Matt Badiali offers expert opinion to novice investors in agricultural and natural resources sector

     For many years, Matt Badiali was the leading name behind the Stansberry’s Resource report, which was commonly known as the Oil report. Matt Badiali’s name is synonymous with investors and experts in the oil, mining and agricultural industries. He stopped contributing to the Oil report, and many people thought that he had quit the industry.

As if to prove them wrong, resumed writing where he now engages his audience on Banyan Hill Publishers. Just like Stanberry, Banyan Hill is part of the Agora Group of publishers. Matt joined Banyan Hill Publishers as an adviser for novice investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio in the natural resources sector.

The new column where Matt Badiali contributes at Banyan Publishers is called Real Wealth Strategist, which has grown drastically in a short period. Banyan Publishers announced the news early this year, and they are already conducting a superheated hype-fest ad campaign to recruit new subscribers massively.

Matt Badiali’s expert opinion at Real Wealth Strategist column is highly valued. He is an expert in energy, agricultural industries, and mining. Matt has a wealth of experience in these fields that spans over two decades. Matt is an individual who has a hands-on approach to his investments and businesses.

He has successfully established numerous oil wells, and he has also been actively involved in the oil drill rigs. Besides, Matt has been conducting explorations on abandoned mines where he has successfully turned them into profitable investments.

Matt Badiali’s experience and expertise in the natural resources sector is backed by a solid educational and research background. He has conducted extensive research in mining, oil and agricultural industries that has seen him travel to numerous countries across the globe. Matt firmly believes that one can not make concrete decisions, especially on investment if they do not know what is happening around them. He actualizes this belief in his businesses and investments. According to Matt, this is the only way an individual can ensure that they make the right investment decisions.

Besides conducting extensive research in his areas of expertise, Matt keeps abreast with developments in technology. He meets other experts in mining companies, oil exploration and resource investors for brainstorming sessions and understanding what’s new in the industry. This is his way of ensuring that he sets his boots on the ground.

Matt launched his career as a scholar. He taught geology at the University of North Carolina. While at the University, Matt received a call from a financial expert who was looking for an expert in the mining, energy and natural resources sector. He landed a job opportunity that gave him a chance to travel the world to analyze field maps, assess gold mine samples, and examine operations of oil fields.

Waititi to Direct More “Thor” Films?

Marvel Cinematic Universe head Kevin Feige has already expressed hopes to work with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi again. Meanwhile, Waititi has his own wish: he wants to keep working with Thor.

Though not set for release until November 2, 2017, critic screenings of the third Thor film have it as the highest rated MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes with 96 percent approval, and the movie is set to make $100 million on its opening weekend. In comparison, its two predecessors, Thor and Thor: The Dark World, are often considered not necessarily bad, but lesser entries in the Marvel franchise.

Waititi confirms that he would like to make another Marvel film, but says that he wants it to be about Thor once again.

“I’d be open [to other characters],” he said, “but I think my preference is Thor because I feel like I’m so comfortable with it, and we did such hard work recreating these characters in a way where I’m so comfortable with them and sort of in love with them that, yeah, it just feels like the natural place for me to be.”

So far, Marvel has not made more than a trilogy centered around each of its characters, so a hypothetical fourth Thor film would certainly break their current model. However, Waititi later clarified that he would like to do a sort of soft retool of the franchise, which would be less of a Thor 4 and more of a Ragnarok 2.

Of course, with the shared universe model, Waititi could always find a way to put Thor in a non-Thor-centric movie; as it is, he is still set to appear in the third and fourth Avengers films.

Huffington Post Lists Fun Halloween Ideas

With the coming holiday season, many Americans are seeking new ways to celebrate traditional holidays in fun and interesting ways. Because Halloween kicks off a series of exciting American holidays, The Huffington Post recently published a piece which details ways that people can engage in holiday activity in innovative ways. The article lists places of interest to those who celebrate Halloween as well as places that should be avoided by those who do not engage in the spooky activities. The article also listed areas that would be family friendly during the coming holidays and areas that groups with small children should avoid.


In one particular instance of holiday points of interest to avoid, the Huffington Post article described the festivities that will take place at local Burger King restaurants across the country. According to the article, the restaurant chain is offering free whoppers to the first 500 customers who visit the franchise location dressed in traditional clown costumes. The restaurant chain featured an advertising campaign at the beginning of October that featured a spooky clown figure who resembled the McDonalds mascot, Ronald McDonald. After the clown was chased down a street, it arrived safely in a well lit Burger King facility and offered free whoppers to the chain’s first 500 customers on Halloween night.


The franchise represents one of several Halloween points of interest that may not be suitable for groups that include small children during family outings. Other points of interest include several haunted houses and events. The Huffington Post article stated that families should visit events that are approved for families such as Halloween and Fall festivals and local fun houses that will be open to the public leading up to Halloween night. The article also featured unique ideas that families could use to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Holidays.


What Will “Shazam’s” Hero Be Called?

Shazam is set to be released April 5, 2019. But the question remains: will its protagonist be named “Shazam” or his more traditional moniker, Captain Marvel?

Part of the problem? Marvel has their own hero called “Captain Marvel,” and her film is coming out less than a month earlier, on March 8.

A comic book history lesson: in 1941, Fawcett Comics created a young boy named Billy Batson, who could transform into the adult superhero Captain Marvel by shouting “Shazam!,” the name of the wizard who gave him this power. His comics, called Captain Marvel and variants thereof, made him one of the biggest superheroes of the Golden Age of Comic Books.

Long story short, DC Comics bought the character, but by then the copyright on the name had expired, and a newer company, Marvel Comics, snatched it up. Several Marvel characters have since borne the name, including the upcoming film’s protagonist, Carol Danvers.

This does not mean that DC Comics can’t call their own hero “Captain Marvel,” however; it simply means that they cannot advertise him that way. As such, DC has traditionally titled their comic books “Shazam,” after the magic word Billy shouts, while Billy’s alter ego continues to be called “Captain Marvel” within the story.

That changed in 2011 with the “New 52” initiative, however, where his hero form is also called “Shazam.” That said, many changes to the character from the New 52 were disliked by fans, who generally seem to prefer his more lighthearted “Captain Marvel” title.

What he will be called in the new movie is still a mystery, as so far official materials have used both names. At this point is may be be up to director David F. Sandberg, who is already bracing for backlash.

X-Men Cartoon Celebrates 25th Anniversary

October 31 was the 25th anniversary of the debut of the “X-Men,” a popular and acclaimed cartoon that played on Fox Kids. Its first episode, “Night of the Sentinels,” premiered on Halloween, 1992. “X-Men” is also the subject of a new book, “Previously on X-Men” by Eric Lewald, who had been the showrunner.

Back in 1992, Marvel wasn’t the entertainment powerhouse it is today. It last successful foray onto the small screen had been the live-action series, “The Incredible Hulk,” that ran from 1978 to 1982.

Enter Margaret Loesch, a TV executive and fan of Marvel comics. She especially liked the X-Men and wanted to do an animated series starring them. After becoming the CEO of Fox Kids, she persuaded Jamie Kellner, the head of Fox to let her do an X-Men show. After he agreed, she recruited Haim Saban of “Power Rangers” fame and a production company called Graz.

From the start, there were problems, and many of them stemmed from the fact that Fox did not want to spend a lot of money on a cartoon about then-obscure superheroes. Saban hired South Korean animators to cut costs. That sometimes resulted in animation so bad that it had to be redone to please Fox and Marvel.

Similarly, Fox Kids hired Canadian actors to do the voices. That worked very well in the cases of Alyson Court (Jubilee) and Cal Dodd (Wolverine), for they were friends and could readily portray a mentor-protégé pair.

The writers treated “X-Men” as a serious and sequential show complete with story arcs. When the show proved to be a hit, various executives wanted the show to be made campier and sillier, like the 1960s version of “Batman.” Others insisted on lots of product placement to encourage kids to buy merchandise. The creative team dug in their heels and unanimously refused on both counts. “X-Men” ran for five seasons and ended after 76 episodes.

Highland Capital Management Elevates Dallas Through the Efforts of James Dondero

Behind the great name of James Dondero is a leader who has committed himself to using his company to reach out to the suffering in the community. James Dondero is better described as a man with purpose, with the main purpose being to help his colleagues in advancing their careers and help the afflicted in Texas. Dondero is not only a career executive but also a philanthropist whose input is evident across Dallas. With over twenty years experience in financial services, he has been offering valid advice to people who seek financial assistance. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Dondero’s Contribution to financial services

Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His input in this company has been tremendous as he has been instrumental in navigating the financial dreams of his clients. Dondero understands the vitality of being able to predict the economic climate of a country. As the leader in Highland Capital Management, he has successful ensured that clients have the chance to enjoy the benefits of understanding what the market could be planning ahead of investment. James Dondero has walked clients through different portfolios that would help them in yielding maximum results in terms of profit generation.

Objectives of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was formed with the idea of securing the financial freedom structures for clients. With James Dondero in charge, the company has been able to cater for clients in different, beneficial aspects. Dondero is the lead executive of this firm. He works closely with the officials to ensure that there is financial freedom. Aside from monitoring the client’s portfolios to confirm this, Dondero works with the management to cover risky ventures that would surmount to property loss. James Dondero will stop at nothing to ensure that his clients are covered from economic risks. He has always ensured that his clients, whether seasoned or new, are safe from jeopardy.



Being a business professional has never stood on his way. The dedicated philanthropist utilizes his skills in finance to support his community. Often, Dondero has been in partnerships with strong charity organizations that share the same objective of elevating the less privileged in Texas. Dondero is admired for his input in transforming people’s lives. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.


The OSI Group is an established food processing company dealing with the production of high quality and convenience meat products. The company is well known for supplying popular food products such as pizza, bacon, hotdog, and products made from dough. It has created a global supply chain of food products that are made from high-quality raw materials that are sourced locally from the places where their facilities are located.

OSI group operates under OSI Industries, LLC. It has established its plants across the United States, western and Eastern Europe and Asian-Pacific areas.OSI Group has played a major role in producing brand named foods and top quality products for food-services industry. The core business of the company is to uphold the company’s image and reputation by delivering high-quality food products and custom solutions for the food industry.

Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI over a century ago. Initially, the company was known as Otto and Sons, which later changed in 1975 to OSI Industries. The company has continued to grow revenues where they generated revenues of over $6 million in 2016.

OSI was awarded Globe of Honor by Europe’s British Council for its excellence in environmental management. OSI’s President and COO, David McDonald reported their plans of making OSI a premier Global Food Provider to all Leading Branded Companies across the world.

OSI has continued its growth with the purchase of The Baho Food Company. Acquisition of Tyson Food Facility in 2016 has greatly benefited its continued growth in Illinois area. The purchase of the Flagship Food Group has brought about desserts, poultry, and condiments into its excellent line of products.

In April 2017, a new division of the OSI Group emerged when Europe Foodworks acquired a privately owned company known as Hynek Schlacht of GmbH, based in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. The company was a well-established slaughter facility.

David McDonald points out that his company will remain consistent in the provision of high-quality food products to the market and transparent to its customers. OSI Group is owned privately hence enables them to be more flexible in their managerial solutions and the ability to think further into the future. The company was recently ranked among the top hundred biggest privately owned companies in the United States. They have 75 food manufacturing facilities situated in fifteen different countries. OSI Industries is one of the biggest employers in the food industry with more than 20,000 employees working in their facilities. Even with their large number of employees, the company has managed to maintain the family culture in all their facilities. All the employees work as a team to achieve the set goals.

To know more visit @:

Huffington Post Reveals Fun Netflix Trends

In an entertainment piece published by the Huffington Post, authors reveal the top shows on Netflix that viewers choose when planning a fun night in. Netflix has gained national, and even global, accreditation as one of the leading providers of entertainment and its often noted for revolutionizing the way that people view their entertainment. The multi-million dollar corporate streaming service has expanded every year and now includes in-studio productions that feature some of the most famous names in Hollywood. It is now reported that a great percentage of the 16-38 year old population gets its entertainment primarily from Netflix, or a Netflix-type streaming service. This fact has changed the way that marketers interact with customer bases and has turned the cable industry inside out. Still, consumers typically do not associate Netflix with cable revolution or business, but use the service for fun purposes.

According to the Huffington Post article, Netflix has spent over 6 billion dollars on the development of original content that caters to the subscription service’s fan base. Although all the new productions do not become primary choices for viewers who enjoy planning a fun night in, many of the Netflix originals have become top 10 picks for viewers looking for a fun night of entertainment. Netflix originals like House of Cards and Stranger Things have become fast fan favorites and have resulted in entire theme parties being planned for the series premier of several shows.

When compiling a list of the top Neflix shows that have earned a faithful audience that often hosts fun parties for premiers, shows that make the list include the previously mentioned House of Cards and Stranger Things, as well as shows like American Vandal, Mind Hunter, Bojack Horseman, Master of None, Dear White People, and Joan Diodon: The Center Will Not Hold.

The Success of Michel Terpins’ Rally Driving Profession

Michel Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver as well as a participator of the Prototypes T1 category. Michel Terpins commenced his rally activities in 2015 when he formed a duo with his counterpart. Since his entry in the rally competition, Michel Terpins has taken part in several contests aboard his T-Rex and has over time acquired quality classifications and podiums. Recently, Michel Terpins participated in the Bull Sertoes Rally alongside Maykel Justo, his navigator. The pair were confident in themselves having participated in other previous events. During the competition, Michel Terpins and Justo augmented their T-Rex developed by MEM Motorsport to enhance its efficiencies. The modification made the T-Rex more sophisticated and competitive for the rally edition.

It is the tenth time that Michel Terpins was participating in the event. Terpins made his debut in 2002; motivated by his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Since then, Michel Terpins took control of his profession piloting his T-Rex alongside Justo. Maykel Justo has supplemented Michel’s achievements due to his experience in the Sertoes Rally for years winning almost four titles. During the event, Justo’s navigation instructions contributed to Michel’s championship of the Sertoes Rally. Additionally, Michel Terpins’ passion for off-road activities and speed supplemented his success. Michel Terpins championship illustrated his thirst for achievements demonstrating his strategies in tackling challenges.

Some of the problems encountered during the contest involved inherent challenges like winding roads, depressions, and erosions. The challenges boosted Michel and Justo’s success trajectory during the Sertoes Rally. Their car also supplemented their achievement due to its modifications. The T-Rex car demonstrated Michel Terpins’ consciousness for the environment. The vehicle was fitted with carbon-free elements made by the Green Initiative. The seal illustrated that tree planting in the Atlantic Forest would compensate any carbon dioxide gas emitted by the car during the competition. Trees will thus emit oxygen that will accumulate the carbon dioxide produced cubing any environmental issues that are likely to arise. With the exposure regarding rally events, Michel Terpins commenced his program in Brazil. At the moment, Michel Terpins heads the Cross Country Rally Championships of Brazil.

Photographer Holds Photoshoot for New Kitten

While most people reserve the occasion for a newborn child, this professional photographer pulled out all the stops to commemorate adopting a new cat.

Huffington Post talks about how the appropriately named photographer Kitty Schaub decided to celebrate her new pet. She and her five year old daughter recently adopted a cat named Luna, with the two of them becoming immediately enamored with the kitten.

One day, while preparing to wash a set of props she would normally use for newborn photoshoots, she noticed Luna napping on the couch and had a brilliant idea – to photograph their cat as if she was a baby.

“I picked her up, loosely wrapped her in a blanket, and set her down,” she said. Most amusing of all, Luna refused to wake up despite all the pictures being taken of her. It wasn’t until Schaub purposely tried to rouse her did she finally open her eyes.

Proud of her work, Schaub posted the photos to her Facebook page, which quickly went viral. Demand came immediately for more pictures of Luna, which she gladly provided.

Additionally, after a comment by her sister-in-law comparing Luna to Dinah the cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, she had the idea for a new shoot featuring both Luna and her daughter themed after the story.

Due to Luna’s popularity, Schaub compiled some of her work into a six month calendar people can purchase from her website for just $20. All proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Save a Stray, an animal rescue organization based out of St. Joseph, Michigan.