not taking any more of a risk than they would with traditional home cleaning and repair service technicians. The very first thing that Handy did after receiving my application was run a multi-state background check to make sure I was a safe addition to their team.

Part of the hiring process also included a personality evaluation that made sure that those hired were able to interact with customers in a friendly manner and with respect. Integrity seems to be very high on the list of attributes on to have when representing Handy. In all honesty, I think that I actually had more pre-hire evaluation than I have had with many traditional cleaning services in the past. I know that I would feel comfortable having Handy employees enter my home around my personal belongings and such, and I am pretty strict about that.

I have been cleaning up in terms of how much money I am making hourly in comparison to my last job. I usually make around %15 to $22, and even get to set my own schedule. I think the whole approach of modelling Handy after the very-successful driving services has definitely played out into everyone’s favor. Apparently, Handy is bringing in over 1 million dollars a week. 85% of their revenue comes from customers that pay for having their houses cleaned, and the remaining 15% comes from those that require their services to repair something around the house.

Another really neat aspect of Handy for myself is that they are currently located in 25 cities within the country, and are constantly working to expand that number. I have always wanted to travel and see new places and states, and it looks like I will be able to start doing that with funding from my Handy service calls. Being allowed to work wherever their services are being provided really eliminates the feeling of being bound to one place. When I think of traveling, I also think of inter,acting with new types of people along the way. This seems to be the perfect way to not only be my own boss on a daily basis, but to see into the lives of so many people I get to help.

Dan Newlin Implements Exceptional Customer Services Approaches Into His Business Philosophy

America’s most renowned legal firm, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin,encourages his highly qualified 75-employee team to employ exceptionalcustomer skills when representing a client’s case. Known for his
expertise in recovering millions for accident and injury victims, this
extremely successful attorney strives to share his knowledge
concerning the cultivation of meaningful relationships with each
experienced staff member. Because most successful lawyers can easily
relate to a variety of situations in addition to a client’s distinct
needs and desires, Newlin’s effective trainings mold his employees
into well-rounded professionals who maintain an open mind when
evaluating each case. Most importantly, his primary objective is to
assist his clients in maximizing their monetary recovery while
simultaneously respecting their legal rights.

In order to compile an extensive database of highly trained employees,
Newlin utilized his former experiences he acquired in public service
as a young adult. Essentially, his passion for assisting unrightfully
injured individuals through the justice system encouraged him to
accept positions as a police officer, Deputy Sheriff, and fugitive
detective in which he was given the opportunity to protect the lives
of innocent citizens in the central Illinois and Florida areas.
Alongside his early career endeavors, he pursed law at Florida State
College of Law where he also learned the importance of representing
each client with care and compassion. Notably, he implemented his
integral customer service approach throughout his practice at Dan
Newlin & Partners which has greatly contributed to the company’s
distinguished recognition as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. Amazingly, this
title is awarded to less than 5 percent of all Florida lawyers.

Newlin and his team are recognized for providing outstanding
legal representation to an extremely diverse group of clients from a
soccer mom to a board certified dentist. Moreover, his team are
proudly committed to excellence and currently specialize in the
following legal practices: wrongful death, medical negligence,
motorist accidents, wrongfully charged criminal offenses, personal
injury, DUI incidents, worker’s compensation, and nursing home abuse.
For over ten years, Dan Newlin & Partners have recovered over $150million for their clients and, as a result, the firm has quickly grownfrom a small office to a multifaceted corporation with over thirtyhighly experienced attorneys. In fact, just recently, the company
announced their expansion into the Chicago areas. Newlin and his team
are excited about the new location and plan to continue their customer
service philosophy in Illinois as well.

Commendably, Newlin’s mission is to share his customer service
business model with every member of his experienced legal team.
Essentially, the company’s friendly and personable legal approach has
influenced the representation of over 10,000 individuals from across
the Florida region.

What Is The Purpose Of The U.S. Money Reserve?

We all are aware of the fact that our United States Money Reserve issues out gold, silver, and platinum coins to people all over the world, but what else do they do and what is their purpose? The Reserve was started by people who had worked in the money market for many years as money and coin experts and had a good understanding of the world’s money market. They also understand the benefits of owning precious metals and coins and what a great investment it is. They are trained on how to advise people on what is valuable and why and they have experience that can be trusted in the financial arena.

These people not only have experience, but are specially trained in precious metals and all about what makes them valuable, the different types of metals and coins they deal with and their up-to-date value. They also know about rare coins, paper currency from different countries, and valuable medals, they are trained on how to treat customers, are trained in business knowledge, advice in money businesses, how to properly ship valuable and precious metals and coins, the history behind everything they deal with, how to verify real metals as opposed to fake, and the legal laws and standards required by the United States government. They offer bullion in silver and gold in one ounce coins and one ounce, ten ounce bars and a thirty-two point fifteen ounce solid bars. They have Congressional coins in gold named after famous people in our history, and famous things that have happened in our history. There is also a law in place that lets you buy and invest in silver and gold and legally put it into your IRA account and then store them in your home. Very few people know about this law, and this will make your retirement much more sound becaugse the value of silver and gold is a lot more secure than putting your money in stocks and bonds and will also increase in value much faster.
The United States Money Reserve have been given the highest rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and are officially backed by the United States government. The organization is run by Philip Diehl, who used to be a United States Director of the Mint and is now President of the United States Money Reserve. The reserve was originally started in 2001 and is located in Austin, Texas. They offer a book for Gold Buyers who are new to investing in precious metals that is free so you can learn all about I vesting in precious metals.


Early Life
Brian Bonar is a financial expert in making financial decisions. He has had excellent business structures due to his success in intensive business leadership. He is one of the most successful financial executives in the United States. He graduated from James Watt Technical College having received a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering.He thereafter proceeded to Stanford University for a master in Mechanical Engineering.

Accomplishments and Business History
He is currently the leader of Trucep, incorporated. He has served as a leader in major companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. He worked as a procurement manager for IBM the later on he went and became the Engineering Director for QMS managing 100 people. He moved to Adaptec as a sales manager and after acquiring enough experience he proceeded to start his company called Bezier Systems. Alongside, he still used to work for many other companies before he accrued his success in Dalrado Financial services where he were accredited as the most helpful wonderful colleague.

Bonar’s Major Business Financial Decisions
Bonar advises that if you own a business then there are quite some financial decisions you would need to make including paying taxes, workers’ wages and salaries and even insurance. By doing that one needs an expert financial advisor to get things right. One of the Companies that Brian helped out was Dalrada financial corporation by helping it to manage its payroll. For instance when dealing with payroll things like how much to pay as taxes are jobs that Brian Bonar can do problem free.

When it comes to finance, Bonar has lots of years of experience. He has had to serve several groups and companies to increase his knowledge, for instance, he served as an employee at American Management Services and LLC as a chairperson and CEO. He has a qualification of an MBA and a Ph.D. from the University of Staffordshire.

With nearly over three decades of professional experience in the financial sector, Brian Bonar is exceptionally placed to oversee procedures for Dalrada Financial Company. He has been able to serve as the corporations CEO (a position that holds him answerable for a vast employee selection as well as employer benefits and the aftermarket products. This company is a marketing liaison that supping a very broad program for employees that increase the business efficiency.

Bonar is one of the best financial experts in the United States with over thirty years of experience and with a proper clear record of performance in several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation. He helps businesses make financial decisions by giving them a proper channel to manage their finances and tackle the most problematic decisions underlying finances.

Adam Sender Collects Art History

A Fascinating Hobby

Few avocations inspire as much enthusiasm as the appreciation of fine art. Businessman Adam Sender generated a buzz last year when he placed some 400 pieces from his extensive collection of contemporary art with the world famous Sotheby’s auction house. The firm announced plans to offer this extensive body of work for sale in small lots over the following months and years to prospective buyers. Sotheby’s art specialist Gabriela Palmieri described the diversity of the Sender Collection as absolutely “kaleidoscopic” in nature.

One of the reasons for her excitement relates to the comprehensive aspect of the Sender Collection in modern art circles. In addition to obtaining pieces from very well known artists, Adam Sender reportedly made an effort to purchase works by less widely familiar names. One blog praised him recently for including so much variety that his collection displays a veritable “history” of the genre.

A Far Ranging Collection

Among the names of artists in the Sender Collection, art patrons discover monikers such as Cindy Sherman, Lucien Smith, Rashid Johnson, Frank Benson, Diana Al-Hadid, Dan Flavin, Richard Prince, Adam McEwen, Keith Haring and Martin Kippenberger. Although the modern art field today sometimes covers a huge array of subjects, Adam Sender’s collection reportedly includes examples from many influential movements from the past twenty to thirty years. His works of art include both Conceptual Art and Minimalists, for example.

The good taste and skill required to assemble a genuinely impressive art collection attracts comment from art savants. Collections devoted to specific genres sometimes fail to include a representative sample of artists in the field. People who have viewed all of the works Mr. Sender sent to Sotheby’s compliment his vision in selecting pieces that they feel appreciated significantly in value over the years. As a successful hedge fund manager, his discrimination in choosing so many promising artists has won him kudos from art critics in New York and Miami.

Public Service

Adam Sender has freely shared works from his prized collection of modern art by placing them on public view. He allows some paintings from his collection to appear on public display, for example. The pieces attract comments and help better educate the public about the field of contemporary art.

By sparking discussion, debate, and intellectual inquiry, works of art perform a valuable service. People may adore or despise a particular artistic effort, but the core value of imaginative inquiry holds a valuable place in society.


Reportedly, despite the recent sale of some of the items in the collection, numerous works remain and Adam Sender continues to acquire new pieces. The trove of art in his gallery represents a snapshot in time of some Modern Art trends.

Why Most Hospitals Are Working With Healthcare Companies

Health is a topic that every government has emphasized and its provision has never got sufficient. There are many people in the world who have had to go through complicated procedures to have their health restored. One of the main issues that have offered health institutions challenges to resolve is the availability of the right equipment and skills among workers. This is not a matter of how well trained someone is, but lack of funds can stall health services and many people will suffer. When such happens, patients will shun certain hospitals that have a bad record for attending to patients. Healthcare companies have noted this gap and invested to ensure hospitals can at least improve on their services. These are well structured companies that are well prepared to handle different problems. Having a quick response to issues has helped many hospitals to gain a positive reputation and to earn more.

Healthcare companies are dedicated institutions that are registered to offer healthcare services. They are organized in a manner that allows one to execute different procedures seamlessly. It is also true that due to the heavy tasks they are supposed to handle, they invest in hiring the best [practitioners to help in the delivery of services. This makes hiring healthcare companies ideal for small hospitals that are planning to build a positive reputation. When patients get impressive services, they will be pleased to refer others and this is how a hospital grows into a premier institution.

Remember one of the duties healthcare companies execute is to help minimize workload within a hospital. They also offer services that are too expensive for the hospital to afford. These include dealing with emergencies that may cost a lot to handle. In this process, the hospitals can manage other duties easily and plan for future activities without worries of spending much. Delegating duties to healthcare companies also minimizes chances of poor service delivery.

Nobilis Health has been voted top position severally and this is a premier institution that has managed to help many hospitals to handle patients. Nobilis Health is a healthcare company that can offer services within any circle of health. They are able to manage different services considering the kind of equipment they have and the long experience their professionals have. The company is always dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of their clients. Despite the fact they are presented with complicated cases that call for urgent care, Nobilis Health Corp is well structured to allow for easy handling of emergency situations.

Equipment and readiness to respond to issues is what determines the reliability of a health institution. No one wants to visit an institution that cannot handle different health issues perfectly. Healthcare companies bear all these qualities and their expansive team of experts helps to make it even easier to handle complex health needs. Each hospital should consider delegating roles to these companies as there is no way they can handle all activities within the hospital effectively if there is no proper mechanization and deployment of professionals.

White Shark Media And It’s Improvements

What is White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions for a variety of different clients. It specifically targets small and medium sized businesses, allowing for them to market their products so that it can be seen by many a crowd. They have been recognized as one of the fastest growing marketing and advertising and digital agencies in all of North America. They will track a client’s success with marketing to help the client see what marketing technique works with them.

When was White Shark Media founded?

Founded in 2011 by three Danish people that wanted to get into the entrepreneurship. They had a variety of experiences in two different marketing technique. They include both online and offline marketing techniques that they have been using since the beginning of their forming. Their main goal is to conquer the SMB market in both Latin and North America by helping deliver a good marketing experience to all involved. Thanks to his way of thinking, they have earned their place as one of the only 29 Google AdWords Partners.

The Complaints that they are happy to receive

This header may sound strange, but it is true. White Shark Media feels open to the concept of receiving feedback from their users so that they can better their services to the general public. They have a collection of typical complaints that they have received, and how it can occur. There is also a solution to these complaints underneath the complaint itself.

Some of the typical complaints receive are things such as losing touch with your AdWords Campaigns, not feeling communication is good enough, and phone systems with direct extensions. The text underneath these complaints show the explanation of the complaint or a solution to the complaint,or even how they received the complaint. Such as the one of losing touch with your AdWords Campaigns. They suggest that if you do lose touch with your Campaigns, that it can become stressful. They understand this and explain how they have been able to improve this since they have received the initial complaints.

Thanks to the feedback of the clients, White Shark Media can better their services for future and already existing clients. They are able to use these complaints to upgrade anything that they may be lacking in any area. They appreciate the feedback so that they can stay true to their services which they are really well known for. Because of their mission, they are very well known and may be even more popular as time goes on and more people want to advertise their businesses.