Flavio Maluf’s role in the growth of Eucatex Group

Eucatex Group is a corporation that has majored in the manufacture of panels and tiles from eucalyptus. It was launched on November 23, 1951, and it has grown to satisfy the both the local and international markets. The company currently makes significant exports to Europe and other parts of the world. Eucatex is committed to ensuring that its industrial undertakings do not pollute the environment.


Flavio Maluf has been serving as the president of the Eucatex Group for about two decades. The company is owned by his family, and he started serving it 1987. Maluf’s first position was at the firm’s trade office. He served in the same office for about nine years and was later transferred to the technical department in 1996. In the same year, his uncle who acted as the president of the enterprise appointed him to be part of its executives. Maluf was endorsed by his family members to take over the leadership of the company in 1997.


Maluf strived to modernize the production process at the company from the time he was appointed to serve as the president. Under his leadership, the company managed to establish branches in various parts of Brazil. Eucatex Group has increased its production, and the firm currently exports its products to 37 countries. The broad market of the company has enabled it to generate a lot of revenue. Its records indicate that it made about R$ 10.7 billion in 2014 and the size of its market also increased by 30 percent.


As the president of Eucatex Group, Flavio Maluf has used strategic skills that have enabled the company to be successful. He is a graduate of PUC where he pursued his degree in mechanical engineering. Maluf later joined the New York University to study from his postgraduate in business management. His education accomplishments have enabled him to be highly knowledgeable in both trade and industrial undertakings.


Flavio Maluf also guided Eucatex Group in launching and industrial plant in Sao Paulo state. The company uses the factory in recycling its timber dust to manufacture MDF boards. Eucatex Group’s commitment to conserving the environment has enabled it to earn ISO 14001 and FSC® Certifications.

David Giertz explains why you need to talk to your clients about social security

One of the things that business managers rarely talk about with their clients is how to organize their finances and save for retirements and such issues at https://onmogul.com/david-giertz-70. This is the reason many people who spend years in well-paying jobs are spending their sunset years in deplorable conditions. There are others who try to make investments but end up doing it all wrong and the result is the same as not investing at all. David Giertz, one of the most successful investment bankers of the time feels that it is very necessary to talk to one’s employees about retirements and the best vehicles for retirement savings.

David Giertz states that not many people really realize the value of saving a little amount of money, even if it is over a long period of time. For instance, saving five hundred dollars per month may seem trivial, but that will be $6,000 in a year and if invested in vehicles that have the ability to generate profits after a short period of time, it can multiply into hundreds of thousands over a period as short as three years and even less. He states on Facebook that when employees feel that they are saving towards a concrete goal, they take it more seriously and consequently they become more dedicated to their job.

About David Giertz
David Giertz is the senior vice president of the Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He has been holding this position since 2013 and has helped the company streamline their service delivery and improve their performance over the years. He is a business leader with decades of experience in the field. According to about.me, David is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he attended business and graduated with honors. He is a great asset to the company where he is currently based.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage – A Great Business Prodigy

Mr. Andrew Rocklage has completed his graduation from the renowned University of Suffolk Law School and also from the Isenberg School of Management. Mr. Rocklage is an excellent attorney and is highly reputed in the Boston area. He has shown an active interest in the business. Mr. Rocklage is the proud owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This is a highly innovative and famous indoor trampoline park in the nation.


Mr. Rocklage has got immense knowledge of the Boston business and knows the significance of awesome customer service in developing a service or a brand. Mr. Rocklage has been highly successful in making use of this knowledge by hiring the finest talented team members to have full interaction with the customers at his park location.


He has got immense talent for creating enormous potential for his employees and friends. He has created a great wave of being highly successful in the business world. Mr. Rocklage has got a broad range of experience as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He has got vast expertise in the technology arena. This has assisted him to be a great innovator. He has used his experience in the legal field, and that makes him so unique and a challenging individual. He has established himself in the local market and is immensely popular.


There has been much development in Mr. Rocklage’s career. He has continued to take up challenging professional tasks. He has been near the Boston area and is interested in travel. The sky is the limit for him as he is interested in starting another business.

The most important aspect about him is that he wants to keep his business highly creative. The central aspect of his business is providing exceptional customer service to develop a powerful business brand. The very basis of customer service is in finding team members who are highly talented and hardworking.


Sky Zone Trampoline Park is quite stringent in hiring the employees. This is because they want to have the best, talent individuals. People have provided their reviews about the Park’s team members and how they are so friendly and provide great assistance.


Mr. Andrew Rocklage has lots of awareness from the technological arena. This has made him a great innovator. He is an expert as he is aware how to reach out to the customer bases. He has got immense interest in traveling, and professional development and that will surely assist him to reach out to new places. People are inquisitive to know what kind of business he would wish to begin next. He will move far in his career. He does not exhibit any signs of getting tired.

Funding for Education Without Any Strings Attached

Money may have been coming in from all corners in good amounts but as Jacob Leif realized, most of this money was not making the impact he intended to make when he started his organization. Most of the money from donors was restricted with each donor demanding that it be used for a particular purpose thus limiting the help that Leif, the founding director of Ubuntu education fund could do to help the children of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Despite his elaborate money sourcing skills and excellence in public speaking forums, Leif began rejecting all sponsorship and funds that came with strings attached. Even though this meant less money coming in, he was content with searching for funding that would allow him to do what he came to do in the first place, charity work that transformed the lives of the poor people of Port Elizabeth.


Jacob began relying on high net worth individuals and a few credible institutions that appreciated and understood the need for unrestricted funding. In fact, working with such individuals despite having little funding has transformed the organization’s ability to reach out to more people. Ubuntu is now able to do so much with so little money than it had ever done. It is able to pursue its model of closely working with poor families to uplift the general health of all members and promote education of the children as a permanent way of alleviating poverty.


It has never been easy for nonprofits to survive without the influence of controlling donors. While some want to dictate how the money should be used, others want direct governance in the organizations, both of which in some cases interferes with the mandate of the organization. Fortunately, for Jacob Leif, he has had excellent support from likeminded individuals who know just how well money that comes with strings attached can be limiting in any philanthropic endeavors.


He boosts of having great assistance from Andrew Rolfe who is the chair of the board of directors of Ubuntu. Andrew Rolfe understands the struggles and limits of restricted funding and helps Jacob source for good donations. Andrew is also a steady donor of the organization. One of the things that Ubuntu has benefited from Andrew Rolfe is the fact that he has excellent management skills that have steered the organization in the right direction

Tuna Accidentally Swallows Seagull

A video has recently been uploaded depicting a pair of men, speaking a language that might be Russian or some Slavic tongue, hanging out around the docks and tossing sardines into the water. Rather than just tossing the finger-length fishes into the sea to hear the amusing splash, the men were instead feeding a massive tuna that was swimming around the area. Whether or not the tuna had reached its size from a steady diet of human-tossed sardines is unknown, but what is known is that tuna do not appreciate the taste of seagull.

As can be imagined when fish are flying about, the cries of seagulls can be plainly heard as the two minute video goes on, as can their silhouettes against the water’s surface. After tossing several sardines into the water to feed the tuna, it seems one of the seagulls decided to make a dive to collect a free meal. Unfortunately for the waterfowl, it was a tad too late and was captured by the tuna’s mouth as it sought to grab the latest sardine. Fortunately for the seagull, the fish opened it mouth long enough for the bird to escape to the surface where it then gathered up speed and flew back up into the sky.

Tuna are saltwater fish that belong to the mackerel family. There are a total of fifteen different species of tuna, ranging in size and weight from the puny Bullet Tuna, which can reach up to 1.6 feet long and 4 pounds in weight to the Atlantic Bluefin, which can reach up to 4.6 feet and weigh more than three-quarters of a ton. While it is unknown which species of tuna this particular fish belongs to, an educated guess places it among the Southern Bluefin, Bigeye or the Atlantic Bluefin varieties.

Man and Dog Reunited After Several Months

Wes Capito was concerned when his loyal dog went missing. He lost all hope after his canine friend was missing for several months. Now, much to everyone’s surprise, KJ had reappeared.

KJ, a mixture of a lab and beagle, went missing on the west side of Indianapolis on November 21st. Wes searched for his dog, even posting on Indy Lost Pet Alert to alert the public that KJ was missing. Unfortunately none of his searches worked, KJ remained missing. That is, until a photo of KJ was posted on Facebook. A woman found the dog and shared a photo of him to see if she could find his owner. Luckily one of Wes’s friends saw the woman’s post and alerted Wes that KJ had been found. The timing could not have been better for Wes, who was planning on leaving the Indianapolis area in just a short while.

Wes responded to the photo and told them that KJ was his missing dog. With the help of Indianapolis Animal Care, the two were reunited before Wes moved away. Both Wes and KJ could not have been happier that they were together again. A worker for IACS said that KJ’s story had stuck with them through the months that he was missing. Wes often checked in with the agency and many workers had grown attached to the story. They called Wes “passionate” about finding KJ. No one knows where he has been for the last few months, but he is healthy and home where he belongs now.

For pictures of the reunion with the lost pup, check out the article on CBS4 Indy.

Beauty Care Products that Inspire Fantasy and Wonderful Accessories by Lime Crime

To women and men who are conscious of fashion, what they put on, how they do that, and the overall effects the accessories they wear have on their appearances means a lot. The things that are considered trendy and hip today may not be regarded as chic and smart the following day, so the organizations like Lime Crime that manufacture and supply products of beauty and other accessories that enhance looks must keep evolving with the changing tastes of the consumers. There is no guarantee that your company will sell profitably if you don’t invest in research to find out what people like or don’t like about your brand.



The ability to match along with the changing preferences of the buyers is what has prompted Doe Deere the President and CEO of LimeCrime beauty accessories to invent a popular type of hairstyling that resonates well with the present generation. The hair products are found in a range of shimmering shades of color women can use as hair dye. The Generation X or the Millennial people who pay a lot of attention to how they look have discovered their true companion in the Unicorn dye for their hair. Since they enjoy surprising friends and relatives by how crazily they can alter their appearances, the Lime Crime varieties of hair dye give them what they want.



The company is selling fast, and it has become so fashionable because the different colors of hair dye it manufactures inspire many young people with the kind of fantasy they like. Apart from multicolored highlighters or unicorn hair-brush, now the colors on offer are nothing if not surprising. You can get any color you ever imagined under the sky with the hair dyes from Lime Crime. The Unicorn dyes for hair are as wild and dreamy as your imagination can go, and they have no ammonia or bleach. Every color you pick can be washed out when you are fed up with it, and they have total tinting ability. They also have full coverage and formulas that will give you precisely what you need. https://www.beserk.com.au/collections/lime-crime


Greg Secker; The Heights Of Philanthropy

In today’s world, you have to be an all rounded person for you to survive in entrepreneurship. Greg Secker is an apt example of a multi-faceted person. He is distinguished in both the business world and the philanthropy sector. Many of his ventures have turned out into profitable businesses, a fact that has elevated him to the big boys status. Focusing his energies on the shares and Forex markets, Greg Secker has been able to create reputable brands such as Learn to Trade. Hundreds of thousands of people use Learn to Trade as a guide in making informed decisions on which shares to purchase or sell.


Apart from Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has crafted other equally acclaimed brands. SmartCharts Software is a program that incorporates cutting edge technology to provide stock analytics for individuals in the global financial markets. Through the software stock brokers and clients get to access real-time data that concerns the money markets. His other venture that stands out is the Capital Index firm, a brokerage enterprise that helps individuals trade in stocks.

So how did Greg Secker find his way into the financial markets? Greg began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At Thomas Cook, Greg demonstrated his abilities, and it just took a little while before Virtual Trading Desk discovered him. Greg Secker assumed a new position at Virtual Trading Desk, a company which was the only financial services firm that was internet based at its time of inception. After a short period, Mellon Financial Services came calling, and Greg moved to the enterprise in the capacity of Vice President.

Many have gotten value from the expertise and experience of Greg Secker in the money markets. His seminars on matters investment and finance have helped demystify stock markets. He has demonstrated that even the ordinary person has an equal opportunity to trade in shares. Greg Secker also insists on the importance of individuals creating a secondary income through the purchase and sale of shares.

In philanthropy, Greg Secker is always on the frontline in funding charities that seek to make the lives of most of the marginalized persons better. He has contributed a lot of funds to charities such as the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust.

Police Officer Helps Those in Need

A police officer in North St. Louis County is going viral this week, but not for the reason one would think. Officer Ed Schlueter is being recognized for going above and beyond his call of duty to protect and serve the community he works in.

What began as a Christmas give-away has now continued way beyond the holiday season. During Officer Schlueter’s patrol around Christmastime, he took pictures of a few homes that had lights up. He posted them on social media and asked the public for the best one. The winner would get two large pizzas, courtesy of Officer Schlueter. It turns out that Dominoes Pizza heard about his campaign and refused to let him pay. The homeowner who won the light competition refused to take his gift card but instead gave the officer a hundred dollars and asked him to spread it around to those in need. This is what began Officer Schlueter’s season of giving.

With the money he was given, as well as some of his own funds, Officer Schlueter purchased many gift cards in increments of $5 and $10. He then hands them out to those who are in need of a little pick-me-up. He has even given gift cards to those that he has given traffic tickets to. Once the public got word of his good deeds, they jumped in to help. The police department has been receiving funds from people around the country wanting to continue the gift card hand out. One donor gave Officer Schlueter a blank check. He used that to help another community member get a much needed tire. Not only is he helping to give back to his community, he is building relations with them as well.

To help make contributions for gift cards, Fox 2 Now has all the details at the end of the article.

Equities First Holdings (EFH), an Established Lending Company, Offers Stock Loans to Individuals and Investors at Low-Interest Rates

With the ever-dynamic economic world, Equities First Holdings is reliable in providing an alternative source of capital for investors and individuals. Everyone with an urge of flexible capital can take advantage of incredible services offered by Equities First. The lending firm does not put restrictions on what the borrowers should do or not do with their loan. Thus, with EFH every reason is the right reason to acquire a loan. Being a lending company, EFH deals with wealthy individuals and borrowers in urgent need for cash.

EFH practices transparency

Equities First Holdings guarantees institution security by making sure it operates under industrial standards and use trusted legal accounting professionals. With EFH, individuals without credit worth credentials are catered for through existence of diversified credit remit services and read full article.

EFH usually have low-interest rates of three to four percentages, which happen to be below the fixed market interest rates. This lending company is fast and efficient in service delivery since the lending process is usually completed within five to seven business days. The company is known to have an active 24 hours response system. The loan-to-value ratios of the company are also 75 percent.

Handling of Stock Loans

The company offers stock-based loans for a valid period of three years. This happens when a borrower has stock in one company and anticipates future appreciation of the stock value. The borrower transfers the shares to Equities First as collateral and receives the proceeds of a loan rather than liquidating the stock. If the stocks happen to appreciate as anticipated, the borrower receives 100 percent of the market value at maturity. This company funds loans through a delivery-versus-payment method, which means that the security and loan proceeds are transferred into holding accounts concurrently.

Equities First Holdings

The company was founded in 2002 and happens to operate globally through offices in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company has over 15 years of service delivery, with over seven hundred properly executed transactions. The company has nine global offices, with a 24 hours response. Equities First Holdings aims at empowering investors through giving them clear-cut, tailored transactions that are quick and efficient and learn more about Equities First.