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About Solo CapitalSolo Capital, Sanjay Shah’s Legacy

About Solo Capital

When Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital Markets LLP, he had no idea it would turn to be a multimillion global business empire. Solo Capital also called Solo capital limited or solo Capital the UK is a global boutique and a financial service company. It is found in the UK and has another office in Dubai. The company is estimated to be worth £15.45 million and has assets worth £ 67.45 and cash flow of £30.26.


Solo Capital was formed on September 13th, 2011 by Sanjay Shah. It is an active organization with three directors and does not have any subsidiaries. It is controlled by solo group holdings and Sanjay Shah. Shah is the CEO, and he also owns a dozen more companies across London, the British Virgin Islands Dubai, and Luxembourg. It is regulated and headquartered in the UK.

Products it offers

It specializes in proprietary trading (commodities and derivatives), provides consultancy services on investment, performance and human capital. Also, it provides sports investments that include talent acquisition, commercial advisory, and representation and performance management. It provides leading hedge fund solutions and excellent client services.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah 43 was born in Kenya; his parents later relocated to the UK. Having been born in a well off family Shah could decide to take any career of his choice. Shah decided to study medicine. However, he felt medicine was not his calling. He changed his career and studied accountancy. He started his banking career by working for various banking companies including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

When the financial crisis struck 2008, he was rendered jobless. Having no other prospects for a new job he decided to start his brokerage company that would later become Solo Capital Markets. He rented a small room outside London that he made into an office. He employed few people to help him run the operations of the firm. Today Solo Capital has expanded globally with thousands of employees. It has enabled Shah to buy and own a dozen others companies in the world.

Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 at the age of four. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder. This motivated Shah to form Autism Rocks a charitable organization that has the objective of raising money and creating awareness about the disorder. This is done through organizing musical concerts featuring prominent and celebrated musicians like Snoop Dog, Drake, Michael Bubble and well-known DJs among others.

Shah has spent millions of dollars and set up a website for the charitable organization. He is one of the trustees for Autism Research Trust, a trust which provides donations to Cambridge University autism research center. Also, he has held the position of trust director since January 2013.


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Venezuela at the Summer Olympics

Venezuela will be competing at the Summer Olympics that will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 5 through the 21st. The country has competed in 17 of the last games from 1948; the first time Venezuela ever competed in the summer games. One of the people to watch is cyclist Angie González, who was recently added to the Venezuela team. The 35-year-old cyclist is from La Victoria. She was picked for the Venezuelan team by backer David Osio after coming in seventh place in the International Cyclist Union Cup in Hong Kong. In 2012, she placed 18th, a major improvement from her 2008 showing of 57th place. González is one of Venezuela’s 46 athletes ready to compete this summer.
Elias Malave will also represent Venezuela in the summer games. Malave is considered an excellent archer who recently placed 8th at the World Archery Championships in Copenhagen Denmark. The 26-year-old was born in Maturin, Venezuela.

González and Malave are two of eight athletes from Venezuela to make the cut for the Summer Olympics. The other six athletes will be participating in such sports as equestrian, swimming, pole vaulting, and basketball. It’s still early; there might be more Venezuelan athletes to qualify. The basketball team qualifies for the Summer Olympics after defeating Canada’s FIBA Americas Rio Olympic player in a very close 79-78 point game. So far as per Visual CV data, Venezuela won eight bronze medals, two silver medals, and two gold medals.

NutriMost Provides Me With Quality Diet Assistance

I have a desire to lose weight, but I had no idea how to manage my diet. I went with NutriMost because I saw they have a plan for everyone. The plans that they create are really simple to follow, and they are teaching me a lot about the calorie intake of all my foods. I used to nothing about this, but now I know all I need to know about the food that is on my plate. I can tell you what is in all my food, and I can tell you what I should eat next considering what I am eating right now. I learned how to plan meals, and I have the NutriMost meal plan sitting right there waiting to help me if I ever need it.

Everyone who is trying to get the best results from their diet plan needs to try NutriMost because I can prove that it really works. It is a basic food plan that showed me how to start losing weight, and I just stuck to it while I tried to make sure that I had a chance to keep losing weight while eating great food. I learned how to cook on NutriMost, and now I know how to read menus when I am out.

It is really easy for me to get the diet that I need into my body every day, and I am able to set everything up so that all my workouts are done right. I am able to run a calorie deficit every day, and I am able to make the most of my diet so that I feel like I am actually making progress. This is the only way to for me to lose weight, and NutriMost has made it easy.

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Qnet Focus Changes The Direct Selling Indutry For The Better.

When you hear the term direct selling many images might come to mind. It is important to keep in mind that nothing happens in business without direct selling. Qnet has been in busienss for over fifteen years and they are a leader in the direct selling industry. PErhaps the reason that have become so successful is that they take a unique approach to the industry. By promotiing better healthy living and wellness products, Qnet has allowed people like myself to creat an amazing business taht really helps people on so many levels. That’s what direct selling is all about. It’s people helping people.

Qnet takes pride in what they do and they should. They have a process that they use to select new products and that involves testing that is rigorous. When the product is offered by Qnet you can rest assured that it has passed the test and does what they say it does. I love the fact that the Qnet products I offer my customers are following a philosophy that is healthy and strict. All of the products are vegetarian and that makes me feel great.

Qnet has a philosophy that they teach and share, but, I’ve been following it myself before I even knew it was their motto. It is simply to better yourself to better those around you. My mother told me: ” You can’t take care of someone else if you can’t take care of yourself.” As a child I was taught this and now I found a company who firmly believes the same thing as I do and mom did. You know and I know that mom can’t be wrong. That’s why I introduced my mother to Qnet and she because involved immediately.

Another thing that I am very happy about is that Qnet takes social responsibility seriously. They give back to people. They do this on a local and international level and I get to witness it everyday. Perhaps this is why Qnet keeps being a success. When you have ethics and ethical people, you raise the bar for others. Qnet continues to raise that bar for their own company and for people who work and partner with them on any level. This focus is helping to make sure that the direct selling industry on their end is on the up and up. I’m proud to be an independent rep of Qnet and I’m happy that I get to help people everyday of my life with these amazing products and opportunities.

Andy Wirth And Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which is known all over the area for its great slopes and beautiful scenery. It is known all over the world as a top ski destination. Powder Magazine has published an article that details information about Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley on Powder Magazine.

The article goes into detail about how there will be a gondola that will connect both the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the Alpine Meadows to each other. This would allow people to enjoy even more than they already do when visiting the area. Skiers will be in for a fantastic time when they want to show their prowess on the slopes. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The Lake Tahoe Area Is Something Andy Wirth Believes In Andy Wirth does cares about the Lake Tahoe area. He does what he can to help with the environmental needs of the area.

Whatever the cause, if he can, Andy Wirth will be involved in making things better for the people. Andy Wirth Cares About The Lake Tahoe Community The area is filled with community minded events.

Andy Wirth likes to take a part in these types of things. He enjoys making it a great place for all ages to enjoy. Since this has been the case, the people that live in the area are very happy, and visitor are more than excited to return again and again because of all that it has to offer them in so many ways. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

For those who love the outdoors, skiing and good times, you can’t find better than Lake Tahoe for outstanding opportunities.

When people want to visit a great ski resort, they should try Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Many people from all over the world have raved about it, and they come back again and again because of the great skiing they can do while they are there.

Andy Wirth is proud of what it is, and gladly welcomes all ages to come and take part in the fantastic area, and the great sport of skiing.

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Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

Shea Butter Is Magic For Your Skin

Shea butter is a vitamin A cream derived from 100% natural resources. Shea butter is ideal for a multitude of uses. There’s a whole host of skin conditions that can be dramatically improved by using Shea butter. Some of these circumstances include eczema dermatitis blemishes and wrinkles. One of the reasons that Shea butter is so effective is because the sebaceous glands in the skin produce the same type of moisturizer. Because of this also make Shea butter optimal for use on injury such as cars. Studies have shown that Shea butter speeds the healing process. Shea butter is also proved to increase microcirculation in the skin which brings additional blood to the skin. The vitamin D is an anti-free radical agent who prevents deterioration from Environmental irritants and sun exposure. It is important to choose a high-quality Shea butter because not every Shea Butters use the best ingredients, and some are not as good as others. EuGenia Shea Butter is a very high quality special shea butter.

The owner and CEO EuGenia Shea butter is Eugenia Akuete. She was born in Ghana and has harnessed her grandmother’s prized secret. Eugenia’s grandmother was a well-respected midwife. She was nicknamed Grandma Sunshine, and Grandma Sunshine used raw, unrefined Ghanian Shea butter on her patience. EuGenia Shay butter use says sustainable paid farmers.

Shea butter is produced by picking Shea fruit and removing the nut from the shell. The nuts are roasted and then ground. The ground nuts are mixed with water, which releases the oils in the Shea nut. The oils are collected and boiled. Shay’s butter is produced by picking Shay fruit and removing the nut from the shell. The nut is roasted and then ground. The ground nuts are mixed with water, which releases the oils in the Shay not. The oils are collected and boiled. EuGenia Shea butter is cooked twice for purity. Once the Shea butter cools and thickens, it is blended by EuGenia.

Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Is Betting Millions Against China

In the world of big money investing a million dollars is like 1,000 dollars to the average investor. Hedge fund managers control billions of dollars in assets, and some of those firms are not afraid to risk millions of dollars on one investment that has a serious risk factor attached to it. Not all hedge fund managers operate that way, but the CEO of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Investments, Kyle Bass, has a history of betting big on assets that other managers deem too risky. Bass has had a decent track record over the last eight years. But some investors think that Bass is walking on very shaky ground from an ethical standpoint, and he could be in for a rude awakening if the Securities and Exchange Commission turns up enough evidence to make Bass come up with millions in fines.

No one is claiming that the boy wonder Bass who predicted the mortgage bond fiasco of 2008 would happen is unethical, but some of his recent investments and some of the press he has been getting for those investments is bringing a lot of questions to the surface. His latest investment to short-sell the Grapevine, Texas-based lending company United Development Funding is raising a few eyebrows in the industry. According to an article published by, Bass is short-selling United Development stock, and he’s making money on that deal. United Development Funding stock has lost 50 percent of its value since December 2015. Bass claims the company is overvaluing its assets, and the company is on the road to collapse. The company denies that statement.

Bass has also been the topic of conversation because he befriended the former president of Argentina. Former President Christina de Kirchner defaulted on more than $90 billion in government bonds and Bass stood behind her decision to do that even though four of his colleagues in the hedge fund industry lost billions from the default. He also came under fire for backing General Motors when the company installed faulty airbags in some GM models. Bass blamed the victims not the company because Hayman Capital was the major shareholder of GM stock at the time.

Bass has two new ventures that are creating a buzz around the industry, both of which are featured on Wikipedia. The first venture is the association Bass has with patent troll, Erich Spangenberg. Spangenberg is targeting drug companies, and Bass is short-selling the company stock when he does. The other questionable investment is the bet Bass has with China. Bass is betting that China’s currency is going to depreciate over the next 24 months. Bass has taken the money the company invested in the stock market and is placing it all on the depreciation of the Chinese yuan. China said they will control the value of the yuan, and it won’t depreciate, but Bass thinks the Chinese will have no choice because of their debt and bank situation.

Wikipedia Digresses from Becoming a Bureaucracy

Wikipedia is widely-known to have a highly decentralized system of operation. It essentially gives the public the freedom of expression and allows them to create and also disseminate knowledge. This is a good idea because it empowers normal people to become a part of a global community tasked with passing on knowledge and information. However, as it turns out, the Wikipedia machinery is not as egalitarian as most people imagine. It has slowly drifted away from its earlier ideals and currently operates as a highly conservative bureaucracy. The earlier group of elite editors predating 2004, have a major influence and control over the website.

Even though the site has largely avoided a top-down structure of management among its editors, a recent research into its structure has revealed the existence of a ruling power. The research was done by two Indiana University students namely Bradi Heaberlin and Simon DeDeo. They discovered that while the editorial community has risen to over 30,000 people, the website’s core norms and culture was established by a small group of editors. The site was designed to grow and accommodate a dynamic culture something it never did.

Today, a new Wikipedia status quo has risen to control access to social networks and information. In addition, decoupling occurred between the site’s four general neighborhoods including article content, collaboration, content policy and administrators. This has stalled the evolution of the website since a group of editors have a significant influence over the Wikipedia community. To counter the decreasing growth of Wikipedia, it is important for the site’s self-imposed status quo to relinquish its power and influence in order to achieve autonomy.

Professional Wikipedia Content Editors

Get Your Wiki have top professional Wikipedia editors who help individuals, businesses, companies and other entities to create and edit their articles. Since all Wikipedia pages must be supported by references that are reliably sourced, properly written and formatted as per Wikipedia’s style; it is essential to hire experienced editors. In addition, Get Your Wiki editors continuously monitor all the pages that they have written to ensure that no malicious edits are done.

Get Your Wiki offers additional translation services to all its clients. It can translate Wikipedia pages into any language using its dedicated team of translators. A Wikipedia page is a powerful marketing tool for businesses and individuals because the website enjoys a huge traffic of visitors daily. It also ranks well on Google search results. Create Wiki page:

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Venezuela Weather to Blame as Conditions Worsen

One-third of employees in Venezuela will start having five day weekends but it is not good news for the country that is already struggling with lack of rainfall, according to an article published via the Washington Post. The result of this worsening economic conditions has been widespread looting especially in the industrial city of Maracaibo. Residents stood in long lines to sign a petition demanding the removal of President Nicolás Maduro who many blame for the ongoing problems that has forced residents to endure food and medicine shortages.

Some experts like Adrian Jose suggest that the real problem goes back to the 1950s when Venezuela decided to sell their petroleum and live off its other resources. Assisted by researchers from Open Corporates and Massachusetts Institute of Technology using loans from the World Bank helped construct the Guri Dam over the course of three decades. The dam supplies about 60 percent of the country’s electricity at almost no cost to residents. If Venezuela does not get a large amount of rain over the next few weeks, then the dam will be forced to stop producing electricity leaving residents in even more dire circumstances. Residents and government officials are hopeful that as the country enters the rainy season starting in May that conditions will improve.
The government says that they have invested billions of dollars to create smaller sources of electricity from petroleum across the country. According to, almost 60 percent of these are nonoperational.

What Makes Diversant Dear to its Vast Client Base

Diversant, LLC is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) based in Red Bank, New Jersey. The IT staffing firm has African-American ownership and it is the largest of its kind in the United States. The firm offers many IT staffing and diversity products such as innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staff augmentation.

Diversant offers the best products and services to its clients. Their products and services are guided by transformative ideas and are aimed at satisfying their clients’ needs. They do not just offer clients products but rather provide them with perfect ways of solving their critical issues.

One of the firm’s guiding principle is diversity which results in better opportunities for partners and consultants, and more and better innovative solutions to benefit clients. They have perfect understanding that diversity fosters innovation, promotes creative thinking and enables effective solution to problems. Diversity is a powerful tool of building strong ties in the society and as such it can be used to connect firms to different markets.

The experienced expertise in the company is the pillar behind the success of the Diversant in its operations. The firm upholds integrity and ethical business practices in its operations and this has resulted to greater success.

With these principles and values, it is no wonder that IT consultants trust Diversant as it offers them IT solutions that are not offered elsewhere. As such, the firm has a huge client base. It employees IT professionals who are highly qualified and who can provide exceptional services to clients.

Clients love Diversant because of their dedication to provide better IT solutions to them. They keep on improving their services to make them better and more satisfactory to their clients. They have unparalleled customer service, IT consultants, expertise and experience. Their reliability in helping their customers out is just amazing.

John Goullet is the current Principal Executive of Diversant, LLC. He is an alumnus of Ursinus College and has had a long and successful career in the IT industry. He started as computer consultant and IT staffing account executive working for different firms in NJ. This was before founded Info Technologies in 1994 where he served as its CEO.

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