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Sports Betting Tips and Tricks for 2016

How can you turn yourself from a casual NFL fan into a sports gambler who is actually taking in some wins? Betting on football odds is particularly hard to break into in a meaningful way because most people end up losing on their first couple of tries and giving up. Betting on the NFL isn’t for everybody but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. Today we are going to talk about betting on the NFL, how you can succeed, and how you can limit your losses along the way. Let’s get down to it!

When you first decide to start sports gambling you need to know exactly where to start. We like going to websites that have all of the information available to you. Our particular choice is because it offers us all of the key betting information and betting options that we could want. After you’ve picked your betting website to lean on you are ready to start pushing toward actually placing your first bet. It’s a big step and you’ll need to prep a little bit.

Before you put money into your betting account, no matter how excited you are for Sunday football games, you need to establish your gambling boundaries. This means that you are going to establish a method for your bankroll. You can’t bet money without knowing how much you can afford to lose. You can’t accept wins without knowing when you are going to withdraw and step away. So set your limits before you put any money on the internet. Set your firm withdraw limit and quit limit and don’t let yourself get tilted.

Now we are going to prep for our big bet. Let’s pull up the slate of Sunday games and pick one that appeals to you. Ideally you are going to pick an NFL team that you are familiar with and have some knowledge about. The more you know about the teams, the better. Okay, let’s look over the key stats. You want to look at the projected point differential between the two teams. This is called the spread. The underdog is labeled with a + while the favorite is labeled with a -. The number following the +/- determines how many points the game is likely going to be decided by. This is where you need to use your sports knowledge to pick against the favorites in the right scenarios.

A Bit of Good News Courtesy of Fresh Fame

Gratuity is a matter faced by all in matters of service and hospitality. It is a common understanding that even average service in certain industries such as food deserves an average tip. So common is this social payment system that official guides, employee pay rates, and even establishment policies have been created regarding them. CNN even gets in on the calling of standards here, saying that a tip should accompany a total restaurant bill at the tune of 15-20%, a curb delivery deserves 10%, and hotel housekeeping get between two and five dollars for each day of service (

Such a system helps employees as well as boosts service quality motivation, and the customer-vendor relationship. This week we saw an example of such respect of the gratuity system and service appreciation via new Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, Carson Wentz. Leaving no questions as to matters of class and humility, Wentz was reported to have left a 50% gratuity on a $1000 final restaurant bill ( One can imagine the waiter or waitresses receiving such a hardy token of appreciation and truly being affected by this surprise, $500 bonus.

To set the background, Wentz has only been an NFL quarterback for a few months now, recently being one himself to very possibly work in the position of a waiter or other, much-less-paying vocation than quarterbacking in the NFL. Other celebrities and sports stars have gained notoriety in recent times for opposing ideas in gratuities. Coming just in time for the new quarterback’s week six Philadelphia start, we all see something we can respect and appreciate. Best put, that “something” is likely humility, yet to tarnished by newfound wealth and fame.

Goettl Recommends Keeping Up With The Maintenance

One common problem that people face is when the air conditioning system does not work as well as it did when it was first installed. Of course this is to be expected. For one thing, every item that has been made is going to decay. This is especially true if it is not given the care and the maintenance that is needed for it to continue to work in the way that it has worked in the beginning. The same could be said for air conditioning units. Air conditioners need maintenance. Otherwise, it will deteriorate in performance over time and eventually quit working all together.

One thing that Goettl recommends is that people who own air conditioner units set up some kind of maintenance once each year so that the air conditioner will continue to work at top condition for a long time. Goettl itself offers maintenance. Since they are great about saving money for the individual with the units that they install, they can also be trusted to provide some of the services when it comes to maintenance. When Goettl provides air conditioner maintenance, residents will find that the air conditioner unit works a lot better than they remember it ever working.

Goettl is filled with people that are service oriented. They also know a lot about air conditioning because they like to live in comfortable environments. This is why they provide the air conditioning services to the residents. They want the residents to have some of the same comforts that the professionals can enjoy. They also make sure that the units that they offer people are big enough for the property so that it will save energy. When Goettl’s air conditioner unit is working extremely hard to cool down the home, then people will find themselves paying extra money for their utilities.

Flying Frozen Yogurt Courtesy of Drones

It’s no secret that people love their fro-yo. After all, it’s a healthy and delicious treat that can really appeal to just about anyone. That’s because people can customize it to their taste buds. Fro-yo is great at any time of the day. Typically people have to drive to a place to pick up their fro-yo. There hasn’t really been a place that’s experimented with delivering fro-yo. That was until fro-yo chain Orange Leaf came out with a new and fun way to deliver frozen yogurt.

They’re not delivering by car or bike. They’re taking it to an extreme and do something that no sweet treat place has ever done before. They are experimenting with delivering frozen yogurt by drone. According to GrubStreet, Orange Leaf is testing out delivery at Hope College in Michigan. It’s not clear how they chose that college but it’s clear that those students are a lucky bunch! What a great way to take a break from studying than by having fro-yo dropped literally in your lap.

The drone itself is part cool and part scary looking. It’s impressive that our technology has allowed us to come so far as to have something robotic delivering frozen yogurt to college students. The fro-yo itself is kept cold because the box it comes in is freezer packed. Orange Leaf has taken to Twitter to talk about this upcoming adventure and people are loving it. They’ve even tweeted a video of the drone hovering in the air with the frozen treat. The noise was quite loud but if it can deliver frozen yogurt than perhaps it’s worth it.

Orange Leaf has chosen a college campus as the guinea pigs for their experiment because college kids love technology and they love fro-yo. This is one of those that things they are sure to try out just to say that they did it. It’s unclear if college kids had to pay more for delivery and who they tip if they’re supposed too? One thing is for sure though, it’s fun to see frozen yogurt shops getting in on the drone delivery craze. Now college kids all over will be hoping that their school is chosen next for this delivery crazy.

Even Washington Post Wondering If Your Dog’s Halloween Costume Might Be Sexist

Oh, brother. Haven’t we had enough of this ludicrousness?


Even comedian Jerry Seinfeld aptly put it when he complained about the world becoming so politically correct now.


“I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC,’ ” Seinfeld told ESPN radio a year ago. He added that younger people “just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ They don’t know what … they’re talking about.”


Maybe Jerry Seinfeld is right on the money, especially after the Washington Post’s recent and ridiculous thoughts about dog Halloween costumes. That’s right; now we’re focusing on our four-legged companions and how we can correctly adorn them.


“Is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?” was the headline to an article penned by Abha Bhattarai of the iconic newspaper, analyzing gender-specific costumes. Remember the day when it was okay to choose a boy’s costume for a male dog and a girl’s costume for a female dog? Sixteen percent of Americans plan to dress their pets in Halloween costumes this year, and we doubt most of them will be thinking gender neutrality before they select either a pink tutu or cowboy costume.


Apparently, times have changed, even for canines. If we’re now focusing on a dog’s costume, then maybe something is wrong with the rest of us.


Ms. Bhattarai observed that PetSmart dog costumes are still clearly labeling theirs as male and female. Scott Lawrie, however, has a big problem with that, because it sends the “wrong message” to human beings. Lawrie, who hosts a podcast, claims that “The career options for women — and dogs — need to go beyond pink loofahs and pink cowgirls.”


Sheesh. Aren’t we taking this a bit too far, when we bring Bella and Bailey into the mix?


The National Retail Federation says that the most popular costumes for pets are pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees. As far as we know, those are all gender-neutral, even though most pet owners aren’t trying to dress their pets in the PC way when they choose a Halloween costume.


Entice All Five Senses with EOS Lip Balm

How did Evolution of Smooth (EOS) revolutionize the lip balm market? The rise of the EOS lip balm brand seems “quite sensible when you hear their business strategy.” They wanted to create a fun, glamorous lip balm, just for women.

Playful Lip Balm: EOS

Isn’t lip balm, the same as lipstick? The surprising fact is that most lip sticks actually dry out your lips. Thus, they need to have moisturizers added therein.

When EOS cofounder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra researched the lip balm industry, he noticed that it was rather bland. One reason might have been that since lipstick was already a separate category, the bland lip balm was meant to be primarily functional. Still, the majority of lip balm users were women and women don’t like bland.

Women Like Sensory Stimulation

Mehra wanted EOS to be a “bit of mystery.” Women like intrigue, as is seen in their soap operas. Now as the brand has become mainstream, Mehra believes it is time to “spill the beans” and tell fans “a little bit more about the business we are and the values we stand for.”

The strategy for EOS was to stimulate all 5 senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. When women purchase EOS, they are given a stimulating sensory experience. Other lip balms simply don’t do that.

The spherical container (see, is more creative than other packaging. It allows curvy women to use curvy lip balms on their curvy lips. EOS is a sensual product. It has risen quickly since its introduction in 1989 and is currently in the Top 3 for lip balms, according to Kline Research.

So, you might have loved EOS anonymously as a secret admirer. No problem. Now you can take your “secret admiration” public. EOS stimulates all five senses! Check out the product gallery on and on


Tech Savvy Brit Wastes 11 Hours Attempting To Make Cup Of Tea With Wi-Fi Kettle

This little news bit still has us shaking our head, again and again. Thanks to the world of Twitter, we could follow a British man’s ongoing frustration on social media, as he spent a day trying to set up his new appliance so that it would boil on command. Well, it is tea, and the English really like to indulge, as well all know.


Mark Rittman works as a data specialist, so that means he’s at least tech savvy, great with details and dealing with tons of information. The Hove, England resident, however, had met his match with his new Wi-Fi enabled kettle.


The only thing he desired that morning was his first hot cup of tea and spent the next 11 hours, waiting for the darn hi-tech pot to boil the water. He attempted and attempted, and the hours were going by and still, the connection was lost. It was all very simple and boiled down (sorry) to this- the base station was unable to communicate with the kettle itself.


Mr. Rittman went on Twitter to report his frustrations and many attempts to repair the problem:


…”3 hrs later and still no tea. Mandatory recalibration caused wifi base-station reset, now port-scanning network to find where kettle is now.”


His tweets were attracting lots of attention on the globally popular social media site, and folks were following his every move to get the Wi-Fi kettle to steam up and boil. Poor Mr. Rittman; his kettle came with zero software that would have made life simpler with integration and other devices in his home. So, he was attempting to construct the integration functionality himself.


Finally, Mr. Rittman figured out that the kettle liked being around “live” persons and thus, began responding to voice control. That means, the kettle was up and running online.


One sarcastic, funny Twitter guy with the label @onekade, challenged Mr. Rittman with this gem:


“….Why don’t you just get normal f****** kettle.”


Meantime, Mr. Rittman is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and plans to do requested interviews on the saga of his Wi-Fi kettle.

Classdojo Works for All Classrooms

Every classroom across the country can benefit from everything that Classdojo has to offer its users. From teachers to students and even parents, Classdojo works to make sure that everyone has a chance to be able to do well in the classroom environment. It is a great option for anyone who is related to a classroom in any way and it is something that works well for most classrooms from kindergarten to high school. The app has two major benefits: increasing the morale of students and allowing for a greater level of communication between teachers and parents.


When teachers first get the app, they can set up their classroom. They can add the students who are in their class and the students will each have different dojos that are assigned to them. Students can customize their dojo so that it suits their personality and so that they feel like it is an extension of themselves. They should be proud of the dojo that they create and they can do different things to change the dojo including changing its appearance as often as they want as long as it is not disruptive to the classroom environment.


The students are then able to start earning points on the app. The teacher makes the choice of what will get rewards and what type of rewards to hand out to students. This makes the students feel better about the classroom and can give them a chance to do better in the class that they are in. It is a way to increase their confidence and to boost the morale of the classroom. Students will benefit from the different ways that the app works for them and from the way that they can earn points for doing things that are good the classroom.


When it comes to communication, the app is second to none. It allows parents and teachers to have a high level of communication. Gone are the days of parents and teachers having to schedule awkward conferences every once in a while. They can now talk using the Classdojo app. The integrated messaging system not only makes this a possiblity, it actually makes it easy for parents and teachers to be able to talk about the students who are in their classroom. Parents enjoy getting a glimpse into the student’s daily life and seeing what they are doing that makes them stand out.

The OSI Group: Food Service at its Best

Food service is one of the many industries that require there to be an extremely high level of quality in the products as well as the service. In food service, if there is not a high level of quality, people will not return to the restaurants and anywhere that uses this service will not want to continue using it because they just won’t get the business. For that reason, The OSI Group wants to make sure that they give their clients everything that they both want and need in the food area for the restaurants that they serve.

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OSI offers their clients many innovative products and this pays off for the company. Some of the options that they have are not available anywhere else and this gives them the competitive edge that they need over different industries. It ensures that their business keeps coming back and that their restaurants are able to get what they want in the way that things work for the industry. They are one of the premier food industries and this is something that has been able to pay off in major ways for the OSI and their customers.

When it comes to products, the OSI Group has one of the biggest varieties in the United States. They have food that can suit different cuisine styles and they have also made sure that their food can meet certain quality requirements. This allows them to be helpful throughout the entire food service industry instead of just being available for some restaurants in the industry. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are giving everything that they have to all of the clients who they have worked with in the past.

They are able to provide a lot of food to people in the United States but they are also able to provide that service to people who are in different countries. As a global company, they make sure that they can give their clients around the world the same level of service that is available in the same areas. They have different foods around the world than what they do in the United States. The food that they offer in different countries is suitable to the culture that they are in and is custom made for that culture.

All of these things have worked together for the OSI Group. They have all come together to provide the level of success that can only be seen in a company that truly cares able their clients. Not only does the OSI Group want to make sure that their restaurant clients are satisfied with the food but they also want to make sure that the restaurant’s clients are satisfied with what they have to offer. They want to always work to make sure that they are happy and that they are good at what they do because of the way that they work in the food industry.

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Scotland Will Use Kites to Collect Wind Power

In Scotland, kites will be used as a major power source by 2025. A British company called Kite Power Solutions will be installing power stations fueled by kites at the Ministry of Defense’s West Freugh Range, which is near a town called Stranraer. The first kite power plant will begin operations in 2017.


Kite Power Solutions believes that kite power plants will not only produce several hundred megawatts of energy within five years, they will be cheap enough to not need government subsidies, in contrast to most alternative fuel sources. As bizarre as it sounds, kite technology has attracted the attention and support of Bill Gates, who has been planning to double his investments in the more novel forms of green technology.


The power plant will work by attaching two giant kites, each up to 40 meters (131 feet) wide to a turbine. The kits will alternate with each other, so one ascends into the wind, while the other descends. The ascending kite will rise up to 450 meters (1476 feet) and move in a figure-eight and pull on the turbine and thus produce energy. Each kite will generate about two or three megawatts, which is about the same produced by a wind turbine around 330 feet tall.


Kites have the advantage of being cheaper than traditional wind turbines, so the technology could be used in developing countries. One spokesman from Kite Power Solutions predicted that using kites could cut the cost of offshore wind power in half and thereby reduce the need for government subsidies. The kites could also fly higher than a conventional wind turbine could reach. They could therefore access winds that are stronger and more constant.


Scotland is a good fit for kite power, since it is a fairly windy country. According to the Met Office, eight of the ten windiest places in the United Kingdom are located in Scotland. The business development director of Kite Power Solutions, David Ainsworth, believes that the kites will fail to collect enough wind on fewer than ten days out of the year.