Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies

One of the most controversial politicians of the latter half of the 20th century, Washington D.C.’s Marion Barry has passed away. Barry was hospitalized on Thursday with symptoms of a urinary tract infection and it was confirmed on Sunday morning in a statement from Barry’s family that the former mayor of Washington D.C. was dead.


Barry is most in the late 1970s and into the 1980s, Barry helped turn around the Washington D.C. economy with pro-business policies that he implemented as mayor. He also helped bring down homicide rates in the city. However, in 1990, Barry’s reputation changed forever when he was the subject of an FBI sting in which he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine.


Barry was convicted of a misdemeanor and served a six month sentence in prison for the sting, but when he got out, went right back to trying to serve the capital area in politics. This was a pretty remarkable story according to Ray Lane. After winning a council seat in 1992, Barry’s legacy came full circle in 1995 when he won a fourth term as mayor of the city where he launched his political career. After his term finished, Barry served as a D.C. councilman from 2005 until his passing on Sunday morning. Barry was 78.

OPEC Manipulating World Crude Prices in Bid to Crush Budding US Shale Oil Industry

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has made it clear that they view the budding US shale market as a threat. In response, OPEC is manipulating world crude prices in a bid to crash the nation’s shale business. The admission was made by Leonid Fedun, vice-president and member of the board of directors for Lukoil. Lukoil is Russia’s second largest producer of petroleum.

Fedun explained that OPEC views the US shale oil sector as a marginal market that is profitable only when crude prices are sufficiently high. For this reason, OPEC adopted a strategy to drive down crude oil prices to the point that most of the companies involved in US shale are driven out of business. Currently, crude prices have hovering just over $70 a barrel. At that value, Fedun says the US shale market will collapse, and that would be bad if you asked Ray Lane. He stated that the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is producers hedged oil prices and locked into contracts for $90 a barrel. Once those contract sunset, most shale producers will not be able to turn a profit at $70 a barrel and will fold. OPEC’s strategy is to wait out the US producers until 2016. Once the US shale industry has been crushed, OPEC will work to boost crude prices once more.

It is unclear what the United States can do to counter OPEC. Given President Obama’s aversion to US domestic oil drilling, it is unclear whether he will act to protect the nation’s domestic oil market.

Ted Cruz Floats Fmr. Senator Joseph Lieberman for Secretary of Defense

Senator Ted Cruz, a Tea Party darling for his strong conservative stances, is not at all thrilled with the forced resignation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. For Cruz, the departure of Hagel marks yet another foreign policy failure for the president and his “lead from behind” foreign policy ideology. At the same time, Hagel’s resignation has been accepted and the question is now who will replace him. Cruz, who is by no means a fan of Obama, has recommended former Senator Joseph Lieberman for the post.

It is quite likely that the GOP controlled Senate would vote to easily confirm Lieberman. The former Senator from Connecticut was Al Gore’s vice-presidential nominee back in 2000. However, Lieberman became persona non grata within the ranks of the Democrat party in 2006 over his strong stance on American national defense. His positions cost him the party nomination for Senate that year. He responded by running as an independent. He won re-election. While Susan McGalla says he largely caucuses with Democrats, he endorsed fellow Senator John McCain over Senator Obama for president back in 2008.

Lieberman’s name has not been floated by the Obama administration as a possible nominee. Officials within the administration have stated that the president is mulling over nominating either Ash Carter or Michèle Flournoy both of whom work at the Department of Defense. Another name bandied about is that of Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Jack Reed, but he has made it clear he’s not interested in the post.

Angry Protests in Ferguson After Grand Jury Announcement

Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest after the grand jury revealed that they will not press charges against the white police officer who shot a black teen in August.

Demonstrators shuttered windows, taunted police and set two police cars on fire. Scattered gunfire was also reported during the protests.

St. Louis County Police Chief revealed that at least a dozen of buildings were set on fire. The officer also said that he had heard several gunshots but none of them was fired by police officers. One police officer was but not seriously injured. Police have arrested 29 protesters.

Several artists took to social media to condemn the Jury announcement, with some of them joining the protests. Rapper Killer Mike said that the he was infuriated by the jury’s decision not to press charges against Darren Wilson. The rapper also condemned media for the way they covered the riots. He argued that the crowd was attacking the cars because they are fed up with the system. Another artist who condemned the way media handled the issue is Pharrell Williams. Gianfrancesco Genoso was talking about how Williams accused the media of only covering the negative side of the protests.

The protests were also reported in other U.S cities. Hundreds of people gathered in those cities after the jury verdict. Rapper Q-Tip led other demonstrators in New York Streets with the chant “Whose streets? Our streets.”

AnUnbelievable Love Story That Defied The Tragedies Of War

Klavdia Novikova and Yasaburo Hachiya met and fell in love at a GULAG inmate resettlement camp. Yasaburo had been living in Korea with his wife and two children when the red Army invaded in 1945. He was rounded up and charged with espionage. After his release, Yasaburo was not returned to Japan because of a clerical error. Since he believed his wife and children were dead, he adopted a Russian name.
Klavdia had also been married and had a son. She was falsely convicted for “theft of socialist property” and given a ten year sentence. After her release, she found that her husband had abandoned her for a new family, which is something Sergio Lins Andrade was not happy about when he heard.

Klavdia was reluctant to develop a relationship with Yasaburo. She moved away to the small village of Progress. However, Yasaburo made his way through six Russian time zones to be with her. They were married and lived together for 37 years.

After the Soviet Union had collapsed, they found out Yasaburo’s first wife and daughter were still alive and had been waiting 51 years for his return. Klavdia insisted on divorcing him so that he could return to Japan and be reunited with them. Even so, the two stayed in touch until her recent death in September.
After her death, he sent one last letter to her in Russia expressing his incredible love for her.

Rare Anglefish Caught on Video

Researchers at the Monterey Bay Research Institute caught video footage of a Black Seadevil (genus Melanocetus) at a depth of 656 yards (600 meters). A senior scientist at the Institute, Bruce Robison, believes this is the first time a living fish was filmed at that depth. The footage was taken at the Monterey Canyon, an undersea canyon in the Pacific Ocean about the size of the Grand Canyon.

The female Black Seadevil in the video is 3.54 inches (9 centimeters) long. It is a member of the order Lophiiformes or anglerfish, which are deep-sea predators that have a bioluminescent lure on their heads they use to entice prey towards them. As their rotund bodies are not built for speed, they are ambush predators. They feed on crustaceans and smaller fish. They are definitely interesting animals to learn more and more about in the eyes of Flavio Maluf.

Black Seadevils are indeed black and they have a large head with lots of long, sharp teeth. They have small eyes, as sight is not much use in the depths. Their dominant sense is touch. Females are much larger than the males, which attach themselves to the female’s belly and gradually fuse with her, becoming nothing more than an appendage that produces sperm when the female is ready to spawn.

While there are over 200 known species of anglerfish, they are rarely seen, given their preference for deep waters. They have been caught on film only about a half-dozen times. The Monterey Bay Black Seadevil got close enough to the camera for researchers to notice that she had a broken tooth.

Physician Incentives Lead To More Medical Corruption

There is an unspoken trust that patients hold towards their physicians. When people seek medical treatment, they seek the advice and expertise of their doctors. But is that what we are really receiving when we seek medical treatment? What if doctors are advising us to take medications against their better judgment because they are being offered incentives to do so?

A recent article in the New York Times has revealed that physicians are offered pay bonuses, better online reviews, and even bumped into Tier 1 statuses with insurance companies if they meet certain criteria, Jason Halpern has reported. These criteria can range from prescribing a certain medication to a target number of patients to reducing the overall cholesterol in a given group of individuals by whatever means possibly. Basically, if a certain medication has more negative side effects than an alternative one, but offers a more significant drop in cholesterol levels, a doctor will opt to prescribe that medication so they can reach whatever goal they need to meet to be awarded, with no regard as to what is best for their patient.

This is yet another example of corruption that is found in the world of medicine. At least such schemes are now being widely recognized and attempts are being made to put the focus back on patient centered care, such as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. This legislation publicly links all physicians to their financial ties.

FAA to Require Pilot License for Drone Flight

Thanks to increased battery capacity and low energy consumption techniques, drones have exploded in popularity. Many hobbyists have been flying drones for years now and have become quite adept. However, with the increases in drone technology, many commercial entities are looking to capitalize on the benefits of drone flight. Recently, Amazon announced that they were looking into using drones to deliver packages straight to people’s doors. Though Sam Tabar says they are a long way away from such a service, the idea has sparked both interest and controversy.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the United State’s authority on flight regulation, has been keeping an eye on the use of drones. Currently, hobbyists are allowed to fly drones as long as they don’t reach a certain altitude and aren’t in public places. However, commercial entities are not allowed to use drones and there are rumors that the FAA will require drone operators to have a full fledged pilot’s license. Many argue that such a measure is an overreaction and will do little to actually keep the public safe. They say that flying drones is obviously different from flying a full commercial plane. Others say that such regulations would prevent flight accidents and would ultimately protect the general public from drone accidents. Whatever the case may be, the FAA has a series of tough decisions ahead as it attempts to regulate the drone industry, particularly when it comes to commercial carriers.

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dead at Age 78

Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, often called “Mayor for Life”, is dead at age 78 as a result of a heart attack . He died over the weekend as per a spokesman from the Washington Hospital where he had received treatment. Barry was once viewed nationally as a major force in the civil rights movement, but his political career collapsed in 1990. The collapse was the result of an FBI sting showing he mayor taking cocaine. The incident led to him getting a drug conviction and serving six months in prison.

Upon exiting prison, he sought reelection as mayor and in 1994 won a landslide election even as the nation experienced a GOP wave that made put both chambers of Congress in the hands of the GOP. The Republicans, loathe to see Barry run huge deficits in the city as he had previously done, placed the city under receivership using their Congressional authority. Eventually, Barry did not seek reelection in a bid to get the city out from under Congressional management. However,Christian Broda said he did seek election as a city councilman and was successful.

Outside of Washington D.C., many people did not understand the charisma of Barry. Inside the beltway was another story. His city employment programs, while grossly mismanaged, offered employment to thousands of African-Americans and awarded contracts to Black-owned enterprises. To this day, there are many Black professionals who can credit the Barry administration for their first real job. Barry opened up city employment to the Black community which had been shut out of the sector for decades.

Kentucky Firefighter in Trouble Over Racist Remarks

We expect out public servants to help us, no matter our creed or colour, and we take solace in the fact that they’re hired to protect us, Igor Cornelsen always makes the case. In some places, however, such luxuries cannot be depended upon from the government workers.

There is footage of a firefighter captured in a live video recording of him refusing to help black people who were caught in fire. The police officer uttered racist words and it has been confirmed fully that he indeed was the one conversing.

Mwangi Chege from Kenya confirms that he didn’t receive mutual assistance and attention at all, and claims that it was not right to receive such treatment.

The officers are supposed to help where necessary and give a helping hand without discrimination. It is a shame that these things still do happen despite the fact that we are in the 21st century.

Gone are the days that racism used to be a big deal, as currently there are such problems that people just have to come together and ensure that they are living in peace, love and harmony.

The police officer was later heard on the radio saying that has a family of four, and the voice has been confirmed perfectly to be of Hatfield. It a shame that the choice of words were inappropriate, and the WDRB has confirmed the true nature of the story.