Man Gives A Ketchup Bottle Its Proper Funeral

Call it silly or call it crazy even, but there was one man who showed off his absolute love for ketchup. He had purchased a bottle of the tomato goodness from a store known as Morrisons. He had it stored away in his cabinet but for whatever reason the bottle how exploded and thus left a dry ketchup mess all over his cabinets.


The man took a picture of this and tweeted it out to the Morrison store’s Twitter account. He asked them what had gone wrong and why his ketchup bottle had ended up like this. He wasn’t furious with them exactly, he was more humored by what had happened. He wanted to make his little burial joke about the bottle as well. reports that just about 10 mins after the initial tweet, the man put out some more tweets about how he was going to hold proper burial for the ketchup. It was a funny tweet in which he showed all of his other condiments and other things that are commonly in one’s kitchen surrounding the “body” of the ketchup bottle. It was done this way to show them in a way that made them look like they were mourning the bottle having perished.


The store actually played along with what this guy was doing and tweeted back to him asking where their invitation was. They said that it must have gotten lost in the mail. He sent them back pictures of the funeral plot that he had dug up in his back yard as a memorial to the bottle of ketchup. This of course was a very funny and ridiculous little thing to do, but a lot of people enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a funny little way for one man and one company to engage with one another on social media.


Matthew Autterson Instructs Colorado Investors

When it comes to investing Matthew Autterson may be one of the most prolific investors in the Colorado area for those that want to maximize their returns. He has proven in more than two decades of experience that he has the tools that are required to help clients see a better future in terms of their finances.

Matthew Autterson is what one would call an investment manager. He is someone that can take a plan that people are looking into and give them different options to explore when it comes to saving for their golden years. Everyone may not have the plan to save for retirement, but most adults have some plans to save for some things. At times it may be the college education of their children that is their priority. Matthew Autterson can help with something such as this as well.

Matthew Autterson is also a person that has been able to provide a sufficient amount of knowledge when it comes to 401 k plans. In most cases people will get their retirement plan set up at work. When they are no longer working for a certain company it may become time for them to decide on getting a distribution of funds or rolling their accounts over. Matthew Autterson can also help people that have this need as well.

Investment managers are definitely going to be valuable resources for anyone that is trying to make the best of their money that they put aside for savings. Most people that are investing are going to look at what investment managers can provide. If they are paying these managers, they are going to want to see results. In order to build trust investment managers must do their research and be well-versed in what it takes to build a sound portfolio.

Goettl Offers Solutions to summer’s Energy Consumption Problems

The biggest energy consumer in homes today is air conditioning systems. During summer’s scorching heat, keeping the home’ conditions cool and comfortable can become prohibitively expensive. But Goettl, a company specializing in air conditioning has come to the rescue of many whose utility bills have always skyrocketed during this period of the year. Here are some of its secrets to staying energy efficient this summer.

Their first secret is ensuring proper maintenance of the HVAC system. All systems wear down with time, but with proper maintenance, they can work at peak efficiency for many years. One can conduct simple maintenance procedures such as removing debris and clearing vegetation. However, for optimum performance, it is advisable to hire professional expertise.

The second trick is to upgrade from the traditional thermostat to a smart one. Research has shown that accurate thermostat adjustment is one of the most efficient energy saving strategies. Smart thermostats make it easy to achieve this accuracy. Furthermore, they can be set to regulate the house temperature by automatically detecting human presence.

In addition to the smart thermostat, Goettl advises against doing away with the ceiling fan. According to the specialists, the ceiling fan improves the overall efficiency of the HVAC system with minimal additional cost. Besides the fan, it is necessary to keep the HVAC shaded at all times as its effectiveness reduces significantly when placed in direct sunlight.

In sharing these tips, this company that leads in the AC industry aims at saving people money by cutting down their energy use. Goettl has provided unmatched services to commercial and residential customers since 1926. It specializes in installation and repair of air conditioners and heat pumps as well as duct sealing and preventive maintenance. For the residents of northern and central Arizona, Goettl is the name they can trust this coming summer season.

What’s Fun and New in Media this Week


Most TV personalities make few mistakes, especially on the largest stage, due to extensive experience, strong presentation skills, and preservation of self image. However, hosts on the Canadian show ‘Global News Calgary’ showed extreme distaste in a artichoke dip that was brought on set. The hosts’ attention was averted from news topics at hand and focused on a gag-worthy vegetable dip.


Nicki Minaj was reported on recently that she has been donating to a small, poor village in India over the past few years to help grow its infrastructure to help its inhabitants succeed. Social media videos of the families Minaj helped, of which a fun write up can be found here, showed the nice clothes, houses, and overall great things that these once-poverty stricken people never had.


Jimmy Kimmel Live has had an all-star lineup of music artists playing in the Mercedes Benz-sposored concert series that has been running for the past few weeks on his show. Lil Yachty performed most recently, showcasing a new song with a vibe far different from the Yachty we all know. Still a great song, don’t you just love the red-haired Yachty?


The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors will meet again, for the third straight time, in the NBA Finals. Very rarely does anybody get to live through a championship in a popular league getting repeated three times, especially for teams that are fun to watch. Both teams are chock full of stars, yielding yet another NBA Finals experience we are unlikely to forget any time soon.


The NHL Cup is later this week. Playoff hockey is fun to watch, especially in person. Too bad tickets for this much-awaited finals matchup cost more than $1,500 at the lowest!


Lots of happy times had around, even in our chaotic world. Keep your heads up, guys!

Tim Tebow Minor League Baseball Card Needle In Haystack

It won’t be easy to find the first Tim Tebow Minor League Baseball card. The former NFL and Florida Gator football player is taking his swings in the sport of baseball these days. Tebow is also known for his devout religious beliefs off the field. He helped lead Florida to two National Championships in college football. He won the coveted Heisman Trophy in 2007. Tebow had a giant fan club before he even ventured into the NFL.


That means Tim Tebow fans are anxious to find his baseball cards if they can. The only hitch is his minor league cards aren’t readily available. The statistics won’t be with consumers if they aim to land a Tim Tebow card. It will be downright improbable.


Topps has unleashed the 2017 Pro Debut cards. It includes Tebow all decked out in his Columbia Fireflies apparel. Unfortunately for Tebow fans, Topps is only doing a short print version of the card. That means they’ll be in low supply. That also means the actual card could bring a few more dollars. Sporting News estimates the odds of getting a Tebow card will be about 1 in every 100 packs.

For that reason, the Tebow card is already going in auctions on sites like eBay for $100 to $150.


Another issue with the Tebow minor league card value is how well he actually does in baseball. Tebow has swatted a few home runs so far during his brief baseball career. He’s giving it a go after only mustering a few years in the National Football League. Tebow is an elite athlete with amazing hand eye coordination. Tebow plays in the New York Mets organization. Could he potentially end up on a Major League team down the road?


Baseball analysts aren’t convinced Tebow has the capability yet to move up within the ranks. Tebow has illustrated power on the minor league level but hasn’t hit for average quite yet. That means the Minor League Baseball card consumers are searching for so furiously might not end up being worth much at all in the scheme of things.


If Tebow somehow makes it, the Tebow minor league card could be one of the most valuable cards of 2017.

Felipe Jens – Famous Businessman and Expert

The name of Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has become a very highly known one in Brazil as he is one of the most profitable investors and businessman in the country. Brazil is known for its large number of successful businessman, lawyers, and doctors. Most businessmen in Brazil are company owners and a large percentage work in the industry of real estate.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is also carrying the responsibility of an infrastructure expert.

He has been a part of the corporation called Energipar Captação S. A. for a large number of years. Up to date, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is serving at the large corporation at a leadership position as the chief executive officer (CEO. He is chairman for Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S. A. as well. Mr. Felipe Montoro has been working in the industry for more than twenty years. He has made many contributions and has also developed a vast set of skills.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens recently spoke on the topic of water concessions as the Brazilian government had announced that the projects will start going in motion. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the experts who discussed the different features of the water concessions as well as the pros and cons. One of the main points that Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens believed to be extremely important to asses were how the water concessions would be affecting the citizens.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned that not every region in Brazil is equal in profit and ability to go along with the project plans. As a way to take care of each region separately, the government will be partnering up with the regional officials in order to create custom plans for each of the regions. The customized plans will be created according to the best interest of the citizens.

Another expert that was present and took part in the discussion was Mr. Edison Carlos – President of Trata Brasil. He is a strong supporter of the water concessions and has been working in the industry for decades. He will participate in the custom plans.


Getting Your Kids Out in the Summer

The summertime is soon upon us and it’ll be time to get out into the sun after a long and harsh winter. Unfortunately, you can make all of these fantastic plans, only to find that your kids don’t necessarily follow your lead. After a difficult school year, a lot of children just want to spend the summer vegging out and literally doing nothing. The issue with this is that it causes kids to gain weight and generally become sedentary because they’re not doing very much.


The best way to get your kids out in the summertime is to keep things fun, light and entertaining. Don’t make plans according to what you want to do, but instead figure out activities that are specific to kids. For example, make arrangements to go to a local arcade where you know your kids are going to have a blast. Go to the beach and bring along some toys and games that the whole family can play together. The key here is to get your children interested in having a fun summer day outside. If you’re tight on cash, there are dozens of things you can do that won’t cost a lot of money.


Another important note to consider is that you shouldn’t try to overload the summer with different activities. Instead of planning something to do every single day, only do fun things a few days a week. This still allows your child the ability to veg out when they want to, while still staying relatively active. You’ll find that when you put the time and effort into finding things to do, your whole family will want to get involved. This is a great way for you all to spend more time with each other while having an amazingly fun time in the hotter months.


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye Helps Folks Express Themselves Free of Judgement

Doe Deere is a flawless woman who has truly embraced her own unique personality. From a very early age, she realized that she loved bright and bold colors. As she got older, she decided to do something with that love by creating a makeup line that emphasizes unique looks. If you’ve ever seen Doe Deere, chances are that the first thing you’d notice would be her unique look. Deere loves to sport bright colored makeup and equally as bright colored hair.


Doe Deere has embraced her inner magical unicorn and now she wants to help others do the same! That’s precisely why Deere launched her own makeup line called Lime Crime. She wanted to give creative souls an outlet to express themselves. Deere’s makeup line offers bright colored lip wear, eyewear, and so much more. From glitter to bright colors and everything in between, Deere is helping customers grasp their creative side with makeup.


Deere is now helping more people become magical unicorns! That’s because she just launched a brand new product that’s here just in time to turn heads this summer. Her unicorn hair dye is sure to quickly become a huge hit! Much like her other products, Deere developed the unicorn hair dye because she saw that there was a need. Most store shelves held natural colors like blondes, browns, and reds. Deere realized that there are people out there who want to be a bit more exotic and that’s how the unicorn hair dye was born!


The product isn’t permanent and will eventually wash out after several washes but that’s the fun of it! People can constantly play around with colors to suit their mood. The unicorn hair dye comes in pinks, purples, blues, and more! The hair dye is also safe on people’s hair. There is no harsh chemical and it’s vegan free. Deere has truly made a product that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about cause their hair serious damage. At the end of the day, Lime Crime is a makeup line that inspires men and women to truly express themselves without worrying what others thing.

Susan McGalla Gives Women A Blueprint For Business Advancement

Susan McGalla is one of the finest executives in all of America, and she has built a career that any woman would envy. She is moving into a phase in here career where she wishes to mentor women, help them reach their goals and build their resumes. This article explains how a woman may change her career by using the steps that she has used in her career. Each tip allows women to grow in their careers in the best way possible.


#1: Be Forward


Women are encouraged to be forward when they make their way to the business world. They may not be accustomed to sharing their ideas because they have been in stifling environments, and they may learn how to speak up the older they get. There are quite a few women who will learn to be forward as a part of a new job, and they must keep sharing their ideas. Susan has a track record of offering input in her executive positions, and she knows that her ideas were often quite helpful.


#2: Go The Extra Mile


Women must be willing to do all that they can do to prove themselves in the office, and this often includes going the extra mile while working. Women who are taking on more responsibility are more likely to be promoted, and a woman who shows that she is willing to do more work will have more opportunities because they are willing to work.


#3: Change Industries When Needed


Women must be willing to change industries when they change jobs, and they may find that changing industries will help them get the jobs they need. They may move into a field they are not familiar with, but they may be well-suite for the work. Susan has found this to be the case in her own industry change, an she believes being open to new ideas makes women better able to find new positions.


The women’s job market is quite crowded, and Susan McGalla wants all women to see that there is a way to find success in business. Ladies must be willing to go much farther than their male counterparts, and they must ensure that they are sharing their ideas as much as possible. The work that they do will change their lives when they go outside their traditional sphere, and they will find satisfaction in work they may not have considered before.


Read more about Susan McGalla:

Unicorns Are Wild About Lime Crime Semi Permanent Hair Color

It seems like everywhere you look lately Unicorn themed colors are on display. From fanciful dresses, all the way to blended coffee beverages, bright hues take center stage in modern beauty culture. Now your hair can finally match the rest of you and let your inner unicorn out with a new line of hair coloring products from Lime Crime.


Available in both tint (for a lighter effect) and full coverage (for brighter, richer colors), Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is semi-permanent and generally lasts from 6-10 washes. All colors are vegan and work best on blonde or very light hair. For maximum results apply to freshly bleached hair that has not had any toners added; toners can mute or “muddy up” the colors and keep you from getting the full unicorn benefit.


Brand founder, Doe Deere, is the self-appointed “Unicorn Queen” and has been seen for years proudly displaying vivid hair colors. Now everyone can enjoy the 13 available colors with whimsical names like “jello” for a bright green or “dirty mermaid” for a vivid grey-blue.


Unlike costly salon treatments, Unicorn Hair is highly affordable at only $16 per color so unicorns everywhere can either brighten up with one color or go wild and use all thirteen; for the truly adventurous you can mix shades together to create a unique, custom color. All shades are available in both tint and full coverage on the Lime Crime website along with their full product line which includes eyeshadow and nail coverage.


Application is a breeze as no additional toners or developers are needed. Simply apply the color straight from the container to your hair and allow to work its magic for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your desired depth of color. After rinsing thoroughly, the dye from hair, you can condition if desired and simply style and go! Unicorn hair is designed to not transfer to clothing, skin, etc., but it is worth noting that after the initial application for deep coloring a slight transfer may occur for the first 1-2 washes.