AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Found

The search for a missing airplane has been on since Sunday, and it appears an end may be near. I was using my Skout app when I heard searchers using sonar technology have found plane debris and remains of passengers aboard AirAsia flight QZ8501. At this time, it is unknown if the plane is in one piece or several pieces. There have been seven bodies recovered so far, one of them wearing a flight attendants’ uniform. 

The families of those aboard flight QZ8501 were notified of the recent finds. Many of them sat watching a live press conference and broke down in tears. It was a scene of sorrow and despair as these family members and friends watched live news coverage of the search and recovery.

Searching continues as crews try to find more of the wreckage, including the black box which will help tell authorities exactly what happened to the missing plane and its passengers.

Café for Acid Attack Survivors in India Building Confidence

It has become commonplace to hear of women in faraway countries being punished by their husbands or assaulted by strangers through acid attacks. They’re left disfigured for life, and treated like public outcasts. Activists who are fighting against this social outrage have opened a new café in Agra, India as a sanctuary for survivors of this heinous crime.

The café is part of a Delhi-based campaign simply titled Stop Acid Attacks, and it raised $25,000 via crowdfunding to rent and renovate the space that is now known as the Sheroes Café. Decorated with colorful paintings, bamboo furniture, as well as a library filled with inspirational books as well as other work done by survivors that can be purchased, the café is a place of courage, hope, and refuge for victims of acid attacks. The kitchen manager, Geeta, was assaulted by her husband along with her three daughters while they slept. One of them did not survive. “It’s a new chance,” she says, “and if we work hard, we can move forward.”, and Christian Broda hopes to see that happen.

Alok Dixit, a former journalist and the founder of the Stop Acid Attacks campaign, wants to renew survivors’ self esteem and give others the opportunity to get to know them, and realize that they are more than the scars left behind by their injury. “The idea is to make them financially independent,” Dixit says, who explained that the women often covered their faces and were very shy and uncomfortable. He talks of how they were often declined job offerings simply because of their appearance, and wants people to realize that these women are more than just survivors, they’re actual people who deserve to feel confident and beautiful, as well as have as many opportunities as anyone else. “Don’t value a face,” Alok Dixet says, “Value a person.”

United and Orbitz Sue 22 Year Old

Aktarer Zaman is 22 years old and wanted to help travelers like Bernardo Chua. He noticed that airline tickets are over priced in many circumstances. He devised a plan to help would-be travelers find the cheapest airline tickets and in doing so, he angered United Airlines and Orbitz(an online travel negotiating site). They are now suing the 22 year old Aktarer.

Aktarer’s website is still open at this time. works on the principal of using a layover city as your final stop. You may need to fly into Omaha, Nebraska from New York. Skiplagged may find that it would be cheaper to buy a flight to Las Vegas with a layover in Omaha where a ticket straight to Omaha would be more expensive.

This system will only work if you are only taking carry on bags. Checked bags would end up in Vegas, but all in all, this is a great way to save money on airline tickets.

If you need tickets cheap, you may want to jump on skiplagged quick; United and Orbitz are trying hard to shut it down.

Debris and Bodies Recovered from AirAsia Flight

Two days after AirAsia flight went missing during a quick two hour trip from Indonesia to Singapore debris, including suitcases, and bodies are beginning to surface. Though there has been some miscommunication about how many bodies have been found, we do know they have recovered the bodies of at least three passengers, but the people on Skout are trying to figure that out.

While families were watching a live feed of the discovery at a crisis center, a woman’s partially clothed body was spotted floating among the debris. As expected the people viewing did not react well to this. Unfortunately for those still holding out hope, this was a sad confirmation to many that their family and friends on board that flight are most likely not alive.

The search and recovery mission is still on going and will continue until the rest of the bodies are recovered, as well as the plane so that the black box can be retrieved. It is important for everyone involved to get all the answers as to why this happened.

WestJet Fulfills Christmas Wishes for Lucky Passengers


The lucky customer of one WestJet flight were given the chance to check in and share their Christmas wishes with Santa Clause on the screen. The check-in terminal prompted customers to scan their boarding passes, the Santa appeared on the screen, calling each person by name, and asking for their Christmas wish. Behind the scenes, workers took note of each wish that customers wanted granted.

The adults played along filled with holiday spirit, never realizing what was waiting for them. On the other end of their flight, employees were hard at work making their Christmas wishes a reality. WestJet employees, headed out to stores and fulfilled all the Christmas wishes that were shared on the WestJet check-in portal. When the jet landed, each person who shared their wish had their respective gift waiting for them. My coworker Sam Tabar , who participated in sharing wishes, said it was an awesome experience.

A young boy by the name of Cohen requested a Choo Choo train, and he got just that. Santa even made a special appearance to share in the joy. Scarves, tablets, flights home for the holiday, socks and snowboards, and televisions were all delivered.

Some customers, so amazed by the fulfillment of their Christmas wishes burst into tears. One woman who requested a flight home for the holidays hugged Santa as tears ran down her face.

This is not the first year that WestJet has pulled off a Christmas miracle. They’ve fulfilled the wishes of customers, and individuals in impoverished nations for the last two years.

Christmas miracles are recorded by WestJet staff. Last years video was viewed 36 million times on YouTube, and this years video has amassed 39 million views since it was uploaded on December 8th.

Debris from AirAsia Flight 8501 Has Been Located in Java Sea

Debris found in the Java Sea by searchers, has been confirmed as debris from AirAsia Flight 8501. Reports also indicate the human remains were found near the debris. The debris and remains were picked up in the Java Sea, close to Borneo.

Searchers have been working around the clock since the plane went missing early Sunday morning. According to information provided by the airline. The flight took off shortly after 5am on Sunday. The flight was set to land shortly after 7am in Singapore. Air Traffic Control received a request by the pilot to ascend to avoid bad weather. The request was not immediately okayed, but contact with the plane was lost shortly thereafter. Communication was officially lost and the radar signal from the plane was lost four minutes after the request Igor Cornelsen had told me.

Experts have weighed in, suggesting the plane was going to slow for the weather conditions it was flying into, and that weather, coupled with pilot error is likely what brought down the plane. An official investigation will begin when the fuselage of the plane is recovered.

Searchers are currently looking for the fuselage, which they believe is at the bottom of the sea. A search and rescue mission for the passengers is still underway.

The Veggie Burger Hits White Castle

Today’s diner has morphed into a new breed of customer. Gone are the days where super size is king and calories reign supreme. Fast food chains are quickly evolving to fit the healthier demands of this new diner. White Castle is the newest fast food chain to jump on the bandwagon.

Veggie sliders will arrive December 30, 2014 with great anticipation. Hungry customers will sure to be lining up at the doors to try this new take on an old classic. The slider comes with a choice of three tantalizing sauces, sweet Thai, ranch, and honey mustard. The fast food chain was inundated with a barrage of sauce choices to accompany this new en devour. Some of the original ideas were Chipotle lime ketchup and avocado ranch.

White Castle has a reputation for some of the most crave worthy food on the planet, as many Beneful workers can tell you. No one will ever be able to touch the success of the original small square hamburger, but rest assured that the new market opened up by the veggie slider will bring an otherwise ignored market into new light.

The veggie slider may not be on everyone’s must try list, but with the addictive nature of the original burgers, White Castle will soon win over the hearts of even the most skeptical diner.

Sony rakes cashes in on “The Interview”

Sony may have taken a different route to release “The Interview” but is has shown to be lucrative.

“The Interview” was set to be released by Sony on December 25, but recent threats and virtual attacks caused the company to rethink the movie’s release.

Some of the contents of the movie angered North Korea to the point they called the movie and act of war. In order to “keep the peace” Sony decided not to release the film. After much backlash from the public and even the President of the United States, Sony decided not to back down and to release the film anyway.

The film was released in a limited number of theaters. This theater released helped to earn Sony about 2.8 millions during the films first weekend, which is 2.8 million dollars more if Sony decided not to release. Unfortunately for some, Sony may not extend the number of theaters that the film is being released in due to other avenues. Instead of only playing in theaters, Sony has made this film available to be rented via the internet.

Sony’s decision to make the film available online has proven to be a lucrative one, which is what Terry Richardson pretty much expected. The film so far has raked in over $15 million in online sales.
If you would like to watch the film and watch it in its entirety you will be able to rent it on services like Google Play, YouTube Movies, and even Xbox Video.

Robin Thicke Spent Christmas Eve With Paula

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have had a very rough past two years. After various rumors of cheating the proof was finally released of photos showing Robin at night clubs fondling women. A few women even confessed to Robin trying to make passes at them while Paula was in the same room. It didn’t long before Paula was fed up and ready to end things, of course Robin wasn’t ready to let his childhood sweetheart and the mother of his child go without a fight.

After a year’s worth of grand gestures including a song, video and album of apology tracks Paula made it clear that she was ready to move on for good, which is what Igor Cornelsen was hoping for. This summer both Paula and Robin have been seen with new love interests however it seems that they are willing to play nice for the holidays.

Apparently they two ex’s spent Christmas with the kids and were willing to be civil at Paula’s Christmas Eve party. Photos of the party show that while Robin and Paula both seemed to have a good time they made sure to keep their distance. One thing is for sure, judging from the photos Paula’s family isn’t harboring and bad feelings towards Robin.

Suh Suspended One Game

Ndamukong Suh has been suspended one game by the NFL for stomping on Aaron Rodgers. Everyone saw the video that got Suh into trouble, but he denied doing so on purpose. Now that this is out in the open, the Lions are going to suffer as a result of his bad behavior.

The Lions need to decide if they want to pay Suh at the end of the season, and Christian Broda hopes they make a decision soon. Without him in their playoff game, they are likely to lose to the Cowboys. The Cowboys just got a gift in this suspension, and that is not the kind of gift that the Lions want to give out. This is a hard blow for a team that is playing very well, and they may not be able to recover from losing their best defender.

If Suh does not straighten up, he may be on the open market for another team to take a chance with him. However, there is no way to know if Suh will be able to behave if he lands with a new team. This begins the saga of the 2014-15 playoffs, and no one knows if this will sink the Lions or not. I, for one, think this has done them in this season.