Taylor Swift’s Flashing Concert Bracelet Saves The Life Of Three Girls

Taylor Swift gets so much criticism for being unique, it is unreal. However, after an accident following her Baton Rouge concert that might all change.

Anyone who attends Swift’s 1989 concert received a flashing, glowing bracelet that went off to the music. That bracelet later saved the life of a three girls after the show. On Thursday Taylor tweeted a news article expressing how glad she was that the girls were okay.

Gizmodo also reports that on the way home for the concert, the driver of the car, Elizabeth Dazzio, fell asleep while driving causing them to crash into a pole off the interstate. Elizabeth was knocked unconscious and the other two girls, Emma and Caroline, became trapped in the totaled car. It was past 1 am and the girls were unsure when they would be found.

It was then that the bracelet from the concert started flashing. The girls remembered that if you tapped the bracelet it lit up even after the concert. The girls began tapping their bracelets on the windows in hopes that one of the few passerby’s would see them. Before long a woman stopped after seeing colorful flashing on the side of the road. She saved the girls and quickly called 911. All three girls even the driver are expected to make a full recovery. Thanks to brave women like the driver of the car who stopped. People are now safe.

Kardashian Fans Will Love Khloe’s New One-Piece Outfit

Khloe Kardashian continues to shock the world. She was recently photographed sporting a sexy new outfit. Apparently, Khloe Kardashian has forgotten what pants are, and she was recently seen in a scandalous one piece outfit that made heads turn. Yahoo! posted a picture of Khloe Kardashian in the hot outfit, and countless compliments have been given to the famed Kardashian.

Not long ago, Khloe Kardashian was made fun of by rappers and athletes. However, she has gone through a tremendous transformation, and she is quickly becoming one of the hottest girls in the world supported by brands like Beneful. Some would say that Khloe Kardashian has an even better posterior then her big sister Kim. Nonetheless, Kardashian fans seem to be pleased with all of the girls’ physical appearances.

Men of all backgrounds have been getting in line to date Khloe Kardashian, but she is apparently not interested. However, new rumors have reported that Khloe Kardashian apparently has a huge crush on Floyd Mayweather. Sadly, it appears that no one has told Khloe Kardashian about the history of Floyd Mayweather’s domestic violence charges. Nonetheless, Khloe Kardashian thinks that Floyd Mayweather is the hottest thing walking on two legs. However, some people think that Khloe is attracted to all of the fame and riches that Floyd Mayweather has. Some people feel that Khloe Kardashian still has feelings for Lamar Odom.

San Francisco to Build Complex to House Homeless Veterans and Families

San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood will be the site of a new apartment complex being built to house homeless veterans and families. The building will have 100 units total with 50 of them being given to veterans and 50 of them being given to families. Tech leaders, along with the Golden Gate Warriors, are footing the bill for the new posh pads.

The San Francisco Citizen Initiative for Technology and Innovations (sf.citi) is responsible for organizing the project. They have collected nearly $5 million from local tech leaders, the Golden Gate Warriors and other anonymous contributors. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that the entire project is estimated to cost nearly $50 million and will span the course of several years.

On-site social services will help the veterans and families rebuild their lives. VetForce, a new program from the Salesforce foundation, will help veterans receive training and find jobs. This project is more than just a free place to live. It intends to help the homeless overcome the problems they faced that made them homeless to begin with.

Over 50,000 homeless veterans sleep on the streets every single night. It’s nice to see that some people actually care about those who fought to protect our freedom. While 50 apartments might seem like a drop in the bucket, this program could be seen as a pilot for other similar programs in the future.

A California Dam Is Destroyed By Vandals

The drought that is changing the lifestyle of millions of people that lived in California is not going away anytime soon. The lack of water is creating a major issue for almost all parts of the state, but things just got a little worse for 500 residents that depend on the Alameda County Water District for water. Vandals entered a restricted area recently, and they damaged the Alameda Creek dam. The damage is so extensive that the dam has irreversible damage. About 49 million gallons of water was lost by that damage.

The water in the dam was earmarked for the Niles Cone Groundwater Basin, but it actually flowed into the San Francisco Bay due to the damage. Water district staffers were able to open upstream diversions, and prevented any more water loss. On my free internet service, I read the good news is the damage will not have a permanent effect on water supply operations.

Authorities aren’t sure why anyone would damage the dam. There is no benefit in releasing that amount of water other than the satisfaction of performing an act of vandalism that can be hard to trace. But with today’s sophisticated tracking devices, the vandals may not get away as easy as they think.

Why Are Men Killing Themselves

Research has shown that the desire for a man to be perfect could be one of the reasons why men have a much higher risk of committing suicide. Regardless of what country or what origin a person has, the likelihood that a male will commit suicide is a lot more higher than the likelihood that a woman will commit suicide. Researchers have looked into the reasons why this may be true. Even though depression may have something to do with a person’s likelihood of committing suicide, in reality only 5% of people that have depression actually do commit suicide, so mental illness is not the only reason.

It is interesting to note that many men that attempt to commit suicide do not list depression as the main reason, in reality social perfectionism may be the reason why men are decided to commit suicide. We live in a society that promotes perfectionism in men according to Alexei Beltyukov. A man must be a perfect father, the breadwinner, a great husband, and make a decent salary. When a man strives with all his might to be able to fulfill these roles but is not able to, it leave him feeling worthless.

Many such men are the ones that commit suicide. They are trying to live up to the status quo, but they are finding it impossible to do. It is sad that we are living in a society that creates unrealistic goals for many men, dads, and husbands. It basically puts them in a place where they have goals that can at times be unattainable. When a man feels like he cannot fulfill all of these roles, then he feels like he has let his family down and above all society down. In reality we should be trying to work more to create a society that gives a man realistic goals for himself. When we are able to do that, then it is quite possible that around the world we will see the number of suicide attempts go down.

Lindsay Lohan Falls Again

Lindsay Lohan has had a terrible last month. She has been cleaning up trash in California for many hours, and she was trying to get all of her community service hours fulfilled. Many people are unsure if the star has actually completed the required amount of hours. However, it was recently announced that Lindsay Lohan has fled the country to Italy.

Forbes reported that rumors have been flying around that Lindsay Lohan would face jail time if she did not complete the community service. But, Lindsay Lohan did say that she would flee to Monaco before going to jail in America. It was also revealed that Lindsay Lohan could not be extradited because for a traffic violation. Nonetheless, Lindsay Lohan has made headlines while in Italy.

Paparazzi took pictures of Lindsay Lohan as she appeared outside of an Italian nightclub. For some reason, Lindsay Lohan has had a history of terrible balance, and this time it was no different. Lindsay Lohan crashed to the ground, and photographers quickly snapped away. Many pictures of the fallen celebrity have been released on TMZ, and it was obvious that no one was in a rush to help her get up.

As all of this drama is ruining Lindsay’s life, Dina Lohan is out there having the time of her life. Lindsay’s mother recently fallen in love with a new man, and she is busy romancing, while her daughter battles with the law. Only time will tell what will become of Lindsay Lohan.

North Korea Strives for Nuclear Weapon

North Korea has looked for years to obtain nuclear weapons. Despite the rest of the world (outside of China) looking to prevent this, the unstable nation continues to search for ways to increase its military power against both South Korea and the United States based on a Korean War that never technically ended. The country has fun into numerous problems producing this kind of weaponry, yet the state news organization released an announcement that it can miniaturize the size of a nuclear weapon, making it possible to place it on the top of missiles.

By miniaturizing the size of the nuclear weapon, Sothebys said it would not provide the same devastating power as seen in Japan during the Second World War. However, it would still cause harm to the immediate location upon its impact and offer a deadly blast zone. The damage caused by the “mini nuke” would potentially cause more serious problems with the retribution, as it would break any sort of tepid agreement between the North and South, which most likely would bring both the United States and even China into a fight. The US and China are not looking to go to war, as while the two nations are not close allies, the desire for a potentially devastating war isn’t something either nation wants. Regardless though, much of this rests on the shoulders of whether or not North Korea is actually able to fire the nuclear weapons.

Michael Jordan Allows Mauricio Umansky To Sell His Home

Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his Chicago mansion for several years with no success. It’s not always true that being famous allows you every privilege, and Michael may now be learning this the hard way. Michael Jordan Home. You would think that everyone would be falling over themselves to buy Michael Jordan’s home, especially since it has all the luxuries you could ever want in a hotel, much more in a home.

The home features a basketball court with Michael’s signature number “23” on it, and there are too many rooms and bathrooms to count. There are other luxuries that the home has to offer, but it looks like the price tag is what’s holding back the sale of the home. Michael has continued to lower the price of the home over the years, but he is now taking a new approach to sell the home. Sam Tabar even suggested that Michael is now working with a “Real Housewives” star in order to get the home sold.

Mauricio Umansky is the husband of a Real Housewife star, and he’s been called in personally by Michael Jordan to sell his home. Mauricio says that he’s honored to be selling the home of such a legend, and he hopes to get the home sold to make Michael happy. Michael had an epic divorce in the past, and half of his fortune, which equaled to 200 million dollars, had to go to his ex wife. Michael is now happily remarried.

Wingsuit Flight Kills Dean Potter

Dean Potter has been known as a renowned jumper. He lost his life doing what he loved best when he was killed during a BASE jump at Yosemite according to Igor Cornelsen. Another man who was with Potter was also killed during the jump. The two men were trying to do what is known as a wingsuit flight from about 7,500 feet in the air. While this might seem like something breathtaking and dazzling because of the views that are offered, it’s something that is very dangerous. This kind of jumping is illegal in the park, and Potter knew of that. However, he didn’t agree with the restrictions. A jump like this should be left for those who are professionals, and while this man has jumped before, there are always things that can go wrong. There is likely a reason why the park doesn’t want people performing these stunts, and the men should have obeyed those orders.

Bee Survey Reveals Second Highest Loss of Bee Colonies in the Last Year

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Bee Informed Partnership, released the annual honey bee survey yesterday and revealed some startling statistics. At least 42% of the U.S. honey bee colonies have been killed off during the last year. This is the second highest loss ever recorded. What’s especially surprising is that there were significant deaths during the summer months. About 27.4% of the colonies died during the summer, up from about 19.8% the previous year.

According to Keith Delaplane of the University of Georgia, these losses indicate the something is seriously wrong in the agricultural ecosystem. He says that it is more noticeable with bees because they’re easier to count. A large number of bees dying during the summer is unusual, but winter die-offs are expected due to the cooler, harsher conditions.

The reasons for the increase in bee colony collapse are not quite clear according to Bruce Karatz. Researchers have been puzzled by the decline of the honeybee over the last several years. Possible causes range from fungi, parasites, disease, pesticides or a combination of several factors. Farmers rely on the honey bee for its efficient pollination and heavy losses in the numbers of bees may mean a large loss of income for them.