Maggie Gill In Leadership

Maggie Gill is the chief executive officer and the president of Memorial Health Inc. she joined Memorial University Medical Centre (MUMC) in 2004 and served as the vice president of managed care. In 2005 she was appointed as the chief operating officer, and in 2011 she was named as the CEO and the president.

Prior to joining Memorial Health Inc. Gill had served in Lifemark Hospitals of Florida Inc. as the chief financial officer. Lifemark Hospitals is also commonly known as Palmetto General Hospital Inc. he also had served at the Tent South Florida Health System for five years as the chief financial officer.

Gill has extensive experience as she has served in multiple hospitals and acquired excellent skills and know-how in health fields. Other hospitals she served include the Coral Gables Hospitals in Coral Gables as well as the North Shore Medical in Miami. All through in her services, she has been an incredible woman in leadership. Gill served as a trustee member for Georgia Hospital Association.

Maggie Gill is a graduate of Florida State University where she achieved bachelor’s degree with honors and attained her MBA with honors from St Leo University in Florida. Gill also attended Wharton School where she completed strategic thinking and management course.

On 1st November 2016, Memorial Health was recognized and awarded with seven awards by Georgia Medical Society. Gill said she is she is proud to announce that the team received seven awards. The awards are dedicated to people who have devoted their lives and careers to ensure the improvement in the health department and the well-being of the community as a whole.

On July 2016, Memorial Health revealed new plans for the future in the health department. Gill said that the scheme focuses on moving away from partnership expansion and integration format and rather establish stand-alone ideas that concentrate on enabling the hospital to meet the ever growing challenges in health care. Gill further states that they still believe in finding new ways to expand integrated health systems.

Maggie Gill also featured in the nonprofit hospital and health systems CEOs in 2016 edition list. The list contains prominent CEOs leading the most successful nonprofit healthcare organization in the country. The list was selected based on editorial judgment and discretion.
Memorial Medical and Eon Health partnered on a new Medical Plan Advantage plan. The medical advantage plan is expected to be available from January 2017, and the targeted beneficiaries are expected from Southeast Georgia and South Carolina.

Christmas Tree In England Only Half-Decorated This Year

Residents of Leicester, England, are receiving worldwide attention for their unique Christmas tree decorations. Unfortunately, many residents would rather not have the media coverage they’ve been getting lately. Instead of being influenced by the beauty of Leicester’s display, people around the world are wondering why this tree is only half-decorated.


Crewmen tasked with putting the decorations on this 50-foot tall tree told reporters that the tinsel was just too heavy. As they were putting more decorations on the tree, they feared they were putting too much weight on the branches.


Natives of Leicester are criticizing their city government with poor planning. Many people are posting funny pictures of this tree on Twitter and expressing their embarrassment over the decorations.


Leicester’s city director, Sarah Harrison, told reporters that this tree will contain everything a normal Christmas tree has, minus the tinsel. She assured the public that this tree will be ready for the lighting ceremony on November 17th.


Harrison said that the tinsel the town ordered actually caused the top branches to sag. She said the decorating crew needed to take that heavy tinsel off right away before starting all over again.


On the positive side, residents of Leicester can look forward to brand new multicolored LED lights and many baubles on this year’s tree. Harrison said that the very first thing decoration crews were concerned with was getting all the lights on and ready for the festivities on the 17th.


Whether or not the city will get new tinsel for the tree lighting remains to be seen. Harrison said they will certainly try to have the tree fully decorated by the ceremony, but the tree lighting will go with or without tinsel.


Leicester is one of the most populous cities in central England. It currently has a population of around 374,000 residents.



Cone Marshall Executives Seeks To Encourage Attorneys To Practice Tax Laws

Cone Marshall, one of the largest and most successful tax and trust establishment law firms in New Zealand, has recently hosted an event at which executives from the firm encouraged young attorneys to practice tax law. Geoffrey Cone, the co-founder and CEO of the Cone Marshall law firm, led a group of attorneys in a discussion about the benefits of developing a tax and trust establishment law firm in various locations of New Zealand. Cone admitted that the path to becoming an expert in tax and trust law was a grueling one, but stated that the benefits of the career path far outweighed the difficulties. Cone advised the attorneys to enter tax and trust industry in hopes that new attorneys would help to assist the large amount of customers who require services with trust establishment in New Zealand, contribute to the New Zealand economy through the development new businesses, and eventually become educators of new attorneys in the tax and trust industry.


Assist With Large New Zealand Client Load

Geoffrey Cone emphasized the fact that new attorneys who considered careers in the tax and trust industry could have an abundance of clients very early in their careers. Cone explained that New Zealand had been experiencing an abundance of clients seeking to establish trusts and that new attorneys in the industry would have the benefit of learning the business and earning an executive income simultaneously.


Contribute To New Zealand Economy Through Development Of New Business

Cone also shared the fact that new attorneys who choose to open firms in the New Zealand area would also be making a great contribution to the country’s struggling economy. As an advocate for local economic services on behalf of legal professionals, Geoffrey Cone is always seeking new ways to benefit the New Zealand economy through the development of legal establishments. The Cone Marshall executive stated that he was hopeful that his investment in the education of new legal professionals would ultimately create new economic opportunities for New Zealand citizens.


Education of Future Generation of Attorneys

Geoffrey Cone regards the education of future attorneys as one of the most important facets of his legal career and explained the vitality of the task to the new attorneys. Cone stated that attorneys who opened New Zealand law firms within the next 10 years would have the unique opportunity to educate future attorneys in the improved New Zealand tax law.


Ways To Make Your Work Day More Fun

Contrary to popular belief, fun and work are two things that can potentially go together. In fact, studies have shown that having fun in the workplace has a number of benefits. It helps reduce stress, increase productivity and reduce workplace absences. There was a study done by the Cooper/BrightHR study that examined the employees’ attitudes towards fun. The results of the study showed that 80 percent of people believed that fun in the workplace was important. Forty-four percent of people believed that having fun in the workplace helped people work harder.


There are many ways that you can turn your workplace into a fun environment. You may want to put things like ping pong tables and televisions in the break room. You should also schedule regular outings. Socializing helps strengthen relationships among employees. It also allows people to take a break from work.


You should also encourage your employees to volunteer regularly. There are many ways that employees can benefit from volunteering. A study done by the United Health Group showed that 76 percent of people stated that volunteering helped improve their health. Ninety-four percent of people stated that they were able to improve their mood by volunteering.


Seminars and workshops are an important part of any work day. There are ways that you can make workshops and seminars more fun. For example, you can have ice breakers before the workshop begins.


Investment Banking

Investment Banking is among the divisions of banking that deal with offering capital for the government, corporates or any other entity. Investment banks are supposed to underwrite the equity securities or debts for any type of corporation, support the companies in facilitations of mergers or acquisitions, broke trades for public and private industries and help in the selling or purchasing of securities. In some cases, the investment banks are allowed to offer advice when companies are placing stocks.


Investment banks are operated by individuals known as Investment Bankers. These professionals are trained to assist the corporations, government or any other organization to manage or plan the major projects. When this happens, these organizations end up saving a lot of time and money that would have been wasted.


Becoming an investment banker is not an easy task. These individuals should possess the ability to identify risks that are associated with the project at hand and enable the company to move forward. These professionals must be experienced in the field for them to be employed in the large investment banks.


A sound investment banker should always be aware of the climate in the investment banking industry. This is because people always run to them when they are getting into a new project, regardless of the season. With the right knowledge, these individuals can easily tailor recommendations to a client, according to the current state of the economy.


The most important function of the investment banks is to serve as middlemen for the companies and investors. They help the companies a lot, especially in the issuance of stocks and bonds. These institutions play a crucial role in pricing the stocks and bonds to increase the income. They also help the companies in the regulatory needs.


The modern market is full of investment bankers. Martin Lustgarten is one of these professionals who has transformed the industry in many ways. He is very popular, especially in Miami. Martin has been in the investment banking industry for many years, helping many governments and companies make sound investment decisions. He is the famous founder and President of an institution known as Lustgarten.

Keith Mann Uses Certain Services To Help Run His Company

Keith Mann is a very good leader who manages Dynamic Search Partners every day, and he actually has an affinity for certain things that make his company easier to run. There are many people who are looking for guidance in terms of the services they should use, the things that they need to use to help manage their time and what should be used to be cost effective with their company. Keith Mann has brought up a couple simple services that are helpful for everyone. He advocates many other services that he prefers not to reveal, but he still gives some very good advice for all business managers.

Business managers should follow Keith Mann’s advice by making sure that they can get the right services all from the same company. Keith Mann is a very big fan of Google because everything is integrated, and he wants to be sure that people see the value in that. Someone who has all their accounts in the same place can get a lot of work done very easily, and that is why his company uses their services. He did mention other services that he uses as a special sauce, and every business should find these things for themselves.

There are many people who also use LinkedIn in the financial industry, and there are those who get connected every day on that network. Someone who wants to have more networking opportunities should use the service just like Keith Mann does, and they all need to make sure that they are using these networks in a way that helps make life easier. There is no reason to live in the past when Keith Mann is telling everyone that there is a more effective way to do business. A company that updates itself can be much more profitable.


Talk Fusion’s Innovative Product Line

Talk Fusion is a global leader (via) video communications. This cutting edge video technology gives users an opportunity to connect with one another all across the world. The company was founded back in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also the current (CEO). This is video technology at it’s finest which allows individuals to have person-to-person contact even though they’re miles away. Whether it’s for personal reasons or for business purposes, Talk Fusion allows you to share content as well as empowerment for pursuing dreams. The company’s “philanthropic nature” isn’t really about making the most possible like other companies, it’s looking to enhance people’s lives by giving back to communities, families, and charities worldwide.

Case In Point: Talk Fusion is offering a 30 Day Free Trial without the need or any personal information credit cards. This will allow individuals to try out the exclusive “All In One” video marketing services. This a great idea for bringing in new potential customers and there is no actual risk for declining. These free trial participants will get to use the full version of products that the company offers whether it’s video chat, live meetings, video email, video news letters, or sign-ups. CEO Bob Reina was reported saying that “the goal is to put Talk Fusion’s innovative products into as many people’s hands as possible around the world.” This free version is also instant with service without having to endure long wait times. Everyone can benefit whether it’s a small business, single person, or large company. Video Communication is the wave of the future and Talk Fusion is actually making this a reality.

The Custom Plan is another way that Talk Fusion is giving back. This is considered the company’s best plan overall as any and all associates can give back to their favorite charities. It’s simply genius! Many charities have benefited from this service, but this time charities from all over the world will have this available to them as well. As you can see, Talk Fusion is creating quite a buzz and thanks to it’ clients/customers, the revolution is beginning.

OSI Group: Leader in Food Distribution

The OSI Group originally began in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky first came to the United States from Germany and opened his meat market in Illinois. In 1917 he relocated to Chicago and expanded the business by going into the wholesale meat trade as well. In 1928 he chose to change the name of the business to Otto and Sons as their reputation as a trusted meat distributor continued to grow.

In 1955 the company got a contract with a small-known fast food place opening in Des Moines, Illinois which decided to use Otto and Sons to supply them with their fresh ground beef. It was a small modest contract that was sealed at the time with a handshake. That company is now known throughout the world as McDonald’s.

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In 1973 the company bought a plant that made it possible for them to mass produce meat along with a preservation system that included liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels to properly freeze the meat for later use. The new meat plant helped them to fill orders not just for McDonald’s but even more companies that were now doing business with them, such as local restaurants and specialty meat shops. In 1975 with the amount of expanding, the business with products, along with services, the name was changed to OSI Industries and eventually became widely known as OSI Group.

Although, it maintained its longstanding contract with McDonald’s and has become the exclusive meat distributor to the company they eventually took on other well-known food chains as their clients as well. After all, OSI Group started to build a reputation for quality meats ranging from, ground beef, pork, hot dogs, bacon, chicken, and even dough products. So, they acquired even more well-known clients such as Papa Johns, Starbucks, Subway, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Over the years, OSI Group started to expand their plants too, even more, locations. This included plants in Illinois, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California. In fact, there are now over 60 different plants in 16 areas of the world that operate for the OSI group. So, the OSI Group continues to grow with their solid reputation for giving good quality wholesale products. Forbes 100 is further proof of that, in 2011 the company ranked as the 136 largest privately own company based on its annual profit margin of 3 billion dollars for that year. But five years later, in 2016 the company moved up to 58 in overall ranking with a profit margin over six billion dollars.


If this isn’t enough proof of the brand of excellence that this company prides itself on their amount of awards is also a testament to this. Over the years, OSI Group has won several prestigious awards, including ones on their mission to supply safe quality products to the public.

So, what started out as a small meat market all those years ago by an immigrant with a dream, has grown into a striving trusted business brand? Perhaps, the thing that has made OSI group become one of the largest globally distributors of meat products is, the fact, that they never lost track of the principles for which the company was founded on all those years ago.

Appraising Gains Made by the Wine Industry in The UK

The United Kingdom is home to one of the most vibrant production industries. There are numerous family owned vineyards and cellars throughout the country. Most wine production companies in the British Isles belong to The Society of Vintners. The producers came together so that they could seek more lucrative markets for their produce. The society helps its members to ship their products to overseas markets in France Spain, California, Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Brief History of the Society of Vintners

The society originated from the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium and the Nottingham Wine Buying Group. During the 1970’s five wine merchants from Nottingham met and decided to start the Nottingham Wine Buying Group. They joined forces so that they could have a competitive edge in the wine industry. The organization’s first chairman was John Walton. He held the position for over 20 years.

The Allied Wine Buyers Consortium had earlier been formed in the 1960’s. Its membership was mainly drawn from the southern part of England and in the Midlands. To increase their visibility in the market, they approached Nottingham Wine Buying Group. The two organizations decided to combine their strength in shipping and supplies to form the National Wine Buying Group. The organization has grown in leaps and bounds and is currently the umbrella body of 25 wine production firms. The Society of Vintners has gained popularity due to its dedication towards quality.

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Becoming a Vintner in the United Kingdom

The role of UK vintners is to produce wine in collaboration with other professionals such as viticulturists. It is vintners who make decisions pertaining to harvesting, pressing, crushing, maturing, and fermenting of grapes. Due to the long working hours involved, one has to be physically fit to become a UK vintner. Generally, these professionals learn about the wine making process on the job. Others learn it via viticulture, enology, and grape cultivation programs that are offered by various institutions.

Although most UK vintners embark on their careers after undergoing training, most learn as they work. More often than less, these professionals get employed while working at vineyards in the summer harvest. Vintners mostly find new jobs through networking and interacting with other winemaking experts. Even though licenses are not required for a vintner to get employed, they need to be certified if they decide to open their own cellars. Licensing is important because it demonstrates a vintner’s winemaking knowledge to his or her potential clients. Voluntary certification is obtained from the Society of Wine Educators.

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The Many Flavors: Evolution of Smooth

When it comes to being a premier brand in lip balm products you have to cater to your clientele’s needs as well as produce great quality products. This is no easy task and is easier said than done for most companies. Taking the short can make you a few dollars, but with inconsistent products comes inconsistent sales. The brand that’s making most of the noise these days is Evolution of Smooth.

This company is revolutionary on how it makes it’s products and what the product is naturally made of. EOS lip balm is a premier brand because it gives you what’s needed for great oral care and the lip balms have all of the rage at the moment. Are you into lip balms that have a wide array of flavors? If so, then you should try this brand. The flavors come in exotic blends as well as basic tastes. Are you tired of the same boring flavors of apple, grape, and menthol? Evolution of Smooth has you covered and here is a sneak peak at what this innovative company has to offer:

  • Wildberry
  • Coconut Milk
  • Passion Fruit
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Lemon Drop
  • Raspberry Acai
  • Lemon Twist
  • Sweet Mint
  • Summer Fruit
  • And more

Along with the fruity flavors comes the health benefits. You can say good-bye to dry, chapped lips from now on. (Evolution) uses organic ingredients which helps to retain moisture. Being gluten and paraben free is another benefit that can’t be denied either. No more peeling or burning side effects from chemicals here as well. Still not convinced? If not, check out or for more information and a full list of flavors.

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