Snow Storm Bringing Unwanted Snow and Ice


It seems like some parts of the country have had a pretty mild winter. However, other parts of the country are not fairing so well. This weekend is going to be a slick mess for the Northeast and parts of the Mid-west. The Ohio valley could see up to ten inches of snow, but the Northeast could see snow fall totals that exceed a foot in Maine.

But Sultan Alhokair noted the real problem is the Northeast just dug out from underneath this blizzard. It wasn’t a small ordeal either. One area of Massachusetts got nearly thirty five inches of snow. Try digging out from that and then getting hit again in a week. For all those who have had it with the winter haze and the depressive nature it brings to the area, it may be time to head West. There are Southern and Western states that see no snowfall and it is sunshine year round. This is where many will look to relocate when they retire, or perhaps even sooner.

Dealing with the snow and ice is not only dangerous but it is quite nerve-wracking. The snow is beautiful for about an hour or two and then it is a headache to deal with. Since the weather men hardly can keep track of what system is coming and what one is going, Mother Nature seems to often spring some surprises on us. Nevertheless, this storm is coming out of the South and those storms are usually the ones that pack the biggest punch.

Suboxone Should be Saving More Lives


In the 1990’s, Percocet, OxyContin and Opana began an opioid epidemic that was especially severe where access to health care was limited. Still rampant today, the opioid epidemic is a growing health crisis, increasing by 400 percent in 10 years. Annually, opioid overdoses claim almost 17,000 American lives.

A federal and state crackdown on loosely prescribed opioid pain killers has caused opioid addicts to use heroin. Experts predicted heroin use would increase as prescription opioids became unavailable. Between 2012 and 2013, heroin related overdose deaths experienced a 39 percent increase overall and the state of Ohio recorded a 60 percent increase during that period.

Scientists who study drug addiction agree that the human brain cannot overcome an addiction without medical support due to proven physiological reactions that people are powerless to overcome.  According to recent research, Haiadr Barbouti shows, willpower alone doesn’t work for heroin addiction and too many people are dying as a result of heroin overdose.

In the 1970’s, the buprenorphine medication was developed and was considered a lower overdose risk than methadone. Countries that were able to legally administer buprenorphine to recovering addicts dramatically lowered their overdose death rates. The United States was not among those countries.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Subutex and Suboxone in 2002 for opiate addiction treatment. Suboxone is the drug used by paramedics to revive overdose victims as well as being the most widely prescribed and effective treatments for opiate addiction today.

It is time for people ask why this treatment is not prescribed for their family members and loved ones who suffer from heroin addiction and insist that they get this medicine.

FreedomPop to Begin Offering $5 Unlimited WI-FI Service

As reported by the Wall Street Journal
FreedomPop has become a big name in the telecommunications industry since its inception in 2011. Co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Stephen Sesnar, the company has had an explosive rate of growth thanks to its products like the Photon mobile hot spot and their free data, text, and voice plans as well as its low-cost smartphone and tablet devices. The company has even partnered with Sprint to provide access for its customers to 3G and 4G networks. Now FreedomPop is set to rock the industry again with an amazing $5 per month WI-FI only network access plan. This revolutionary plan is being paired with a WI-FI only phone which will make use of the service.

This unique approach has two main user groups targeted. Their primary target group are those who would like to use this low-cost service as a supplement to existing data plans with FreedomPop and other carriers. Their secondary target group are people who simply want to use WI-FI for their calling, text, and data needs. FreedomPop reports that there is a growing interest in this sort of WI-FI only service. Either way, customers will be able to save big; either by easing the burden on their existing mobile plans or by using low-cost WI-FI only data plans exclusively.

Another step forward that FreedomPop is taking is the fact that this plan will be compatible with subscribers (or former subscribers) of any carrier. This is markedly different than the partnerships that FreedomPop has had with Sprint in the past in which they would provide services for Sprint compatible devices. The plan is targeting over 200 million “abandoned” phones that could use the service and once again become useful to their owners. It will also allow customers to switch to lower-cost data plans with existing carriers due to the fact that the WI-FI text, data, and calling will start to take up more of their data usage.

No stranger to partnering with various companies to filling any gaps in their service, FreedomPop has now begun partnering with high-profile companies such as AT&T, Google, and other cable operators so that they can ensure their service is available at WI-FI hotspots such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other similar locations. Users can locate these hot spots with the FreedomPop app available on iTunes and Google Play. They even have a plan to set up WI-FI hotspots in deep urban areas. Stephen Stokols expects that in six months FreedomPop will have 25 million hotspots available for their customers and mentions that the goal is to make these WI-FI networks seem similar to cellular networks from the customer’s prospective.

Save on Wi-Fi With FreedomPop’s $5.00 Plan

As reported by the Wall Street Journal

Do you have a pre-paid cellphone and want more Wi-Fi usage but don’t want to pay more for an expensive data plan? Or, maybe you have a tablet that only uses Wi-Fi but don’t want to use the data allowance connected to your cellphone “hot spot”. FreedomPop is now offering $5.00 a month WI-FI plan just may be for you.

Wi-Fi data use can be expensive with traditional carriers, FreedomPop is offering an affordable alternative. The $5.00 Wi-Fi plan will save money for those who like conserving their cell phone minutes, data plan, or who just want to activate broadband on an old cell phone no longer in use. 

You may wonder: How is this possible to purchase Wi-Fi for only $5.00 a month? FreedomPop has made an application for Android phones that allows it to function as an auto-connect equal with Google. In a couple of weeks, the system will function seamlessly with Google applications. This means you can surf the web longer while paying less. 

With this new addition to their service line FreedomPop is looking to add 1 million more Wi-Fi users. And this is a low estimate, since there are more than 30 million people utilizing the pre-paid cell phone services who can now have quality Wi-Fi at a lower cost than with the established big name carriers.

FreedomPop has made an agreement with companies to provide Wi-Fi to over 10 million locations. Some of the “hot spots” will be located in familiar places such as Best Buy, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Burger King to name a few. If you live in a large metro area you shouldn’t have a problem getting connected on your tablet or cell phone. You will be able to use the Android application provided by FreedomPop to access the “hot spots” automatically when near one. A secure link will allow you to log into the device by recognizing the “hot spots” login as soon as you turn on the app at the location. 

One other highlight from FreedomPop, and their new $5.00 plan, is that you don’t have to purchase a cell phone or tablet from them. You can use the internet device you already own and just subscribe to the service. With low cost Wi-Fi , a wide range of locations to connect, and being able to use the device you are using now, sounds like a great idea from FreedomPop.

Check out FreedomPop on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Shrewd Investing With Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has made millions by sticking to tried and true investment strategies whether in Brazil or in the United States. He is known to provide advise regarding the investment of stocks for the long term investor. The following are a few of his suggestions for making money when investing in stocks, especially if you are interested in the opportunity to make money in the Brazilian market.

Shrewd Investor

Investing in the stock market should be with the intention of doing so as a career. To make money in the stock market you have to invest in the long term and not look for quick and fast rewards. Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen is known for giving the advise to “invest wisely.” This means to take your time, do the research of the stock you are considering investing in so you can get the best return for your money.

Another bit of advise Mr. Igor Cornelsen provides is to diversify your stock. Don’t put all of your money in one stock hoping for a big payout. You may just end up losing all of your investment. By diversifying, investing in more stock for smaller investments, you will be able to continue to increase your dividends even if one of the stocks should falter.

Brazilian Investments

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games coming to Brazil there is an increased interest in investing in the Brazilian economy. Igor Cornelsen has specific advise for those thinking of doing international investing in Brazil.

First, he suggests you get to know the Brazilian community. Business owners will be glad to advise you on the in’s and out’s of investing locally as well as how business is conducted in their part of the world.

Make sure your documents are in order to navigate Brazilian government rules and regulations as well as tariffs and fees. For those investors who persevere, Igor Cornelsen, advises your investment pay off should be well worth any temporary aggravation.

Mr. Cornelsen also advises to work only with a bank authorized in transactions dealing in foreign-currency. This is a must if the business you are investing as is not residing in Brazil. All transactions are processed at the foreign currency rate regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. These currency rates can fluctuate and should be monitored to ensure the correct rate is being used for you to get the right return for your investment.

DEA May Be A Bigger Phone Spy That NSA


U.S. Department of Justice Kept Track of Americans’ Phone calls To Other Nations For More Than Ten Years

A new court document shows that the U.S. Department of Justice tracks calls so that they can identify drug traffickers and other criminals. This operation was a tightly kept secret. The DEA database was revealed in the case of a man accused of helping to export illicit goods to Iran according to the Wall Street Journal.

Lawmakers, Civil Liberties groups and activists like Haidar Barbouti want this underground program to end because they say it violates privacy rights. The case can be viewed on The lawyer in the case is trying to have the phone evidence against his client thrown out. The lawyer, Saied Kashani, said the Department of Justice has “converted the war on drugs into a war on privacy,”

The DEA database is similar to the one kept by the National Security Agency. The only difference is the NSA database tracks domestic and foreign calls. That spying is authorized and overseen by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The DEA program just issued administrative subpoenas that weren’t reviewed by a court judge.

Lawyer Patrick Toomey told The Journal that this discovery confirms the fact that the government has “extended its use of bulk collection far beyond” national security and terror cases. When it comes to spying, the DEA and NSA operate above the law. There are many cases that prove that. This case is just one of them.

Save on Homes in Detroit

While Detroit became the largest city in the country to ever file for bankruptcy protection, it exited bankruptcy several weeks ago in record time and is also growing at a rapid rate. Now, one of the major reasons Detroit ran into financial problems was the fact that the city population was shrinking while the land size of the city remained the same. In fact, the land of Detroit is large enough to fit Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco all inside of its borders. In order to reduce the size of the city and make it more cost effective, the city started to move residents from blocks that only had one or two people living on it into communities with mostly full neighborhoods at no cost to the home owners (and often into much better homes).

As Brian Torchin understands it, many of these homes still are open inside of these mostly full neighborhoods and the city wants to fill these houses, but they also want to make sure the right people are able to move in. This is why the city has been auctioning off the homes for those who are interested. Many of the homes do have some minor issues that need to be fixed, but often only go for a few thousand dollars. Now, city of Detroit workers are eligible for 50 percent off the final auction price, which makes the home that much more affordable in the long run.

Christopher Cowdray: Setting Hospitality Standards

Christopher Cowdray is a native Zimbabwean who is best known for his immense success in the hotel industry. He has managed hotels all over the globe in his 30 year long career, and continues as the CEO of The Dorchester Hotel. Cowdray started with a vision of creating the ultimate hotel management company, a vision that he has made a reality.

Mr. Cowdray acquired a degree in hotel management in his home country, Zimbabwe, before coming to the United States to attend Colombia University, located in New York City, New York. He worked hard, and graduated from Columbia Business School’s Executive Program. It was from this point that he moved on to begin his career in the hotel industry.

For thirty years Cowdray has made his career home in the hotel industry. His managerial work has taken him all over the world, Asia, Africa, Australia, The Middle East, and The United Kingdom. During his time in the United Kingdom, Cowdray became the managing director of London’s Claridge’s hotel. The five star hotel is commonly referred to as an “annexe to Buckingham Palace,” due to it’s long line of royalty connections.

It was in 2004 that Cowdray began his relationship with The Dorchester as the general manager. Three years later in 2007, Christopher Cowdray became chief executive officer, or CEO, of the Dorchester Collection, which includes ten hotels. Shortly after becoming CEO, he began to expand the Dorchester family.

In 2008, Cowdray unveiled the first expansions to the Dorchester Collection. The Hotel Bel-Air and the New York Palace Hotel were those first expansions, though since then the New York Palace Hotel has been sold off. However, the Dorchester Collection has continued to expand with multiple additions, including, The Le Richemond in Geneva, 45 Park Lane in England, and Hotel Eden in Rome.

By the year 2013, Christopher Cowdray found himself at the European Hospitality Awards. It was there that he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. He was awarded based on his achievements with The Dorchester Collections. He also has the honor of holding the prestigious Catey’s ‘Hotel Manager of the Year’ award, which he won in 2004, as well as the Hotel & Catering Personnel & Training Association’s Special Achievement Award. His dedication to excellence and world class customer service is to thank for the awards he has received.

Cowdray truly sets the standard in hospitality in the hotel industry across the globe.

All About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is widely known all the world over as a philantropist, an American businessman and as a NBA owner. He was born in Washington DC and spent his childhood years in the quaint town of Chevy Chase Maryland. As a child Bruce Levenson showed a strong aptitude for learning. After finishing high school Bruce Levenson traveled to St. Louis Missouri to attend Washington University. After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Washington University Mr Bruce Levenson went on to attend law school at American University and earned his law degree. This is where he discovered a love of journalism. He was soon honing his journalism skills working at the Washington Star while attending law school. He also spent time writing for Observer Publishing.

In 1977 Bruce Levenson partnered with Ed Peskowitz to co-found the United Communications Group (UCG) and in 1997 he was honored to be inducted into the Software and Information Industry Associations Hall of Fame for his work with that company. Mr Bruce Levenson is a very successful businessman has been a part of many auspicious business enterprises. In addition to his work with UCG he is also a founding board member of a company called TechTarget which was begun under UCG. Mr Levenson was the director of that company for 13 years, from it’s inception in 1999 until 2012. Another board of directors that Bruce Levenson also served on was for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA). He also worked as an adviser for a private equity firm called BIA Digital Partners.

In addition to all of the above business ventures Bruce Levenson is also involved in professional sports. He is the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC a company that owns the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and runs the day to day business for the Philips Arena where they practice and play and acted as the Hawks Governor to the NBA Board of Governors.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is married and has three sons. He and his wife Karen enjoy spending time with philanthropic pursuits and have helped out many worthwhile and heartwarming organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the I Have a Dream Foundation whose goal is to assist low income children work on the goal of getting more education and not just graduating from high school but work to go on to college as well.

NASA Probe Launches

Ceres is the largest object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, “does not make it less interesting in terms of astrobiology with other potentially habitable worlds,” stated by Yang Jian-Li, the associate of Planetary Science Institute in Tucson , USA, quoted by Discovery News.

While it is indeed a novelty for this shuttle to finally come into use, this also entails a lot more uses in the future. More information will be gathered from these endeavours, which in turn can spur on more launches to a set of different places.

It is thought that this dwarf planet has a large amount of water due to its low bulk density. In fact, the vital fluid appears to represent about 40% of the volume of Ceres, the researchers said.

It is worth it to mention here that the astronomers have got tremendous success in discovering alien planets in last twenty years, bringing hope to find a new place for humans to live in.

The Dawn probe arrives next March in orbit around the dwarf planet, and must specify the possible living conditions.

Thank you to my good friends at Beneful who sent me this story that is also on their wikipedia.