Tommy Thompson Needs to Give Up the Gold

Although many of us may fantasize about finding a treasure trove of gold, Tommy Thompson is one of those very rare people who actually has. It was almost 30 years ago when Thompson located the wreck of the S.S. Central and hauled up the gold. The ship had been sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor for 130 years after meeting its terrible fate during a hurricane. Because it was known to have sunk with a great deal of gold on it, many treasure hunters throughout the years had put it on their wish lists.


It was Thompson, however, who actually had the savvy—and the resources—to build an incredibly advanced robot that was capable of going 8,000 feet under the sea. His historic find was profiled in the news constantly, with many praising his incredible persistence and intelligence. However, it wasn’t too long before the whole thing started to unravel. According to some of his investors, they hadn’t seen any of the proceeds from the great shipwreck. More and more, it was beginning to sound like Thompson was cashing out and selling some of his gold—but not paying back his investors.


Things became really heated in 2012, when Thompson failed to show up to court and face some of these charges. He spent many years on the lam, but eventually authorities were able to track him down. Although he’s now in prison, he has still refused to give up the location of the gold.


Advertising Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur that has worked in the communication and advertising fields for his career. He is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Commercial Officer of his advertising firm Neogama.

Alexandre started out his career working as a Creative and Copywriter. He worked his way up and in 1990 became the Copywriter and Creative Director of Brazilian firm DM9. After working at a few other advertising agencies he decided to start his own, and so in 1999 Alexandre Gama founded Neogama. He has also taken on a number of other roles, such as being a Board Member for the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, as well as Foreman for the International Film Jury of the British foundation D&AD.

During its first three years Neogama was the fastest growing ad agency in Brazil. The agency has won a number of rewards, including “Agency of the Year” in 2002, and winning two Golden Lions at Cannes in 2003.

Gama himself has also won numerous awards for his work. This includes being nominated one of the seven most important professionals in the history of Brazil. In addition he’s won other awards such as “Agency Director of the Year” in 2006.





An Elderly Woman Who Appeared to Have Frozen to Death Wasn’t Exactly as She Seemed

There is an odd and hilarious story out of Hudson, New York. It is extremely cold there this time of year. As a matter of fact, on December 17, 2016 at 8:30 in the morning it was 8 degrees, which is why the local police department received a frantic call from a citizen who saw an elderly woman with an oxygen mask on, and she appeared to be frozen to death in car covered in light snow that was not running. The officer who arrived on the scene concluded the car had probably been parked overnight. The woman even had her seat belt on.


Although the officer figured she was dead because she was unresponsive and had not moved, he broke out a window and entered the vehicle. The woman was not a woman at all. She, rather it, was an extremely realistic mannequin used for CPR. Imagine the amazement and relief the young officer felt. This article with a picture of the mannequin explains exactly why anyone would have been concerned, except the owner.


According to Chief L. Edward Moore, the owner was furious. He allegedly cussed the officer out. He should be proud of his craftsmanship. He had everyone fooled who saw it through a cold, car window. They all believed an old woman with a breathing condition froze to death overnight, but it was only a prop used to teach people how to save lives. The owner will face no charges, but the smart money says he will threaten to sue or try to.


Getting a Closer Look at Gigi and Bella Hadid’s Dad’s House!

It’s fun to dream, and if you’re looking for a mansion to put on your vision board, then you’ll definitely want to check out the home in which Mohamed Hadid currently resides. The estate is so huge and imposing that it has its own name—Le Belvedere. There aren’t many homes that have their own website, but Le Belvedere is one of them.


Sitting on 2.2 acres of land in expensive Bel Air, California, this amazing property has to be seen to be believed. If you require security to be on duty at all times, you’ll be thrilled to know that a guard house is also located on the grounds. And if you’re looking for a little extra room in your life, you’ve found it. With 48,000 square feet of living space, this home guarantees that you won’t have to spend any time with family members who are getting on your nerves.


If you like wine, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be perfectly at home here. With room for an astonishing 5,000 bottles of wine, this cellar is built to accommodate even the most prolific collector. Of course, you’ll also need a place to celebrate. With that in mind, there is also a ballroom that is meant to host up to 250 people for galas. Movie lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the lavish screening room, which looks like a piece of art itself. For those who dare to dream big, this is an incredible piece of real estate.


Comparative Law and its Importance

Comparative law involves the study of various legal systems. It also involves the studying of comparisons and distinctions between the laws of different states. The legal systems that are studied in comparative law include Chinese law, socialist law, common law, civil law, canon law, Hindu law, Jewish law, and Islamic law. The comparative law includes the analysis and description of foreign legal systems. The benefits of the comparative law have been significantly recognized in the current age of democratization, economic globalization, and internationalism.


The modern comparative law was introduced in the 18th century. Legal scholars practiced comparative methodology before that time. Comparative law is said to have been started by Montesquieu through his comparative approach on legal systems. Montesquieu was concerned about the development of legal institutions in ancient societies. The University of Oxford started offering comparative as a subject in 1869. It went into records as the first university to teach comparative law. Maine is the legal scholar who introduced a modern comparative law. Maine took up the position of comparative professor at the University. Numerous universities and colleges have offered comparative law as a subject with the law gaining popularities across the world since that time.


Rudolf Schlesinger introduced a comparative law in the United States. He was escaping persecution in Germany. The comparative law helps to perfect legal systems and helps people to have a deeper understanding of their legal systems. Comparative law has also helped to unite legal systems of different nations. Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law. Sujit is a renowned authority when it comes to comparative law. He does a lot of research on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law. Sujit has been able to publish numerous articles, working papers, book chapters that can be bought at, and reports. Some of his edited collections include Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, among others.


Sujit is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is a former consultant with the World Bank Institute. Sujit works on the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board at the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. Sujit is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review in South Africa. Sujit holds a law degree which he earned from Oxford University. Sujit has previously worked at Canada’s Supreme Court as a law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. Sujit has played a significant role in popularizing and implementing the comparative law.

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This Is So Cute, I’m Not Lion!

Little Aryeh dressed in his lion suit complete with mane to visit the zoo. So when he came to see the big cats, a young lion took an interest and went right up to him behind the heavy glass panel. “What is that, Aryeh? It’s a big you!” joked his mom as she filmed the 11-month-old and his new friend.


Aryeh looked back as if to say, “Look what I found!” Then the lion reached up his big paw, and the two high-fived each other. It’s almost as if they were having a conversation. It might have gone something like this:


Aryeh: Hello, what are you?


Lion: I’m a lion. What are you?


Aryeh: I’m a baby. What do you do for fun?


Lion: I like to eat, make noise and bite things.


Aryeh: Same here!


When Aryeh started to crawl away along the glass panel, the lion followed as if to say, “Wait, we were just getting to know each other.” Many zoos are using tempered glass in big cat exhibits so people can fully appreciate the beauty and grace of these creatures. The Oklahoma City Zoo has Cat Forrest, which includes jaguars, ocelots and servals. The Philadelphia Zoo’s Big Cat Falls has floor-to-ceiling glass panels and features lions, tigers, pumas and a black jaguar


Coincidentally, Aryeh’s name means “lion” in Hebrew. You can bet little Aryeh will be lion in wait for another trip to the zoo.


Martin Lustgarten and the Essential Rules of Investment Banking

Investments aren’t for everybody. Many people that operate on the stock market quickly find that it is harder to get a return by following conventional knowledge. Some famous billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffett recommend slow investments across the long term. This is because it is almost impossible to predict market activity across the short term.

Investment bankers usually take other people’s funds and manage them in an intelligent manner. The career has not been as stable as it was before 2008 recession, but it can still be lucrative. Most investment bankers don’t have huge salaries. Their biggest payouts come in the form of bonuses that they receive at the end of the year. The bonus is often a percentage of the return that they have received for investors.

Many people get into investment banking because they believe it leads to a luxurious lifestyle. It usually requires good connections and a degree in a business field. Those that pursue this career path also likely want to live near New York City. Investment bankers may eventually move onto running their own firm. This may be difficult because money in these fields is concentrated among a few very lucrative businesses.

Some experts in this field do extremely well. Martin Lustgarten is one example. He is an investor who believes strongly in international investments. His investment strategy encompasses a wide range of different stocks. He monitors each individual market carefully. His expertise in various global markets allows him to make investment decisions that a lot of other people miss out on. Martin’s strategy is the kind of thing that gives investment bankers a competitive edge. Firms look for investors that are good at managing risk.

Martin also looks at trends within global markets. His ability to recognize and capitalize on these trends is a skill that is important to any investor. Some investment books teach that stock prices fluctuate because of market psychology. Investors like Martin Lustgarten always focus on the fundamentals of investing before they take any kind of risk. This is because the fundamental nature of securities is simple. Businesses that look good on the accounting books are usually safe to invest in.

Marilyn Monroe: Newly Discovered Script Notes Auctioned

Movie star Marilyn Monroe has always been known for her sexy image, but even Monroe had to write herself reminder notes about being a bombshell. Her script for the 1962 film Something’s Got to Give has recently been auctioned off—to the tune of $25,000! There’s no doubt that the lucky bidder was thrilled to nab this little treasure, as it contains Monroe’s innermost thoughts on her character’s actions.


Not only does Ms. Monroe coach herself to lean into the actor and lead him on, but there are also copious notes regarding which scene would be shot on which day, as well as Monroe’s makeup call time and other fun details. When someone like Marilyn Monroe has achieved such a mystical status as an icon, sometimes we forget that they have day-to-day lives, too. This script is a beautiful moment to a bygone era, and it helps us to remember the fact that, although Monroe was primarily known for her movie star status, she was always a diligent actress first.


What makes the script an even more interesting relic is the fact that Monroe actually ended up being fired eventually. By this time in her life, she was struggling with many personal issues that began to interfere with her personal life. However, Marilyn’s devotion to acting lives on in this amazing piece of history.


Flea Keeping Bees

It has become international news that the bee population has been in decline over the past several years. It is a mysterious event and no one is quite sure why it is happening. It has been the subject of jokes on shows such as Doctor Who, but it is genuinely a serious issue that could have a devastating impact on eco-systems around the word. While individuals won’t be able to stop this from happening around the world, that should not stop them from trying.

For instance, legendary bassist of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Flea has, over the past few years, become a full-fledged beekeeper. He has hundreds of thousands of insects in his apiary, most of which are bees. His goal is to help reverse the damaging problem that is currently happening around the globe and publicize his work while he does it.

Flea has posted pictures of his different beekeeping equipment to many different social media accounts that he handles, pushing the issue out to thousands of individuals. It is also reported that Fleas backyard has at least three hives. Impressively, each hive typically holds at least 60,000 bees. This makes Flea one of the most prolific personal beekeeper in the world.

The reason for Fleas apiary is multi faceted. First of all, Flea is an admitted insect lover. He loves all kinds of insects and enjoys learning about how they interact with the world. Specifically, he is thoroughly impressed and fascinated with how bees aid nearly every step of an ecosystems development. In addition, Flea is an outspoken advocate for working to reverse the current trend in bee population.

The official name for the collapse of the bee population is the Colony Collapse Disorder. If fulfilled, the extermination of the bee population will have many damaging and lasting effects on the way life is around the planet. Most notably, the foundation of the entire food chain is reliant on the pollination provided by bees. Without them, there will have to be a new solution developed in order to keep the existing food chain intact.

Flea does more than just keep bees, however. He uses his international fame to push his environmentalism agenda. For example, he is using his Pathway to Paris concert as a way to promote the UN Climate Change Conference.

Health Insurance Guru, Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group Incorporated CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge is 2016 nominated Gold Winner in the prestigious One Planet Awards. The One Planet Award is an international program that honors professional and business prosperity in every industry from around the globe. Companies or Organizations are qualified to submit nominations including private and public, profit and non-profit, smallest to largest and also start-ups firms.

Troy McQuagge started working for USHEALTH in 2010. His enrolment brought a complete turnaround of events especially when he began to re-build its captive distribution agency. It was not until he started re-tooling USHEALTH Advisors that his work was recognized. This move saw him earn the position of CEO, and President of USHEALTH Group incorporated in the year 2014.
During his term of office, USHEALTH Group Incorporated registered unmatched growth, profitability, and success in the competitive health insurance industry.

McQuagge said he was proud to be One Planet Awards nominee among the many peer companies in the industry and the award did not belong to him but the entire staff of USHEALTH Group Incorporated. He also said that it’s their firm’s testament to curb the ongoing lack of affordable healthcare problem for their clients by offering them affordable coverage that can grow with their healthcare demands.

About One Planet Awards
They award companies for their professional and business excellence. Their honors recognize categories which include teams, executives, international organizations, PR, new products, and services, or Marketing, and Corporate Communications.

About USHEALTH Group incorporated.
It’s an insurance holding company in Ft. Worth, Texas. They provide innovative health care coverage for small business owners and self-employed people. The goal of USHEALTH is to market insurance products while offering unmatched customer service in every detail of the firm’s operations.

He is the CEO, President, and Board of Directors member of USHEALTH Group Incorporated. Mr. Troy McQuagge is a 30-year old expert of the insurance industry. He started his career working at Allstate Insurance firm in 1983. He, later on, joined the (UICI) Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Incorporated in 1995. In 1997, McQuagge was elected as the CEO of UICI’s insurance agency. Under Troy McQuagge’s leadership, the company made lots of single annual sales records.

In 2016 UICI was bought by private equity investors, they changed its corporate name to Health Markets. As the leader of sales and marketing team, Troy McQuagge was supposed to boost the team’s efforts so as to sustain the company’s self-employed group. With Mr. McQuagge holding the President’s post in 2007, the Health Markets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG) realized a profit of more than $1Billion in yearly premium sales volume.