The Rock Professes His Undying Love for Frances McDormand

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to share his surprising celebrity crush. It turns out that the former wrestler has a thing for Academy Award favorite Frances McDormand, and the admiration started when the renowned actress went to pick up her Golden Globe. In what Johnson described as an “out of the blue” moment, McDormand went to shake the hand of his 16-year-old daughter, Simone, right before stepping onstage to claim her award. Understandably, Simone was thrilled as a result. This interaction, Johnson reported, sparked a great admiration within him.

When Johnson admitted his crush to DeGeneres, the talk show host agreed that he had excellent taste. Johnson, who was dressed in a stylish blue jacket, also informed Ellen that he planned on marrying McDormand, even though both he and the actress are already married. Joking that his wife, Lauren Hashian, would be fine with the situation, the wrestler seemed utterly charmed by McDormand’s moves. Not only did the award-winning actress greet his daughter before accepting her award, but she also acknowledged the girl afterwards.

After Johnson repeated that he planned on marrying McDormand, DeGeneres opined that perhaps this was all just a bit “weird”. As the most recently named Golden Globes Ambassador, it would appear that Simone Johnson has a big future ahead of her indeed. With a powerhouse producer mother and a movie star dad, it seems as if the sky is the limit. Now, with an acknowledgment from a huge movie star, everything truly is coming up roses for this movie star’s beautiful daughter.

Win a Pink Deadpool Outfit When You F*ck Cancer

Do you hate cancer? Do you like heroes with cancer? Then this is the opportunity for you, as you could win a pink Deadpool costume by donating $10 to fight breast cancer!

The campaign was announced by Ryan Reynolds, wearing the off-color suit and sitting in a disheveled room with numerous other pink items. He addresses his fans in his characteristic style of calm insanity.

“Oh, hello there. You may be wondering why the pink suit? So that the world can see that I have a big ol’ heart-on. That’s heart with a ‘t,'” he adds.

Speaking on behalf of the artfully named “F-ck Cancer” campaign (see more here), he says that he will be giving out not only the pink suit that he is wearing, as well as other movie memorabilia.

“Will you add it to your weekly wardrobe rotation? Does it become a colorful addition to your S&M dungeon? Or will you simply nail it to a post to scare away birds, children and the elderly?” The choice is yours, Deadpool says.

He also adds that in this campaign, anyone can be a hero, without superpowers, capes or “lame CG costumes”—a reference to Reynolds’ role in Green Lantern, which was criticized for using computer graphics on the outfits.

In the comics, Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) is disfigured from his cancer, but due to his healing power, cannot actually die from it. Having gone crazy, he is foul-mouthed, violent and murders people for money, so it’s nice to know that he (or at least the people who make his movies) can take a break and still do some good, too.

Deadpool 2 will be out in theaters on May 18, but donate $10 and you can enter for that costume today!

Flavio Maluf’s take on the Business Oriented Exchange between Eucatex and Duratex

Recently, Eucatex and Duratexentered into a business-oriented exchange that is mutually benefiting. In this mutually benefiting business oriented exchange, Eucatex handed over their Capao Bonito farm to Duratex. In return, they received Duratex’s wood sheet production plant in Botucatu. Flavio Maluf, the Eucatex president, speaking after the exchange praised the exchange deal. He said that both companies are going to expand significantly their businesses thanks to this exchange deal.

The Eucatex president specifically mentioned that his companies are going to have a 70% increase in fiberboard production capacity. In addition to that, the companies paint production capacity was going to increase by 30% and that of paper printing by 40%. In a note to his employees, Maluf pointed out that this move was going to help the company to meet the demand both in Brazil and international markets. He said the exchange was only awaiting CADE’s as everything between the companies had been settled. The Eucatex president went ahead to say that the plants will start production as soon as CADE issues the approval. He further encouraged his employees to maximize this opportunity to improve their beloved company. Follow Flavio Maluf at

About Flavio Maluf

Mr. Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and GrandFood. As an elder son of the famous Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf, he was born and raised in leadership. He learned his business laser sharp skills at a young age watching his father do business, and over the years he sharpened these skills. Today, he is one of Brazil’s most aggressive international business persons.

Flavio Maluf is famous globally for his cutting-edge business methodologies. He greatly believes that being open-minded towards new business methodologies and stay focused are vital elements to one’s success in business. According to Flavio Maluf, keeping an open business mind enables you to adapt faster to new business practices and staying ahead of the curve. It also allows you to quickly find solutions to your business oriented challenges that you may come across. Keeping focus enables you to keep going after your goals and objectives despite the obstacles that you may come across along the way. Read:


The Museum of Selfies Lights Up Los Angeles

It’s a museum unlike any other, and perhaps it’s fitting that it has made its home in Los Angeles, the city perhaps best known for boasting a bit of narcissism. The Museum of Selfies opened up with great fanfare on March 31. Located on a nondescript corner of Brand Boulevard in Glendale, this museum hosts what it known to be the world’s longest selfie stick, in addition to a whole array of other exciting oddities.

For Game of Thrones fans, there is an “iron throne” composed of phones and tripods. Some of the other interesting exhibits include an optical illusion room that has been crafted with only white walls and black tape. Fans of classical art will enjoy the hilarious homage to David, in which the famous figure holds up a mobile phone to check his appearance. At the grand opening event, actresses Amber Hubert and Kimberly Trew were the first to receive “selfie cookies” compliments of the museum. Posing for a quick photo op, they were amazed to see their faces portrayed on a sugar cookie just a few moments later.

Beyond the velvet ropes, one could also experience a brief history of the selfie. From the first daguerreotype selfie to a primate posing with a knowing smile, the museum is full of fascinating selfie events in world history. For those who enjoy posing with eye-catching objects, there are many available at this gallery. From giant sushi pieces and a huge broccoli floret to a Volkswagen made of mirror-like material, there truly is something for every kind of selfie taker. However, this museum won’t be around forever. The limited engagement ends on May 31, so those who want to get their selfie time in should nab their tickets before this artistic exhibit ends.

Wonder Woman Scores a Star

It’s hard to believe that Lynda Carter is 66 years old. The incredible actress, who will forever be remembered for her role as Wonder Woman, has been seen in public a lot more recently. First, there was last year’s press junket for the newest Wonder Woman offering, this one featuring actress Gal Gadot in the lead role. Although details weren’t mentioned, it seems that director Patty Jenkins would love for Carter to participate in a future sequel.

Also, Carter was recently honored with her own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, which is a huge honor in itself. With her husband and her two children with her, Carter cut an elegant figure as she went to claim her star. It wasn’t surprising to see that so may fans gathered to witness this iconic moment—and they weren’t the only ones! There were also some VIPs in attendance, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actress Marilu Henner stopping by to pay their respects. Les Moonves was also in attendance. Many of the people present adopted Wonder Woman’s signature pose when they stopped for a photo, paying homage to the role for which Carter attained Hollywood immortality.

From 1975 to 1979, Carter took to television screens to portray Wonder Woman. These days, she doesn’t look all that different! Dressed in a beautiful black dress that showcased her toned figure, it’s easy to see why so many are still in love with Lynda Carter. Director Patty Jenkins undoubtedly started up the rumor mill again with her appearance at the elegant event, making fans ponder what role Carter could have in a potential sequel.

Meghan Markle’s Tostitos Commercial Resurfaces

Now that American actress Meghan Markle is preparing to marry Prince Harry in the coming weeks, the spotlight is on her—and some of her past work! While the world was aware that she was a Deal or No Deal briefcase model during a brief spell around 2007, many were completely unaware of Markle’s iconic 2009 Tostitos ad. In the commercial, Markle contemplates the merits of different bags of chips. Expressing dismay that the first bag she grabs just happens to contain 13 ingredients, she then finds Tostitos. Pleased that the chips contain only three ingredients, Markle then proceeds to toss them in her cart.

Although it may seem like an inauspicious ad, it is interesting to note that all of Megan’s trademark features—her clear eyes and glowing skin—are on full display. And although the commercial was presumably shot about a decade ago, Markle still looks almost exactly the same. Indeed, the spirited future royal definitely gave her all to shooting this ad.

Of course, Markle’s acting career consisted of much more than a chip ad and a role on Howie Mandel’s game show. Her big break came when she was cast in the role of a lawyer on the TV show Suits. Hopefully all of this time in the spotlight has prepared Meghan for a role in the royal family, which definitely comes with its own unique set of pressures. However, Prince Harry definitely seems to believe that his new love is capable of taking on the task; he is so confident in the match that he has stated that he does not want a pre-nup.

Cast Jokes About Thanos’ Demands For Silence

The directors of Avengers: Infinity War have begun a humorous campaign to prevent spoilers for their movie, and naturally the stars are going to jump at the chance to joke about it.

Called #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, the campaign was begun by Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of the upcoming epic, by posting a letter on Twitter. Thanos is the name of the main villain, an immortal alien seeking to gain the Infinity Stones and conquer reality.

Robert Downey Jr., who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man, was fairly straightforward about the request. “I trust you all can keep a secret…no spoilers please,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), who has a bit of a reputation for accidentally letting information leak in interviews, was a bit more playful. “This letter was originally addressed to me,” he claimed.

Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton/Hawkeye) also quipped about the matter. “I say nothing…cause I know nothing…” he said. This seems to be a reference to the fact that he has not been featured much in any promotional materials, leading many fans to wonder how much of the movie he is actually in.

Instagram also saw some responses from actors, with Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff/the Scarlet Witch) reposting the picture and Sebastian Shaw (Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier) merely noting that he is “exciting things to come.”

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until now, featuring every hero from a previous movie, from (ex-)Avengers to the Guardians of the Galaxy. All will have to come together to combat Thanos, and all will be vying for attention in the first part of the two-piece film.

As the promotional tour begins for its late-April release, let’s hope that everyone heeds Thanos’ orders.

Stream Energy is enhancing its philanthropic arm Stream Care Foundation.

Stream has philanthropy as one of its core values. Giving back to the community has always been an effort part and parcel of what it is involved with. Stream has its philanthropic arm called Stream Care Foundation which has been actively involved in the rebuilding of homes for victims of hurricanes in Dallas. Also, Stream Care Foundation has partnered up with a charity organization to help those affected by homelessness. Recently in an article published by Stream Energy and its philanthropic arm Stream Care Foundation were in the forefront in providing aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey that affected most of the neighborhood in Houston. The company also assisted its customers who live in Houston. Stream Care Foundation set an example for other organizations in Dallas by providing leverage for charities and the efforts of philanthropy. Giving back to the community has become an essential aspect of the Stream Energy brand. Stream Energy is an organization that provides energy services and other connected living services. The venture into philanthropy is a unique step, and the organization is bound to gain more collectively as a brand. Giving back will help the company kill two birds with one stone in that it will improve the lives of people. The second advantage of this step is that the organization would earn great respect from the community at the same time attracting more potential customers. Another advantage of this philanthropy effort for corporations like Stream is that during the rocky paths of the market this strategy would act as a buffer for the organizations. pointed out that as of the statistics of 2016 the total contributions made to charities from business around the world cumulatively reached an approximate value of $19 billion. Stream Energy has managed the philanthropic process through its strategy of using associates who in turn earn commissions through their sales and in the end individually contribute to the causes of their choice. Stream Energy brand is however focused on the issue of homelessness as it has been on the rise in Dallas. The organization has teamed up with Hope Supply Co. and RedCross to help the community on the issue.

Adam Milstein Believes That Diaspora Will Rise To The Challenge

As a Jewish expert, Adam Milstein Knows that even though the Jewish people have major challenges, they also have a proven track record of great leaders that will rise to the challenge. Leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Henrietta Szold among many others laid the foundation for a strong, independent Jewish state.

Even though the leadership of the Jewish Nation is very numerous, they actually have a host of all new challenges today. It is truly time for a new generation of Jewish leadership to emerge. Where is this new generation’s Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, or Henrietta Szold? Everyone, including Adam Milstein has to wonder about that. however, Milstein is confident that due to the creativeness and enginuity of the Jewish race a new leader will continue to emerge.

Why is Adam Milstein so confident of this? It is probably because in his work as a pro-Israel journalist, activist, and philanthropist, he has seen it first-hand. He also knows that the Next Generation of Jewish leaders will definitely be passionate innovative and hard-working. He sees it first of all when these youngsters return from the Birthright ceremonies, and how proud they are of their newly-discovered connection to Israel.

Milstein cannot help but be encouraged when he also sees them in the Israeli-American Council and being involved in the Tzofim and B’nei Akiva youth groups. Moreover, As a world traveler he sees them all over the world, and their energetic fight to take on racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism whatever they might find it.

Adam milstein knows that the task for the older generation is to equip these youngsters with a platform to help them express their ideas and become a part of the Jewish community. Simply put, if we equip them, they will be an asset. Even if we are the older Jewish generation, Adam Milstein knows that we can make an impact simply by what we leave behind.