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Frans Schoeman, the Excellent Attorney of Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is a section of law that deals with enforcing and securing legal rights to artistic works and innovations that people and companies make. The law also covers issues like company identification marks. The main purpose of the law is to protect the rights of entities that create original inventions.
In the process, the law aids promotes economic growth at the same time encouraging artistic expressions and new technologies. This is because when people know that their creations will be protected and they will benefit from their work, they are more likely to produce more. The result of having the intellectual property law in place is the creation of new technologies, jobs, and other innovations that improve people’s lives. People tend to fear coming up with innovations and floating their ideas in the market, particularly in countries having poor intellectual property laws.
Intellectual property is usually protected by three ways. These ways includes patents, copyright, and trademarks. With patents, the creator of a work is given the right to use his or her product and benefit from it by transferring the right to another individual. These rights are usually valid for a period of 20 years and depend on the type of invention. Types of items that qualify for patents include manufactured goods, new machines, and technological advancements. Patents can be denied if designs are morally offensive or obvious in design. However, individuals have to apply and be approved for their creations to be patented.
Copyright protects more in the area of expressive arts. They include motion pictures, writings, and music among other original intellectual expressions. However, it does not cover ideas or theories because they cannot be captured in a set standard although the act of creation can be copyrighted. Owners are given the right to financially benefit from their creations and those who want to use their works have to ask for their permission first. Copyrights can last over many years compared to patents. Existence of copyrights has encouraged increased artistic expressions from artists. Such success has been registered owing to safeguard of their ideas by the bodies set to manage copyrights in a given nation.
Trademarks serve to protect goods and services especially the slogans, symbols, and names. The main purpose of this action is to help users be able to differentiate one product from the other. It also prevents misleading advertising. Trademarks become functional once a company begins using a given mark to distinguish its products from competitors. It also protects original goods from generic goods. If this right is infringed, then the best thing to do is to hire an intellectual property lawyer. One lawyer who is specialized in this area of practice is Frans Schoeman. Presently, he is a Director at Phatsima Diamond and senior partner at Joubert & Schoeman Attorneys.
Attorney Frans Schoeman has extensive experience in legal practice spanning over twenty years. He has the required experience and excellent legal skills necessary to handle any intellectual property legal cases. Frans Schoeman on crunchbase  also provides legal advice on an array of subjects related to intellectual property law. He is a graduate with a Baccalaureus Procurationis from the University of Free state.

White Shark Media: A Good Example of Communication Management

A common concern at White Shark Media is communication, and maintaining good relationships. But seriously, can you make everyone happy? Customer complaints often produce a strong feeling of angst for business owners. Many companies opt to ignore performance issues, or only subtly address them, and as a result, are caught off- guard when client frustration levels ultimately begin to affect profits, yet White Shark Media believes in transparency and utilizing customer complaints to improve business processes.

Why Customer Complaints Become Time Bombs

About 5-10% of customers will share their dissatisfaction with the company
Dissatisfied customers typically reveal their negative experience with 10-15 friends and relatives
On the other hand, satisfied customers tell about 3-5 people about their positive experience.

Whether complaints are justified or not, it’s in a company’s best interest to acknowledge any weakness and rectify the problem. Recently, White Shark Media analyzed their top seven customer complaints, and decided to use those concerns in a constructive manner to fine-tune communications and better accommodate the customer. This type of acclamation is typical of the company leadership, and thus one of the reason’s White Shark Media quickly advanced from a boutique agency into a prominent digital marketing agency. As a global leader in the online industry, White Shark Media has become a significant driver in online marketing strategies, creating winning formulas that caught the eye of Google.

In 2012, White Shark Media was hand-picked by Google to visit the Mountain View California headquarters, where a support team provided guidance in online marketing provisions. This collaboration resulted in the 2014 distinguished recognition for Google AdWords™ Premier SMB. Likewise, Microsoft recognized the swift growing success of their marketing team, and as a result, White Shark Media partnered with Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Complaint Management and Customer Loyalty

It would be naive to believe that it’s possible to have 100% satisfied customers, but this company happens to believe they can develop basic ideas and actions that transform negative feedback into a positive experience on both sides. White Shark Media would rather have their “ear to the market” than label concerns as just part of the statistics.

How are they handling customer concerns? First, the company CEO believes each White Shark Media customer deserves to be treated like an important and influential client. They appreciate feedback because it helps them decipher what the client is thinking, and gives insight into fine-tuning business processes.

Many companies may shrug off customer complaints as just another axe to grind, but White Shark Media views complaints as an opportunity for improvement and continued success.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

4G Mobile Service in the UK Will Cost Next to Nothing Through FreedomPop

Across the United Kingdom, there are thousands of people who either want or need cellular service but simply can’t afford to pay for it. Hundreds of thousands in fact, as there are over 250,000 people in the UK who have expressed interest in US mobile service provider FreedomPop’s expansion plan to extend across the Atlantic and compete with affordable providers TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile. After subscribers sign up online, the company will offer them free basic service with 200 minutes of calling time, 200 text messages, and 200MB of data every month for a one time charge of ₤7. The monthly service offered after the free allowance expires is very affordable as well, at between ₤4.99 and ₤16.99. However if even that price is a little too steep, customers will be able to earn more free allowances by completing surveys for other third party companies.

FreedomPop intends to buy their capacity on the Three Network, and this service will either be sold or simply given to the company’s subscribers. Chief executive of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols, a former employee of competitor BT, has stated that only about half of consumers in the US opt to purchase extra capacity, though FreedomPop will be able to make money if only one fifth of those who have expressed interest in the service choose to purchase that extra capacity. FreedomPop will be able to operate with low cost by sending as much traffic as possible over Wifi networks. One of these networks may be the BT Wifi network, as Stokols will soon travel to the United Kingdom to try and make a deal with his former employer.

Although sign up for the service will be hosted over the internet, Stokols has said that FreedomPop may also see expansion into one of two brick and mortar retailers that he is in talks with. Regardless, FreedomPop’s success is virtually guaranteed through the amount of interest consumers have expressed. The company claims that subscriptions may actually have to be capped in the early months of its launch, so that it will be able to keep up with growth.

SEO Targeting With White Shark Media

Targeting SEO keywords are very important when creating a search engine marketing campaign. SEO targets are used in a variety of ways such as, classifying a business, targeting a certain audience and making content on the website easy to view and access. Search Engine Optimization works by allowing websites to obtain a high position within search engines. The way SEO keywords obtain this high position has changed because over the years the search engines have changed to give the best results to the user. While the new way is seeing popularity, the old way of using search engine optimization in titles and meta descriptions is still being used.

In an article on White Shark Media Blog, keyword stuffing is discussed in length. Keyword stuffing is the action of stuffing websites with as many keywords at a time. Keyword stuffing is a trick that is used to make search engines rank websites by the variety of keywords given. Individuals do this by stuffing the title, the meta description and the page content within the website. They would stuff every single keyword that they wanted the website to rank for. This did not result in a positive outcome because it led to users not having the ability to find reliable search engine results.

The article asks the question on how keywords should be used. Many people wonder how many on-page keywords to place on their website, as well as the repetition of the keywords. Also one must keep in mind that the keyword repetition is needed for organic positioning during a search. Keywords should be used to target specific users. There are a few ways to use keywords to target users such as, positioning a keyword in the page title, placing a keyword in the headline, implementing keywords with the meta description, repeating keywords two or more times in the content of the website, placing the keyword in the images of the website and by limiting the frequency of keywords.

Website creators can add as many keywords as needed but its best to not make them appear as if its keyword stuffing. The placement of the keyword should be strategic and not seen as if they have been piling up just for the sake of ranking the website higher, which can prove unsuccessful later in the process.

White Shark Media is a marketing agency that helps small and mid-sized businesses with digital marketing solutions. White Shark Media helps businesses with their search engine optimization and the way businesses market their websites. They use online tactics to help businesses market their services online.

Brad Reifler: Bringing High Income Investing to Lower Income Families

Bradley Reifler has established himself as someone to listen to in business and trading. Brad Reifler started his career with Reifler Trading Company a year after graduating from Bowdin University. He was a star trader at Refco, a company his grandfather founded. Refco acquired Reifler Trading Company in 2000. Prior to that, in 1992, Brad founded Reifler Capital Management. Then he managed Refco’s Sales desk where he gained experience with foreign exchange as well as creating custom portfolios for high-end clientele. This is where he got his reputation as a top trader. He has served on multiple boards as well. Many for Fortune 500 companies.

In 1995, he founded Pali Capital and until 2008 he was CEO there. For the 13 years Reifler was CEO, Pali’s revenues grew to over $200 million. The company also had offices on 4 continents and employed over 300 people.

Today Mr. Reifler is CEO and founder of Forefront Capital LLC. Every company Mr. Reifler has started has been successful. It is clear he understands the industry he is in. He understands economics and business. It is difficult to have this much success but he has grown up around this business. He usually works with only accredited investors who make over $250,000 annually or have a net worth of $1 million. However, with Forefront Income Trust he wants to give the other 99% a chance to invest with him. He also wants to see them have success in their investments. Will this business model have the same success as others’ in Brad’s history? Brad is confident that it will. It will certainly be the most rewarding.

Most Well Guarded Secrets About Online Dating

The online arena has opened up avenues for many people and has allowed different individuals to connect and to transact. This is a community that has allowed for many to connect with deals that can improve life. Many websites have been created to facilitate the increasing need for products online and to offer solutions to many issues that have arisen. Dating has not been left outside as there are many websites that have been launched to facilitate partner to meet up. However, most people have not understood some secrets that guard how this arena operates. Here are things one needs to know before joining any online dating website.

One of the greatest concerns that have been crowding the online dating websites is type of members. Although most people who join these websites do so with genuine plans, there are individual who join the websites with hidden motives apart from finding a partner. These include scammers and fraudsters. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain vigilance when searching for a partner on these websites. Do not share some personal details that can be used to either work against your financial status or in any malicious manner. In fact, no person should demand for such information online and when that happens, it is advisable to withhold the details.

Getting derailed by claims about personality is one of the biggest mistakes users often do. The best way to confirm about the personality of a member is through physical meet-up to learn more about the person. Otherwise, relying on details provided online can be misleading and does not reflect the truth about the person. This is one of the tricks used by fraudsters to capture the attention of users. They will set their profile up with very appealing information to ensure most people get interested in contacting them. Take some time to know a person before getting to serious levels.

When it comes to costs, online dating is one of the most affordable options. Using applications like Skout allows one to get in touch with different people at the lowest cost possible. Skout is a dating application that is specially designed and offers members an easy process when sharing images and information that can help to build their relationship. It is one of the most secure applications and allows members to share information over long distances. So, it allows members to access the platform from any location unlike websites that are IP sensitive. Using platforms like Skout offers an affordable option on that many will find convenient as opposed to traveling to meet physically.

Using online dating methods for a long time helps one to improve on communication skills. Most members expect that the person they are going to find fits within their needs. This means one is supposed to learn how to communicate seamlessly to ensure the other person can comprehend what is being said. Remember online dating websites accept people from different locations, so using slang that is applicable in a certain region may make it difficult for the other person to get what you are saying

5 Ways To Make Your Portfolio More Conservative

Creating a winning investment portfolio starts with making smart choices. You also have to be prepared to make changes at key moments to protect your investments and offset any potential losses. This feeling can be triggered by retirement, getting older, or when facing uncertain times. Here’s some tips to make your portfolio more conservative:

1. Index Funds (Exchange Traded Funds) – They are affordable to most investors and have proven to generate positive long-term ROI or return on investment. By nature, you can invest in areas of the market according to your knowledge or interest.

2. Commodities – Commodities like corn, rice, gold, or even tea are all examples of commodities. By investing here you are shielding yourself against the harder times in the market when stocks prices are falling.

3. Real Estate – If you want to add assets to your balance sheet that are less attached to the stock market, this is a good option. Real Estate is also a global commodity. It’s a safer bet for people that want to invest more outside of the market.

4.Income stocks – They are usually companies that provide consistent high dividend yields, capital gains, and stock buybacks. Unlike growth & value stocks, income stocks usually are companies that focus on returning profit to shareholders vs massive expansion.

5.Bonds – Investing in Bonds can be one of the best ways to protect your principal and guarantee income. Municipal Bonds are a good option that also provide tax benefits.

Madison Street Capital is a leading financial advisory firm that can help with all your investment banking needs. Their team is dedicated to supporting you during all phases of your decision, from strategy planning to closing. Their spectrum of services gives you lots of options including Capital Restructuring, Tax Compliance, Mergers & Acquisition, and Bankruptcy.

Over the years they have worked in hundreds of industries with clients of all types and sizes. Maybe you need a financial opinion from an Independent 3rd Party. They have the expertise and knowledge you need for those highly complicated and sensitive financial matters.

The stock markets will always fluctuate and investments will change. You need to be certain that parts of your portfolio perform well during good and bad times. Especially if you are not the most aggressive or attentive investor. These are all good ways to lock in some potential growth in the future.


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Small Companies Can Become Giants

Eucatex can be used as a model for small business entrepreneurs. The family owned company held steadfast to their dream of becoming manufacturers of tiles and wood panels made from Eucalyptus trees, and succeeded. The company hired engineers with progressive and limitless imaginations to invent, design and develop new products. Eucatex recognized the need to become eco-friendly, and replace the precious raw materials they used, and established an immense Eucalyptus nursery that spans 10,000 hectares.

Flavio Maluf earned his mechanical engineering degree by attending FAAP in Brazil. He also studied business administration in New York, and is bilingual. He began his career in Eucatex starting from the ground up and learned how the business was operated. Flavio Maluf modernized the company after the family made him president of Eucatex in 1997.

His observation of supply and demand, what the customers were looking for, how to improve the performance of an existing product, and what new products could be developed, fueled his desire to expand into other areas.
In addition to the tiles and wood panels, the company entered the market of producing metal door frames, door jambs, casings, vinyl and laminated floors in various colors and designs.

Eucatex later developed a palette of paints in vibrant and muted colors that are scratch resistant, odorless, waterproof and can completely cover drywall materials. This led to the development of varnishes, putties and sealers for other uses. The company has more than 40 countries that are supplied with their products and the United States.

Eucatex was recognized for People Management Practices and the Most Admired Human Resource Department by ‘Gestão RH’magazine in Brazil. The company has an extensive list of awards throughout the years for their coatings, partitions, laminated flooring and doors. The company has given the PINI award in the vinyl floor category.

The 3,000 plus people they employ are by Flavio’s side volunteering and participating in the charities of Brazil. The company has been in operation for more than 60 successful years, with Flavio Maluf at the helm.

All About Baritone Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is a talented Opera singer. This baritone was born in New York and has been training with W. Stephen Smith. He has an extensive education and career. He went to The Julliard School and also went to Yale University. He first made an impact on Opera lovers in 2003 when he performed in Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow), while he was still attending the acclaimed Julliard.

Mulligan has taken on various roles since his debut show in various popular opera houses such as Los Angeles Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Oper Frankfurt, and Houston Grand Opera to name a few. He has found himself in a wonderful career making a name for himself quickly due to his charm and talent.

He has made a huge impression with one of his major roles as Richard Nixon in Nixon in China. This performance was a huge opportunity for him to expand his horizons and his fan base thanks to the San Francisco Opera. He has spent his fair share of time performing with orchestras, adding a wonderful baritone voice to an already beautiful myriad of arrangements.

He spends time in both the United States and Ireland, carrying dual citizenship. He has also been named one of the “Finest in Dance, Music in Acting”. He was named this in 2008 along with people like Robert Downy, Jr. and the hilarious Will Ferrell. This is an amazing achievement for someone that has been working for 12 years. With his hard work and determination he has managed to make these fantastic impressions already. His career can only go higher and higher at this rate.

While he was in high school, he was into sports and with his well rounded interests he soon learned how much of an energy he needed to have to perform opera. This gave him that strong approach to his performances. He continues to impress as more and more people get to see him perform. He dreams of performing in “Sweeney Todd” one day.

Brian Mulligan Believes the Quality of Your Contacts Matters Most

Brian Mulligan knows a lot of people in the business, sports and entertainment world. In his own blog, he posted that he has in excess of 7,000 different contacts. He knows these people because they are personal connections, contacts on social media sites, people who have given him business cards and phone numbers, and in many other ways.

As anyone can see, 7,000 contacts is quite a bit. He has so many people that he can reach out to that you’d think it’d be almost overwhelming to try to figure out who to talk to in any given situation. However, Mulligan does not hang his hat on the sheer number of contacts that he has. According to him, the quality of the individual contacts is actually much more important. When writing that he had 7,000 people on his list, he also said that only about 25 of them were people he considered high-caliber contacts.

In that light, it doesn’t make his list sound so overwhelming. The vast majority of the people on it are people that he probably won’t realistically try to get in touch with at any point. He attributes some of his success to knowing which people can really be helpful and beneficial, and to focusing on them.

The modern world, with social media and smartphones, has made a lot of people feel like just having a lot of contacts should be the ultimate goal. They forget that they need good contacts, quality contacts. Most people aren’t going to help them get anywhere. Bragging about a huge, extensive list of industry contacts makes no sense if you know that you either won’t or can’t actually talk to most of them when you need them. You’d be better off with a far smaller list that had better names on it. Or, like Mulligan, you can have the huge list, but you also need a smaller, sub-list of the people you care about the most.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t go out and build connections, but there is a lot to be learned from Mulligan’s words. He knows how to prioritize and what it really takes to be successful. He’s shown that networking is only as beneficial as the people who are in that network. Anyone who works in business, entertainment, sports or any related industry can use this same tactic to expand their opportunities.