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Home Maintenance Meets Technology in Handy

We’ve all that moment. You know, the one where a pipe breaks, or you plan a big event and need your place cleaned up ASAP. Perhaps you have an elderly parent or relative that just can’t keep up with the housework anymore and you just don’t have the time. Commercial cleaning services can use a variety of chemicals and cleansers and also require a variety of equipment used in cleaning and maintaining different types of surfaces. When it comes to your home, you want experienced employees that won’t cause any damage by using that equipment improperly or on the wrong types of surfaces. It is also equally if not more important that they do not use harsh chemicals that may cause foul odors or negative health reactions for any of the occupants of the home, including pets.
You can end up spending hours searching the internet and phone books for a cleaning or repair service that can get the job done the way you want. They need to offer the right services at a price you can afford and still hold a reliable reputation. That can be hard to find when scouring a large list of so many options in the competitive field of cleaning or maid services. And these days, who can you trust? After all, these people are going to be in your home and you may not be able to be there. You also don’t want somebody to come in and not do the job your paying them for or at least not correctly. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way you could access what your looking for in one easy and convenient place?
Meet Handy on recode. Thanks to the innovations of smart device technology and the internet, the creators behind Handy have brought all these services together and created your one-stop source in home cleaning and handyman services. This makes finding your next cleaning or maintenance service a breeze. You sign up online or through the Handy smart device app, enter your information, and then your free to begin browsing services compiled in place in a simplified user friendly platform. In a hurry? No problem. Instead of browsing, just enter your zip code, the number of rooms you need done, how long you expect it to take, and what time and date you would like it started and voila! You get a list of available quotes to select from. You find the one you like and the card you have on file is billed. There is no hassle and service can be ordered in as little as sixty seconds. Now that’s fast!
Concerned about who you might be hiring? No need to worry. All of Handys professionals are fully vetted and verified using a system of full background checks at a national and county level plus provide proof of experience through a difficult onboarding process. Still a little concerned? Don’t be. Handy also offers a 100% money-back guarantee and will even cover replacement costs if anything gets damaged. That kind of support and backing of services can offer you real peace of mind. So next time your in need of a good cleaning service, give Handy a try!

John Textor: Making Anything Possible In The Eye of the Beholder

One of the ground breakers in a new era of visual effects is John Textor. The Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution has assisted in creating advanced technological images seen all over the movies and TV. He’s also helped bring Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur back to life. So to speak anyway.

Textor has long been a master of both the technology and executive worlds. Having graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in economics, John co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm focusing mainly on entertainment, telecommunications and the internet. From there, he became director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, where his work involved the sale of children’s products over the internet. In the quickly burgeoning web retail industry of the early 2000’s, John rose up the ranks to CEO in just a few years.

As Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and it’s parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, Textor helped restructure the two companies into a media visual effects giant. They have done digital effects for more than 80 films, including such blockbusters as “Transformers” and “Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End”. During his tenure there, the company also won several Clio awards for its work in television commercials. In 2009 the top honor in animation achievements, the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, was awarded to Textor’s company for their work in “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”, where they were able to create a believable human actor who was entirely digital. As far as wonders went, however, Textor was just getting started.

In 2012 audiences were amazed at the Coachella Valley Music festival when a digital Tupac Shakur appeared and performed on stage. Using a complex combination of animated images, projections and carefully placed glass, Textor and Digital Domain made the magic happen. Before leaving the company in 2013, John was also behind the same virtual resurrection work for Elvis Presley. He also helped transform Digital Domain into a film production company in it’s own right with the co-production of “Ender’s Game”.

Now at Pulse Evolution and with his hands in many projects, John Textor is continuing to create work that thrills audiences. It was at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards that he helped bring the world a vivid re-creation of Michael Jackson. With several more films in the works and many more 3D recreation possibilities, Textor is sure to bring audiences spectacular visual effects that will go as far as growing technology will allow.

Cost-Cutting Through PEOs Or Other Outsourced Services

Starting up a business is quite a rewarding undertaking for entrepreneurs who have all the plans in place and know exactly where they’re going with it. But with every profit that the business makes, there are also always expenses to deal with such as accounting, taxes, and other compliance issues if you have multiple employees. For every business, the challenge is to find ways to offset the costs by cutting down spending and finding alternative solutions to the needs they have. One such solution is Professional Employer Organizations, companies that service other companies for areas of need in the accounting and human resource departments.

Dr. Brian Bonar is the man who has been a purveyor of PEOs and he’s had quite a resume of finance management. Graduating with a bachelor’s from Strathclyde University, and a master’s and doctorate’s from Staffordshire University, Bonar went into various company financial management positions at companies like American Management Services LLC, Bezier Systems, and QMS Inc. Bonar has also served on the board at the Boys & Girls Club of San Diego. Bonar’s ideas have been all about saving small and mid-sized businesses time and money through the services that his companies TRUCEPT and Imaging Technologies provide.

TRUCEPT is a company that services the payroll, employee insurance, tax records, and other financial administration matters for client companies. It’s a PEO that enters into a partnership with a client company and through agreed upon terms, maintains control over that company’s HR operations while the company controls the day to day operations of the employees. TRUCEPT can take care of the hiring process for the client companies by recruiting, conducting initial interviews, drug testing, and collecting all the other necessary information. While the PEO can control the right to both hire and fire employees, usually the client company will have the final say and if they discontinue to use the PEO for their services, they can still keep the employees that were hired by the PEO, though the PEO is no longer the “employer of record” at that point. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

Imaging Technologies was originally just an office equipment manufacturer, but Bonar since taking over has made it a fully functional office service company and has expanded their marketing department. Now Imaging Technologies has technicians and support staff that help companies that purchase or lease the equipment with the installation and integration process. Through the use of proprietary integrated network features as well as software for the printers, copiers and multi-function machines, Imaging Technologies has developed a streamlined application process for designing digital images.

International Commerce Site Qnet

The field of international commerce has long been one that people around the world have chosen to engage in. Buying and selling items from around the globe is something that benefits consumers and the seller alike. The buyer benefits by being able to purchase goods that are often rare and hard to get otherwise in their own nation such as certain fruits and vegetables. They may also benefit by being able to get access to labor that is less costly than the labor they can get at home. Sellers benefit by being able to access international buyers who want their goods and services and can offer them better wages than they may otherwise have in their regional markets.

Companies that are able to tap into this market are companies that have done well and thrived no matter where they exist. A company that seeks to enter the international market must be prepared in many ways. They must know as much as possible about local markets as well as how to work with consumers from around the world. The result of such knoweldge can be highly beneficial for both the company and all their delighted international customers.

One such company is Qnet. Qnet is a highly respected company that was started by Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran spent years studying many markets around the world. During the course of his work, Eswaran was able to learn what consumers in many places want to purchase. He was also able to understand how to work with local employees to help provide them with the tools to market successfully both local and internationally at the same time. QNet is a marketing company known around the world.

Qnet markets a wide variety of products to consumers in many nations. The company has successfully expanded into many areas of Asia, including India, Malaysia and many other nations in this area. Company officials have hired employees in this region of the world who know how to work with local consumers and local area regulations to help people get access to products that can improve their lives. Company officials have chosen to focus on products that provide their consumers with all kinds of important health benefits including the ability to look younger and feel better. The company has also invested in projects that allow their consumers to enjoy a vacation that places an emphasis on helping clients relax and get rid of their daily stress. Those who follow the company and buy their products have often reported a better sense of well being and a feeling of vastly increased energy each day. Both consumers and sellers have been able to benefit from the company’s expertise and emphasis on providing them with access to high quality products.

Sam Tabar a/k/a Samir Viktor a/k/a Samir Viktor Tabar, Man of Mystery and Millions

Sam Tabar, also known as Sammir Viktor, also known as Samir Viktor Tabar, is a man of incredible talents and masterful skills in law and economics. He is a David who conquered Goliath and then assumed Goliath’s role ruling the masses around him.

Education and Career Impressive on Both Counts
Tabar’s education was immaculate, graduating form England’s Oxford in 2000 and the Law School of Columbia in NY in 2001. Even more incredibly, he went from Law School to joint the world’s most prestigious law firm, working in their hedge fund acquisitions. How many rookie law grads walk into the marble halls right after graduating?

Further Conquests:
He only stayed with the law firm 3 years, when he left for

  • 2011- After one year with PMA he left for Merrill Lynch in teh Asian-Pacific Region
    2012- He moved to Adenval LLC, and then
    2013 – He returned to law, handling investment accounts and advising investors
    2014 Tabar reportedly left his private practice is has online twitter accounts, web site and other media outlets.


Mystery of Beginnings
Notwithstanding his comet fueled acceleration through the heavy world of high finance of the highest uber order, nothing can be researched about Sam Tabar’s beginnings. There is no record online of his place or date of birth, just that he is an American citizen. There is no reference to his family’s holdings that permitted him to go to Oxford and Columbia in the first place. When reviewing his current holdings in the financial world, there are no reports of income, assets held, or salaries received published online.

What is Known
What is very evident from his historical rise to fame and fortune in the ranks of the genius minded and financially elite is that he seems to bore easily and needs to move on quickly from each conquest. The only interests he acknowledges are “hosting events” and “traveling”. The mental picture one receives is that of a Midas with golden touch who floats from country to country and society to society with the manner of a bumble bee or humming bird, dependent on circumstances.

Sam Tabar by any of his identifications is an incredibly accomplished man of education and financial means. He speaks French and English as one raised in the languages, and speaks Japanese very well in the business and social environments. Sam Tabar is also one of the most attractive men on this planet, East or West.

What You Can Do To Invest Better

There are a few things that one should know about investing. A few simple principles help bring anyone out from being just an average investor to one who can make some real money. The reason why one needs to be above average is the fact that so many average investors actually make lower returns than they should or perhaps even lose money. This is despite the fact that the market is designed to go up over time. With the odds in favor of investors, no one should be losing money in the market over the long run.

Use Dollar Cost Averaging

Rather than trying and failing to predict the movements of the market, investors should instead use the dollar cost averaging strategy. This is a strategy whereby one invests the same amount of money in their stocks no matter if the market is up or down. They do this because they want to get the money invested without trying to predict where the market is going.

Dollar cost averaging means that one actually purchases more shares when the shares are lower and fewer shares when the price has climbed. This is just because the same amount of money is invested regardless of the price of the shares. It works out well for those who do this in the long run.

Diversify The Portfolio

The portfolio that you hold should be a diversified one. This is a portfolio that is spread out among a variety of different types of investments. The truth is that having a variety of investments makes it possible to gain when one sector of the market is going up while others are lagging. At the same time, when one part of the portfolio gets hit, at least the whole thing is not going to collapse under its own weight.

Diversifying is easy to do with a lot of the mutual funds that are available today. They will spread that money out for you around the market. You can just put money into the mutual fund and know that you are diversified the way that you need to be.

Do Not Put Too Much Interest In Financial News

The financial news is generally designed to promote as much drama and action in the market as possible. It often leads investors to make wrong headed decisions about their investments in the long term. The reason for this is because investors get overly concerned with what is happening on a day to day or even moment to moment basis in the market.

Brad Reifler for example says it is always better to think about investments over a longer period of time and prepare for them like that. Investment news may be exciting, but it also provides a lot of bad information that can be acted on by investors who are overly worried about protecting their investments. It is never a good idea to act in a rash manner like this, but it does happen when one watches too much financial news.

Eric Pulier Drives SOA Software To Unprecedented Success

The future of SOA depends on highly skilled executives, like
Eric Pulier to share the benefits of the installation. Known
for managing his well-known company, SOA Software Incorporated, this
prominent entrepreneur hopes to guide business professionals and
technologists in service-oriented architectures integration.
Essentially, by employing his former training in government and
enterprise technology, Pulier and Hugh Taylor published,
“Understanding Enterprise SOA.” This mentoring style book details the
positive effects of successfully addressing technology and business
concerns. In fact, the authors will reveal the essential human factors
necessary to deploying SOA technologies in a major corporation.
Remarkably, Pulier’s educational training in conjunction with his
former technology experiences has greatly influenced his success as a
successful businessman.

Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Pulier excelled in his studies from a
young age and, as a result, he decided to pursue English and American
Literature at Harvard University. In 1988, he graduated from college
with the highest honors and, afterwards, he embarked to Los Angeles,
California to launch People Doing Things (PDT), which is a company
that focusing on resolving issues related to health, education, and
other controversial industry concerns. Remarkably, his early business
pursuit led to the development of Interactive Agency Digital Evolution
in 1994. A few years later, the company merged with U.S. Interactive
LLC in which his most noteworthy achievement involved the creation of
a private social network platform for chronically ill children. In
2001, Pulier founded SOA Software, currently known as Akana, to
assists businesses in accelerating their digital networks.

Pulier’s former technological experiences at People Doing Things and
U.S. Interactive Agency Digital Evolution provided him with the
necessary skills to drive SOA Software Incorporated. Throughout his ownership, this executive sought to provide practical services to enterprises which involved sharing data as APIs, integrating applications, propelling partner adoption, monetizing
their assets, and improving operational efficiency. Essentially, his
primary objective was to engage business partners in implementing a
secure portal to channel online social interactions between
corporations. Moreover, he knew that his company’s API Management
platform would ultimately increase revenue by merging developer
adoption with community tools. These unprecedented SOA offerings
enabled him to maintain relationships with his business
Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

In November 2005, Pulier and Taylor released “Understanding Enterprise
SOA,” with Manning Publications Company. In the forward, Paul Gaffney,
who is the Senior Vice President at The Home Depot, endorses Pulier’s
mission to outline simple SOA integration techniques targeted toward
the general business audience. Notably, Gaffney, Pulier, and Taylor
believe in the power of SOA deployment as each of these executives
have witnessed the positive effects of this service in a variety of
professional settings. The goal of this book is to ultimately assist
in company productivity.

Animal Rights Activists Continue To Stay The Course

There are millions of animal activists around the world. While some are small grass roots organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is one of the largest organizations that support the rights of animals and vigorously protest anything they see as mistreatment. Animal rights activists like Keith Mann often believe that animals shouldn’t be consumed as a food source. The rational: If you don’t eat dogs, cats, rats, why should you eat cows, chicken, deer or any other animal? Some activists aren’t that extreme. Many feel that if you consume animals, they should be treated in a humane manner up to the point where they are killed.

Unfortunately, there are a number of places all over the world that allow animals to be treated in a harsh manner. Many animal activists are known to go under cover to expose the living conditions of animals — which are sometimes very brutal and disturbing. Although there are a number of laws on the books that prohibit animals such as livestock and chickens being mistreated, they are often ignored. Even animals as large as whales are often treated with extreme brutality by fishermen. Animal activists at Greenpeace and Save The Whales monitor the oceans and bring attention to individuals who are ignoring laws and killing whales at will.

Keith Mann has been an animal rights activist since 1982. British officials have attempted to silence Mann for years due to speaking out against animal brutality. Mann is a one-man army in his fight for animal rights. He broke into a Wickham Laboratories to free mice he believed to be injected with neurotoxins. He has also launched a campaign against airports, freight firms and other transports who he believes to be exporting animals for the purposes of testing.

Animal activists have been a thorn in the side of the government and both private and public corporations for decades. Although some of their tactics have been questioned, most people appreciate the efforts — especially after viewing grisly footage of animal torture. Some countries have banned animal testing altogether. Many scientists claim there are better ways to test successfully without using animals, albeit, the process is more expensive. Animal rights activists, especially organizations such as PETA have no intentions of stopping. They are determined to root out animal abuse until it no longer exists.

BRL Trust Is The Most Popular Investment Firm In Brazil

Are you looking for a top investment company for beginners? Do you want to know which investment firm can manage or handle your investment competently? When it comes to choosing an investment firm, you need to do your research properly. Not all investment services are created equal. So make sure you choose a company that comes highly recommended in the investment market.

Investment companies specialize in asset management and portfolio diversification. Such companies allow you to pool funds together with other people in order to have professionally managed securities (shares, bonds, stocks, etc.). These assets are invested in different types of opportunities, allowing investors to make a profit with minimal risks. As one of the best investment firms in the world, BRL Trust can help you to make the right decision. Investments include wealth management, asset management, research, funding, financing, and assistance. Clients of investment companies can include individuals, corporate institutional clients.

There are thousands of companies that provide investment management, but not all of them have the resources or expertise to provide profitable yields. When choosing a firm, it is important to take into consideration the company’s experience in managing a vast range of assets, and a reputation of producing high returns. Use these criteria when determining the reputation of firms that provide investment services.

BRL Trust is a highly reputable and well established firm in Brazil, that provides outstanding services in the areas of investing and financial management This investment firm is financially stable, and has a lot of experience in advising and guiding clients to success. Those who want to reach their investment goals will have a pleasant experience if they enlist the services of BRL Trust. This trusted company has some of the best and most qualified professionals on their team. BRL Trust is a well known firm in Brazil.

When you contact BRL Trust, you will be given appointment to speak to one of their experts in the filed of investing and asset management. The investment specialists will go over your financial situation with you and determine how to help you achieve the gooal you have set for yourself. These advisors are very knowledgeable, experienced and are highly dedicated to rendering top notch financial services.

It is important to understand that investing in assets should be approached cautiously because it can be a very risky endeavor. As an investor, it is advisable to choose a company that will help you achieve a high return in every investment you make. By enlisting the services offered by BRL Trust, you can have more profitable opportunities to invest in and can diversify your assets. In the end, the risks involved would be minimized and the investment fund will be more profit-oriented.

The Growth of Qnet

There are millions of people all over the world that have a desire to be in business for themselves. However, it is difficult for people in many countries to come up with the capital requirements to start a business. There are many countries that are not as favorable to small businesses as the United States is. Qnet represents a great opportunity for people that are looking to earn extra money on the side. Qnet works by allowing people to pay a fee to sell products through their site. The products are provided by Qnet and have high margins. Margin is one of the most important factors in determining how much money a business can make over time. Here are several reasons that Qnet has grown so rapidly over the last few years.

Quality Products

With many online businesses, the products that are bought and sold are of low quality. However, the products that Qnet provides to be sold on the site are durable and look great. This is one of the many reasons that so many people choose to buy products from people that own a store on the site. Qnet now has a reputation of providing some of the highest quality products on the market.

Profit Potential

Another reason that Qnet has grown so rapidly is the profit potential that it offers to users. There are many people that have been able to earn several hundred or thousand dollars per month as a result of selling their products. Another income stream that is offered is through their affiliate program. This means that people can earn money every month by recommending other users of the site. With the amount of web traffic that is delivered by millions of users, it is no surprise that Qnet is one of the most popular websites on the internet. QNet is a marketing company known around the world.

In the Future

Qnet has many growth plans in itss future. The great thing about Qnet is that its users have an incentive to recommend others to the site. This presents an opportunity for both Qnet and customers to make money on the same transaction. Anyone that is looking to build a side business or extra income stream should look at the services that Qnet can provide. There are few places on the internet that offer high quality products at such a low price. In addition, this is a great place for people to get started in building up their own online company. Many people expect Qnet to continue its growth in the future.