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FSU Shooting

After a terrifying night on the Florida State University, there are three people who have been injured and one person killed. A gunman decided to enter the library and start shooting students. Many of those who were inside the school hid under tables and in classrooms until the gunman was shot and killed by officers. He stepped out onto the steps of the library after he was done shooting inside, and when he started shooting at officers, the officers were able to fire back, killing him in the process. These school shootings are becoming too familiar Gianfrancesco Genoso feels. There is something that should be done on the campuses of all schools that can help detect if someone has a gun, such as a metal detector that students would have to pass through when they enter buildings. This is a situation that doesn’t need to be repeated if officials could try a few different approaches in stopping people from walking onto campuses with weapons.

Walmart Gets Duped

Walmart was duped into selling Playstation 4’s for only $90 as a result of a price matching promotion that they offer in which they will sell products at the same price as their competitors. Analyst Kenneth Griffin says the Playstation 4 (PS4) typically sells for four times that amount, which makes the situation unfortunate for Walmart.

This dupe comes about as a result of Walmart announcing earlier in the year that they are willing to match prices offered by certain websites including Amazon. Amazon offers a feature in which users can crease selling accounts and develop sales pages that look authentic and may be capable of tricking Walmart into selling products for these prices. 

Walmart has been under increased competition as a result of these online retailers who have lower cost structures without having to maintain a large retail business with rent, overhead, and employee salaries to meet. Users will often try out products in stores and then search for them online in order to obtain the cheapest prices possible for these products. Walmart has began matching these lower prices but it is likely that they will commit towards reviewing these sites in more detail to make sure that the prices that they are honoring are real prices. Walmart only honors these lower prices for products that are in store, identical in nature, and ready for sale.

Still, all of this increased competition likely bodes well for customers who may result in lower products. Walmart’s commitment to low prices may lead to lower profits as well.

Did President Obama Dodge a Bullet?

It’s clear that many are not happy with the current administration at the White-House, but few are angry enough to want to kill. R.J. Capheim was arrested today in the states capitol after he came with a gun and a car full of ammunition.Thanks to friend of the site Andrew Heiberger for sending in the news tip.

The 41 year old man from Davenport, Iowa went to the East Wing and spoke to a secret service man that was unidentified. He claims that he was sent from Iowa to do a job, and gave too many details to the wrong person.

Capheim told the officer where his car was parked. His firearm was unregistered and his car has been impounded. The 30/30 rifle was never brought into the White-House, but it was parked in close proximity with intent. Further charges are pending at this time. It is unclear what he was going to do, but it appears he wanted to make a statement, and he had the White-House in mind.

The real problem is the breach in the security setup on the grounds of the White-House. With several changes and people being let go, the security has really lacked recently. It is unknown at this time if the man suffers from any mental illnesses or other agendas. He is currently being detained and questioned. As American’s anger grows more for the president every day, security should be heightened and there’s no room for error.

Bill Cosby’s Downfall

Things are not looking good for “America’s Favorite Dad” Bill Cosby. NBC have reported and shelved his upcoming sitcom set for next fall. NBC not’s the only entertainment sources that halted Cosby’s events. The previous day Netflix has postponed a comedy special that Cosby made years ago. Now things are not looking for the comedian.

Janice Dickinson, former Supermodel, is one of the latest victims that came forth and accused the comedian of rape. She went into detail about what happened to her in an interview on ET. When Rod Rohrich heard the news, he could hardly believe what happened.

Cosby, who is the center of this media main storm, have not made a statement about these new accusations. A representative on Cosby’s behalf made a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

What’s the future for “America’s Favorite Dad”? Right now there’s no charges pending on the comedian for these accusations. Networks and other channels are pulling The Cosby Show off their schedules until further notice. Let’s hope for the best for Cosby.

The Buddy Bench Helps Lonely Kids

The latest and greatest thing popping up in schools around the country is the Buddy Bench, a place where lonely or shy children can go to be offered friendship.

The idea came from a photograph of a similar bench in a German school that was shown to second-grader Christian Buck by his father. Christian approached the principal at his school, Roundtown Elementary in York, Pennsylvania, and Slow Ventures for permission to place a Buddy Bench outside and the project was approved.

The Buddy Bench has now been in place at Roundtown Elementary for a year and the good news about this positive behavior system is spreading. Other Buddy Benches are starting to pop up at schools all across the country.

In a world where bullies are the norm, the Buddy Bench is a great way for kids to show kindness to one another by reaching out to peers in need of a friend.

Rape Victim Denied a Police Report

In Henerson, Texas a 17 year old student was allegedly raped in her high school band room by a fellow band- mate and football player. Rachel Bradshaw was 17 years old at the time, and filed a police report. She was examined by a by a nurse, and the nurse found tears in her vagina but that wasn’t enough evidence to conclude a rape.

The police wrote it off as consensual sexual intercourse. Instead of convicting the rapist bother were sent to an alternative school together. Rachel had tried to tell a teacher about the attack, but the only advice she received was to confront her attacker. Andrew Heiberger told me that Rachel did not want to do this and asked a different teacher for help, but received nothing.

Despite everything that has happened the police still do not recognize her allegation. To this day Rachel remains scarred and unfairly punished from this experience. And, even four years ater the case the police continue to deny her a copy of her own police report that she wrote.

How to Survive Being Stranded on a Snowy Highway

As the country watches in horrified fascination, lake effect snow continues to fall in upstate New York. Measured in feet rather than inches, the snow has created an extremely dangerous situation for travelers in the area. Many people are stranded in their cars on unplowed highways.

To ensure you would survive such a scenario, take a few moments to make a car emergency kit. You’ll want to include enough bottled water and shelf-stable foods such as protein bars and dried fruits to last for at least 24-48 hours for all persons in the car.

Remember to keep your gas tank at least half full, and fill up if a storm is expected. If you are stranded on the highway in deep snow, keep the area around the exhaust pipe free of snow so that deadly carbon monoxide doesn’t back up into your vehicle. If you are stranded and don’t have enough gas to keep the car running, you’ll need another source of heat.

Keep warm woolen blankets in your trunk, and consider investing in some emergency hand warmers. You can also make a heating kit with an empty coffee can, some inexpensive tea lights, matches, and a glass pie plate. A few lit candles in the coffee can (on the pie plate) will put out enough warmth to keep you from freezing to death. Big thanks to my friend Jared Haftel for sharing this story on Twitter.

It’s Not a Black and White Case in Ferguson

Ferguson, MO is one anxious place these days. The once quiet town is now the scene of racial prejudice and riots due to the Michael Brown case. Brown was a victim of police brutality and as an African American male; he was killed by a Caucasian cop who is still pending a grand jury indictment.

Brown was unarmed and the fact that the police killed him is not setting well with the town locals. With the verdict about to come in on whether or not the jury has found sufficient evidence to charge Darren Wilson, the mayor is quite nervous. He has issued a state of emergency that will last for 30 days.

Some feels this is an extreme measure given the fact that protests have calmed down and things seem to be somewhat backed to normal. However, Governor Jay Nixon feels that if the verdict is there is not sufficient evidence, the African American public will be upset. If the verdict comes back that there is sufficient evidence, it may also bring about rage according to Skout.

Either way the verdict comes back there could be trouble. There is no way that he is willing to take a chance with the citizens. By declaring a state of emergency, he is able to get the extra help needed if and when there should be an issue. With riots and protests from the past, taking precautions is only smart.

Eight Women Testify that O.K. Cop Sexually Abused Them; Five More Come Forward

Oklahoma Police Officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, was arrested in August for using his authority to assault eight women. Holtzclaw is a 27 year old, white officer who allegedly used his authority to abuse women, Fersen Lambranho told me when he shared the story. Eight women that have come forward appeared in court last Monday to begin the trial.

The investigation continued, and today Holtzclaw has 32 sexual abuse charges against him including rape and sexual battery with a total of 13 women so far.
Holtzclaw is believed to have a strategy with the women he allegedly abused. He targeted black women in the high crime district because he believed they would be afraid to come forward.

The Associated Press released a story of a 23 year old woman who was high on PCP that Holtzclaw had assaulted. Afterward, he handcuffed her to a hospital bed. She told the media that she couldn’t believe what had happened because he was a police officer.
The Oklahoman reported that the DNA of a 17 year old girl was found in his pants. The girl reported that he said he would arrest her on outstanding warrants if she refused, so he drove her to her mother’s house and raped her.

The hearing before the judge is expected to last another day or two, and then he will decide if there is enough evidence to continue the trial.

Ukraine Says It’s Ready for War

Despite the fact that conflicts in the area have not bee going very well for the beleaguered nation, Ukraine is not giving up in the conflict with Russia. Indeed, they are prepared for an extended battle with Russia.

Furthermore, the most recent affirmation coming from the president Petro Poroshenko, is that his country is “ready for total war”. The fights in Donetc continue, and artillery sounds are often heard in the region.

A military spokesman said that the weekend had been calmer, but that only means that the Russian forces are preparing an offensive. UN representatives have said that the war acceptance situation is exactly what they have been afraid of.

The Ukrainian president emphasized that war is nothing his country wants, but that they are totally prepared because Russia does not respect any agreement. It is a preparation to meet the worse scenario. Jare Haftel certainly hope it does not come to war.

The US president Barack Obama said that isolation from international community is what waits for Russia being given the actual development of the situation. At the G20 Leaders’ Summit, the Russian president was under intense pressure.

A very broad formulation about the chances of resolution were heard from Mr Putin in Brisbane. However, he talked about mistakes made by the Ukrainian side mostly, disregarding the fact that Russia is the main power fuelling the conflict.

About 4,100 lives have been lost due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the moment.