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Securus Technologies Continues To Provide Answers

It really was just a matter of time before Securus Technologies did it again. This time, they made life better for everyone by creating a product that makes things easier and more efficient. A leader in civil and criminal justice technology answers for issues involving, public safety, investigation, monitoring and connecting people among many others, this latest announcement must have administrators dancing.

The product and service is called ConnectUs, and it is a better way of handling Inmate Forms and Grievance applications. Anyone in corrections, and especially those in administration departments within corrections facilities will gladly share the cumbersome amount of paperwork needed, for almost everything.

A recent article from PRNewsWire announcing this Securus tool, details more about the process. Securus Technologies continues to utilize technology in ways that have real life and real time benefits for real people.

As with every product created and designed (with the possible use within corrections facilities being considered), monitoring and controlling aspects of inmate interaction has been built in. Those who govern these facilities can determine and dictate what access an inmate has and doesn’t have through the ConnectUs platform.

Only the latest in a long line of industry leading, creative and effective technology based products and services, ConnectUs expects to be merely another step in the legacy Securus is building. Servicing over 1.2 million inmates, their friends and families and working with well over 3,000 safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies Securus has become part of the corrections industry landscape. So don’t be surprised if they continue to change the face of that landscape – again.


VTA Publications Is A Great Way To Pioneer Your Financial Future

Having the future that you want is just a call away. VTA Publications is an online course that offers real results when you’re looking to pioneer your financial future. There are several courses online that promises results, but don’t deliver the results that help you change your financial outlook. There are a number of people that are going to tell you that you don’t have the time or resources, but Hunt, CEO and Founder of VTA Publications says that those are negative people that aren’t going to encourage your dreams. He says that it is very important to surround yourself with positive people that are going to show you how to earn money from their own success. In fact, many Fortune 500 and corporate business learn how to maintain their revenue with VTA Publications.

Jim Hunt says on YouTube that hanging with financially secure people will eventually rub off on you. A genuine friend will help you become successful in the process. Naysayers don’t have the courage to get out their and take the necessary actions to build wealth so they tend to hinder your progress, says Hunt. Their are a considerable amount of people that want to see your business grow and they are willing to help you in the process. You don’t have to hang with people that aren’t going to be brave and take opportunities in this tough financial economy. You can buy a new home, a boat, or a car when it has never been possible before. In fact, a large amount of people have talked about how they have been able to save money. You have a chance to change your lifestyle and live big dreams.

VTA Publications is an online course that offers award winning financial strategist opportunities. You can learn how to make money from a stock market that is falling. You can start to see a return in as little as two phone calls. Thousands of people have given actual testimonials on how they were able to make money and change their future. You can visit the VTA Publications website today for more details and information on how to change your future.

Dog, Believed Dead, Returned To Owners Two Weeks After Being Swept Down Waterfall

David Kareken was camping with his family in the forests of Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario when the unthinkable happened. Their beloved dog Kali, a seven-year-old retriever-collie mix, was swept away by the Rebecca Falls. Heartbroken, the Kareken family, thought Kali was dead, alerted park rangers, and returned to their North Carolina home.

Two weeks later, the Karen’s got a surprising phone call. A dog matching Kali’s description had been found on a remote island near the park. Kali had been discovered weak, but in otherwise good health, by a camper. The camper alerted park officials who had Kali flown to their location where they began to review recent reports of lost animals. One park official found the description of Kali left by David Kareken, along with the family’s contact information.

“This began as a nightmare that developed into a happy ending,” David said.

Kareken left almost immediately to retrieve Kali.

“When I got there, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “She was a bit thinner than before but otherwise fine. I cannot tell you how ecstatic we were that she is still alive – and unharmed. The powers that be have watched over her and were looking out for the overall well-being of my family.”

If animals could speak English, Kali would have one whopper of a tale to tell, from her near-drowning incident, ride down the rapids, to surviving weeks in the wilderness. Officials were kind enough to take photographs of Kali during her plane ride and shared them with the Kareken family.

Kali is now safe at home with her owners.

Lost Ring Found With the Help of Detector

When Jamie Kennedy lost her engagement ring in the waters of Lake Michigan she quickly lost hope that she would ever see it again. After searching with a friend and her children, Kennedy went home and posted on social media about her lost ring in the hopes that someone might find it. She got 2,500 shares, spreading the word to the community about her predicament.

Her hopes were small but sometimes the most unexpected miracles take place by letting people know about the situation.

That’s when John Dudley, president of the West Michigan Detector Club, stepped in. He contacted Kennedy to get the details of the day she lost the ring along with pictures. The chances of him finding the ring in the waters of Lake Michigan seemed small.

He went out two days after the ring was lost giving the ring plenty of time be washed far from where it was lost. Dudley did more than beach comb that day. In search of the ring, he entered the choppy waters of Lake Michigan with waves sometimes coming up to his waist.

To the hopeful surprise of those on the beach that day, Dudley pulled the ring out of the water and gave a thumb up to the ring’s owner. Kennedy could hardly contain her excitement as she ran through sound and waves to get the ring back.

Both Kennedy and Dudley were pleasantly surprised by the find. Kennedy, who now firmly believes in miracles, is grateful for the efforts of a stranger on her behalf, while Dudley is pleased to have put his hobby to good use.

Horse Rescues Woman Who Never Knew She Needed Rescuing

A woman who adopted a rescue horse never knew that the horse would end up changing her life. Teresa Shafer has struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life. After going through treatment, it was suggested to her that she go back to an activity she had loved in the past, so she started riding again. She had no plans to buy a horse until a friend, who was in the market, encouraged her to visit a farm where a horse known as Huggy Bear was staying.

Huggy Bear had been originally rescued by Horse Haven after nearly being starved to death. He was recovering on a nearby farm when Teresa and her friend spotted him. At first, she wanted nothing to do with him, but after being encouraged to give him a try, she became instantly attached. She adopted the horse and started calling him Isaac. After a lot of care and training, Teresa and Isaac ended up competing in major horse competitions.

While working with Isaac and seeing his progress, Teresa realized that she would never treat a horse as badly as she treated herself. In a recent news interview with a local Knoxville television station, Teresa said she realized that she should be more kind and generous to herself as Isaac is to her. In this way, she feels that she has become the rescued rather than the rescuer.

North Carolina Family Reunited With Dog Believed to be Dead

Kali, a gold retriever-border collie mix, is one lucky dog. The seven-year-old pooch was reunited with her American family ten days after being swept away by the rushing rapids of Rebecca Falls in Ontario, Canada.

David Kareken, along with his wife and teenage son, set out for adventure. Hundreds of miles away from home, the majesty of the Quetico Provincial Park awaited. David and his wife thought that it would be a safe place to incorporate Kali into their family time. The family visited the Boundary Waters area of the park and took a few minutes to admire the beauty of Rebecca Rapids, but Kali had other plans.

Kali was intrigued by the sound of the rapids, stepped too close to the water, and was washed away after she slipped into the dangerous waterway. Kali’s family quickly lost sight of her.

“I had wanted to jump into the water, but I knew I could lose my life,” David said.

The family searched for their beloved canine companion for several hours. Grief-stricken, the family, packed up to return home. The Karekens made a stop at the ranger station before they left and explained the situation to park officials. David left a description of Kali as well as contact information in case she was found.

More than a week later, the Karekens received unexpected and welcome news. Kali was alive! She had been found on an island near the park. The camper that found Kali informed park officials who then flew Kali to the nearest station. Park officials knew that her family had been looking for her and called the family to deliver the amazing news.

“We were shocked,” David Kareken said. “We’re also grateful. The powers that be were looking out for her.”

Kali was hungry when she was found but was otherwise unharmed.

Homeless Remove Tons of Trash From California Creek

Amanda Fukamoto, a 56-year-old homeless woman living in a camp along Coyote Creek in San Jose California is spearheading an ambitious campaign to clean up the area. Since October, she and other members of the area homeless community who call themselves the “Coyote Creek Stream Stewards” have gathered over 24 tons of trash that has been discarded along the creek beds.

Richard McMurtry, a retired programs director for the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition, supports a “trash raffle” that helps to encourage people to participate in the clean-up efforts. A ticket for a chance to win a $10 gift card or other item is provided to each person who collects two bags of garbage. Participation varies from week to week, and ranges from a few people to as many as twenty.

Fukamoto acknowledges that the primary cause of the trash accumulation is illegal dumping and waste that is created by the many homeless camps surrounding the creek banks. She has come up with a long-term solution to help solve the area homeless problem. Fukamoto is working to arrange a deal with county officials that will allow homeless people to keep the creek banks clean in exchange for permission to live in a small village comprised of “tiny houses.” These mobile homes are typically less than 350 square feet each and would be located on a small piece of non-creek water district property.

Tiny House communities have been successful in many other cities, and some homeless people say that access to them has been life-changing.

InnovaCare Health Medicare Advantage– Savings For Senior Health Care


Medicare is an institution put in place by the federal government of the United States of America. Medicare provides health coverage to an enormous amount of American citizens annually; however, there exists an alternative option by which to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare Original refers to the original program created, managed and operated directly by the federal government; yet, third party organizations and/or physicians’ practices are able to provide individuals with health care benefits through programs known as Medicare Advantage Plans.

A Medicare Advantage Plan refers to the arrangement for third parties to provide Medicare health coverage to patients through the financial backing of the federal government under contract. Each Medicare Advantage Plan provider is allotted a set sum of funds which is to be delegated to Medicare Beneficiaries. Such Medicare Advantage Plans are also designed to be much more tailored and specific to the individual needs of each beneficiary.

InnovaCare Health

The North American leader in managed health care services is a company by the name of InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare uses two different methods to provide the topmost care for each and every one of it’s patients. InnovaCare utilizes revolutionary “provider networks” so that all patients are able to receive the best care possible for any and all of their specific medical care and treatment needs. Along with provider networks, InnovaCare makes use of the aforementioned Medicare Advantage Plans.

Both of InnovaCare Health’s health care providing avenues cooperate seamlessly in order to create a comfortable experience for patients and beneficiaries alike, wherein they are all able to receive the best care possible from physicians they trust and know who all use the backing and management of InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare is the figurehead for North American managed health care services. The company regulates, supports and manages ever-expanding networks of health care providers and organizations across the United States, all the while maintaining the ideology that patients and patient-care provider relations are the most important aspects of the health care industry.

The greatness achieved by InnovaCare Health would not be possible if not for sophisticated, effective leadership. Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA and president of InnovaCare is a professional with over twenty years of experience in his field of work. He is also the author of countless articles on clinical medicine and overall healthcare. Dr. Shinto, despite his extraordinary set of qualifications, does not account for the entirety of InnovaCare’s stellar leadership. Penelope Kokkinides serves as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. Kokkinides, too, boasts over twenty years of experience through specialization in governmental health care institutions such as Medicare and Medicaid. While Kokkinides only joined the company in June of 2015, she has already and continues to demonstrate her qualifications and ability.


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Boy Uplifts Youth with Inspirational Message

Nyeeam Hudson is inspiring others with motivational speeches that speak on self-esteem and love. He has 60,00 followers on Instagram and is writing on a book.

Hudson is a ten-year-old boy.

Hudson, who uses the name King Nahh, speaks primarily in his New Jersey community, but has spoken at conferences across the nation and reaches people from all over the world through his Instagram account.

His message of being self-confident is directed at youth. Hudson challenges his peers to focus on loving others and pursuing knowledge. In a recent speech, he spoke about how a bully had made fun of him for the brand of shoes he was wearing.

“It’s not about what I have on my feet, it’s about what I have inside my head,” he said in a video of the speech. “No matter what I’m wearing, what I have on, it’s about my information, the knowledgeable things in life. These sneakers are not even going to fit you 20 years from now.”

Hudson joined FP YouthOutCry Foundation and the H.U.B.B. Community Empowerment Center several years ago. The organization, aimed at youth, has helped him grow in his public speaking ability and craft his uplifting speeches.

Hudson has a GoFundMe campaign seek to raise $10,000 for a book he is writing for youth entitled “We Are All Kings!”

“I think of this venture as a platform to brighten a spirit – lift someone’s self-esteem; someone who may not believe in their potential,” he said.

Is Anyone Else in Love With EOS?

What is EOS? EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and I am absolutely in love with their line of lip balms. I am allergic to gluten and petrolium, and I often find that these two ingredients are commonly used in beauty products. Therefor, I must be very choosy when shopping for makeup or I could risk breaking out in hives which is miserable to say the least. isit the website at
It’s very hard for me to find a quality lip balm product that isn’t packed full of chemicals, or ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. Evolution of Smooth makes lip balm that is certified as organic, it doesn’t contain any gluten, or petroleum which is perfect for me.

So far I have only tried the smooth sphere style, and my two favorite flavors are summer fruit which smells like berries with a hint of peach, and the passion fruit that has a tropical scent.

This stuff just glides right on, feels amazing, and smells delicious. It stays on for several hours, and it makes your lips look very kissable. I think the Shea Butter and Vitamin E that it contains really protects your lips, and makes them look luscious.

Most of the natural balms that I have tried before tend to feel heavy, or greasy, with Evolution Of Smooth I get a much lighter, smooth layer instead which is very pleasant.

One trick that I have found while using Evolution of Smooth is that it works very well as a lip primer, too. Now I apply it before I put on my lipstick, and after for an incredible look and feel.

In my opinion EOS offers a quality, inexpensive, lip balm that is certified as organic, looks, smells, tastes, and works great. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the luxury of Evolution of Smooth lip balm, you don’t know what you are missing. EOS products are available on Amazon and local Walmart stores.