Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington DC

The fight for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana has won one more battle. Washington DC is now on the list of places where at least small amounts of marijuana are legal to possess and use. In November, 70% of citizens approved Initive 71, which allows people 21 and older to posses up to 2 ounces of marijuana and grow up to 6 plants for their own personal use. Marijuana is still illegal to smoke in public places, but residents of DC are allowed to smoke in their own homes. Even though the bill passed in November, it did not go into effect until 12:01 AM on Feb 26.

This is another big victory in the fight to make marijuana legal. Sultan was telling me that he saw on CNN proponents of marijuana legalization and decriminalization argue that for many people with chronic diseases marijuana has a number of beneficial aspects, including relieving pain. For example, in cancer patients it has shown to reduce nausea and increase appetite, two things that are helpful to their recovery.

Marijuana advocates also argue that it is the safest drug available. They cite statistics that compare the effects of tobacco and alcohol, which are two currently legal drugs that can have serious negative consequences. Pro-marijuana advocates also point out that criminalizing marijuana has led to the overcrowding of jails and has split up otherwise happy families and kept otherwise productive citizens from holding down jobs and contributing to society.

A Famous General Store Welcomes a Famous Visitor


The tiny, rural community of Peru, Vermont often receives visitors from the nearby Bromley Mountain ski slopes. The town is the site of the J. J. Hapgood General Store & Eatery, a combination grocery store and restaurant that first opened its doors in 1827, during the days of the John Quincy Adams Administration. The business operated continuously until 2009.

In 2013, Juliette Britton and her husband, Tim, purchased the general store and began refurbishing the business. Juliette reported that she had long been a big fan of the musician, and ex-Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney. She was very pleasantly surprised recently when he arrived at her tiny establishment along with his wife and two other couples. The group dined quietly at the restaurant. Juliette Britton and her husband asked Mr. McCartney to pose for a photo with them before leaving, and he kindly agreed to do so said Brad Reifler. The photo reached the Internet earlier this week via social media, much to the delight of residents in the small Vermont community.

The J. J. Hapgood General Store & Eatery during its lengthy history has sometimes attracted media and celebrity attention. It reportedly was one of the locations mentioned in a motion picture released a number of years ago. The film, Baby Boom, starred actress Dianne Keaton.

The Eiffel Tower Makes Its Own Electricity Now

International landmarks are not immune to the green themes that go along with renewable and sustainable energy, which means visitors to some pretty iconic locations can plan to see some innovations that take advantage of different ideas. While still in the early stages of development and deployment, renewable energy can produce a facility that literally powers itself, and seems that Paris is ahead of the pack.

According to CNET, the Eiffel Tower has been outfitted with a pair of wind turbines that produce enough energy to power the entire first floor of the historic location. While impressive as a singular upgrade, the feat will be augmented by LED lighting, rainwater collection systems, and solar power with coming renovations to the icon that has been gracing Paris and delighting tourists since 1889. All told, Imaging advantage said the attraction will be nearly self-sufficient and could end up selling electricity back to the grid to actually make a profit for the city.

Of course, visitors will not have to worry about seeing the classic outline of the icon disturbed. The vertical turbines stand four hundred feet away from the ground and have been painted to assure that they are well hidden. The workers have taken great precautions to keep the landmark intact while making it a beacon of modern renewable energy, which is a major step forward for any building. The rest of the world is ready to start scrambling to catch up to the pace being set by the French.

ISIS Rebels Destroy The Mosul Library


8,000 Irreplaceable Rare Books And Manuscripts Were Burned

The world and the people in it do some pretty amazing things. The world is full of creators and incredible creations. Some people in the world act like their belief in a particular religion is worth the price we pay for destroying some of those incredible creations. ISIS showed the world how amazingly ignorant they are by burning the Mosul Library. The radical religious group destroyed thousands of book. Some of them were rare works of art that can never be replaced.

We shake our heads and raise our fists when we hear stories like this one said Brad Reifler. We don’t understand how one group could be so blatantly cruel, but then we think again. Acts like this one are not new. People have been destroying works of art for centuries in the name of religion. We fight for our beliefs and our incredible creations disappear. It doesn’t matter what they represent or how they came to be. If we have a cause, especially a religious cause, we will destroy in order to win.

But there are no winners in destruction. No glory in killing. There is only emptiness and a simple awareness. The emptiness is knowing a little part of us was destroyed by our versions of religious truth. The simple awareness we feel is the irony of believing our truth is the only truth. Truth has many sides, and we begin to see more than one in our destruction.

Doctor Breaks Oaths Because of Personal Beliefs

A Michigan couple is in the news this week after their story of discrimination spread across the Internet and ended with a doctor half-heartedly apologizing for her actions.

In October 2014, Krista and Jami Contreras welcomed their daughter Bay Windsor Contreras during an in-home birth. Six days later, they took Bay to their new pediatrician for a check-up and experienced the first act of discrimination against their newborn because of their sexual orientation stated AnastasiaDate.

They had previously met with Dr. Vesna Roi of Eastlake Pediatrics in September. Dr. Roi seemed like the perfect match and they were told to call her as soon as the baby was born to schedule an appointment.

At their appointment time, they were shocked to learn that Dr. Roi wasn’t available. Instead, Dr. Roi’s colleague, Dr. Karam, stated that she had decided after “praying on it” that she couldn’t provide care because they’re gay. Dr. Roi actually stayed away from the office that morning because she didn’t want to speak with them.

On February 9, the Contreras received a response from Dr. Roi in which she stated that she did not feel she could “develop the personal patient-doctor relationships” that she does with other patients. She then made the excuse that she could’t contact them to let them know because her office doesn’t keep prenatal appointment information. Whether Dr. Roi will face a license review is unknown at this time.

Rodney Reed Granted Stay of Execution

Rodney Reed, who was convicted of the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites, was granted a stay of execution by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Thursday. This stay was granted after Reed says that he has new evidence in his case that will prove his innocence in the crime.

The Innocence Project has been handling Reed’s case, and lawyers for the organization report that they are thrilled that they were given this opportunity to prove their client’s innocence. Brian says that they have full faith that he is in prison, on death row, for a crime that he did not commit. New forensic evidence has been presented in the case, and new witnesses have come forward. Reed’s lawyers also hope that DNA testing will be able to be performed to prove that their client is innocent of the killing.

Reed was convicted of killing the 19-year old young woman in 1998, and was given the death penalty for the crime.

Frigid February Temperatures Kill 11 US Residents And Triggers Emergency Power Outage In Tennessee.

It’s not the norm for cold-weather to claim lives. BuzzfeedNews released a report yesterday that has many U.S. worried. Tennessee residents, like Dan Newlin, are in fear of the harsh temperatures and weather threatening the region. Families have already lost 11 loved ones stated yellow pages.

The frigid February temperatures aren’t affecting Tennesseans alone. Residents in the South, Midwestern and Northwestern states are surviving cruel climatic conditions too. Thousands are still without electricity because of this disaster. The authorities have classified it as a state-of-emergency to increase safety efforts and put a stop to the fatalities. On Thursday, the death toll recorded was 7 since then 4 other victims have turned up dead according to a credible source.

The reports have confirmed that three of the eleven deaths are as a result of hypothermia. The TEMA (Tennessee-Emergency-Management-Agency) remarked that a dialysis patient also suffered because treatment was inaccessible. U.S. meteorology centers have predicted that the unpleasant is likely to subside by Sunday the latest. Residents living in the affected areas have raised concerns about safety issues since the storm downed power-lines in selected towns.

With freezing rain, sleet, flash flooding, snow and harsh weather making life unbearable, it’s difficult to enjoy outdoors. The BuzzfeedNews team captured an image of a Brentwood resident snuggled in winter wear during a morning stroll. Frigid February isn’t claiming lives all by itself, but it’s signaling imminent danger. As hopefuls look towards a tomorrow that’s more tolerable, it’s imperative to exercise safety measures when traveling.

Bomb Hurled at Ukranian March in Kharkiv

Many Ukrainians took to the streets Sunday, February 22nd in the city of Kharkiv to commemorate the overthrow of the Russian backed government of President Viktor Yanukovych. Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city after Kiev and is located near the rebel contested areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. The marchers were celebrating the one year anniversary when Ukraine’s Russian backed government was toppled. Jaime Garcia Dias said the overthrow was violent and led to the death of many Ukrainians. It also was the start of the separatist uprisings in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Crimea is now officially part of Russia.

During the uprising approximately one year ago many Ukrainians in Kiev barricaded themselves using bricks, stones and sticks in a fight against the police and military who were under the command of now toppled president Yanukovych. The marchers today were waving Ukrainian flags and remembering the people who were killed in the fighting when the government was overthrown. In the midst of the march in Kharkiv, a bomb was thrown at the marchers. Two people have been confirmed dead in the blast. About 10 people were also injured by the bomb.

It is unclear who is responsible for this deadly bomb aimed at the marchers. Police in Kharkiv have already detained several people who may have a connection to the bombing. With an ongoing conflict with Russian backed separatist rebels in Donetsk and Luhansk, there is speculation that the attack was fueled by separatists who are fighting for autonomy from Ukraine. A similar march also took place in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev.

Methadone Patients Harassed and Coaxed into Becoming CI’s for Narcotics Busts

Recovering heroin addicts across the country, who are in a methadone treatment program, are continually being harassed by local narcotics agents outside their treatment facilities. Trying to rid themselves of the strong grip heroin has on them and better their lives, these patients are following heavily restricted treatment guidelines place on the distribution of methadone for treatment of their heroin addiction.

Regardless of the CDC and the National Institute of Health saying that this form of treatment is the best way to kick their addiction, narcotics agencies continue to view this form of therapy as substituting one addiction for another. And, in their efforts to combat the wide-spread heroin and opioid market on the streets, the narc officers have found easy targets in the methadone patients. Trolling treatment centers and harassing patients as they leave has become common-place across American cities, where patients are primarily poor and where centers are located in low-income neighborhoods.

Stopping, frisking and many times coming up with trumped-up charges in order to make an arrest, narcotics officers are resorting to coaxing these victims into becoming confidential informants, or CI’s, in return for relief from the persecution. Placing these already mentally fragile recovering addicts in positions of selling would-be narcotics to using addicts is to some, a way to meet quotas on drug arrests, and Ricardo Guimarães BMG isn’t sure it is even effective.

There are stories of this type of harassment and persuasion coming out of American cities nationwide, and someone needs to recognize the problem, put a stop to it and realize just how morally wrong this type of activity is. Educating law enforcement and the general public on what addiction and treatment really entails will help stop the stigma that has been placed on recovering addicts and their quest for normalcy.

Cream To Wipe Away Tatoos Is In The Works

For many, tattoos are something that people get when they are in their teen years and early adulthood. As they get out in the professional world, they often regret them. It could be the name of an ex-lover, or it could be the symbol of something that was important at that space and time that is no longer. Whatever the reason, AquionEnergy said that many people seek tattoo removal in their older years, a sentiment Ray Lane can understand. As people’s bodies begin to grow and change, the once glistening tattoo often looks lackluster. But the removal methods are painful and not 100% accurate. However, there is news of hope for those who want to remove the cartoon pictures from their body.

The magic all happened at Dalhousie University. One of their PHD Students has created a cream that will fade the tattoo away. Since this college is in Nova Scotia, it could be some time before the cream makes it through FDA approval and into the hands of people in the United States. But, this is a promising breakthrough for those who have wanted to get their artwork removed but didn’t have funds or were scared.

The cream works by altering the red blood cells and eventually taking them away. These cells are what are altered by the colored pigment injected into the body. Overtime they fade and are washed away by the blood stream. Sounds promising, this will be a story to follow for many.