CTCA- Treat Cancer With Medication and Chemotherapy

Jobs in the medical field are becoming more and more popular and careers in the cancer specialty are no different. Not only are there many people suffering from cancer, but there are many people who have been affected from the disease. This field has many different career options and some of those are looked at below.

 Registered Nurse

These people have went to college and passed a national test. Not only can they assess the patient, but they can also help treat them. In addition, they have extensive training on how to interact with families of patients.

Clinical Data Analysis

People in this field creates and manages databases that have the medical information in them. Some of the information could relate to testing or clinical trials. They have to make sure that all the information is correct and accurate.

 Infusion RN

These registered nurses are the ones that place IVs and gives infusions. An infusion is when a liquid is administered right through the vein. These liquids could be anything from something to help with dehydration to cancer drugs.


These people have at least a Bachelor’s degree and are experts in nutrition, food, and diet. They help cancer patients figure out what is good to eat and what isn’t. They can also help people lose or gain weight.


These people are the ones that calculate exactly how much radiation needs to be given. They also calculate things like how fast it’s administered and whether it needs to be given over the course of a few days.

 Medical Oncologist

These are the doctors who diagnose and treat cancer with medication and chemotherapy.

 Pain Specialist

Cancer can cause quite a bit of pain and these people will figure out a plan that will help you get your pain under control.


These people classify different disease by running lab tests and looking at tissues and cells under a microscope. These are the ones that tell the patients what cancer they have and what stage it is.

Surgical Oncologist

While some of these oncologists use chemo and other medication, they specialize in treating cancer through surgery, whether that be removing a tumor or tissues around it.


These people are the ones who read x-rays and other tests like MRIs. They are usually the first ones to see something on the results.These are just a handful of the cancer-related jobs that you can get into. If helping people who have the disease is something you’re passionate about, then this career field would be a great fit. Look at the different options and do extensive research to see which career is best for you.

Get the Best Gifts for the Mate You Met On Tinder

These days, it’s increasingly common to meet your significant other online. A practice that used to be taboo is now a practical way for many people to find someone they have something in common with and are attracted to. If you and your mate are celebrating milestones in your relationship and want to remember how your romance started, here are some gifts that will make the occasion special.

One of the gifts you can purchase for your boyfriend or girlfriend is a cross-stitch that says “I Quit Tinder for You” as a humorous way to celebrate the fact that you no longer need the dating app, because you’ve found each other. Or, you can purchase glasses that say “Started from Tinder, Now We’re Here” to commemorate your love as you toast with your favorite beverage and enjoy a night of Netflix binging.

Another adorable gift to present to your loved one is a book that you can fill out with all the things that you love about your mate. Each page has space for you describe a trait that you enjoy about your mate, such as their habit of singing loudly in the shower every day or filling the house with fresh flowers each week. You can also purchase a set of undies for couples so you can both get cozy and enjoy a lazy day around the house and still look coordinated. Greeting cards that thank your mate for swiping right made the perfect finishing touch to your gift for your mate’s birthday, Valentine’s day or your anniversary.

Want to get more gift ideas? Check out www.huffingtonpost.com.

The Curieuse Island: Restoring Natures Coral Reefs

The Curieuse Island, cared for by the Seychelles Centre for Marine Technology, has the dubious honor of once being a leper colony. Today, this island is a national park.

In 2016, warm ocean water caused a bleaching event. This event created pale white branches on the coral. Scientists believe climate change, specifically global warming, caused the increase in water temperatures.

Marine scientist state the reef and coral will sustain permanent damage if bleaching continues. In 1998, a bleaching event extinguished the clownfish. Nemo is the affectionate nickname for the clownfish. The good news is the fish and wildlife are returning, and plans are underway to restore and maintain the reef.

The plan includes working with the fishing industry and creating more biodiversity in certain areas. The government will monitor new industries and ships entering their waters.

The Aldabra archipelago is a prized area. Nature lovers have compared it to the Galapagos islands. The waters are plentiful with rays, dolphins, humpback whales, and lemon sharks.
Sea cows, or dugongs, seek shelter in Aldabra. Sea cows are endangered species. On land, giant tortoises and a variety of seabirds share the ecosystem with the fish and other mammals.

The new sanctuary is about the area of Scotland. An additional location that is under protection is on the island of Mahe. Combined these areas make up 15% of the waters surrounding Seychelles.

New projects, such as a military site, will be watched for pollution and other damaging factors. The plan calls for surveying and monitoring all facilities. There is a satellite tracking system that will be used on fishing boats to ward off overfishing. This tracking system proved successful in areas of the Pacific ocean.

Working with the fishing industries, marine experts, and other scientists the Seychelles government will have a healthy reef for years to come. The reef will play an essential part in tourism and the economy.

Former NFL Quarterback Gives More than $1 Million to Charities

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has completed the pledge that he made in 2016 to donate $1 million to charities. In doing so, he partnered with many other celebrities to help organizations across the United States. Here are some of the organizations that he chose to give donations to during his two-year campaign.

Communities United for Police Reform

Kaepernick partnered with Nick Cannon and Joey Badass to give $40,000 to Communities United for Police Reform. This organization works to end discrimination within the New York City Police Department by educating community members about their rights.


Along with Usher, Kaepernick donated $20,000 to H.O.M.E. based in Lithonia, Georgia. This organization helps provide hope to single mothers by providing them with the things that they need to start over after divorce, domestic violence or for some other reason. This organization started by a single mother who survived domestic violence concentrates on giving household items and mattresses to those in need.

Youth Service Inc.

Kaepernick partnered with Meek Mill to give $20.000 to Philadelphia-based Youth Service Inc. For more than 60 years, this organization has provided emergency services to troubled teens. They serve more than 5,000 clients annually providing emergency housing and counseling to many.

School on Wheels

Kaepernick also partnered with Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown to donate money to School on Wheels who gives school supplies and other necessities to homeless children in six Southern California counties. They also provide tutoring to students who do not have a stable living situation.

In all, more than 28 organizations have benefited from donations from Kaepernick who has not played for the National Football League since 2016.

Three Things the Waiter Wish You Knew

Working in a customer service orientated business is always challenging, but working with your waiter can make the experience positive for both of you. Waiters are people too.

The top of the list, the one thing all waiters seem to unanimously want their customers to know, “When it is busy, I am not ignoring you.” Restaurants and bars can be busy even when it seems like things are calm out front. That is the staff’s job. They want to give everyone the experience of relaxed dining, while they hammer out the details. And hammer they do.

Waiters work out problems with cooks, dishware problems, drunk or unreasonable patrons, and credit cards that do not process. Professional waiters give you the illusion everything is always under control. Snapping or waving your napkin at a busy waiter, will not help. They are coming as quickly as possible, and a little patience would be much appreciated.

The next suggestion, tell your waiter when something is wrong. Don’t leave angry or dissatisfied because you didn’t let the waiter know something was not as you expected. If the chef did not cook the meat to your satisfaction, it is okay to alert the waiter. The only way the restaurant can tackle an issue is if they know about it.

And finally, tip when you receive quality service. Wait staff wants you to know tipping is not required unless it is a large group. If you did not receive proper service, do not tip. Tipping then complaining about having to tip is not necessary.

The amount of the tip depends upon the region, the atmosphere, and the price of the food. Exotics meat served in a floating restaurant in Manhatten will garner a more significant amount than a burger at the burger palace. Here are some additional tipping tips.

Waiters can make mistakes, but just call it to their attention. Allow them time to do their job, and saying thank you with a tip is always welcome when appropriate.

Rescued Dog Returns Love

Madison Palm already knew that her cogi was a very special dog. She says that the dog is content to lay in her lap for hours, but if she is unavailable, then she is content to lay in the lap of the closest individual. Yet, it was not until a recent layover at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport that she realized the special gift that the cogi had to comfort others.

Palm was at the airport with her dog named Cora when the dog snuck away from her. She realized that the dog had gone over to a man who was seated nearby. When Palm went to retrieve her dog, she apologized to the man who was already reaching down to pet Cora. She found out that the man’s own dog had passed away the night before, and he was enjoying petting Cora very much while he grieved.

Palm says that she now plans to have Cora trained and certified by the American Kennel Club as a therapy dog. She says, however, that what makes Cora even more amazing is her forgiving spirit. A co-worker told Palm about Cora when she was at work one day. Palm immediately made contact and soon was on the way to pick up Cora who was accused of killing her previous owner’s chickens. Once she arrived, she found that Cora was extremely thin and had never been loved. Instead, she had been thrown in a backyard and the only food she got were scraps from her owner’s table.

Palm knew that she could not leave Cora in those conditions, so she loaded her into her car that day. Palm had a problem, however, because she already owned a dog, and her landlord would not allow her to own two. Palm moved just to save the dog.

Dr. Mark Holterman: Entrepreneur, Surgeon, and CEO

Dr. Mark Holterman is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mariam Global Health and The Mariam Life. He graduated from Yale University with a BA in Biology. After this, he attended the University of Virginia to earn his MD-PhD in Immunology and Medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman then completed the fellowship program for surgery in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle, and became the Director of Surgery at the University of Washington.

At Mariam Global Health, they give help to research organizations. The company mainly works with stem cells and autoimmunity with a focus on biotechnology. Dr. Mark Holterman’s main reason for opening this organization was to improve technology in the medical community on a more worldwide scale.

Mariam Global Health gives investors an opportunity to capitalize on global healthcare advancements. They work with different types of individuals who can contribute the most intellect and abilities to the company. This is the key factor in the businesses success (https://www.osfhealthcare.org/physicians/profile/2358/mark-j-holterman-md-phd/).

Dr. Mark Holterman gives advice in taking control of financial spending. Spend the money wisely, tighten the budget if needed. A new direction will sometimes help the business move forward. There were several instances when Mariam Global Health did not get promised funding. It’s important not to let this ruin the business and to think cleverly and efficiently.

In his early profession, he has learned a lot. One lesson is to act as if your ideas are friends. Sometimes friends don’t stick around, and it is best to let them go. The ideas you originally had are not completely gone. Just as a friend, they can be revisited in the future.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an avid entrepreneur, businessman, surgeon, professor, CEO, and Founder. He makes time for his family when needed by delegating to employees. He enjoys researching and reading in his spare time. Dr. Holterman believes that taking advice from people sometimes works in his favor. Especially if it is business related. It’s a good idea to keep an open ear and mind when speaking to other entrepreneurs or businessmen.


Grumpy Cat Feels Vindicated After Winning A $700,000 Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat has more coin in her Hello Kitty purse these days. A California jury just gave the famous cat $700,000 over the illegal use of her identity. According to the Washington Post, Grumpy Cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen got a raw deal when the Grenade beverage company used the cat’s image to sell more products than the initial agreement. Grenade could only use the cat’s image to sell “Grumpy Cat Grumpuccino.” The company got a great response from that cat promotion. So, the Grenade executives decided to use the cat’s image to push other company products without consulting Tabatha or her attorney. The executives were right. Grumpy Cat knows hold to sell, but they were wrong when they thought they could get away with making the cat their main cat salesperson.

The eight-person jury didn’t waste time siding with Bundesen and her cat. According to the cat’s attorney, David Jonelis, Grumpy Cat feels vindicated, and the brand is still intact. The dwarf cat with the serious under bite is a rock star in the marketing world. Grumpy Cat is world famous, and this purring merchandising machine’s pictures and reputation are still in demand all over the world.

According to the Washington Post, the verdict was a complete victory for Tabatha Bundesen and her famous cat. But some folks feel Grumpy Cat is not too excited about the victory. According to baseball fans, Grumpy Cat is better at watching baseball games, like she did in 2015. Being a plaintiff in a legal case is not in her professional wheelhouse. Sitting in a courtroom snarling at all the lawyers isn’t her strong suit even though she won. At baseball games, the cat feels right at home being grumpy at all the players, because they aren’t throwing her the fastball she knows she can catch.

Jorge Moll finds evidence that giving feels as good as being selfish

Jorge Moll is a neurologist who has worked to make many different discoveries in the world of neuroscience. While he was working as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke from 2004 to 2007 (http://www.diasdacruz.org.br/tag/dr-jorge-moll-neto/). In 2006 he conducted an study with Jordan Graffman that helped to explain why humans give and what it is that compels them to continue helping others. They searched for the reasons or effect in the brain that caused people feel good when helping another person. This experiment consisted of nineteen individuals that participated in a study where they were given a choice of three options when asked about controversial topics such as abortion, the death penalty, nuclear power, war, and euthanasia. The participant started with a certain amount of money, known as their pot or pay out. Each participant was then given the option to donate money, oppose donation or take a pay out for each topic. In some cases they were required to take money from the pot, being their money, in order to donate to the cause. The average amount donated was fifty-one dollars meaning that the average amount taken home with each participant was seventy-seven dollars. The participant’s brain was scanned while making these decisions. Moll helped to discover that the act of giving a donation contained as much pleasure in the brain as the act of collecting the pay out. Moll could hardly contain his excitement when he made the initial discovery and is famed to have written an email to his colleague saying “You gotta see this!” He then burst into the room before his colleague had a chance to finish examining the discovery. They were both astounded to find giving had the same pleasurable effect as receiving the money payout in the brain. Moll’s discovery was evidence that giving would provide happiness and make people feel good.


British Barbers Use Stories as Alternative Fee for Children’s Haircuts

A British barber’s shop, located in Liverpool, is taking its own approach in encouraging the simple pleasures of reading in future generations. In short, Huyton Village’s “Rogues and Rascals” will give any child a haircut, provided the child tells a story to the barber.

Currently, Rogues and Rascals’ experimental payment system is only good for this half-term of school and requires children to bring a book with them. The child will then read from the book over the course of the haircut. Martin Langan, the store’s owner, says he started the campaign as a means of encouraging literacy and enjoyment of the written word. Langan went on to state that he was inspired to have children reading aloud during their cuts as a shop-wide policy after noticing how still his 4-year-old became once the child was given a book to read.

Langan is also aware that the half-term of school is an expensive time for the parents of school children and sees his initiative as a way of giving to the community, helping parents’ wallets and childen’s minds. Langan reported that the response to his initiative has gone far beyond his expectations, commenting that families have arrived at his shop from all across the city of Liverpool.

The “Trims4Tales” initiative is available to any child no older than 12 who arrives at the store between the hours of 9 a.m. to noon. While the first run concluded on Feburary 16th, Langan has decided to revisit it, allowing for the same exchange of a story read aloud for a haircut. Langan will revive the initiative in Easter and plans to continue its revival during future holidays. It is Langan’s hope that other barbershops will offer the same philanthropic bargain and keep up with the initiative through its #Trims4Tales social media campaign.