The Fall 2014 Fashion Trends are Starting

October is just around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for Autumn fashions to get into full swing. There are plenty of things to watch for this year too. With a mix of practical to keep you warm on those cold windy days, but with plenty of style to have you looking your best. I was thinking of these when I was talking fashion with Brian Torchin this past week.

One of my favorites so far, is the return of long knits. Bohemian inspired, and very reminiscent of the long winter coat look, these lightweight, but plenty warm knits are perfect for the cooler weather. Plus, the amazing color combinations that can be created are perfect for putting together full outfits built around a specific knit.

Sheers are also making a return to the spotlight. They are a spring, and fall classic. Any sheer that can be layered is perfect for creating a unique and fun fall fashion ensemble.


Eric Holder Stepping Down As US Attorney General

As soon as a replacement can be found, US Attorney General Eric Holder plans to step down.  According to reports, Holder informed President Obama of his decision three weeks ago.  But he plans to remain the Attorney General until a successor can be named.

Holder is one of only three original members from Obama’s 2009 Presidential cabinet.  His service was marked by controversy from both sides of the isle.

Between constant public spats with Republican legislators, to criticism from high profile Democrats for his failure to prosecute Wall Street.


Vaccinating Dogs Could Be The Key To Ending Rabies Worldwide

While rabies isn’t a major problem in the United States (only 1 person died from the disease in 2013), globally the virus remains a major problem.  There are still more than 69,000 people die annually from rabies worldwide.

For a preventable disease, that’s a major problem.

That’s why some scientists, like Dr. Guy Palmer, are working on ways to eliminate those risk factors.  One of the major methods being thrown around? Mass vaccinations of domesticated dogs.

While rabies can appear in a wide variety of different animals, the prevailing risk comes from domesticated dogs.  In all countries, it’s theorized that if we could coordinate mass vaccinations of dogs, the virus would be nearly wiped out.

In an article published by Dr. Palmer, in Science magazine, he points to a 2009 study that found vaccinating 70% of dogs in Tanzania was enough to completely eliminate rabies transmissions from dogs to humans.

It’s also important to remember that rabies is curable in humans. When the disease is met with treatment early enough, almost 100% of cases are treatable.

49% of Americans Think Religion Should Play Bigger Role in Politics

In a bizarre twist, the number Americans who feel that religion should shape political policy has risen by a magnitude of 6% since 2010, reports the New York Times. The number is now up to 49%, defying a trend that sees less and less Americans practicing religion than ever before.

What to make of this all? Not really sure, but the widespread notion amongst conservatives that our President is anti-religion might have something to do with it. Only 30% of those polled found President Obama to be friendly toward religious groups.

Also interesting is the fact that gay marriage support has dropped from majority support just 6 months ago, as 49% of Americans support the right for gays to wed as compared to 54% over the winter.

So much for that Progressive march toward a secular landscape that so many have predicted for years. It looks like we might just need to wait a bit longer before the day comes.

See the Pew Research Center poll in its entirety.

New Study: Meditation Leads to Improve Brain Cognizance

A new study from the University of Singapore found that regular meditation will enhance mental performance. The style practiced in the study was Vajrayana, a popular tradition amongst those of the Buddhist faith.

The study found conclusive evidence that cognitive functioning was heightened amongst the group that practiced meditation during the study.

If you’re looking for a place to start, we’d recommend checking out this oldie but goodie via ZenHabits.

Detroit Lions’ Stephen Tulloch Suffers Season-Ending Injury During Sack Dance

There’s nothing like hurting yourself in the middle of a celebration.

Add the Lions’ Stephen Tulloch to the list of embarrassed athletes. After sacking Aaron Rodgers, Tulloch got right to work with a victory dance that backfired worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

After doing his best “Discount Double Check” imitation, Tulloch fell to the ground in embarrassing form. While he tried to return to the field on the next play, his knee couldn’t hold up to the challenge and he spent the rest of the game on the sidelines.

An MRI later revealed that the Lions’ linebacker suffered a season-ending ACL tear – his first injury after 131 straight games without any issues.

Dancing is risky business.

See the full video here:

Climate Change Protesters Gather Around the World

In perhaps the biggest unified worldwide push to take action against the strikingly obvious problem of climate change, protesters in large cities around the world gathered yesterday to take a stand. In New York, Europe, Australia, and Africa, people took to the streets in an event organized by a group known as People’s Climate.

The group garnered grass-roots support online before what culminated in what the media is now calling the biggest stand against global warming in the history of the world. The largest turnout occurred in New York, where an estimated 300,000 people gathered to march through Manhattan.

Notable figures joined in on the action too. Among them were Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Here’s a shot of the action from Paris, courtesy of Karl Mathieson.

Paris Supporters at Global Warming March