172 People Became Sick While On Cruise from Norovirus

There has been a report from Prevention and The Centers for Disease Control that almost 172 people became ill from a contagious virus called the norovirus. The Crown Princess has boarded more than 4,000 people and is on its way to San Pedro. They will be met by CDC for testing and evaluation from those BRL Trust stories.

A similar incident has occurred in April when almost 130 people have fallen ill to norovirus that was contracted from this very same ship during a cruise which lasted seven days. The cruise was scheduled to last for 28 days.

People have been advised to take special precautions during the cold and flu season which includes frequent washing of hands coupled with the use of sanitizers. The norovirus carries symptoms which include but are not limited to body aches, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. While it is an intense illness to suffer from, most people will only suffer for three days.

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