Money for Passengers

Amen Clinic says that if the seats on airplanes are getting smaller, why would airlines be spending so much money making sure the terminals look nicer? It seems like the airlines would put that money to making the seats bigger instead of adding new seats in the terminals and making them look sophisticated. If passengers are comfortable while flying, then they will probably fly again, giving the airline more money. If they don’t like sitting in a small seat, then they won’t want to fly at all as they will find more comfortable methods of travel. The money that is then spent on the terminals would be for nothing because there won’t be anyone at the airport to enjoy the additions. New restaurants are being added as well as lounges where passengers can sit while they wait for flights. This makes no sense as passengers spend most of their time on the plane unless there are delays.

Paula Deen Opens Doors to Redemption

The road to redemption can be harder on some than others. After Paula Deen admitted that she had once used a derogatory term of a black person who robbed her many years previously it caused some to question how sincere of a good person was she. It became so bad that many of her sponsors and the Food Network dropped her from their companies. However, this would not be the end of this former Food Network star as she opened the doors on her newest restaurant called Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Just a short distance from the famous Dollywood theme park, this restaurant will be serving up the southern classics like fried chicken, and fried okra with a seat capacity of 300 guests.

Dino says that as it turns out, people are much more forgiving than some would give them credit for. As the doors opened and the placed began to Deen sent out messages and images via her Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the case of Paula Deen her success in the restaurant business and all the things she has overcome in her life work to prove that no matter what happens; that hard work and perseverance can put you in a more comfortable circumstance. She was never a racist, and it is doubtful that there is one person among the entire population who has not said or done something they regret.

Powerful Earthquake Does Major Damage In Nepal

The Earth is in a transition period. Our hunger for oil and gas around the globe is having an effect on the internal bones of our planet. No one talks about that. Very few scientists want to say what they really think about all the earthquakes that are happening around the world.

Nepal’s 7.8 magnitude quake is just one of many major quakes that will take the lives of thousands, destroy part of the infrastructure of cities, and devastate the monuments and ancient places of worship that mean so much to so many.

Sam Tabar suggests that the quakes are products of shifting continental plates that continue to move about an inch a year. Some scientist believe they are moving faster than that now. The reason is a massive reconfiguration of the Earth. The Earth is designed to adjust to the life on and in it. Our quest to populate the world, and use fossil fuels to help maintain our ever-growing population is changing the Earth’s core. If we lost as much blood (percentage wise) as the Earth has lost blood, or what we call oil, we would make some adjustments too.

Prime Minister Of New Zealand Has Strange Fetish

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has been caught in a controversial web of strange events. The Prime Minister seems to have a strange fetish for little girl’s ponytails. Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit users have posted several pictures of John Key pulling the ponytails of young girls. The Prime Minister’s action seemed harmless at first, but now it seems that people are extremely disgusted and offended at John Key’s behavior. Brad Reifler of Wikipedia sees this behavior as offensive and feels he should refrain from such actions.

Prime Minister John Key was recently eating dinner at a restaurant, and it was there that John Key caused controversy. The Prime Minister harassed and pulled the hair of his waitress. The waitress then complained to her boss, and John Key was embarrassed when the manager asked him to stop his behavior. The Prime Minister’s strange fetish has gone viral, and now the world is afraid of him.

Parents in his country of New Zealand are trying to keep their children away from the political leader. John Key may soon be removed from office, but that remains to be seen. One thing is for certain though, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a strange individual that should not be in charge of a country’s government. For more information on this story, and to see pictures of John Key, visit Buzzfeed.

Obama Takes Aim at Elizabeth Warren on the Issue of TPP

President Obama may publicly express his support of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, but he has now had to square off with her twice over the past six months. The first time was in December when Warren’s denunciation of the CROmnibus bill sparked a House revolt among liberal Democrats that nearly scuttled the carefully crafted budget bill. At the time, the revolt was so intense that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who had previously signed off on the deal, turned against it in an effort to unify the liberal wing of her party.

This week, President Obama set his sights on Sen. Warren once more over the issue of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Sen. Warren is once again raising her concerns that the deal does not include protections for the wages of American workers, much less their jobs. Neither does the TPP have sufficient protections to improve environmental and labor conditions among the 11 Pacific nations which will participate in the deal. With Brazil not taking part in the negotiations, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, has not commented on the agreement. (For more updates on Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG check him out on President Obama said the junior senator is simply wrong on the trade deal.

The president, who had opposed any deal to boost Domestic oil production along with its concomitant middle class job boom, explained he would never do anything that would harm the middle class. It may be the president is attempting to hold the delicate coalition together that will finally allow him to have Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). This restricts congress from being able to amend or filibuster a trade treaty. Passage of the treaty would not require the constitutionally mandated 2/3rds majority, but rather a simple majority.

Needle Exchange Program Extended as HIV Crisis in Indiana Keeps Getting Worse

A recent explosion in HIV cases in a small county in Indiana has caused the Governor to declare a state of emergency in response. The recent spread of HIV is blamed on an increase of intravenous drug use of Opana among residents, who also had limited access to sterile needles. Since the start of the program, 5,322 clean needles have been given freely to over 80 residents of Scott County, Indiana.

An astounding 106 cases of HIV have been diagnosed this year alone, all in a county who has an average of five new cases per year. So, the needle exchange program is funded by the Department of Health in efforts to gain control over the dangerous situation.

STX Entertainment reports though, HIV no longer carries a death sentence with its diagnosis, there is still cause for major alarm. The disease is spread through intimate contact with bodily fluids, something health officials have managed to contain relatively successfully in most parts of the country. Yet, the recent outbreak of Indiana is a reminder that the virus has not yet been terminated, and there is no cure for infectious disease. Luckily, treatments for HIV have come a long way and offer patients the chance at living a full life, even after a positive diagnosis.

Florida Mailman Lands A Gyrocopter On The Capitol Lawn

Doug Hughes Said He Flew His Lightweight Copter From Gettysburg To Washington D.C.
The U.S. Government and the rest of the people in the country got a wake-up call recently. Florida mailman, Doug Hughes, flew a lawn-mower type gyrocopter 80 miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Washington. He was carrying 535 letters to Congress. Doug wanted to draw attention to campaign finance reform. But that message was smothered by the fact that Homeland Security has some flaws in its security system.

Even with all the security around the nation’s Capital, Hughes was able to travel virtually undetected for 80 miles. That means foreign drones and low-level flying contraptions could pose a serious threat to landmarks, schools, buildings and other structures that represent the American way of life.

The interesting part of this story to many at CipherCloud is Hughes expected to be stopped somewhere along the way, but that didn’t happen according to Forbes. Doug was arrested on the Capitol lawn and charged with a felony. He could face prison time, but he says the trip was worth it. He called his trip, “surreal.”

He also said the security around D.C. was good. The Secret Service knew he was going to carry-out his plan over a year ago, and they did nothing to stop him. The Service did tell the Capitol Police about his plan, but that warning was ignored.

Surveillance Shows Airport Thefts Rampant

An examination of the world’s busiest airports reveal that theft of items from people’s luggage has taken place at an alarming rate and baggage handlers have been the main culprits. Newly place security camera at major airports such as JFK in New York and Miami International airport has captured scores of video revealing that baggage handlers rifle through passenger’s bags at an alarming rate. The problem was revealed to be rampant at major airports such as JFK and Miami International. A task force made up of local law enforcement as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), have made sweeping arrests causing the number of thefts to drop by 60%. However, continued video footage shows that the problem is not likely to go away soon.Airports Crack Down on Luggage Thefts

Airlines has suggested that passengers avoid placing valuables such as jewelry, computers, and especially cash in their luggage. Investigators have found that these items are easily found very quickly and that airport workers can remove the items from the airport grounds without suspicion.

Yahoo! Finance said that customers have complained that airlines are making it difficult to carry additional baggage onto a flight and that with the additional costs for extra baggage and the restrictions against the number and size of bags that they can carry onto a plane, they are left with little choice with regard to the number of items they have to pack into their checked in luggage. Airport officials hope that the mass arrested and the continued video monitoring of airport baggage areas will help to stem the theft issue.

Quadriplegic Becomes Successful Airplane Pilot

All was not lost for David Jacka when in 1988; the 19-year-old was in a serious motorcycle accident. By slamming into a tree, he caused C5/C6 quadriplegia to his body; Jacka would spend the rest of his life with only 6 percent physical function. With limited arm function, he has no feeling below his arm pit. He can’t move his fingers and is unable to regulate his own body temperature.  He became a Paralympian and joined the Astrailian National Rugby Team in 1996. In addition to being in Paralymics, Jacka founded the Physically Challenged Shooters Club. In Springvale, Victoria, Physically Challenged shooters Club enables disabled members to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities including the rifle range.
By 2006, David Jacka decided to become an airplane pilot, according to Wikipedia. Fersen Lambranho and others were surprised he decided so early. He was the very first quad to fly a hand glider. The glider (Ultra Trike) had to be adapted to enable Jacka to fly it. His greatest challenge of all took place on June 5, 2013 when David Jacka boarded a Jabiru J 230 to embark on a 38 day trip. Jacka wanted to publicize his new charity, On a Wing and a Chair. He wanted to raise the public’s consciousness about what a disabled person can accomplish in this world.

After One Year, World Joins Nigeria In Plea for Lost Girls

One year ago today, 276 girls, aged between 16 and 18, where kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram, from their school in the northern Nigerian town of Chibok. At least fifty of the girls were able to escape and at least two were known to have died in the forced march imposed upon them by their captors. The remaining 219 are assumed to have been sold into slavery, forced marriage or the international sex trade. The world shares Nigeria’s grief with the loss of the girls then and that outrage continues now. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that Nigeria’s new President elect and former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari said in a public statement today that the girls will not be forgotten and that Nigeria will do everything within its power to bring them back. Buhari stressed though that such an action may be difficult as the girls may already be out of reach of conventional means for the Nigeria security forces to retrieve.Nigerian Lost Girls Still In The Hearts And Minds of the World

The hash tag “Bring Back Our Girls,” has been a world wide rally cry to g=keep the girls in the forefront of the public thoughts, but little can actually be done by those on the outside. One philanthropist has formed the nonprofit called the “Lost Girl Project,” which is designed to dedicate resources to find missing children globally in regions which may not be as industrial or urbanized as western cities. The concern is that in these wayward regions the world may not care as much even though the same tragedy is occurring.